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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Qaballistic Musings on the ZODIAC

 When me reflect and muse on the Zodiac, qaballistically speaking that is, we are hit with so many unique and fascinating insights, many of which it is hard to chalk up the observable realities as being a product of merely "coincidence". To begin, the very name ZODIAC presents us with a rather obvious qaballistic insight when inferred from the historical reality of just what "is" the ZODIAC. What we know about the ZODIAC is that it has been with us a very very long time. The Jewish "Torah", that great book of intended obfuscations and half truths, tells of the Zodiac within the very first book of their work. From Genesis 1:14, we find this simple observation:
"Let there be lights in the expanse of sky to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years;
This is the most prevalent translation available. The "lights" in the sky of course are the stars, and they are to serve first for "signs", which we may reasonably infer to be hinting at the Zodiac and its signs, a phenomena that Jewish chroniclers neglect to tell us as to their coming of existence from their "our god did everything" insanity. The truth is, the Zodiac has been here long before the primitive Hebrews raised the issue in their "Torah". From where the Zodiac came remains shrouded history, concealed tightly, yet to be revealed. One of the earliest references to a form of Zodiac appears on a 12,000 year old temple recently unearthed in Turkey. Ten to fifty ton stones in the form of the Letter T grace the sight, animals of all forms gracing the pillars with an inscription that reads zodiakos kyklos, or "animal circle". - source

The Egyptian god "Thoth" is said to have been the teacher of astronomy/astrology within ancient Egypt, and the craft of astrology varies little from the precepts laid down within the earlier Egyptian systems. Below is the heiroglyphic plan by Hermes as referenced in Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manley P. Hall.

Here we see the Zodiac clearly divided into 12 different "equal houses" of 30 degrees, for a total of 360 degrees, which too is one of the more common delineations for the circle. Although much of this is of interest, it does very little to solve or resolve the inherent qaballistic constructions within the Zodiac.  

Overt Qaballistic Construction in the Zodiac

From a qaballistic point of view, we are interested in discerning or recognizing inherent codes, either archetypal, constructive, or mathematical, within the words that comprise the constituent components of the Zodiac.

The constituent components of the Zodiac are the symbols and words that comprise the signs of the Zodiac.  Thus we view the words and the signs (symbols) of the Zodiac as constituent components of a composite whole.
The sign of Gemini (II) is conceptually united with the word (GEMINI).

A mathematical construction or code would reveal inherent "truths" within the larger "Pi Proportion" esoteric philosophical construction.  A constructive construction may not necessarily be linked to a mathematical truth, but may belie a "technique" used within the larger qaballistic philosophical system, while an archetypal construction reveals some of the core philosophical precepts of the larger holistic qaballistic system.

Overt means simply that: Overt.  The coding is open, largely visible, and requires very little discernment to penetrate the crafted "secret".  To anyone versed in the manner and system of reason and logic employed in the fabrication, the coded "secret" reveals itself.

The most obvious is that of the word Zodiac, which, when written as ZODIAC, is meant to reveal an inherent construction (mathematical, constructive, or archetypal).  ZODIAC simply needs to be "reordered" as it is an anagram of the first 8 digits of Pi set to letter form. 

(Z)(O)(D)(I)(A)(C) = (26)(15)(4)(9)(1)(3) = (3)(1)(4)(15)(9)(26) = (C)(A)(D)(O)(I)(Z)

Another overt coding is the word and sign of GEMINI (they are inseparable).

The first observation is "constructive".  The philosophical construction is based on Pi.  Hence the word GEMINI can be viewed as a simple phrase shorted to a word.


Since "The Gem in I" is inseparable from the symbol, and the sign of GEMINI is a slight modification of the Greek Letter Pi.

 Within the word GEMINI appears more constructive elements.  

For instance, the word GEMINI may be broken down to the phrase "The Gem in I is that I am the Greek Letter Pi", all the the significance that such entails, but also, the word GEMINI can be seen to include the phrase GEM I N I, or "The Gem" is made of "I" "and/N" "I".  In this observation, it is reminding through a constructive code, meaning that the sign is really a design of two letter I's combined into a single coherent glyph.  
Since GEMINI ends at the start of the Summer Solstice, we can make further inferences that the two "I"s are the Letter's A as 1 as I as Osiris as the Winter Solstice and the Letter I as Jehovah/Typhon/Seth as the Summer Solstice, a duality of existence between "good" and "evil".

Other rather overt codes within the Zodiac are combined signs of Gemini, Scorpio, and Pisces.  What is unique about these three words are that they all contain Pi.  They are respectively the 3, 8, and 12th signs of the Zodiac and placed in the 6,th, 10th, and 3rd month respectively.  This is a very simple pattern to recognize.
GEMINI is the 3rd sign and 3 sums to 6, or the month where the sign of Gemini ends.  We give Gemini a value of 6.
SCORPIO is the 8th sign in the 10th month.  SCORPIO is a contracted mathematical phrase.  SCORE PI x 10, wherein to SCORE means to multiply.  The Sum of 1:8 is 36.  Multiply it by 10 and we arrive at 360 degrees of a circle.
Pisces is in the 3rd month but the 12th sign.

GEMINI (6) x SCORPIO (360) x PISCES (12) = 25,920 years.  This is "The Grand Arch", the Platonic Great Year, or the number of years for the Earth to wobble one time on its axis.

Further overt qaballistic observations regarding the Zodiac include the signs of CANCER, VIRGO, and LEO.

Like Gemini, CANCER can be shown to exhibit multiple layers of qaballistic constructions.

CANCER is known as "The Sign of the Home".  Perhaps we can draw some inspiration from the Arabic and Hebrew, where a house or home is called "BEIT", which forms the number 25920.  The manner in which the BEIT is formed is by observation of the precesses through the Zodiac.  This precession is as the sun moving sideways, and hence it is linked esoterically to nature in the form of its animal, which is "the CRAB".

This demonstrates a constructive constructions.  Perhaps it would be better understood as "instructive", providing insights into the larger manner in which the philosophical principles are constructed.

 This is the manner in which the philosophy is qaballistically linked to Nature.  The CRAB walks sideways just as the Sun appears to move sideways in a circle around the observed fixed point of Earth.  In the same manner does BARK cover the inner portion of the tree.

The word CANCER is further a code for PI and 666, or the primary numbers of the esoteric philosophical construction.  

CN is 314
CER is 352

314 + 352 = 666

A Qaballistic Musing on the Zodiac

Let us muse a bit about some of the more unconventional, and perhaps "avante garde" qaballistic observations regarding the Zodiac.

 Many of the names appear to have some clear qaballistic construction.

Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces are clear.  Those signs that have escaped discernment (at least for this author) are Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

For those names that have escaped discernment, some theories are offered:


TAURUS = TAU R US, a link back to the worship of the Bull and the Tau Cross

CAPRICORN = CAP RE-CORN, begins on the Winter Solstice, and hence the CAP would be in recognition of the birth of Osiris and as CORN is symbolic of the Sun, a signature for the new Solar year.  

There appears to be a Pi Proportion link between April and Libra, a constructive example show the modules of hardness and softness in that B is soft while P is hard.  Hence A(P)RIL and LI(B)RA demonstrate the usage of models of hardness and softness while equally demonstrating the use of the anagram, all of which is anchored to the first sign its Pi Proportion opposing sign.

This follows a pattern of:
March/APRIL- Aries <<>> LIBRA - Sept/Oct
April/May    - Taurus <<>> Scorpio - Oct/Nov
May/June    - Gemini <<>> Sagittarius - Nov/Dec
June/July     - Cancer <<>> Capricorn - Dec/January

As commented in other articles, the sign of Leo is as that of Hathor's hair, while VIRGO is the Original VI (6), showing that the Feminine is 6, while the Masculine is 9.  Equally, Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac and appears in the 8th month, which creates a 666 sequence.

Further insights can be gleaned through an analysis of the the Zodiac as it is placed against the Garden of Eden.
The Garden of Eden is an archetypal construction and is representative of the World of Form, among others.

We can see there are 22 paths, each in an unbroken circuit, beginning and ending in Cancer, the sign of the Home.  The numbers entering into/emanating from the sign of Cancer are as follows:

0+5+6+19+18+21 = 69

What we see here is Aries above Aquarius (A Query Us?).  In this form, Aries appears as a dousing rod which seeks to find the water that lies below the surface.

Why a dousing rod?

As the Garden of Eden intimates, Aries and Libra represent present and near immediate future while Libra represents a distant future.

Pisces represents raw, unprocessed emotions, while Aquarius represents processed emotions.  A practical example of that is being confronted with an event and "losing it", either in anger, over exuberance, etc.

Raw, unprocessed (un-reasoned) emotion as represented by Pisces "recedes" into the same but processed waters of Aquarius, which can draw from the core of the intellect of Gemini.

Aquarius acts as a form of stored, processed emotions, which we should remind ourselves to draw upon in our current environment (Aries - the Dowsing Rod).  In this way, the darker/deeper unprocessed emotions of Pisces and the pure capacity of the intellect as represented by Gemini may be balanced by the stored emotional/rational experiences of the past, which feed into Aquarius from Gemini and Pisces.

These ideas present some points of reflection for those interested in a deeper understanding of the qaballistic arts.


Anonymous said...

..Tank U...also Capri means goat in Latin :-)

Anonymous said...

Capricorn is ruled by saturn, which is cronus. Saturn-el. The letter el is phallic, like the corn on the cob, which cronus can be found holding in some images. But the root of the word capri escapes me

Unknown said...

Just last night I found a piece saying the earliest artifact ever found schematizing a Zodiac was dated back 12k years. A bit before English. I'll assume it was in pictograph form without words alas. There weren't always 12 Signs in any case.