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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Deconstructing Occult Signatures

The Illuminatus Observor is all about "de-storying" or "de-constructing" various Occult signatures. An Occult signature can loosely be defined as any given work released as a public document with the intent to influence on a subliminal or subsurface level. In this regard, most written traditions could be considered to be Occult signature documents, many of which are taken as literal truths by the masses unawares as to the hidden forces that surround them.

More than merely "de-storying" or "de-constructing" Occult signatures, the Illuminatus Observor provides a wide array of fundamental principals to assist the interested aspirant to come to understand the nature of "the Construct". In this way clues are provided as to how to begin the process of channeling the Construct in such a way as to begin to penetrate the Veil of Isis.

The methodology of the Occult is no more complicated than that of a magnet. The magnet is the primary released source document. Those who are attracted to the released document are as the slivers of steel drawn to and attracted to the magnet. As the metal shavings (as represented by unique individuals) become affixed and surrounded by the magnetic field of the magnet, the metal shavings (unique individuals) begin to impart the same properties as the magnet and thus serve as miniature magnets themselves.

And so you grow from a single powerful source to thousands and thousands of sources each imparting their unique properties wholly derived from the original magnet. The person is not changed physically. It changes not color or weight, and yet its properties have changed.

In order to deconstruct Occult signatures, we must be careful to deal with the magnets, and not the slivers, as it were. Hence in Crowley we find but clues to the magnet, but not the magnet, for any individual, including this author, can only but take on the properties of the material for which we are influenced.

Acroamatic Ciphers, Lost Words, and other Tools of Deconstruction

To those who have taken a serious study into the maze that becomes the Occult, we soon realize that we are dealing primarily with a single solitary source, that the various mythologies are imbedding properties of this single solitary source, and that philosophy and reasoning become the primary tools upon which the deconstruction must begin.

To this end, philosopher's have set down a strata of source material to assist in the elevation of the Construct within the hearts and minds of humanity without allowing the actual source itself to be released.

So the Construct gets veiled but not so much as to hide the inherent truths within. The idea is simple: if the Construct is veiled but so absolute as to destroy it, refined minds of men and women will be able to rise above the veiling and come to understand the inherent nature of the Construct.

So what we learn is that the Construct is itself a primary weapon and a primary tool. Within this Construct are primary concepts as "acroamatic ciphers", "Lost Words", "Philosopher's Stones", to name but a few.

Hence in an acroamatic cipher, we learn that the mythologies of the world are but acroamatic ciphers of a hidden and sacred Alphabet. In Plutarch, we learn that this Sacred and Hidden Alphabet is referred to as "gods", while "the God" is the Alphabet itself. Through Gematria we learn that the actual number of power is 26, thus invalidating the whole of Jewish Kabballah in a single throw, and in the design of the Alphabet we learn that the Lost Word is but a decimal digit representation of Pi.

That J's are black and B's are white are but clues. That the finish line is a checkered flag is but a simple clue. That the Baphomet is oft pictured with female breasts is lost to those who do not know that the Egyptian God Hapi too was oft pictured with female breasts, even as being a male figure.

Transpositions and modifications, and the ability to trace them through time and space, are but necessary components to the larger craft of Occult Deconstruction.

That D's are 10's are N's are X's are all simple mathematical truths. So what better way to go about building a Construct but on the very truths that lie hidden in plain view through the use of mathematical formulations?

One basic truth can be used as the basis for an entire mountain of lies.

Translations, Transpositions, and other hindrances

Another key to Occult Deconstruction is the understanding that most of the formulas that hide Occult principals are caste into mathematical formulas with implied "polar" or "sexual" inversions that can easily be reasoned through. For instance, as shown in the above, Geb is regarded as Earth and Nut is regarded as the sky, and thus Geb and Nut making love is seen as the sky enveloping the earth. This representation is no more complicated than a using a series of transpositions set back against the Letters of the Alphabet.

By simple logic, really, we can show that P is the male phallus and O is the vagina. We can then show the formula of O+P=Q to be "true", for the Female O plus the male P will create a Fertilized Egg (Q). So depending on the direction we wish to make in our "transpositions", we can show the formula of O+P=Q to be as follows:

O + P = Q is equal to
15 + 16 = 17

The concept of 15+16=17 makes literally no sense until you attribute to the English Alphabet "meanings" to the various letters. That the Letters have had and will always have meanings attributed to them can again be inferred through the study of "profane" Hermetic Qaballa as "secreted" by Aleister Crowley who stated in "The Book of the Law",

55. Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols to attribute them unto.

Crowley was not in a position to tell people to "find new symbols" to attribute to the Alphabet if indeed the Alphabet did not already have a set of symbols already Hermetically attached to them. There would be no reason to attribute "new symbols" unless the object was to replace the existing symbols.

The proper code set, or Order and Value, of course, was the "Standard Lay of the Isisian Codes", or the child taugh "ABC's". By showing that O is the Female and P is the Male equals Q as the Fertilized Egg, we have the ORIGINAL ORDER AND VALUE AS DESIGNED to the English 26 Letter/Digit Alphabet.

By utilizing the above code of 15+16=17 to represent O+P=Q, we are then able to ascertain the "esoteric truth" of a host of words, the primary being the word PAGAN.

Since P is 16 and
Since Q is 17, we have a mathematically progressing formula. Since we know that the original code is set against a pretty basic truth (O as female and 1 as male), and since P is the 1 (starting at 16 but going in reverse), and since B is the 2 and is the Pregnant Woman is the O (2 from the 1 P start point), we can then begin to ascertain that in the word PAGAN we have a deliberate coded formula of wherein the AN is 1+14 = 15 = O Letter.

This is just one small example of a transposition and modification that one needs to be aware, and we have not touched on the various forms of literal translations available as you gain insight and knowledge into how to effect a comprehensive deconstruction of the Construct.

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