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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Podcast - Inside the Eye, The Companion to the Illuminatus Observor

It has taken awhile but finally, a podcast has been published for the

Illuminatus Observor. It is called "Inside the Eye" and is being published at two sites.

podbean.com and

The first podcast was divided into two segments, the first segment scripted and the second segment free style, or ad lib. The above is the first segment while the below segment is the second segment, which together comprises a full show of about 20 minutes. There was a lot of technical problems getting the podcasts loaded from here in Jordan, but a complaint with the local telecom provider appears to have cleared up the problem.

Segment One - Welcome to Inside the Eye
Segment 2, A Brief Talk about the Reasoning and Logic behind the Coining of the Phrase "Isisian Codes"

My preferred format as far as feel and look is Podbean.com as I like the statistics format. I believe that with the solid readership we have here that many of you can help put "Inside the Eye" onto a fast track of most listened to in the esoteric and occult categories.

Of course - that is all assuming that the product is good and entertaining, which of course, I will work hard to ensure that Inside the Eye is a well done production for your entertainment and education.

For the first podcast, I did two segments. The first segment is purely scripted and will be uploaded shortly. This segment is the second segment and is the natural story telling/ad lib variety.

The story weaves its way from reminiscing on how the Isisian Codes was developed in community forums to some of the thoughts that went in to the coining of the name "Isisian Codes".

Hope all is well with everyone out there that has supported the Illuminatus Observor and do keep up the good work as regards your promotion and linking.

It REALLY is appreciated to see the work and effort appreciated.

Sincerely and best wishes for the upcoming holiday season.

Dennis Fetcho
AKA - The Fetch


Anonymous said...

how totally neato cool!

finally -- so much work -- will pay off

hoorah for you :)

Anonymous said...

great information as usual---
very rewarding to know