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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Esoteric Formula of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost - Youtube

This presentation shows the mathematical construction of the religious formula of the "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost". This is the last of the beta tapes made a year and a half ago. Perhaps I can salvage the third with some creative editing.

With best wishes for a great New Year...


Anonymous said...

ok...so after i wrote down the pi sequence from your hyper respresentation.... because i dont have it all memorized yet, i noticed i was messing up...

but that is because you have pi written down differently:

you have : 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288

it should be:

you have it right in your video but i couldnt see the numbers so i used the hyper page. but it still wasnt coming out right so i used a third reference. and fourth just to be sure.

just so you know when you reference that "hyper" page :)

if you had not made that mistake who knows how long it would have taken me to see the numbers immediately after the first zero. i must say thank you for your mistake lol

228=288 this one
288=255 and this one

isnt that incredible? after the first O! now my wheels have spun even more!

MY question after watching this is:

Could you please explain the "Holy Ghost" portion of this?
im not understanding the 79,32,38 aspect with the 33.


Anonymous said...

i was going to say much but that can wait

after all the calculations i did....

did i find the aneid?


hoaneid hoaneis

on the secret sun somewhere i show this etymology of THAMES

in a reference from a book i link there is the this etymology of phoenician which is sounded with (originally) Hanes sound.

vewwwy interesting




Anonymous said...

surely im not the only one around here asking questions...so if anyone else can answer please feel free....:)

the reason why i asked about the holy ghost at 33 was because ... my brain wants to know what happened to the other side???? its all connected...cant have the 33 without having the 84. know what i mean?

its like only half......

thats what i dont understand....

why 3+3 and not 8+4 ?
the 33 would not exist nor the rest of it without 8+4

know what i mean? (what happened to the 8.4? ..come to think of it, HD)

the 26 and the 46 and the 43 are all paired...so it would seem logical (operative word here :P ) to have 79 and 79, 32 and 32, and 38 and 38, 46 and 43, and the 26. which leaves a pattern of = 89

i made a phrase ....on accident


anyway... it just puzzles me they would not have a fourth something rather to imply the 8 and 4 that is all... its like an equation... what you do with one side one must do to the other in my brain.


Anonymous said...

found something else neat to share:


using the symbolism of noah's ark two by twos

("3." was not used in this because to me it represents something else)









0288=02.16=216 (from 216-288 !)

KKKYPPRRE interesting name yes?

33 25 32 365
33 Y 32 O (CFE/SUN/SON)

(look like keeper? similar to KHUFU KHAFRE MENKAURE)

also the sum of KKKYPPRRE=131 and if i put 3.131 still close to pi yet now we have a mirror of MM. unless you include the first 0 which then gives you

back wards pi (318) gives you the HHBOMM. HH2OMM HHBOZ ZOBHH (sobe drink with dinosaurs going backwards comes to mind dunno why?)


what else was noticed was this:



3.56 (at the end of the one above you can see RRE as 18+18=36, + E=5, = 365 (and funny how the very next number after this is a 0)

now "THREE"=56 right? and THREE.56 as 3.1415
the relationship is there ? there looks to be one...

anyway, just thought to share a little mud

PS when i first did this i noticed 141511118 as: .1415-92-65-35 which spells NOKKH like Nokia the phone.
do companies play with pi and come up with a name? lol because honestly that is what it looks like! i dont remember all the ones i have found but there are a ton of