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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi Day and a Little Play

OK. I have never done a Pi Day Piece. Why? I have no idea, but I have to say I am a bit miffed every time Pi Day rolls around. Why don't I get at least a little love? You know, maybe just a passing mention in some mainstream media? I mean - GEEZ - it is tough to be the cool guy on Pi and never get even a mention on perhaps the most in your face Pi Day of the year, 3.14.

So ta' heck with it. I am going to go main stream and just rant a bit about Pi, and leave you with some typical mind numbing Isisian Code concepts just because I feel like it.


Now to those of you who are big fans of the Illuminatus Observor, I know many of you have sent me some emails letting me know how much my particular brand of esoteric Pi is appreciated with a note that so few posts have been posted this year. In fact, this is only my second of the year. Boy do I have a log of catching up to do.

To fill you in, I have been living out of suitcases over 80% of the time this year, and I am on my third extended trip of the year, this time to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you have never sat back with Bob Seger or Jethro Tull playing on the laptop while the local minaret blares out the call to prayer, well, let me say that at times the variances in cultures can be a bit surrealistic.

I was noticing today that on Saudi Airways, they refer to the Ka'aba as the "Qiblah". That sure looks like "Qaballa" to me, but hey, worshiping a spinning cube is a really Setianist thing to do. Just imagine those "unseen hands" while the dreidle spins. Oooh. Mystical stuff.

The Illuminatus Observor has been hitting some great numbers in spite of the dearth of material, but there is really a lot of cool material here so I hope you keep coming back and linking the Illuminatus Observor in your forums and elsewhere to keep the hits coming. Yes. The returning visitors is down somewhat - a tribute to the great readership here.

Without further adieu...

The Ever Mystical Pi

I opened the laptop when I got to my hotel room. Yahoo is one of my main portals for news as I need to get to my Yahoo emails. Well. Since the writing of this article is Pi Day, or March (3), 14, 2010, I was actually surprised to see Pi Day to be so popular. It was front page portal stuff at Yahoo. Thats cool.

The article of note was from CNN entitled, "On Pi Day, one number reeks of mystery". They must not have gotten the memo from the Illuminatus Observor PR department (do I have one?), but are they kidding me? Pi "reeks of mystery"?

They don't say!

The article had some interesting tidbits.

"Despite efforts to calculate pi by everyone from Archimedes to Sir Isaac Newton to present-day mathematicians with supercomputers, there is still no formula that would allow you to figure out, in base 10, any digit of pi without having to calculate everything that came before it. In other words, if you wanted to know the 24,000th digit, there's no way of figuring that out without putting down all 23,999 numbers before it."

That is interesting. I love Pi. I really do!

How about this one?

"That also means, mathematicians theorize, that any string of numbers you can imagine is somewhere in pi -- for instance, look for your birthday. Coincidentally, "360," the number of degrees in a circle, occurs at digits 358 to 360."

That is kinda a cool thing too. I always thought that the default IP address of 192.168.xx.xx was interesting too because 192+168 = 360 degrees. Once you start seeing Pi, it is a bit difficult to cease seeing Pi. Optical illusions are funny that way.

But the CNN article was a bit of a downer. Instead of really getting into the intricacies of the mysteries of Pi as you might find here at the Illuminatus Observor, the article spent way too much time emphasizing the basic memorization of Pi, which even to me seems as a mind numbing waste of time. And I know a little bit about mind numbing phenomena surrounding the concept known as Pi.

In regards to the subjects ability to memorize Pi out to 10,000 digits (10,000 digits?), he is quoted as saying, "I think it's very fun. It's good to be an inspiration to people who would like to broaden their minds and climb the Mount Everest of their minds,"

I wonder if he can grasp the Illuminatus Observor? Now that would be kind a cool!

Some Isisian Code Pi Ponderances

Now lets really get into the basic but nitty gritty reality of a "mystical Pi."

First, consider that the Letter H is an English transposition of the Greek Letter Pi. Now take the word MATHEMATICS. In such a word, we have two distinct halves: MATHE and MATICS. This code is TOO EASY to see, but gives you a flavor as to how the Occult used words to conceal and reveal at the exact same time.


M = 13
A = 1
T = 4
H = (Greek Letter for Pi)
E = 5 = 1+2+3+4+5 = 15

M = 13
A = 1
T = 4
I = 1
CS = 3+3 = 6

The coded phrase in the word MATHE-MATICS is "I, the Greek Letter Pi, am between 3.1415 and 3.1416.

The you use the shape the of Alphabet. There are Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Letters.

Start at the center and watch carefully the pairings:

JKL = 3 asymmetrical letters
M - Symmetrical
N = 1 asymmetrical letter
O = Symmetrical
PQRS = 4 asymmetrical letters
TUVWXY = Symmetrical
Z = 1 asymmetrical letter
A = Symmetrical
BCDEFG = 6 asymmetrical letters
HI = Symmetrical

The asymmetrical letters are paired as follows then:

(JKL)(N)(PQRS)(Z)(BCDEFG) = 3.1416

Then of course, there is the great "Pie in the Sky", aka the ZODIAC. Funny little anagram. Rearrange the letters to form CADOIZ and return to their digits and CADOIZ = 3.1415926. Just another "ho hum" code that conceals and reveals a Construct based on Pi.

Perhaps I can add to this article in the future, but for now, I need some sleep so I can grab some more insights on Pi and the Letters. Feel free to click on any article here and you are sure to see some insights into "esoteric and mystical Pi" that you have never ever before seen (unless of course you are already clued in here and have been through the site).

Needless to say, I am miffed I did not get a call calling me "the Pi Guy", but hey, I got my own phrase that adds to Pi.


Heh. That phrase actually is courtesy of one of my old students. Believe it or not, this guy came up with like 20 phrases that all added up to Pi and he came up with these phrases in the span of a few days.

Amazing. Not even I could do that.

Just because I like numbers, I traveled today on Pi Day, 3.14, and I find myself in a room number 116.

Thanks for all your support out there and I hope to be back with a new more serious article very shortly. But you know? I really want to do a political piece. I am amazed at the recent Israeli bash the Americans in the face announcement of more expansions of settlements.


Dennis said...

Hey Fetch, I too am amazed the Israilies are poking a finger in old Bidens eye. Perhaps some pairing of our military support will open their eyes. The west bank has all kinds of settlements. What will it take to re-settle the lot of them? Lot's of money, but you and I know this whole expansion thing is not about money. It is a land grab pure and simple. What tomfoolery the leaders of Israel have spun? They need some pie in their eye! Dennis wv stion

Gabe said...


this is captivating stuff. I've been playing with the Isisian code since I found it here. I have to say that I am starting from the beginning of your blogs and working my way back to current posts. This is very, very cool.

ViølatoR said...

Maybe they didn't mention you on Pi day because you give away too much wisdom? Can't have that! :D Good stuff here as usual, especially the "mathematics" breakdown.