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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Imelda Marcos and Hints of Illuminatus Pi

A few years ago I lay in a hospital in Montreal, the victim of a hit so violent that I had multiple fractures from my lower vertebrae, chest, inner groin,, and left shoulder joint. Fortunately, that evening was a cold and lightly snowing night and instead of having my head pound into the cement sidewalk, I was able to get a small bit of leverage and found myself sliding on the icy sidewalk nearly 12 feet, coming to rest in the gutter underneath a hummer.

Of all the times I have been ambushed, this was so well done that I did not feel it coming until a split second before it happened, and even then, as I did not listen to my inner voice, found myself completely taken by surprise without even a blink of what the assailant was dressed in. Indeed, I did not see a thing.

While in the hospital, an older gentleman came into share the room with me and it was none other than Father Bidgrass, the former head of the Sulpecian Order of the Catholic Church. As we both lay there, we had ample time to compare thoughts, he sharing his views on the state of the Catholic Church, and I sharing my insights on the Isisian Codes.

He confided in me towards the end of his stay saying something to the effect that when he was in Seminary they spent a brief bit of time learning techniques that I was talking about but that they were informed that such techniques were the work and product of Satan. I responded in kind that indeed, they may be, but that if you are going to learn to defeat your opponent, you must learn to understand how your opponent thinks, and since the opponent in this case (Setian Illuminatus) indeed does think in number (witness all those terror attacks linked to the code of "9-11"), then perhaps it would make some sense to learn a little bit of what I am doing so that you can sense when one is in the presence of such a force.

He reflected on the thought a bit and said something to the effect of, "yeah, perhaps you are right", and then drifted away into contemplation.

A Chance Insight in Manila

A month before my introduction to Father Bidgrass I was offered a trip to the Philippines by a (now deceased) gentleman who was a member of the Rotary Club. Although the trip was purely business associated with the Marco's extended clan and supporters, we had plenty of downtime and I spent a fair amount of time sharing insights into the Isisian Codes. At the same time, the Rotary Club was holding their national elections, and since the gentleman I was visiting was a ranking officer and respected gentleman within the Rotary Club, I was offered reasonable access to the inner process and venues, including the former US governors quarters in Manila.

As we sat down one night speaking about the Isisian Codes (napkins are my favorite demonstration device), one of the individuals at our table who was a friend of mine said, "You know, my Auntie (Imelda Marcos) says alot of the same things you say. You can even find some of it on the movie "Imelda the Movie". At the time, Imelda was still in exile and was in residing in Hong Kong and I asked if we could arrange for a meeting to discuss and compare notes, a meeting that unfortunately was not able to be put together.

But to my surprise, as Youtube took hold, the movie "Imelda the Movie" made its way in bits and pieces, and there, before my eyes, was Imelda Marcos hinting at information for which I was traveling around "preaching" and "teaching" equally.

Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady of the Freemason Ferdinand Marcos, clearly had been clued into the binary philosophy of Pi in some fashion.

In Pursuit of Raising Personal Awareness, Avoid Irrational Analysis

Some of you have come to know me through my work on the World Wide Web and you know that I have no patience for "frothing conspiracies". Conspiracies happen. There is a force on this planet that likes to see things burn if for no other reason than they are able to act on their dreams of watching the world (and human "chafe" within, burn. Better for them still, their power and position prevents them from being detected.

If 9-11 did not teach you that such a power exists, then you are still sleeping.

Conspiracies DO exist, and as one who has had access to inner workings from time to time, I can only add that the people behind and fomenting the conspiracies are only successful because their power is unique and only massive sustained protest is able to reach their outer core. It is not that they are particularly intelligent - it is just that they are protected by one of the hardest known substances in the cosmos: IGNORANCE.

At the same time, it is counter productive to lambast all within the various initiated systems as being "wholly evil" or "negative" and out to "harm humanity". There is much good always at work even as those they work with may be as evil as some may imply.

At the end of the day, "their world" is seperated from "your" world through a philosophical system wherein the knowledge of the philosophical system trumps everything. Power does not accede anything without a demand, and power is fearful of demands made by those who are deemed to be endowed with a far less than rational philosophical system and hence power on both polarities will protect the philosophical status quo before it will accede to what is perceived or believed to be an inferior and irrational philosophical system that would plunge the philosophical system into a total state of darkness.

That an alternate "Illuminatus Philosophy" exists and that it is based on "Pi" can only be surmised through rational analysis. There is no "in your face" treatise that one can point to. Such is that the way it is. Knowledge of "the Word" would go a long way to raising the general profile of the human race, for knowledge of "the Word" often comes with a raised appreciation and motivation to improve the lot of race in general.

Still, there are those that have a pretty strong or absolute understanding of the totality of the system and wish it to be destroyed. The better to plunder and burn humanity if there is no opposing philosophy able to stand up to the reason and logic inferred within.

Regardless of what you think, if you are in pursuit of more raising of personal awareness, watch this small clip of Imelda Marcos as she discusses the "7 Portals to Peace and Order".

Imelda Speaks of "1's" and "O's"

There is much to be uncovered in the history of the Philippines and one of the greatest myths and mysteries remains that of "Yamashita's Gold" The tales I heard from the various members of the Rotary Club were quite fascinating, and they all link back to Ferdinand Marcos. One day as I was in Quezon City the military shut down the whole road leading out North of the city and the rumour within the inner circles was that there was going to be a coup d'etat and they were moving some of "Yamashita's Gold".

The intrigue is fascinating, but our purpose here is to explain further the philosophy of the Illuminatus in order that noone sleeps who wishes not to. In this excerpt from Imelda the Movie, the manner and nature of the inner working can be ascertained through a thin veil, but the ultimate simplicity of a philosophy based on "1's" and "0's" is difficult to miss.

(((Unfortunately, this video can no longer be found. If someone has it or finds it, letting me would be greatly helpful and of interest)))
Notice how she speaks in the word "we". I cannot tell you the times I have been literarily assaulted for using the word "we". If you do not recognize the word "we" when used in this form of writing, then chances are, the individual is not clued in even to the basics, for those who have an understanding use the word "we" as a clue or code to let others know that one is "in the know".

The tri-une nature of what Imelda is speaking about should be abundantly clear to even the less than educated "Mason", but to the clued in Mason, the "tri-une" demonstration speaks clear.

That the system is being referred to as a "very esoteric system", this is accurate. Esoteric really implies that those who are given further insights are able to ascertain the totality of the system.

The idea of "7 Portals to Peace and Order" should be taken as a clue, however, and one would have to ask Imelda directly precisely how she is using this. However, the linking of "7" to "Order" often links back to Noahidist teachings, even if in a veiled operation that the receiver (as Imelda) could be totally unaware.

Yet at 2:50 seconds into the clip, Imelda Marcos speaks rather clear relative to the Construct. "If you ask a child in its purity to draw a tree, it draws a 1 and 0". She then goes on to mention that "if you have one man and one woman", she is using 1's and o's, and by the 4:10 second mark, she mentions "X" and references everything back to the computer, the 1's and the O's, that there is the "apple", "Adam and Eve", and so forth.

The very same formulas used here at the Illuminatus Observor to demonstrate the inner workings of the Luciferian philosophy are seen veiled from Imelda Marcos.

A Jesuit priest then appears in a fog (perhaps staged) about how Imelda spoke for "4 hours" and then Imelda gave a Hershey bar, but the Her See bar was "10 pounds.

4 hours.

1+2+3+4 = 10

Then there is the "10 lb" bar.

So much to be gleaned in such a short clip, but hopefully, it clues you in that the knowledge released here is not appearing in a vacuum.


Anonymous said...

I really do have this feeling that the Marcoses are Kabbalist or pantheist.

Anonymous said...

I know it's late.. they are also known to love the color RED.

Anonymous said...

I've to Malacanang after people's power and I didn't, see any red colors... Mostly inside is pyramid crystals and symbols... Marcos believed in the power of pyramid.

Unknown said...

I've heard about all that gold. The story is that the west, via the Japanese army ironically, ripped it off. It was originally China's and may be still. It was to be used supposedly to help the entire world out of poverty etc.

But still, half the pics don't show and none of the imbedded vids etc play.

I've yet to see how this sort of info actually helps a person in dealing with life's demands. There is no connection.... It's a whole other ball game - for folks who are lucky enough to have some time to engage. And we'll see how long that lasts for us. Or we.