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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Esoteric Code of Humpty Dumpty - Youtube

Here is a video made about a year and a half ago. It was recorded by one of my students/friends who, for the price of beer and some fine dinners, was able to spend hours and hours being taught the finer nuances and techniques of the Isisian Codes.

So to Alan E., I see you pop in from time to time, I am sure you will recognize and get a kick out of this. I regret I could not get home for the holidays, but to everyone who has missed me over the year, here is a video to remind everyone of a freer, "funner", time.

What was intended for all of you who utilize the Illuminatus Observor was a series of tools to help you more rapidly cut through the chatter. The written presentation is pretty good here, but even when well done, the written format is sometimes difficult to absorb and penetrate.

It was believed that a podcast combined with some videos showing the formulations and techniques would aid in your understanding of this most difficult and insightful of the Occult Arts.

The file is large so I am recommending that if you have broadband that you download it and watch so it is not breaking and chopping. I have a meg at the house here in Amman and still the download was slow to the point of chopping up the clip.

If you watch the entire video, you will have a clearer understanding of how the Isisian Codes work, even as there is a ton of work to do to get the information into a readily accessible multi-media format.

This video was a beta trial run of which three were made. One of them was accidently cut in places, while another remains, filmed in the New Otani Hotel in Los Angeles.

I hope you enjoy this regardless and that it helps eleucedate how the Illuminati utilized English to encode their philosophy of the Sun.

With best wishes for the Winter celebrations.

Dennis Fetcho
AKA, The Fetch


iAdmin said...

Brilliant, I loved the presentation and it was easy to follow. I hope that you can produce more videos for that are easy to follow for the layman.

Anonymous said...

If you're so inclined, keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

References would lend credibility.

Anonymous said...

New information to me. I imagen the code creates many exoteric/esoteric words? Something of a mind blowing scheme. 54 years old and truly learning new things by the hour here on the syncromystic blogspotters. Have always liked this blog Dennis. Keep feeding our hungry minds. Shine forth! Dennis from Oregon.

Anonymous said...


thats so cool

nice to see you in action!

thanks to ya!


Anonymous said...

Salutem punctis trianguli

Anonymous said...

Brilliant just brilliant,

So ingenious yet so simple,

and logic in its purest form.

I am in awe