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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Fetch on Truth Hertz Radio with Charles Guiliani, 5.7.2012

After a wild and informative week hosting Live Free or Die Radio with Lee Rogers, The Fetch will be appearing on Truth Hertz Radio with Charles Guiliani on the Oracle Broadcasting Network. The show should be a highly entertaining and informative show and may be heard live at 7:00 AM CST. So click in and listen live! Phone lines will be open!

Show: Truth Hertz Radio with Charles Guiliani Show
Date: Monday, May 7, 2012
Time: 07:00 CST (USA)
Show Listen Live Link: Oracle Broadcasting Live Stream - Truth Hertz Radio
Show Live Chat Room: Truth Hertz Chat Room on Chatango

Epic Radio with "The Fetch" - The Fetch Tuskin Tussle

The attempt of a Zio-Troll to control the direction of the show can be heard here: The Fetch - Saturday 6 Hour Straight Shooter

On Saturday, April 28, the Fetch was live for 6 hours of straight shooting radio.  Starting with the his own show, Inside the Eye - Live! for 2 hours, the Fetch then hosted TruthQuest with Melodee Hallett, followed with a special 2 hour guest appearance on Star Theory Radio.

6 hours of "straight shooting" talk radio with "The Fetch".

The archives of these shows can heard here:

Inside the Eye - Live!, April 28, 2012

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This show features lots of great phone calls and while entertaining the idea of Jewish power projection and consolidation strategies.

TruthQuest with Melodee Hallett , April 28, 2012

Another really fast paced show.  Entertaining.  Lots of great listener calls.
Special Appearance, Star Theory Radio with Kyle Hunt

In this show, a throw back to traditional work by "The Fetch".  Insights into English Qaballa and the esoterics of the English Language are high on the list of this great, insightful, show.


Jeremy Huff said...

Hello!. Great work your doing brother. Much respect.

effel said...

Hi Dennis,

You seem very busy of late for my enjoyment and many others I'm sure. Sadly, I'm busy too and cannot interact as much as I'd like.

I have an important question. Official history has Plutarch being a contemporary of Hadrien. In my opinion, ridiculous, Julian wrote him a letter asking about his health :P Of course idiot historians circumvent any of these occurrencies by inventing homonyms (same with Celse).
So, do you have a reference for Isis and Osiris being written around 350 ? making it contemporary with Julian and not Hadrien :D