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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Esoterics of the Letters M and W

You who seek to enter the higher levels of the Occult Arts are at a tremendous disadvantage. The Arts are corrupted. It is for future generations to set them aright, but to do that, you must first have the tools. Life is for the living, and not to be in service to the dead. Rituals to bring about a ritual slaughter, whether it be a "moshiach" or a "rapture", are the inverse of what life is all about.

Growth through abundance does not imply abundance that partakes of the form of a tumor, killing the body even as it, the tumor, grows exponentially. Abundance must be predicated on an understanding of the forces of Nature wherein balance can be observed in all things.

To reach an understanding of NATURE, the Letters, gifts as they are in enabling mind to be become frozen in time, need to be comprehended and understood. Anagrams, gematria, temurah, notaricon - all are tools to aid in this understanding. The great deception is that English is just a language evolved out of somewhere even as the actual Construct is based on the 26 Letter of English. So people chase Hebrew as if the cooking is better in the other person's house, or in the vain belief that to "be exotic", one must not have any idea of the treasures below their feet and before their eyes.

Avoid this temptation. Dedicate - or rededicate - yourself to the knowledge before you.

Let the studious Reader have a care of the manifold significations of words, for by deceitful windings, and doubtful, yea contrary speeches (as it should seem), Philosophers wrote their mysteries, with a desire of veiling and hiding, yet not of sophisticating or destroying the truth;

Male and Female as a Pi Conceptual

A good primer for information is the glossary of Theosophy as purportedly written by Madame Blavatsky.

Regarding Pi, she writes,

"Bearing in mind that there is a geometrical key to interpretation of cosmic law and structure, and that the facts of geometry cannot possibly be arbitrary or meaningless but must be faithful representations of general laws; then we shall understand that the ratio {pi sym}, involving such radial and important elements as the straight line and the circle, must be of paramount importance. The figures, either for approximate decimal evaluations or approximate fractional ratios, play an important part in the symbology of the ancient mystery-language. These figures and the numbers which they make are found in the numerical values of letters and words in the Hebrew and Greek alphabets."

The irrational aspect of Blavatsky's rational analysis, and most probably deliberate deception, is that numbers are numbers and letters are letters. Philosophically, from an Occult perception, they are inseparable, and by default, the sounds of the letters are equally inseparable from the numbers. If you were to view every letter as an arbitrary letter, then any shape attributed to an English Letter A would still be a 1, and any shape of a Letter placed at 2 would just as surely contain within it the "2" value regardless of whether you called it "Hebrew", "Greek", or "Extralien" - the numbers form the backbone. Period.

What Blavatsky was perhaps hinting at is that Greek and Hebrew contained key significations to the larger code, itself based on the 26 and what would be become the modern English Alphabet.

Even if this were difficult for one to grasp, there is a level of absurdity in the assumption that English would not too contain within it critical components of a Pi Proportion, or 1's as males and 0's as females, in the esoteric construction of the Alphabet and words that would be derived from such. French, German, Spanish, Slavic, Russian, languages too that are derived from clearly defined sets of letters, must by necessity contain within them words that clearly could be construed to return back to this basic formula, or what is known as the Pi Proportion.

English is acutely potent and powerful precisely because it is crafted, a "child" as it were, of the "previous parents", of "Hebrew" and "Greek". As an anonymous alchemical treatise on Hermeticism explains,

"Now that (abandoning all blinds) we may write candidly and truly, we hold that this entire Work is perfected by two Bodies only; to wit, by Sol and Luna rightly prepared, for this is the mere generation which is by nature, with the help of Art, wherein the union of male and female doth take place, and from thence an offspring far more noble than the parents is brought forth."

Of course, we cannot know what is meant here unless we have a comprehensive understanding of what "Sol" and "Luna" mean.

"Now Sol is Masculine forasmuch as he sendeth forth active and energizing seed, Luna is Feminine or Negative and she is called the Matrix of Nature, because she receiveth the sperm, and fostereth it by monthly provision, yet doth Luna not altogether want in positive or active virtue."

But "Luna", obviously then, could not be "the Moon", for what growth comes from combining the Sun with the Moon? The Alchemist was not so lazy in his treatise.

"By the name of Luna Philosophers understand not the vulgar Moon, which also may be positive in its operation, and in combining acts a positive part. Let none therefore presume to try the unnatural combination of two positives, neither let him conceive any hope of issue from such association; but he shall join Gabritius to Beia, and offer sister to brother in firm union, that from thence he may receive Sol's noble Son."

If you cannot see the swipe at Jehovian/Setianist systems, then you know not enough of what these systems are about. Luna, in this case, clearly means "Earth" and the Feminine resident within and influenced by Luna, as it were.

Further, the political overtones of the above statements should not be glossed over.

It is good enough if you first come to understand the nature of 1 and 0, Male and Female, M and W.

An Esoteric Insight into SOL and LUNA

As shown above, SOL is the Sun, given an "active" component of impregnating Luna. Luna, therefore, by simple reason, cannot be "the Vulgar Moon", as referenced above, but must be Earth. Now this gets confusing to most, but it is really not so difficult. The Moon as Luna affects the Feminine of Earth, so the effects of Luna are used to describe the condition on Earth.

This is known as a "reflection". The reflected source is used to describe the point of observation. For example, in the word SOL, we have the letters as follows:

S = 3
O = 6
L = 50

That SOL = SUN is self evident, each is 365. But the SUN as a word really has no bearing to 365 save for its observable properties relative to a heavenly body, in this case "EARTH". The same holds true for the word LUNA.

L = 3
U = 6
N = 5
A = 1

Since the synodic orbit of the MOON around the EARTH is 27.3 days, then the Pi Proportion, or the diameter as measured in time of this perdiod, aka the period from the New Moon to the Full Moon, would be 27.3/2 = 13.65.

LUNA then becomes an anagram, for the numbers 3651 are an anagram of 1365, or 13.65 = ALUN.

LUNA as ALUN and MOON become identical mathematical representations of the same Pi Proportion measurement. Yet still, LUNA is oft referred to as "the Earth as a process of its effects of Luna upon same."

The Esoterics of the Letters M and W

The Occult is filled with reflections and mirrors. As Luna affects Earth, Earth is given the name of Luna when we refer to the affects of Luna on same.

The days of the year are 365, while the synodic orbit of the Moon around the Earth is 1365. Each number is coded into words which become the language, the language effectively sealing the philosophy to the language. Yet the sealing of this Philosophy goes far deeper, all the way into the archetypal world of the Letters.

"Kabballists" are well versed with the concept of archetypes being affixed to Letters, even though few are able to penetrate the totality. Hebrew Letters have myriads of Occult significations attached to them. Gimmel is a camel, Pei is a tooth, Beis is a house, and so forth. Much of this information, unless you are involving yourself in calling up anti-human daemons, remain primarily "guideposts".

Hebrew, along with the Greek, remain earlier "parents" for a much awaited for 'exalted child', or the 26 letter set of English, the letters within this Alphabet carrying with them a veritable treasure trove of archetypal realities that would have sent Jung into ecstasy.

As Sun is Male and Luna (Earth) is Female, and as Sun "sends forth seeds" and impregnates Earth, which then grows the myriads of thoughts from these "seeds of the Sun", we may infer that M is the Male and W is the Woman - a simple use of Notaricon.

However, just as M contains within it the divisions of:

M = I V I = V II

II = Pi = 1413 = ADM; and
V = VE = EVE = (666);

So too does W contain a "double U", or DNA from both male and female.

Another way to view M and W is that M is the Sun and W is the Earth. The "seeds" that are sent for is "pure white light" which travels in a vacuum of space. The V of the M may be viewed as "the focal point", while the II of the M may be viewed as the projected rays. So the composite Letter M is as "the Sun's rays projected into the vacuum of space."

When these rays hit an atmosphere, as Earth, they refract and then reflect, hit the troposphere, and reflect again. Diffusion, of course, equally present. We may regard this refraction and reflection as the "light of the Sun as it refracts and reflects into the atmosphere of the Earth. This phenomena we may regard as being represented in the shape of the Letter W.

M as a "mirror" of W could then accurately be represented as follows:

M = Sun
W = Earth

Each tip and point and line of the Letter, therefore, has it's own esoteric significance. In the case of the base angles of the Letter W, we may infer too that since W is that of the "the Woman", or Earth, we may attribute the lower angles of the letter as "the point of the Winter Solstice", meaning that the Sun goes down, reaches its lowest point, rises again, then falls again, then rises again, and on into infinity.

This can be supported by an analysis of the rhyming values of letters shares with U, which are the letters Q, U, and W.

Q = 17; 17^2 = 289
U = 21; 21^2 = 441

289+441 = 730, which is the total value of 2 years (365+365=730), which then represents a dimensional shift in W.

That all of this is linked to the YEAR should be expected, seeing how M is placed at 13 and W is placed at 23.

The actual matrix appears as follows, and is known as the "Circle of Mirrors":


W is mirrored under M. M is 13, W is 23. To the left and to the right of W are the Roman Numbers V and X, representing 5 and 10 respective.

(M+W)*X = (13+23)X10 = 360

Add the V to the left to form 365, and leap year of "1" above the V to form 366.

This matrix is famous elsewhere.

"Through HIM are all things possible".

Of course, within the above matrix is that of Pi.





K.A. said...

Hi Fetch,
Always a pleasure to read your blog. However.. Do you believe that we can conjure up demons and so on?
Would you do a post on that, and how it's linked to kaballah?
Also all god names male and female or "M" and "W" seem to be fused to different planets. Would Osiris not be saturn as a sol and as a "castrated" sun or a dark god as crowley puts it?
Regards Erann

Anonymous said...


Finally, finally, finally a blog which not only touches the subject but delves deeper into it. What i like about your blog is, that it gives also the "newbie" a chance to understand "whats going on". Preciselly written, well researched and in an intellectual, yet not too nerdy manner.

I´ll have you in my favorites from now.

Greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

Hi. Could you please explain again how V = VE = EVE = (666)? I don't see the correlation.

shytUrtle said...


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I've found it amusing and annoying, in light of this blog, that Santos Bonacci can talk about the word atom (and the ecliptic with it's plethora of astrological associations) for literally days and never once mention either Pi or well, Any of the above. Two exclusive "systems" of parsing English etc and letters. Although he does highlight or set about the g and t as per above. Marty Leeds does same so we have at least that to stand in the face of relativity or arbitrariness.

It's that mirror inversion also which makes it more complex. A is for the Aether...and can equate to the tetrahedron with it's ramifications. Yet at the same time we use the A in a negating as in asocial etc., many times preceding a b as in abnormal.

It may need to mentioned that say Hebrew's letter meanings are more referring to verbs as to nouns. Like bet, b, tho meaning house, is actually about the containing of things, or rather Distinguishing twixt in and out. Birthing etc works however.

Something that Santos emphasized was the two letters R and L, which form a conceptual crux of force and form, in my words. But it's the way he elaborates, which is so far off from anything in this blog here. I just find it odd how these approaches are That exclusive. There is zilch here about this dynamic duo of r and l. Yet Santos can find tons of examples how this is so - and it addresses this very theme of m/f energies!!

First post in a while and not sure what got me back here. Would love to see some more entries.

Unknown said...

Astral entities and or thought forms do not need (your) letters. Yet the letters are/can be used as focus aides for such. The so called barbarous names of spirits. Some Jewish mystical text says that Everything has an angel connected to it. Taken further, regardless of the validity of the idea, we can note the similarity twixt angel and angle. So semantics maybe.

Witch, woman, weave...

Whole, wide, wave, wonder (around), wonder (aloud) etc makes sense. A whole as to a part.

But what about wax, wet, wait, woof etc?