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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Questions and Answers as a Reflection of Pi

This article is coming to you from a coffee shop in Amman, Jordan. With "hubbly bubbly", or argeela in tow, I will again try to write this article, the previous attempts migrating into the previous 2-3 posts on this blog. It is cold, at least by my Los Angeles standards, about 2 degrees C, the day having been spent watching snow fall.

As we have stated before and will repeat again and again, the "Omnific Word" is really a cohesive philosophy based on the 1 as male and the 0 as female. It is these two forces that form the conceptual and create an apparent firm truth upon which all creation is based. The female in all cases will encompass the male; hence, (s)he will encompass he, goddess with encompass god, and so forth. Further, the Illuminatus Philosophy is based on the first 32 digits of Pi.


Words are viewed co-relationally. The word, "solstice", for instance, is a word broken into 3 components. Sols as sun as summer. T as a marking point of the sun measured at noon zenith (exaltation), and Ice as "winter". Hence the sun, measured against a height of T will be exalted at the "Sol's T" and the Ice T, or the highest and lowest points as marking point created from the observation point of Earth as a product of the Earth's orbit around the Sun.

To denote that a code is existent, it is written as SOLSTICE.

Words are fused to numbers, letters, and sounds, and within each of the numbers, letters, and sounds are further imbed a range of philosophies based on Universe truths. The placement of numbers against letters is not static. Numbers set against letters are dynamic based on multiple cipher systems, and as such, the Illuminatus Philosophy is highly intuitive and flexible and difficult, if not impossible, to ascertain by human ideas regarding "machine code". Like the serpent, the attempt to pin down the system to a simplified code system proves slippery.

It is this intuitive element that enables the Illuminatus Philosophy, traditionally defined as "Luciferianism", to easily fool and deceive they who are not versed in the logic and usage of numbers set against letters and sounds. This is by design, not so much by the various secret societies that have flourished over time, but as a pragmatic reality that the whole has been shattered and splintered like "Humpty Dumpty".

The building of the Construct over time has been a noble intent to reveal the inherent corruptions, deceptions, and falsehoods of "reality" as crafted by the ruling powers, "Satanic" in a pure Christian sense. Thus the numbers, dynamic as they are, even as they have a static appearance, provides a mechanism for the creation of a philosophy fused to the very speech of humanity.

This is done precisely so as to reveal that which is "truth" and that which is "false". There is a logic involved that is based on a conceptual. The ability to penetrate the conceptual is known as an "apperception of the conceptual". The acquisition of an apperception of the conceptual enables the aspirant to penetrate the fog and confusion and thus gain a glimpse into the construction of the term known as "reality" from a pure Occult construction.

The inescapable truth is that of 1 as male and 0 as female. Thus Pi as a number whose manifestation can be viewed but it's absolutes never ever comprehended, becomes a perfect symbol to describe what can be known in a Universe that is entirely unknowable as an absolute reality.

The totality of reality can never be viewed as a pure mechanistic construction.

Signposts Along the Way

It is inconceivable that a hidden elite would not, in its attempts to communicate it's knowledge of the nature of the Construct, be remiss in leaving signposts of such knowledge along the way. As this etched vesica piscis in the desert near Roswell, home to the compound that protects the works of L. Ron Hubbard reveals, there are sign posts left behind by earlier civilizations that defy logic relative to norm as taught in mass educational systems. These sign posts defy mass human comprehension as to their genesis, and the philosophy upon which these sign posts have been caste and fabricated defy further still.

View article regarding the above picture here.

Still, these sign posts convey a message that some seek to hide, while others set in place with the specific intent to reveal.

There is no reason to believe that the language itself, admittedly crafted against letters, numbers, and sounds, would not too be stark reminders of a people "who knew" and felt awed and inspired such that an over riding motivation would be to leave their mark on the material even as they transited to a dimension far apart from the material reality known as "life". These sign posts, like the word SOLSTICE, take on the simplistic cloak of a word, but such simplicities often reveal a far more hidden knowledge attainable only to they who know such exists AND have the intuitive and intellectual capability to penetrate their mysteries.

The questions, and hence the answers, would be a likely starting point to place in plain view a knowledge of a hidden truth. If only we would look. This blog is created to entice you to do just that, in the hope and wish that some of you may learn to see.

The Five Gods

Letters as symbols we may divide into two primary components, vowels and consonants. From the word CONSONANT, we may infer that the root SON is either "con", meaning with, or "con", meaning without, the sun. This is a conceptual philosophic, with "ant" being a suffix and inherent philosophic unto itself. There are a total of 21 letters that are consonants.

VOWELS, fused as they are to the word OWL, bely a further hidden conception. We may define the five pure vowels as A, E, I, O, and U. Mythologically, we may link these vowels to the birth of the 5 gods in Egyptian mythology: A is Osiris, E is Horus, I is Seth, O is Isis, and U is Nepthys. A rational analysis of this pairing shows an inherent truth and logic that is sound and rooted in acroamatic truths. The myths are hiding the larger constituent components of the hidden sacred Alphabet.

The Letter Y, itself "sometimes a vowel" is as Dionysius who, being human, is so admired that he is invited to join the company of the gods, and as such, the letter Y becomes a symbol of the wide array of "savior" gods that have populated human mythologies.

We can then expand this concept to include the questions: WHAT, WHEN, WHY, WHO, and WHERE, with HOW the substitute for the Y of "sometimes a vowel" in that HOW can be either a question or a statement. Each of these questions are then answered with a primary set of words: WHAT is answered by THIS and THAT, WHEN is answered by THEN, WHY is answered by THY, WHO is answered by THEE, and WHERE is answered by THERE. There is a sixth question, however, and this is the question HOW, which is sometimes a question and sometimes a statement.

The pattern, consequently, is really quite simple and clear. The questions and the answers are set against a set of clarifier letters that do not change. For the questions, the clarifier letters are WH, while the clarifier letters for the answers are TH. Thus the changeable letters are AT, EN, Y, O, and ERE. It makes sense that the questions, therefore, are really hiding the code for the vowels A, E, I, O, and U. How has its own special characteristic that is wholly removed from the pattern.

When placed in the exact sequence above, the questions reveal Pi to the first 6 digits.

The Questions and Answers as a Reflection of Pi

In order to solve for the questions as a reflection of Pi, the absolute dynamic nature of numbers set to letters must be fully comprehended and understood. This is part of the apperception of the conceptual.

In the letters AT of whAT, we have the Isisian Code of 14, and we know that Pi is 3.(14).

In the letters EN, we utilize the double headed eagle as shown at the start of this article. N is the first letter of the second half of the Alphabet and E is the fifth. Hence EN can be viewed (and should be viewed) as being reversed to show the code of NE, or 15.

In the letters AT(EN) we have the sequence 1415 and we know that Pi is 3.1415.

In the letter Y, we have the Isisian Code of 9.

In the letters AT(EN)Y we have the sequence 14159, and we know that Pi is 3.14159.

In the letter O, we know that O is the second letter of the second half of the Alphabet, and so we affix the number 2 to this letter. We could apply the Isisian Codes and show that O is the second letter in reverse from P, but like a note on the music scale, a C# is a 3 in the Key of A, but will change value depending on the key being played. This exercise is an example of how to stay in key relative to the coding, the mechanism left for you who are interested to ponder. Suffice that O is a 2.

In the letters AT(EN)Y(O) we have the sequence 141592 and we know that Pi is 3.141592.

The above series was really relatively easy to solve for as the pattern is obvious. But what of the letters ERE of whERE? We return to the Isisian Codes. The letter E has a value of 5, while the letter R has a value of 2. The sum of the letters ERE are thus 5+2+5=12. From the end of the Letter I, the end of the first sequence of the Isisian Codes (1-9=A-I), we simply add the 12 to end at the Letter U, itself being set at 21, and the sum of 1:6 having a value of 21, or U. We thus use the 6 from the Sum of 1:6=21=U, a pattern so common as to be simple to understand with a moderate level of practice in reading Occult word codes. SUN, for instance, itself has a value of 365, with U taking the 6 digit as a process of the summation series.

In the letters AT(EN)Y(O)ERE=U we have the sequence 1415926 and we know that Pi has a value of 3.1415926.

Thus we reveal that the Questions are revealing Pi, or 3.1415926.

So what of the question HOW?

The pattern reveals that WHO and HOW are sharing the exact same letter sequence. Just as TWIN from the summer solstice reveals the sign where the Sun is at its peak (Gemini), and that the T is "hopped to the bottom of the word" to reveal T-WIN-T-er, we have a sequence where WHO shows that the W is "hopped to the bottom of the word" to reveal HOW.

WHO, being the fourth question, is also symbolic of the 4th year, and so every 4th year we must add a day, or a "leap year". Thus W "leaps" on the 4th year to reveal HOW, and since the birth of the 5 gods occur on the day in which the sun did not shine, or the intercalated time that creates "the leap year", that HOW is on the intercalated or leap year day, this period is akin to Dionysius joining "the gods" who themselves exist on the leap year day, or the intercalated period required to create the leap year.

The WHO HOW sequence is known as "the Who How Hop" and reveals a further aspect of the larger code, a subject left for another day.

A special thanks to my friend Adnan who was kind enough to leave behind his computer while this article was completed.


Glen McWherter said...

You never know who might be reading your stuff. My son may be interested in it. He's a writer interested in the metaphysical.

Anonymous said...

Not too many Glen McWherters around. Are you the same one who started his own parish?

Dennis Fetcho said...

One more thing Glen. The immersion into this work was intended for and remains designed for the younger generation so that future leaders in this group may know what came before them knew and accomplished.

It is designed to allow those who aspire to "rise above the waves".

Glen McWherter said...

Parish the thought, just a Pastor in So. Cal. I'll pass the blog entry on to my son.

Anonymous said...


Good to hear from you again. Have been thinking of you for some time and wondering how were doing.

Since the time of D&G and before I was always fascinated with fonts and letters. Now we have a second generation coming along and even English teachers out there have a comprehension of what it is I am doing.

It has taken me a long time to get some credibility in this space but with the Da Vinci Code, the Matrix, A Beautiful Mind, and others, people are being exposed to inner workings of cabals throughout history.

For me, none more fascinating than those behind the fabrication of English. Genius people.

Anonymous said...


"from AMN on his NZ we get ZN to MA"

so a man on his knees gets zen to mother.

no wonder i was supposed to watch the simpsons right after the sarah connor chronicles

marge was a carpenter
no one would hire her because she
was a woman. so homer was used as a tool to show people to their face that the work being done was by a male when really all along it was Marge

building. homer got cocky and accepted more than he could perform and got into trouble as marge fixed up after him...ya see the mayor asked

him to build a rollercoaster...he accepted...but he built something shaky and wobbly and she made it stable.

jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. jack came down and broke his crown and jill came tumbling after

that is why these two words baffled me


sound the same but are opposing really.

it isnt NO when the KW (queen in present) it becomes to KNOW

you see MN stands at pie 1314

do you see a W? you should it is rooted in M but turned upside down and it isnt until you go UP from Z which isnt standing like the other half

of M : the N, that you DO see it! W comes AFTER MN. get it? though ROOTED in M standing at 13. the "unlucky" number! (pfftt i dont agree! i

OPPOSE!) for i am a part of YOU! i am u we are 1 in M

so you get W from going from ZN ZEN
then you get to A, going from ZEN TO MA (ZN to MA) get it?


only the O did not change!!!!!!

MON monday!!!!!!!!

LOL geez duh no wonder homer says


get it?



here is another one:

who knew new was hoo.



well hmmph

who knew!?

har har har

hari har-i=har , har+i=hari
hari is HUGE hariirah irah

hair hare white rabbit harem

i can see blasphemy! women unite! code pink! code pink! cancer has a PINK RIBBON!!!!!!!!

cant get upset calm yourself to zen to go to ma

breathe get it?
everybody say



too funny

no wonder my project stumped me at NW


new man


wonder woman to the rescue!

the story of O - and i get this on SO many levels




MN is missing the O

and this puts monday 121 to a whole new level with feet and black and man whoa...

this is going to sound so strange

but on 1-21 i had the best day of my life i havent had a day like that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long!

i had no idea what was going on around me...until i got home.


my daughter just handed me a flyer for a new roller coaster coming to my area i laughed my ass aff


this is to comical

God has a sense of humor to be taken seriously. lol


too funny

what isnt funny

are the names

gog and MAgog

can you say

or is that HELLO

DAMN is NOT just a word!!!!!!!!!!!


say it again and you curse YOU




why do we say it!
why we?


Hathsheput was in the new recently! Hathsheput
the woman dressed as a man

"I am a girl"

i guess EVE bit the apple on her way up pfftt

so whats up with MALE and FEmale

get it? iron maiden

funny thing is that if i put
MNNM through gematria i get IEDDEI

eddie! lol!


my mysterious ED!simply E.D.

marvelous Marvel MN


i am novice hear me roar

Anonymous said...

now then

in saying all of that one must realize the importantce of AMN

you say it Amen, Ammon, Amun etc.

All roots and stems from MN standing on the PI. 13/14


if, A goes to M (rememeber M is W too only upside down) you have DAYtime. but that is only a piece. and only a 13. for 13 is the unlucky number

and with only DAY you have no retreat from the SUN. But, with AM you still stand though burned one could say. Burned from the Sun.

but coming with "A" is BC, DEF, HI, JKL

Now N standing on two legs is the first letter of N-ight but it is also the other half of the pi. N standing on 14. Well AM can not go any

further without N either getting out of the way or joining forces with A-M. and AM can not have N without also gaining what N brought with N to

the M. and N has brought OP, QRS, T, UV, WX, YZ

thus, DAY meets the NIGHT at 13-14.

you see Z? all the way at the bottom and it looks like N but is a little different. it represents great and less than, it represents N in

another light so-to-speak. Without N Z would not have angles. if you did not have knees you could not bend down.

but curve Z and you get N. the only way to curve Z is via an arch. and the only way to arch Z is to bend it backwards to make a bridge. Z bends

for N. it doesnt give you straight angles it gives you a arch in the back when you bend backwards or forwards to make a bridge. NUT/NIGHT

if Z goes back to N for ZEN will N make AM go back to MA?

W is in the bridge of NZ to ZEN! so is O as is WO (STOP) hold your horses! WO MAN.

it is inherent that NZ can bring AM to is knees before AMN can go on para-AM

get it? PARADICE

AM to be PAR with NZ you stay at 13.14

to be PARA you get to go to PARADAYS!



beyond the day.

beyond the day is night and zen and woman.


now let us ponder the fallen angel: AZZA-Z-EL or however they chose to spell it

AZ= from A to Z
ZA= from Z to A

Z=N but with an angle and it cant be N without bending over backwards!

EL = means god in hebrew and THE in English.

THE is just THE

The ABC's wont you come and sing with me.



the novice

Anonymous said...

i will say this...

having a rave of a small portion of knowledge finally sink in while you are in a really good mood and sharing such is like....

having one when you have had way too much wine

lol i dont care whatever :)

any way i just realised that on February 10 there is supposedly going to be some scientology "thing" happening

is there any relation to it being 210? as in the degree of scorpio? starting at aries 0 degree and each sign increased by 30 degrees you end up with 330 degrees in pisces..now marked at 210 is scorpio (push pisces 30 more degrees for a full 360 back to aries)

scorpio, presented as a dove, an eagle, a scorpion, and the phoenix.
is the sign of transformation and rebirth with no ruling planet anymore.

so i look up 210 in wiki

i look over it all ..intiguing then i click on 210 BC

it says "Following the death of his father, Publius Cornelius Scipio, and his uncle, Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio Calvus, at the hands of the Carthaginians, the young Publius Cornelius Scipio takes over command of the Roman troops in Spain. His appointment reflects the Roman Senate's dissatisfaction with the cautious strategy of the propraetor, Gaius Claudius Nero, then commander in Spain north of the Ebro."

scipio/scorpio was a little wierd coinkidink or... who knows perhaps some ancient ruling family under this sign

with all this talk about the phoenix etc orange and such i felt this was something worth mentioning here

and earlier i mentioned the code pink go woman power, and i dont even support code pink (or rude feminism) because isnt soros behind the funds for it? anyway, pink is a feminine color but only because it has been pushed upon us this way

ive never worn it really
im a girl
im a tomboyish kinda gal
pink was for little weeny girls who couldnt get their little hands dirty or for sissies lol

but i know ultimately it is just a color somewhere high up, and the fight for womens cancer etc

which is good...but it is such a decieving color i think if i see it in a mass i will have to really think hard about what is happening and what and how i do something to continue whatever it is i need to do successfully. seems trap-ish

goofy is fun


Anonymous said...

oh and one more thing.. i posted differently on LF forums concerning "Z bridge":

when Z moves backwards for N it must then go under the alphabet letters between N and Z twelve times turning clockwise to get into the N position exactly. if it turns forward prostrating, turning counter clockwise twelve times it stays a Z.

it certainly looks like a figure 8 past this point.

that certainly cant be a coincidence. not by a long shot.


Unknown said...

Examples of control please. Pi is substructure. Fine. They use symbols... Everyone is different. How is any of this actually used to control someone? My guess is that it's a system, which by default implies a box. Someone else's box. Seems to me all the bad stuff is everything but dealing with the above. How would a leader benefit from knowing this stuff? This would seem to be akin to having to know this in order to get on in a fighting ring etc.

11011 A=1... Yeeaah, Take That!

One venue could be to read what might be coming down the pike or who did what. Seeing they leave their calling cards everywhere...