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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Podcast 2, The Acroamatic Cipher

If you check the archives to the Illuminatus Observor, what you will find is that there were two "test" articles written in June of 2007. These two test articles were the precursor to the format that would become "The Illuminatus Observor". The very first article was entitled "An Introduction - The Acroamatic Cipher". The second article was entitled "Masonry and the Word", an article that had a very long and successful run at Above Top Secret's previous format, featured as a one of the most flagged topics in the Secret Societies forum.

The original idea behind the Illuminatus Observor was to create a reasoned roll-out of concepts contained in the Isisian Codes such that you would have the material readily available in a sequential format so that the information would be readily available and discernable.

The reality is (and some of you have been able to discern this over time) is that there are two primary concepts: The Word as a literary cryptogram for Pi, and the Acroamatic Cipher, which defines all the various sacred nomenclatures to be reduced to literal "Letters" of a larger Alphabet, the Alphabet itself reducing itself to a literary presentation of Pi.

This latest podcast deals with that first article, An Introduction - The Acroamatic Cipher. The original article was published on June 21, or the Summer Solstice. This podcast, by design, is released at the time of the Winter Solstice

Hope you enjoy and thanks to everyone who came by to listen to the Introductory Podcast of Inside the Eye, the podcast companion to the Illuminatus Observor.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year, something that certain elites in the Western world seem determined to prevent from happening.

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