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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hermetic Qaballa and the Book of the Law

There are secrets, and there are secrets. There are truths, and there are truths. There are realities, and there are realities. There are foundations, and there are foundations. What you see in the mirror is what lies behind you. When you turn to view what lies behind you, what is left is now right. Your eye sees, but the lens turns everything upside down.

Your brain is required to put everything into proper perspective.

We will do so now with "The Book of the Law".

The Control of Knowledge and Information

Knowledge is not free for the masses. It is controlled.

Scientists who are at the cutting edge of knowledge revelations who are not a part of the controlled system often find themselves dying in statistically impossible ways. Educators who dare to express to students ideas and knowledge outside the accepted norms of the system often find themselves censured or their careers derailed.

The current reality smiles ill on the truth tellers.

Even the masses, drunk as they are in a stupor of ignorance, are oft the tool used to bludgeon those who may see things for what they are and not as how others would wish them to appear. Thus for those who delve into and wish to acquire a foundational knowledge of reality (the Occult), the ability to access knowledge of the inner core is nearly impossible to acquire.

What you are allowed to read is controlled. What you are allowed to know is controlled.

Knowledge is cumulative. Each generation builds on the foundation laid from the previous. The role of academia, to catalogue and otherwise summarize knowledge such as to make the acquisition of knowledge faster and easier for subsequent generations, is often used to splinter and disintegrate esoteric information so as to make the acquisition of core esoteric knowledge impossible.

Knowledge is power.

If you wish to gain real esoteric knowledge, you often must go outside the established control mechanisms. The local bookstore will help, but ultimately, will reveal little. To gain further access, men and women of conscious oft immerse themselves in various controlled Initiatory Systems. Here, too, the information is controlled and secreted to but a rare and talented few.

Less than 2 percent, I would gather, truly comprehend the nature of the Construct, and this 2 percent is limited to a very select group of organizations. Knowledge is power, and these 2 percent, you can be assured, see no reason at all to "give it up". Or, as stated so eloquently in the Matrix Reloaded:

"Merovingian: Hmph... I am a trafficker of information, I know everything I can...The Keymaker is mine and I see no reason why I should give him up. No reason at all."

Thelema and Setian Metaphysics

The Construct is based on Pi. Said the Keymaker in the Matrix Reloaded,

Keymaker: Once the door is unprotected, the connection will be severed. But another connection must first be made.

Ghost: How long will that take?

Keymaker: Exactly 314 seconds.

Soren: Just over 5 minutes"

A little over 5 minutes. The Matrix Reloaded was released on 5.15.03, or "a little over 5 minutes." Did you get the play? Five minutes is exactly 300 seconds, yet the Keymaker said the time is 314 seconds, which is a little over 5 minutes. 5.15. Yet 15 seconds is 1/4 of a minute. Using numbers co-relationally, the release date of 5.15.03 is a code for 300.1/4.03. 314, a little over 5 minutes. 3.14 in reverse.

Pi, in coded palindrome.

Knowledge is power. Setianist systems are now in control of the Key. Why do you think they would voluntarily give it up? As knowledge is controlled and what you are allowed to know is too controlled, what makes anyone think that Thelema too is simply not a part of this larger control, designed as it is to control the minds of otherwise bright people to redirect their spiritual capital to create a reality based on a truth but in intent is a pure fraud?

One basic truth can be used as a foundation for a mountain of lies.

As Thelema is a self admitted Setianist tool and hence "Merovingian", why does anyone think that they would just "give it up" as such pertains to the nature and design of the Construct? They have no reason at all, and if Crowley could help advance information useful to the destruction of the Construct, so much the better! Do as thou wilt, shrivel, and die.

Like 5.15, the inherent meaning is before one's eyes but few have the capacity to understand the language.

Words as Constructed Truths

The late 1800's through the 1930's was a period where many competing esoteric systems were vying for public acceptance. The strongest was Continental Masonry, and many adherents from Higgins to Manley P. Hall worked tirelessly to lay down some of the more rational components of the Construct as designed and woven into the language.

However, by the 1870's, Continental Masonry was already in a state of decline internally, with various rituals rewritten by Pike to include a stronger reliance on Jewish Kaballah, a system largely ridiculed by earlier esoteric systems as Bacon. Even Agrippa called Jewish gematria systems as being designed to destroy "the Word", whereas Western esotericists put great emphasis on encoding the word with the intent to conceal without destroying.

Said Agrippa,

"...therefore this Cabala of the Jews is nothing else then a most pernicious superstition, by the which they gather at their pleasure, divide, transfer words, names and letters, scatteringly put in the holy Scriptures, and by making one thing out of another, they dissolve the connections of the truth, the speeches, inductions and parables, and here and there construing them by their own fictions, would bring the words of God to their follies,..."

What Agrippa was complaining about was a manner of writing that was intended to destroy the connections in words as designed such as to destroy the words and larger system such that truth would be lost.

The operative element here, again, is the use of words, and hence Letters, as the mechanism of encoding particular truths. Reorder, divide them, and otherwise set them into systems wholly foreign to the intent, and the truth of the Construct would be forever lost, even as the truth still remains right before one's eyes.

Divide, add, multiply, and understand...Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols to attribute them unto.

Hermetic Qaballa and Hermetic Qaballa

Just as there are secrets, and there are secrets, that there are truths, and there are truths, that there are realities, and there are realities, and that there are foundations, and there are foundations, so too are there esoteric systems and esoteric systems.

Hermetic Qaballa is no different.

In the article Notaricon as a Key to English Qaballa, references are made to the nature of an esoteric design within English. That there is a "design" in English hints then at the idea known as "English Qaballa". This "English Qaballa" is then hinted at as being a "Hermetic Qaballa".

As various Continental Masonic systems sought to inject their "esoteric systems" into the collective public conscious, Setianist systems, having essentially "caught up" to Continental Masonry, were equally busy preparing their counter system of English Qaballa.

This would become the great search for the Crowley "English Qaballa", which some call now EQ-11, or English Qaballa 11, and simple skip cipher.

Yet as one peers into the Book of the Law, what we find is a massive layer of Continental Masonic knowledge being secreted and mystified. For example, ISIS has a value of 9+19+9+19 = 56, and in the Book of the Law, NUIT, which is French for the period after midnight, is given the phrase,

"24. I am Nuit, and my word is six and fifty."

That the larger design as constructed by the Baconian Schools required additions, multiplications, and so forth, was also well established. In the word ENGLISH, we have the following formula:


(N-E=9=I)(G+L=19=S)IS(H), or English being a code for ISIS, H being an ending suffix. Or in the word THE, we have Isisian Code values of


(T*H)+E = 365 = SUN

The point as Agrippa commented is not to destroy the inherent connections to the truth for everything indeed is interconnected.

"Nothing is a secret key of this law. Sixty-one the Jews call it; I call it eight, eighty, four hundred & eighteen."

This is simply a reference to various cipher wheels in play. For instance, if you take a di and the facing number is a single dot, denoting 1, the opposite side of the di is a 6. The "Jews" system is Kabballah, or a worship of the Dreidle (dried el or Seth). Yet the larger system also knows that the very tip of an A is denoted as a number 1.

And since the Illuminatus System is all encompassing, the upper portion of the A can be added to the V to create an X, or in a numbering System, we can use the upper portion of the A to denote a "1" as in Arabic "8", and hence a 1 is a 6 and is an 8 equally for in music too, the Octave returns us to the original note

Do = 1
Re = 2
Mi = 3
Fa = 4
So = 5
La = 6
Ti = 7
Do = 1 or 8

Crowley is just making reference to the various cipher patterns and casting them into some mystical treatise. Why?

47. But they have the half: unite by thine art so that all disappear.

This statement is mystical theft of an actual and basic Hermetic Qaballa principle, that there are two matrixes in play, the Jewish "kabballa" and a Hermetically sealed pattern known as "the Garden of Eden" which is protected by the "Cube and the Flaming Sword", aka, "flaming sword and cherubim". This matrix is known as the Philosopher's Stone.

At the same time, though, the Star on Star mystical system of Crowley would become a best selling hit for the masses. The combined matrix would come to be known as "Super Man", or mankind elevated to a higher spiritual level that only Kryptonite, a code for "encryption", could destroy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My you drop some cool stuff.

Still seems to me that no matter how bright one is, it's too easy to make a "wrong turn" in the approach.

That could be the rule, keep plugging at alternatives until you see evidence of Pi...

As far as the Tree overall, in context, nothing has been mentioned of The Seed and Flower of Life and Metatron's Cube. They all nest perfectly...

In light of This "construct", something still seems to be missing or we are Still on deceptive levels.

But as I progress, it seems to me that a lot of what I emailed you was not too far off the mark. Or T.

It all makes me wonder about Eisen's two huge volumes. A Herculean effort... I haven't found anyone who takes it seriously. Point being is if he can do all that then anything is possible with this alphabet.