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Friday, December 19, 2008

The "River STYX" and other 5 X 5 Codes

A quick thanks to everyone who has already uploaded a linked to "Inside the Eye", the podcast companion to the Illuminatus Observor. For the first show, it got close to 50 hits, which where I come from, ain't too bad. So thanks to everyone who came by for a listen and helped promote the new podcast.

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Without further adeiu...

The River Styx and other 5 x 5 Codes

"There are five rivers encircling Hades. The River Styx is perhaps the most famous;"
What we do best here at the Illuminatus Observor is reveal the Codes and Philosophy of the Ruling Elite. What you get here is an insight into how the Philosophy is constructed, how it may be de-constructed, with the intention that the awareness provides a confidence to battle ignorance in whatever capacity you need.

Afterall, for most of us engaged in this activity, we operate alone, we formulate alone, and encouragement is not something readily available within the mass market.

Such is changing...

One of the basic premises of the Isisian Codes is that the English language is not so much the product of a random set of events in history, but rather that there was a concsious and rational intervention into the language's design and structure. Personally, I am amazed that people would honestly believe otherwise - such is the stranglehold that various schools of "linguistics" has over the fabrication of current belief systems - and yet history is amply scattered with evidence that a "numerological" or "gematria" component was active in the development of the language.

Words are complex archetypal codes that resonate on the inner self and outer mass concsiousness, even as they are simple in their presentation. The word SUN, for instance, cleverly hides a mathematical truth relative to the word, in that the Letters S and N are 3 and 5, while 6 may be summed from 1 to itself to reveal the letter U. Under this simple and yet ingeniously crafted system, the word SUN becomes a code for "365", or the number of days to a current calendar year, or days within which the Earth will make one orbit around the SUN.

A "truth", therefore, becomes non-descriptively caste into the language, and an element of the Codes and Philosophy of the Illuminatus is effected.

The Alphabet as a Cryptogram

That ciphers were being applied esoterically to the early manifestations of the English language goes without saying. Sir Francis Bacon's "biliteral cipher" is well sourced in many books that responsibly deal with this subject matter, and Manley P. Hall has dedicated a whole chapter of his epic work "Secret Teachings of All Ages" to "The Cryptogram as a factor in Symbolic Philosophy".

All of this is well and good, but fails to hit a strategic insight relative to the whole of the Illuminatus System. That strategic insight is this - that the Alphabet itself is a cipher unto itself holding within its design the very foundation to the philosophy of the Illuminatus.

Like any cipher, in order to break the cipher, there needs to be enough patterns studied in order for the whole of the cipher to begin to reveal itself. In order to attain the necessary statistical inputs in order to begin to de-crypt the cipher inherent in English, the design itself must be studied in all manner.

Rhymes, shapes, number values, archetypal framing, and pairing sequences, at the end of the day, would need to be studied, and that is just if we are going to break down the philosophy. To break down the sounds further as "resonance" and how this "resonance" affects DNA, mind, emotion, and so forth, would be taking the analysis of the language to the extreme, and perhaps one day someone will come along with the necessary acument to set such in motion.

For now, however, we have the necessary tools to break the philosophical underpinnings, and one of those tools is the "5 x 5 Matrix", a grid that ultimately leads us back to the River Styx.

The 5 x 5 Matrix and the Acroamatic Cipher

A key point to remember here is that what is regarded as "a secret" by the masses is really not a "secret" at all but rather is regarded by those in the know as something not to be readily discussed amongst and with, the masses.

"Lay not your treasures before the feet of swine", might be a a maxim that appropriately applies. Indeed, I have been told this very same thing when I sought in my early days to reveal the nature of the Construct. But the reality remains, the "secret" remains not a secret, only hushed from open discussion.

One of the "keys" to understanding the nature of what is revealed and hence no secrets exist is that of the acroamatic cipher. Says Manley P. Hall,

The Old and New Testaments of the Jews, the writings of Plato and Aristotle, Homer's Odyssey and Iliad, Virgil's Æneid, The Metamorphosis of Apuleius, and Æsop's Fables are outstanding examples of acroamatic cryptography in which are concealed the deepest and most sublime truths of ancient mystical philosophy.

The acroamatic cipher is the most subtle of all, for the parable or allegory is susceptible of several interpretations. Bible students for centuries have been confronted by this difficultly. They are satisfied with the moral interpretation of the parable and forget that each parable and allegory is capable of seven interpretations, of which the seventh--the highest--is complete and all-inclusive, whereas the other six (and lesser) interpretations are fragmentary, revealing but part of the mystery. The creation myths of the world are acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a divine alphabet. The initiated few comprehend the true nature of this alphabet, but the uninitiated many worship the letters of it as gods.

So while many worship "El", in either Jewish Jehovian or as Pagan Woden who hangs on his tree for "9 days and 9 nights", or that Woden is too the "One Eye'd God" as in the Letter A, these are all elements of the larger use of the acroamatic cipher. But just as single Letters were used in the fabrication of various mythologies (the Letter M as the "OM", for example), so too could whole segments of the Alphabet be used as if they were a single element or "Letter".

A study of the 5 X 5 Matrix reveals just how this could be so.

An Analysis of the 5 X 5 Matrix

Once you break the Alphabet down into it's many constituent patterns (rhymes, shape, phonetics, etc.), one of the first striking revelations is that of what we could call "the sanctity of the Letter M". In the Isisian Codes, below, M lies at the center of the second 7 digit sequence. In the Circle of Mirrors, it is the center sequence that reveals the calendar days of the year and degrees of a circle. In the Circle of Rhymes, it holds the center position, and when the Alphabet is placed into its "5 x 5 Matrix", what is revealed again is that the Letter M is always alone.

This is important once you have a totality of the whole picture, for we know that various "sacred nomenclatures" are actually hiding elements of this "divine Alphabet", which then reveals itself in the 26 Letters that make up the current English.

For instance, "Jesus" is linked to Odin via his mastery of Letters, a trait held by Odin through the sacrifice of himself "on the tree" for 9 days and 9 nights. Jesus hangs from his tree in a factor of 9 squared, or "3 days" and becomes known as "the Christ".

The 5 x 5 Matrix reveals both "the Christ" and the Virgin Mary as "The CHRST and the VIRGIN M" as shown here:

Another interesting element to factor in is the concept that whole "secret societies" were beholden to elements of the whole of the Construct. For instance, St. Thomas of Assissi was clearly beholden and dedicated to the Crux Ansata, or the Letter T, but if you peer a bit into more contemporary systems, you can often see elements of the larger construct hidden within.

Take for instance the Knights of Columbus.

This symbol is rich in Osirian style imagery, not the least of which is that of the 5 x 5 Matrix. If you cannot see it, take a closer look at the shield. Notice the "triangle" or "pyramid" peeking through at the top of the shield?

Well, it is known as the "Knights of Columbus", or the KOC, which is formed from the 5 x 5 Matrix.

Other observations set against the 5 X 5 Matrix include Roman Numeral Coding. For instance, the Letter C is 100, and yet we can see that it may be derived from the angle comprising the Letters KGC, in that the sum of 1:K is 66, the Sum of 1:G is 28, and the Sum of 1:C is 6, and 66+28+6 (K+G+C=100).

The same form of pattern emerges with the Letter D as 500. The Line formed from D-I-N-S-X reveals that the Sum of 1:X is 300, the Sum of 1:S is 190, and the Sum of 1:D is 10, and thus X+S+D = 500.

But the most important cipher within the 5 X 5 Matrix is that of the "River STYX" for the River STYX serves as a "checkpoint" to validate assumptions.

The River STYX and the 5 X 5 Matrix

Since we know that the various pantheons are comprised of acroamatic ciphers, we can rapidly decipher particular aspects of the larger Code (philosophy) when we "stumble-upon", through a rational inquiry, the Nature of the Letters (Divine Alphabet). In the case of the River STYX, we know that it is one of "5 Rivers" and so we are working with a 5(X) solution, wherein a 5 x 5 Matrix would certainly qualify.

We also know that the River STYX is "at the bottom of the world", and we may note that the Letters STYX are indeed at "the bottom of the X-Y graph.

Although time prevents further philosophical discussions, take careful note of the way in which the word STYX is formed set against the 5 X 5 Matrix: as you trace through it, it is shaped as if a "RIVER" runs through the letters, which reduces the Code to its simplest common denominator.

The RIVER STYX is at the Bottom of the 5 X 5 Matrix. The River STYX is a "placement code", telling the crafters where to keep the "original letters" in the hidden and soon to be revealed "Illuminatus Philosophy".


Anonymous said...

that is really neat
i made something like this and couldnt figure out what to do with it as i made words....it will be interesting in deed to see the next article on this

what i can grab out of STYX for the time being:

STYX = 19202524
left over with 1-24
AX, AH, 1:24=300, 1+24=25, 1:25=325
124, 18, 9, 7, YITAX, BEITAH, YITAH
BEITAX, BEITY, BEITA(H), summative added=1025
ordinal 88, ISISIAN 3498 (=24)

bity was egyptian yes? "be" ity

and when using the Isisian codes revealing 3498 CDIH one could easily multiply 3*4*9*8=864 which is in essence 864*10*10=864000 the diameter of the sun. but

there are not any tens to score with. and so im left with CDIH 34-9-8 bit isnt I also roman 1? 3418 which reveals; 314H the circle closes with H.
CADH 3+1+4+8=16 (88/HH) and if you look at the ordinal value of STYX=88 how can one not do squishyeyed tilt......and not look further.

3*4*1*8=96 which is a part within 864. 96*2=192, 192*2=288 (this number also leads into that "ordinal alphabet value of numbers that form the repeating loop" i

showed you. and 288 is half of the total of all the "X"'s represented from letter-numeric form (4*10*20*24*300=5760000 the sound/tone/note of RE)
keep adding 96 you will get to 864.

also 25920/300=86.4
and of course im loving this next one : 25920/24=1080 (ordinal value of one hundred eighty happens to be the summative value of T)

and of course the root of 108 in 1080.... half of 216 half of 2160 2160+1080=3240 , 3240+1080=4320 . and if you keep adding 1080 to the new total you end up

with ...12960....25920

question: if there is a relation to other sets does that mean that 864 would be related to:

864=HFD however;
there are two other numbers associated with the number 6.... O and U

HOD (36*120*10 = 43200 - 432*2=864)
(36*15*4=2160 moon related)

HUD (36*21*4=3024)
HFD (36*6*4=864 ) Leap Year anyone?
its all 864 - relatively speaking
(using dentals above at end)
PIFD (PI-1:6-D equally PIUX and so i think of PIUS)

PIUS? pfffttttt if you wait for the pope to pi you -- you will be waiting forever.

of course 864 HFD could be XOX , HOTEN, XOTEN, 36 O TEN , 36 O FOUR,

360 * 10, 360*4, 364, 1440, 3600

HOTEN of course could be OTEN, ODEN, ODIN etc

HFD PIFD 3.14(PI) and F6.D4 21.10 21*10=210 the summative value of T.
PIUJ PIUX PIUTEN (the russian president's last name possibly)
PIUD 468 / 864 , 366 TEN, LEAP YEAR TEN
864=36.21.10 = 7560, OR 36+21+10=67 (108 million km = 67 miles)
810 (eighteen 018), 824 HX HH XX PIX PAX PAH PIH

id like to mention that :

"Venus has always puzzled astronomers, because it is so similar to the Earth in many respects that for a long time it was felt that on Venus we had the best chance of

finding life on a planet other than our own. However, answers to that question were not possible for a long time because Venus' surface is always completely

covered in a thick blanket of clouds, which have never cleared. The planet itself is almost the same size as Earth - 12,100 km (7,560 miles) and it's "year"

being 225 of our days."

diameter of Venus = 7560 miles
864 is essentially when expanded 36*21*10=7,560


kinda wierd huh

at first glance for me this is what i see. i will "enjoy" further looking in....


A one class dent of a day Aiy?

Anonymous said...

well blarney

i meant to have on there

"one thousand eighty" = ordinal value of 210 which is T summative.


"1080"=T 210

i also meant to add that isnt it interesting that :



Anonymous said...

tickling the fancies yet more

19202524 - 25920 and 1.24 (IX/YX/ AX)left over

8. The distance is 103.68-feet and the angle back to the cairn is 166.66666-degrees (166 & 2/3rds).

The distance value was of great significance to ancient astronomers and navigators. Remember that the true equatorial size of the Earth was considered to be 12 X 12 X 12 X 12 X 1.2-miles of 5280-feet each or 24883.2-miles. This very factorable means of describing the circumference is only 18.8-miles less than the official value we use today of 24,902-miles. So, if the Earth is 24883.2, then its rate of rotation in MPH must be 24883.2 ÷ 24-hours = 1036.8 miles per hour. The length of the coffer in the Khafre Pyramid was measured by Petrie to be 103.68-inches. The "Stirling Jug" of Scotland had a capacity of 103.68 cubic inches and this paralleled the Jerusalem Liquid Standard of the ancient Hebrews, wherein a "Cab" was 103.68-cubic inches. Also, the value 103.68-feet is two times 51.84. The slope angle of the Great Pyramid was designed to be 51.84-degrees. Alternatively, each side length of the Great Pyramid (756-feet) is 72 Reeds of 10.5-feet each. This means that the base area that the Great Pyramid covers is 72 X 72 Reeds = 5184. In navigation using the "11" family of numbers, a British league (16500-feet or 3.125-miles) of diameter creates a circle of 518400-feet using PI @ 3.141818182 (314 & 2/11ths ÷ 100). Using this rendition of PI on diameters based upon the number "11" will create circumferences divisible by 360-degrees. An example of this is 7920-miles (the Earth's true diameter) X 3.141818182 = 24883.2-miles.

The degree angle carries a ratio code (in an increased denomination) that was integral to the 3,4,5 triangle. By the 3,4,5 triangle squaring method the Opposite is always 1.25 less than the Hypotenuse and the Adjacent is always 1.6666666 less than the Hypotenuse. This is the geometric method by which the Khafre Pyramid of Egypt was built.


all from some sticks....

was it not a stick that ISIS used as a "make-shift" 14th piece of Osiris ?

below source of course there are more...but this one caught my eye for the pictures of the sitting mummies and their histories.

nasca nascere nasa hmmmm

12. The distance is 162-feet and the angle back to the cairn is 229.16666-degrees (229 & 1/6th).

The distance is coding "rounded" PHI @ 1.62. The true PHI ratio (1: 1.6180339) was a difficult, unresolvable number like PI, so many ancient edifices were built to a slightly round form of PHI where the dimensions could be read symbolically to pure PHI values simultaneously to rounded PHI values.. Therefore the Great Pyramid @ 756-feet equates to 466.66666 X 1.62 (466 & 2/3rds). Alternatively, the Khafre Pyramid complies to 437.5 X 1.62-feet. The same modus operandi was applied to reading the Great Pyramid in rounded PI (3.15) values and there would be 240 X 3.15-feet in the Pyramid's length. Alternatively, the Khafre Pyramid was 225 X 3.15-feet in length. In a reading of the Great Pyramid in PI @ 22/7 there would be 240 X 3.12857143-feet = 754.2857143 (754 & 2/7ths) which is 1/7th of a mile @ 5280-feet.

The degree angle code is simply a part of a navigational progression that runs: 229.166666, 458.33333, 687.5, etc. Note: under the Great Pyramid's second geodetic system that viewed the Earth as 24750-miles, 68.75-miles was 1-degree of arc.

its interesting to note the "loop" i see in the alphabet being multiplied each by some form of PI

the total * pi being 3856.285539 ?

and isnt it funny.... your word "resonance" striking a chord with me.....

for a second i read renaissance!
rereading it i realised..... a state of reson...interesting...

"reborn"-ISIS-state of=ance

reborn SPEECH STATE of
reborn 56 65

ance cnae 31415=state of as in "ance" the suffix.


IF in fact rena is reborn.....

naiss = to be born

-ance=state of being reborn

but of what? reborn ? huh? such a funny name to be resonating ....

reso NATE
res o nate
head "O" born

nat UR EL = born you are god/christ?

URL lol a link!

resonance = the state of "being" resonant ..in other words an *echo*.


eco-nomy, resonate pi-122, resonate ph=121


SEVEN=666 3.14
grp, rpg, pgr

bee-p bee-p bee-p echo echo echo

5760000 X marks the spot

ren-teaos (this one is quite interesting! and its variants!)
TEE sonar
east re on
re set on A (interesting scramble) - "re set on one" like a group effort to reset something.


resonate= Etymology: < L resonatus, pp. of resonare: see resonant

resoNATUS???? huh?
resoNARE????? huh????

but i thought latin natus was to be born?

therefor resoborn. reosborn? god born again? what?

re sonate re so nate

i dont get it?


1. (music) A musical composition for one or two instruments, one of which is frequently a piano, in three or four movements that vary in key and tempo


Etymology: (term, sonata, sonÄta, lang=la), feminine form of (term, sonatus, sonÄtus, lang=la), the past participle of (term, sonare, sonÄre, to make sound, lang=la).

again, "to make sound"

now back in a comment of an article as well libertyforum (now since caput) i made several comments on how the word "sound" was originally "soun". the d was later added from the natural flow of the sound of d flowing with the word naturally upon its ending sou-Nd.

RE SO UN D , re *so* NOT D?

are so un d
ares o un d
ares o not d


who had the rattle/shaker thingy?


Heracles' rattle

"The sixth labor was to remove the countless man-eating birds that invested the marshes near Stymphalus. They had wings, claws and beaks of metal and were dedicated to the war god Ares. Initially, even Heracles' arrows were inadequate, but the goddess Athena gave him a rattle that had been made by Hephaestus. The birds were terrified and flew away to the Black Sea; the remaining animals were killed by the poison arrows. From now on, there were no monsters on the Peloponnese anymore, and the next labors would bring Heracles to the edges of the known world."
beaks of metal what the !!?!?!


"to rustle" papyrus seed left in blossom made rattles sacred to the love Goddess Hathor.

SISTRUM (σεῖστρον), a mystical instrument of music, used by the ancient Egyptians in their ceremonies, and especially in the worship of Isis(Ovid. Met. IX.784, Amor. II.13.11, III.9.34, ex Ponto, I.1.38). It was held in the right hand (see woodcut), and shaken, from which circumstance it derived its name (aera repulsa manu, Tibull. I.3.24). Its most common form is seen in the right-hand figure of the annexed woodcut, which represents an ancient sistrum formerly belonging to the library of St. Genovefa at Paris.a Plutarch (de Is. et Osir. pp670, 671, ed. Steph.) says, that the shaking of the four bars within the circular apsis represented the agitation of the four elements within the compass of the world, by which all things are continually destroyed and reproduced, and that the cat sculptured upon the apsis was an emblem of the moon. Apuleius (Met. XI. pp119, 121, ed. Aldi) describes the sistrum as a bronze rattle (aereumº crepitaculum), consisting of a narrow plate curved like a sword-belt (balteus) through which passed a few rods, that rendered a loud shrill sound. He says that these instruments were sometimes made of silver or even of gold. He also seems to intimate, that the shakes were three together (tergeminos ictos), which would make a sort of rude music. "

continuall destroyed and reproduced huh? well that sounds like reborn to me... the second comes when the first goes... back again... born again.... death life

first you are born.... then you die...and then one is reborn?

now we are talking rein- car - nate

carn is of the flesh

whats the root word here?
re, in, carn-nate
flesh born (carnival, carnivore)

RE N flesh born

the re a son i even mention the resonate with STYX is because this river is from the underworld right? and soUND just r ang out...or is that rattled out...

last year and somwhat into the new year i was doing a lot of synchro work research on my own...and one thing over and over kept popping up..."the raison in the sun" and its many disguises.... now i wonder more

ok that is it...oh wow...coast to coast just mentioned "108" stuff galore...heh ;p


Anonymous said...

this one is interesting to me!


As the sistrum reflected in such a visible manner the presence of the gods,
it is no wonder that during the
Amarna Period,
it was virtually deprived of decoration, except for the papyrus handle. But it
is significant that it was held by the queen or the princesses during the cult
of Aten, the sun
disk. The instrument belonged in the realm of cosmic deities. According to the
ancient Greek historian Plutarch, the sistrum's arch was the lunar cycle, the
bars were the elements, the twin
Hathor heads
rendered life and death and the cat, often included in the decoration, was the

Many of these instruments carry the names of royal persons. When the sistrum
is depicted, it was often in the hands of royal family members. In the
Story of Sinuhe, we
learn that the princesses received him with music and song. The musical
instruments were not refined wind or string instruments, but the sistrum. In the
Westcar papyrus, when the goddesses dress up as itinerant musicians to gain
access to the birth chamber of the mother of the children of Re, they too
accompany themselves only with the sistrum.

from D to X..... vewwwwy interesting!


ok now im done

Anonymous said...

i want to express here why i thought RE is iffy:

resign (etymonline.com)
c.1374, from O.Fr. resigner, from L. resignare "to check off, cancel, give up," from re- "opposite" + signare "to make an entry in an account book," lit.

"to mark" (see sign). The sense is of making an entry (signum) "opposite" -- on the credit side -- balancing the former mark and thus canceling the claim it represents.

The meaning of "give up a position" is first recorded 1387. Sense of "to give (oneself) up to some emotion or situation" is from 1718.



is .... something worth inspecting.

if this word is key i should know what it means IMO - so what does it mean? what made this word? why those letters for that sound to define that word?


314 56 255

WHY 255?

i made a connection to 255 in the English Alphabet

"two hundred fifty five"=240

that starts the whole cycle of repetitive numbers that total 1227.

and if 56 is speech ... it means talking.... and the talking value of 255 is = 240!

3.14 56 255

CAD EF YE (kadafi???)


we have here a "pickle"

lol cute

***we also can note that 25365145 could relate to BE 365 1+4+5=10

BE 365 X (Becks) Be O X - "BOX" (this word pops up over and over!)

REOX XERO (xero-x) 024 010

im telling ya there is something here to this 240! 24*10=240
which equals "two hundred fifty five".

and "10 and 24" are BOTH X "XX"

and they start from the same denomination of FOUR.
4*10*20*24*300=5760000 the TONE OF RE!

if we always factor into our minds what are "old school" teachers would always harp about: REDUCE REDUCE REDUCE!

i can clearly see that two fours make eight.
which is PI?

5760000*2=11520000 and you will find both of these numbers within ancient (antient) ruins. (i almost typed reunions!)

but what really is 365/CFE/SON ?


watch this: this is so cool: BE/RE,,,,, rotation of earth days/nights around sun,,,,,NE/14.5

RENO,,,, REONE,,,,

but i just love this one!! :

what really is the rotation of earth around the sun all about?

we rotate 365 DAYS AND NIGHTS around the sun

12 hours re - pre - sent the days which is equal to its share of rotation times 365
12 hours re - pre - sent the nights which is equal to its share of rotation times 365

12*365=4380 numbers of hours the day shares with its rotation around the sun per day
12*365=4380 numbers of hours the night shares with its rotation around the sun per day

what is the diameter of sun (its estimate) = 876,000

it would take perhaps philosophically speaking of course in my now state of playing in the mud........ XX to make the diameter of the sun in our rotations.

could that mean anything? it takes one year for the Earth to make 8760 to match the suns diameter right? it would take 10*10*8760 to arrive at the diameter of the

sun! what could possibly make the SCORE ' ING of 10 and 10?

that would be..... 2 tens. 210
which is the summative value of T
it is also the starting degree point of SCORE PI TEN

i have no idea what im doing here! what is this? there is so much to say ... most of my notes are in my brain....as im sure most of peoples "notes" are. i mean a person

could not possibly write everything in their brain down. even in books they couldnt. its like that --- things are making sense so much that i cant make sense of it lolol

gosh.... does that even make sense?

ok so... where is the next ten? or is that it? surely not..... i know better than that.... there is an entire scale!



if anyone read any of my previous comments somewhere around here ...you will find that i made comments about this do re me fa .... thing. it kept popping up like


there are only SEVEN individual notes here! not 8. for 8 is a repeat of DO.

heptagram? plus a repeat is an eight.


Septem is seven - is Virgo
but 8 is the 8th house is the Scorpio.

and 891011 all go to the scorpio having its paws in the cookie jars. 8*9*10*11=7920 which *should* already be familair imo if thus this far in my "sense".
there is a rumor that someone chopped off scorpios claws...and gave them away to Libra the scales. whatever purpose that serves....i havent found yet. not

conclusively anyway.

RE=2 (it should because of B! note checked!)
SO=5 (RE SO NATE -- note checked!)
DO=1 or 8

RE = 2
SO = 5
NATE = born??????? (NA TI??)

BE/2.5 ,,,,, 2+5=7 and B=1+2=3=C and E=1:5=15=O

BE=R in simply form because 1:18=171 (AGA there is a temple named for this letter combination yet connected to SA "saga" comes to mind or Sega if you like)

Y=25 instead of 2 and 5 which, 1:25 is 325 (note that 300=X and 325=Y 300+325=625 reduced to five in its square root which thus can be squared to come to a

really super close connection to .618+1.618 which are also base multiplication groupings when breaking down 876000)

B=C as B is simply shortened to reveal the spelling of BE as B
R = ARE and with this, im having to question is it ARE or AREE as RE because ARE is only R and E is well... E or V. so if AREV or AREE then:



ok .... now RE means etymonline says this or it means

what this books says.

that is kinda confusing! unless IMO one understands the 1:18 relationship. if you ARE then you IS and you BE. and IS IS is two times. BEBE ISIS AREARE RR

BB. its all from the same denomination it seems. to me anyway. ive done a lot of work on this RE word. AGAIN means more than once.

1:18=171 i cant help but notice this! R-IN
now what is IN?
i dont know! is it N, EN, IN, AN, ON, its all there and all related. but IN is still "in".

IN=AN, IN, equally phonetic to N the same. N being the denomination they are from. i would imagine.

it so happens that RN is also BE reduced using the codes on these pages at the bottom. the Isisian codes....
R+N=18+14=32 and "AGAIN" is 32. does this mean that this is a relationship? IMO yes. but what about the I in IN?
i wonder since the letters being worshiped as Gods if the temple of AGA was the worship of the letter R? heck if i know!

how about that.
9.14 or 1.14 ?
NA or NI?
to be IN one must have entered, right?
so it would not be TWO. unless of course you are now OWT of where you were in the beginning. but if the starting point is just one long growing line so-to-speak

then , its still rooted. they always say one can rebuild with the tiniest of tiny. :)

and of course TWO is related to EIGHTEEN.
BE=18 when expanded. plain and simple.


is another way to view it.

DO a deer, a female deer.

what is puzzling is that when i do my etymology for RENNES i end up with french definitions of plural "renne" =

reindeer. RENNE being the male. so this is two males? and
renne=56 which is plural male? and italian is female renne?

one could also view this http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/renna and see other weaving of letters.

i have so many more notes on this... i could be way off...of course i always keep that in mind.
then wierd in synch stuff happens and i just dont know what it all means.

that goes for the word NATURE

now renaiss, renee, renne, rinna, and all its many variant spellings are all related.
one of those even means the rising up of the sun. which would include RE

SO=5th CO, CF, CE

is it possible to have RE or RES and SO or SON and ATE or NATE ?

the intensive prefix RE is all sorts of things. as you can tell here.

it appears to be located somewhere between "intensive prefix" and again, back, again-st, opposite, back etc.... it seems latin makes difference uses for it.
now i can understand the midday sun as RE if it is an intensive prefix. it is intensifying..... but where i am from it is the hottest around 3:00 and 4:00 pm. the "PM"


so where does the word NATE come from? is it nature? what is that root word? is it NATE ? nature would make sense to have dropped the silent E to add URE.
NATE-UR but do any of those words above include a T? no they do not. only resonate, renatus. even resonatus is a word. it means resonate. renatus means again

born. and nature would imply "Born U R"

etymology of nature:

wiki says,


From Latin natura (“‘birth, origin, natural constitution or quality’”), future participle from perfect passive participle natus (born), from deponent verb nasci (“‘to be

born, originate’”) + future participle suffix -urus.

and ive gone as far back as nate to equate to GEN-esis. and if GEN is birth, origin then BORN is originate. "the origin you originate from. "

so nate, naiss (though with this one i see two words! like genesis.), possibly NA and NE

and im also lead back to INNATE!


[edit] Adjective

innato m (f innata, m plural innati, f plural innate)

1. innate, native, inborn

its all from the same denomination and so what is the root word?
ARE in NATE is renne but rene is male reborn and female is renee. both acute E's to sound A.

you are
means that you BE
and it means that you IS

but one must be IN to be. ?

so, are you in ? then you can be born. before you are doing it again you have to LEAVE and then come back!

so RE implies a death and a coming back. as in reincarnate. as resurrection.
re assure rection as in DI-rection.

root word RECT.

what is rect?

etymonline.com says,

right (adj.1) Look up right at Dictionary.com
"morally correct," O.E. riht "just, good, fair, proper, fitting, straight," from P.Gmc. *rekhtaz (cf. O.H.G. reht, Ger. recht, O.N. rettr, Goth. raihts), from PIE base

*reg- "move in a straight line," also "to rule, to lead straight, to put right" (see regal; cf. Gk. orektos "stretched out, upright;" L. rectus "straight, right;" O.Pers. rasta-

"straight, right," aršta- "rectitude;" O.Ir. recht "law;" Welsh rhaith, Breton reiz "just, righteous, wise"). Cf. slang straight "honest, morally upright," and L. rectus "right,"

lit. "straight," Lith. teisus "right, true," lit. "straight." Gk. dikaios "just" (in the moral and legal sense) is from dike "custom." The noun sense of "just claim" was in O.E.

and P.Gmc. As an emphatic, meaning "you are right," it is recorded from 1588; use as a question meaning "am I not right?" is from 1961. The phrase to rights "at

once, straightway" is 1663, from sense "in a proper manner" (M.E.). The sense in right whale is "justly entitled to the name." Phrase right off the bat is 1914, earlier

hot from the bat (1888), probably a baseball metaphor; right stuff "best human ingredients" is from 1848, popularized by Tom Wolfe's 1979 book about the first

astronauts. Right on! as an exclamation of approval first recorded 1925 in black slang, popularized mid-1960s by Black Panther movement. Right of way is attested

from 1768.

regal Look up regal at Dictionary.com
c.1330, from L. regalis "royal, kingly, belonging to a king," from rex (gen. regis) "king," from PIE base *reg- "move in a straight line," hence, "direct, rule, guide"

(cf. Skt. raj- "a king, a leader;" Avestan razeyeiti "directs;" Pers. rahst "right, correct;" L. regere "to rule," rex "a king, a leader," rectus "right, correct;" O.Ir. ri, Gaelic

righ "a king;" Gaul. -rix "a king," in personal names, e.g. Vircingetorix; Goth. reiks "a leader;" O.E. rice "kingdom," -ric "king," rice "rich, powerful," riht "correct;"

Goth. raihts, O.H.G. recht, O.Swed. reht, O.N. rettr "correct").

wrong (adj.) Look up wrong at Dictionary.com
late O.E., "twisted, crooked, wry," from O.N. rangr, earlier *wrangr "crooked, wry, wrong," from P.Gmc. *wrangaz (cf. Dan. vrang "crooked, wrong," M.Du.

wranc, Du. wrang "sour, bitter," lit. "that which distorts the mouth"), from PIE *wrengh- "to turn" (see wring). Sense of "not right, bad, immoral, unjust" developed by

c.1300. Wrong thus is etymologically a negative of right (from L. rectus, lit. "straight"). L. pravus was lit. "crooked," but most commonly "wrong, bad;" and other

words for "crooked" also have meant "wrong" in It. and Slav. Cf. also Fr. tort "wrong, injustice," from L. tortus "twisted." Wrong-headed first recorded 1732. To get

up on the wrong side (of the bed) "be in a bad mood" is recorded from 1801.

one can not exist without right.
if one did not exist would the O?

diameter = 1 the circumference is pi

if you look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pi-unrolled-720.gif

you will see that the wheel has completed one full turn at PI.

which gives its diameter of one.

once you have PI then what? well Earth does it again and again again. again again again

a 1 is not a C or a V or a J or a K or an L

once that is made when the circle completes one equally distanced rotation around the sun you will have your diameter.
so depending on when Earth first started to go.... that would be its start point. if the alphabet is the diameter, then its PI would
be indicated within points of the alphabet just like you have shown.

4380 of the day and 4380 of the night each year of 365 "days". giving us 8640.

what other planet would do such to equal a portion of the suns diameter?

the ordinal value of "one hundred"=108

if im not mistaken ... that means something.

"twenty two divided by seven" = 314


HUNDRED= PI not D re'd.

which to me is saying PI is Re'd not D.
and Re is the tone of X in its many shapes.

so PI gets Re'd.

do pi again? Re is again right?
RECT is right which is RE see T
the summative value of CT is 216.

the summative value of "angle" is 227.

so right angle is rectangle and in alphabetical order those letters would be:
E, F, L, T (scrambled spells LEFT!) (5*6*12=360*20=7200) "reborn"=72

only thing popping out really is the 576 so ill keep going...

ok then, so a right angle going left is? none of them! unless you take the left side of T. and that would be TEN TEN as T. the fourth letter of right angle only half of it

goes left.

and since L is upside down on the T's right side, as TEN, the opposite of right is left and it is L mirrored and flip right side up.


120/120 (120*6=720)
24 with 12's
20 with 10's


JJ=T now this doesnt even make sense.... two curves going left does not represent right angles.
two wrongs dont make a right. :P

so what does 8640, TEN TEN and 864000 imply?

and is L upside down or is T?

and why LU-NA? (that is strange looking at it right this very moment realizing that L here could a ten of T. and U us 21 but it is E as well.

something comes to me.... "Tenuna" = 667
and well....

TEN NOT A=tenun

ten not nine
ten not eleven
ten not one

i have no clue what this is... i mean i have a clue

but im not an expert
what is this?

and un ten or NOT 10/not ten is 666?
and "TEN"=330


Anonymous said...

im waiting for the second half of NOEL podcast to get with the program (ive already yelled at it that doesnt work lol ) and i decided to ...

look at this word PAGAN and im going to post it on that comment section .. too..if that is okay....



anyone see something familiar in this PATTE-RN

so i decided to look up this word "Horn".

i got such a kick out of it:

cairn Look up cairn at Dictionary.com
1535, from Scottish carne, from Gael. carn "heap of stones, rocky hill," akin to Gaul. karnon "horn," from PIE base *ker-n- "highest part of the body, horn," thus "tip, peak" (see horn).
unicorn Look up unicorn at Dictionary.com
c.1225, from O.Fr. unicorne, from L.L. unicornus (Vulgate), from noun use of L. unicornis (adj.) "having one horn," from uni- "one" (see uni-) + cornus "horn" (see horn). The L.L. word translates Gk. monoceros, itself rendering Heb. re'em, which was probably a kind of wild ox. According to Pliny, a creature with a horse's body, deer's head, elephant's feet, lion's tail, and one black horn two cubits long projecting from its forehead. Cf. Ger. Einhorn, Welsh ungorn, Bret. uncorn, O.C.S. ino-rogu.

im not sure if to laugh or to be bug eyed.

*blink blink*

i thought this was cute so here you go


Anonymous said...

I just saw that M being central in the Matrix = 13, reversed = 31.
The 31st number in the Fibonacci sequence is reciprocal of Pi.
1.346.269 the six being the central number and O in the Isisian codes = 15. giving us the first 8 of Pi, wot a hex, and placing the numbers against the codes gives Q S T V R V(F) Y = QST VRFY = QUESTION VERIFY?

Unknown said...

Wow, and I get down on myself for spinning my wheels on whatever philosophy.

William Eisen seems to have proved that you can take Anything and make Anything out of it. So The S at the end of is... is the sine over the median. I jest - but it just goes on forever, nowhere or back to it's Own self referring system.

It sounds like they constructed a philosophy... and Herr Fetcho seems to have come out and said it. I alluded to this before. It's a philosophy; related TO ITSELF, ONLY. Full stop.

So no secrets of creation... but more of a contrived system to use in various ways to keep us in check perhaps.

It may be inappropriate to say this here and I do both enjoy and appreciate the effort....

Maybe I'm now learning that this system is as just summarized. I've been guessing that the alphabet contained universal truths regarding Nature.

This May be still true... and They may have crafted Another Veneer, the Construct, over this More Primal knowledge.

As an example of what the hell I'm talking about is... Tesla. He essentially gave us the modern age of EM technology.

Point being, I just recently learned that he actually did look into Vedic wisdom and was able to USE some of that info! He was so impressed he not only dove into Vedic science but lived the life of a celibate, as per his Vedic mentor/friend.

Now that's what I'm talking about. An esoteric, whatever, body of Lore...containing seeds of natural truth which can be applied to Something.

I wonder if you have been reading my comments up to this point. I love this stuff and thanks. I'm waiting to see if you wrote anything about John Dee and Enochian.... More wheel spinning!