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Thursday, June 26, 2008

666 - Gambling and the Philosophy of the Sun

Sometimes, occult signatures are right in front of your face, so bold and obvious, it is as screaming to the point of spitting, and yet, blind, deaf, and somewhat dumb, the masses cannot see the message that is being caste before them.

666 is just one such message.

Just what "is" "666", aside from being a Key to "Luciferianism", escapes even me to this day. I can only surmise, for it is all conjecture at the end of the day. However, 666 is such a critical key to deciphering the Illuminatus System that to not be able to recognize, and in the process, learn to "stop" and reflect on the paths that led you come across the number 666, is to miss much of the intuitive design within the system.

There are two numbers that are as the foundation points.

666 and
3.1415926....., verbally defined as "Pi".

When we read that "only 144,000 would be saved", one has to wonder, knowing the relationship of 666 to the larger system, that when you add the first 144 digits of Pi, the total of the sum of those digits equals 666.

What is clear is that what had to be saved was "666", and yet we can still only ponder "why"?

The Astronomical Constants of "666"

What is clear, though, is that there was an enormous, and successful, effort made to preserve Pi and 666. The "piano", for instance, breaks into the words PI and ANO, "ano" being anglicized for the word "ano", meaning year, of the Spanish.

There are 52 "white keys", or the number of weeks to the year, which we can then define as "Isis", in that it is a diameter, and there are 36 "black" keys, wherein the Sum of 1:36 totals 666.

Is the name and the number of keys a "coincidence"? Conjecture is a beautiful thing, it hides secret from those who do not want to know, even as it reveals rather overtly to those who are "in the know". If you are in the KNOW LEDGE, you are not part of those who do now want to know, or the "under-standing"; rather, you are in the Eye, a messenger from the Sun, the great "God".

The fact is, 666 is quite a common found number in the cosmos, assuming, of course, that the cosmos is comprised of or filled with "mathematical expressions".

An interesting site regarding the propabilities of 666 may be found on a page entitled "Evil Numbers", from the Mathematical Association of America. In the article, 666 is shown to be found in quite a few common expressions.

For instance:

The primes of 2^2+3^2+5^2+7^2+11^2+13^2+17^2 = 666. The author goes on to state, "How common are evil numbers? (number of non-zero digits / sum of digits) gives a good estimate. For a base 10 number, the estimate gives 9/(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9) = 20% = 1/5. Thus, any random number has a 1 in 5 chance of having this property." Which is, of course, rather interesting.

The Number 666 is integral to astronomic constants relative to existence on Earth, and this integral component would not be "integral" without the English Mile. And when we consider the word MILE from a pure gematria point of view, we note that it is comprised of digits, namely,


shows the formula of

1000+1+50+5 = 1056, which "just happens to be" 1/5 of the 5280 feet that make up the English "mile". So knowing that the frequency of 666 manifesting is roughly 20 percent, even, as shown, appears in a highly "oscillatory way", that 1/5 = 1056 relative to the MILE takes on a more surreal existence when we understand that the Moon, when set to the English mile, has a diameter of 2160 miles, or a value of 6*6*6*10, while the traditional Occult measure of the SUN we 864,000, and this value proved to be


Even the Zodiac, a word so obviously a PI "code word" in that ZODIAC = CADOIZ = 3.1415926, itself is broken down into a code of 666 in that each astrological sign is 1/12 of the "Great Year" of 25920.

25920/12 = 2160 =6*6*6*10.

That "666" was "saved" perhaps hints that it is so constant, it cannot be destroyed. All the transpositions and modifications of the number in various cultures, even into our day, perhaps tells a more fundamental story: 666 is an essential number within the formation of "life".

666 as an Occult Signature

 The Ancients recognized, and understood, that all life, relative to this planet, eminates from "the Sun". As such, prior to the rise of Abrahamic superstitions, the Sun stood at the center of the philosophical construction. All things resolved themselves back into the Sun.

Manley P. Hall covers "sun worship" quite well in his work "Secret Teachings of All Ages". Quotes Hall,

"A careful analysis of the religious systems of pagandom uncovers much evidence of the fact that its priests served the solar energy and that their Supreme Deity was in every case this Divine Light personified. Godfrey Higgins, after thirty years of inquiry into the origin of religious beliefs, is of the opinion that "All the Gods of antiquity resolved themselves into the solar fire, sometimes itself as God, or sometimes an emblem or shekinah of that higher principle, known by the name of the creative Being or God."

What was being preserved was the philosophical knowledge of "the Sun", the vestiges, perhaps, of a former dying race. Because the history as we are presented with is so skewed and false, a failure of the Historical Arts of epoch proportions, our reference points are relegated to myths, and our myths are relegated to fact. Early philosophers, the progenitors of the more profane "modern Occultist", were often first and foremost, "mathematicians", Pythagoras being a case in point.

Magic squares, and then fusing philosophy to these squares, were just one of the mechanisms employed to preserve the Philosophy of the Sun. Hence the magic square of the order of 6, a 6X6 square, we so crafted so that the total value of all rows, columns, and diagonals, was 111, wherein 1's, being the opposite side of the dice, revealed 666. That the sum of 1:36 is 666, is just another simple bit of "conjecture", obvious as to its self evidence, yet occluded enough so that the ignorant masses, or the educated fools, would be too unwise look or too haughty in their knowledge to see it.

What was clear is that there was a massive effort to preserve this Ancient philosophical knowledge and embed and encode it everywhere, even as Setianist forces sought to destroy it at all steps of the way. The battle between the A and the I was and remains an epoch reality.

The chilling reality of this war may be found quite succinctly in the Jewish Torah, the worshipers of Seth being known as they who are the destroyers. In Isaiah 65: 11, we can analyze many different translations to begin to peer into who was who and what was what:

"But ye are they that forsake the LORD, that forget my holy mountain, that prepare a table for that troop, and that furnish the drink offering unto that number." - KJV

A strange way to translate the original. Who was "that number"? Was it 666?

"But as for you who forsake the Lord and forget my holy mountain, who spread a table for Fortune and fill bowls of mixed wine for Destiny,"

A wholly different translation. Who is "Fortune" or what is "Fortune"? What "tables" are being set? Dinner tables? Or "gambling tables"?

And yet another translation:

“But YOU men are those leaving Jehovah, those forgetting my holy mountain, those setting in order a table for the god of Good Luck and those filling up mixed wine for the god of Destiny."

Our "clues" are, again, relegated to myth, and our history is so skewed that its failure is colossal. That there were cells working for Osirian systems and there were cells working for Setian systems is really what was and is going on. The Osirian Systems were using all form and manner to preserve and encode the basic mathematical philosophy, itself set against 6, 66, and 666, with 6666 being the fractal of the diameter if time of the Sun as it precesses through the Equinox's. Soo those setting up "tables to the God of Good Luck", to Gad and Meni, are but cultural modifications of the Seth/Osiris battle.

What was being preserved was the knowledge of the mathematics of the philosophy of the Sun, and it was all being set into what would become known as "modern gambling".

The Philosophy of the Sun and Gambling

In the all too real and deadly game between those who preserve and build, and those who destroy and demolish, what becomes clear is that those dedicated to preserving the secret "Philosophy of the Sun" "won", even as they lost their ability to tell their story and control same. Everywhere you look you may see vestiges of their handiwork. English, itself a tinctured product of their work, may be found everywhere.

When you play "black jack", you may not go over 21, or you bust. 21 is the sum of 6, and a "jack" is also known as "He who has no name", which can then be channeled back to a definition of "God". A Jack is the 11'th card, and the sum of 1:11 is 66, and 6*6=36 and the sum of 1:36 is 666. Osiris, who is said to "black" is "the Black Jack", who, being dead, is greeted with a "21 gun salute", a salute done in 3 volley's of 7, revealing 777, itself an Occult cipher for 666.

Along with the "21 gun salute" is played the melancholy song of "taps", and yet this returns you to Isis and Osiris, as written by Plutarch:

"Eudoxus says that, while many tombs of Osiris are spoken of in Egypt, his body lies in Busiris; for this was the place of his birth; moreover, Taphosiris requires no comment, for the name itself means "the tomb of Osiris."

The "Roulette Wheel" (rule it) originally had 36 numbers, the numbers 0 and 00 being added later to improve the house odds. Still, the 36 numbers reveal 666 in that the sum of 1:36.

Craps, too, with its aversion to "snake eyes" as "the Serpent", reveals on the belly of the snake (dice) the numbers "66" which lie resting on the table. While the snake eyes stare up at you to tell you have failed, the reality is that you have succeeded and simply need to look under the curtain, as it were.

Then again, of course, is the very beckon and call itself:


 Place your B's and T's.

B is placed at 2 and T is placed at 20. The magic number is 36, and 9*4 is 36.


9 digits to the right and the left of the letters B and T respective reveal the letter K, itself placed at the 11th position on the first half of the Alphabet.

4 digits to the right and the left of the letters T and B respective reveal the Letter X, itself placed at the 11th position the second half of the Alphabet.

K and X, sharing phonetics, design, and number, reveal the Master Number 11:11, or the Occult number of 66:66, which can then be multiplied to reveal 6*6*6*6 = 1296, or the Letters LIF(e), or the number in time of the perceptual diameter of the circle made by the Sun as it precesses through the equinox.

What is abundantly clear, however, is that in this case, the Osirian systems have won completely, their knowledge so embedded and secure within the gaming industry that, like English, it can never be destroyed.

We can take from these examples ways and means to peer into the Occult signatures being passed down through the aeons. However, the unknowing masses will worship the perpetual numbers of LIFE.

Sometimes, it is "better" that way.


Anonymous said...

so im thinking and playing and lo and behold i do a "huh?!?!"

its the 864,000 that got my attention



i would never have known that had i not been playing with my name which equals, in "ordinal value", "golden ratio" which = 120, and 720 if a=6, b=12, c=18 etc.

120 abc ordinal
and 720 a=6 b=12 c=18 etc = 720

this is your 5 and 6 as factoral 5! and 6!.

so that is why it is their "FV"

now that raises so many a "question" ....

all i wanted to do was find out what my name meant...and i find golden ratios and diameter of the sun. wth!? *lol*

how ! is ! this ! possible!

i *dont* get it!!!

if you remove my maiden name and add up the values ordinally, with new last name, i STILL get 120.

the middle name is 56, and the first name 47.

and i HAD to ask "der wonder what my name means".

i really am at a loss for words at this moment...

does anyone else find this in their name(s)? how does life do this?

*looks up at the*:


Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for Posting this. My Birthday Is 3/14/89 Pi day. And My Name Equals 666 on the English Gematria Scale.

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
Desiderius Erasmus

Anonymous said...

heh...heh...you said "pianist"

Anonymous said...

How do i figure out this numerology stuff i can be a quick learner

Ill be checking in to see if anyone replies