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Saturday, November 24, 2012

"The Esoteric Hour" - Illuminatus Observor Radio on Awake Radio

Effective November 21, 2012, you can hear The Fetch live on "The Esoteric Hour with The Fetch" on AwakeRadio.co.uk. The Esoteric Hour with The Fetch is an hour or more of Western esoteric history, philosophy, tradition, and knowledge as viewed by one of the leading Hermetic Qaballists of our time.

 Much of the Esoteric Hour will revolve around content found at the Illuminatus Observor. In depth insights and expanded revelations combined with historical and philosophical contexts are sure to bring the philosophies and techniques of the Illuminatus Observor to life.

A live chat room will be available for interactive participation. The show will be airing weekly.

  • Show Venue: AwakeRadio - Ireland
  • Show Days: Sundays
  • Show Time: 5:00 PM CST (GMT -6)
  • Listen Live URL: Embed Media Player at Awake Radio
  • Show Chat Room: Embed at Awake Radio
About Awake Radio - Ireland
The hosts here on awake radio are of a similar mind, that is, once we became 'awake' to the true nature of this subversively manipulated reality, we decided to do something to help spread awareness to those who are still metaphorically 'asleep' to the deliberate and psychopathically controlled enslavement of mankind.

While we realise some do not want to know of our collective enslavement and the deliberate culling of the global population, we have decided to ensure, at least in part, that this radio station delivers to those who will hear it, the opportunity to become aware of life as it really is and in so doing hopefully side with us in waking up as many people as possible to unite together in a peaceful community response to help change what otherwise will be the imposition of, at best, a fascist police state under which our only liberties will be ones granted to us, or at worst may see the end of our genetic lineage in favour of the self-styled ruling elite's psychopathic bloodline.

 This is the basis for our grassroots Awake Radio inception, and we sincerely hope it will help the tide to turn in our (humanities) favour, and with your help..it will.  - source

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

About "The Esoteric Hour w/ The Fetch"

"The Esoteric Hour with The Fetch" is a weekly streaming radio show produced by "The Fetch".  The show is designed to highlight important elements of Western Occult and Qaballistic principles as revealed within the Illuminatus Observor.

The show will continue in the theme of "destorying the signatures of the Occult as only a Master of the Craft can do" as well as "revealing the codes and philosophies of the ruling elite."

Additional historical, philosophical, and contextual information is sure to make "The Esoteric Hour with The Fetch" one of the leading and advanced audio efforts covering the Hermetic qaballistic arts and is sure to entertain any serious adherent or "seeker" into "the Craft".

The show is intended to deliver content for beginner and advanced adherents alike.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the show Dennis, on the A-Q shift, the word Aquifer, clean clear water deep underground, cyphering the 'u' 21=2+1=3=C, AQUIFER = A-Q CHIPHER??,

Anonymous said...

Hey Fetch

I don't know why a person of your level of expertise on language should keep doing this but it's friggin silly to the use the word 'fascist' as a synonym for 'evil repressive government force.' Take a look at this poster from Mussolini's Fascist Italy:


and you tell me if they weren't fighting against the REAL repressive forces in the world, the same ones you're fighting today.

Whatever repression the Fascists or National Socialists had was more like the repression of a father smacking a kid in the head to keep him from hurting himself or doing something really stupid like letting leeches suck his blood for decades on end. There might have been some excesses and abuses I'm sure but they were nothing compared to the excesses of the forces they were fighting.

The Fascists were much admired not just by Hitler but by famous and extremely individualistic artists like Igor Stravinsky and Ezra Pound. Ezra Pound was a Jeffersonian American patriot and an extreme individualist, a bohemian artist who took orders from nobody. And yet, because he understood usury and who was behind the WWI, he was also pro-Fascist:

"Fascism only regiments those who can't do anything without it. If a man knows how to do anything it's the essence of fascism to leave him alone."~Ezra Pound

The Mark Weber Report: What Really was Fascism? Changing Views of Fascism, Facts vs. Propaganda

May 9, 2012


Description: Fascism is one of the most often misused and widely misunderstood political terms. Publicists of both the left and right use the term “fascist” not to describe but to discredit and smear adversaries. “Fascism” is often inaccurately used as a synonym for tyranny, militarism, Nazism, racism, or capitalism. During the first 13 years of Fascist rule in Italy, the regime and its leader (“Duce”), Benito Mussolini, were widely admired in the US and other countries. They earned praise, for example, for resolutely uprooting mafia criminality. Attitudes in the US changed after the Italian subjugation of Ethiopia in 1935-36, and as Mussolini aligned Italy ever more closely with Hitler’s Germany. The image of Mussolini and Fascism that prevails today is largely the product of World War II propaganda.

~Negentropic MK III

TheFetch said...

Thanks Neg - great comment and will be more careful moving forward.

Anonymous said...

I don't why blogger screwed up the copy and paste of the address for the Italian Fascist poster. I tried putting the URL I pasted here into search and it comes up 404 whereas with my original address it is good. I checked the characters closely and I think it takes the undercores in the address and converts them into dashes and / or drops the underscore character in the address

Let's try the paste again (there should be an underscore sign right before IPVngrY):


Well, even if it screws up the paste, it's basically an image of the bootlike outline of the country of Italy with a blondish crying baby's face with hair that looks like it's orange or on fire superimposed on it, and three grasping hands, each with a different symbol on its sleeve, hammer & sickle, Masonic square & compass and Jewish star of David.

On the bottom of the poster it says Difendilo ! or 'defend'

Anyway if you google Italian fascist propaganda posters it should come up somewhere on images.

I will also post it on the conspiracy central forums Fetcho / Celtic / Kyle thread somewhere


Dennis Fetcho said...

That one worked...

Anonymous said...

From -sky-,