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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Temurah - The Dynamic Use of Number in English Qaballa

English Gematria has been seriously hampered by the intentional misdirections of Aleister Crowley. Why, for instance, was Crowley trying to create a whole new "order and placement of the English Alphabet" when indeed, the Alphabet had long ago been perfected and its mechanism of operation known and taught within various Masonic systems? Why indeed was Crowley intimating that the Letters of the English Alphabet required the affixing of new meanings to them when indeed, the meanings affixed to them had long ago been established and the Illuminatus System and philosophy inserted fully into the material and perfected over thousands of years?

The primary failure relative to the public in being able to ascertain the larger Illuminatus Construct arises from an inherently simplistic acceptance of the definitions put forward to the public. For example, Gematria is viewed with an idea that all letters are numbers, and therefore, all words are numbers and that all words (and their composite phrases) will have "esoterically significant" co-relations.

By this method, words as ISIS and OSIRIS can be shown to be equal to SPEECH and RELIGION respectively. Masonic texts written in the 1920's indeed make this direct co-relation, equating Isis to a "spoken or Oral" tradition while Osiris is equated to the written portion of the larger system. Each of the two systems are required and must be used collectively in order for the larger system to actually work. But this is just the beginning of the type of knowledge one needs to acquire in order to come to a comprehensive understanding of the larger Illuminatus system, which we refer to as "the Construct".

Gematria as a Simplistic Tool

As you delve into the world of the Occult and the use of number as a means to encode "truths", what you will find is that the number of ciphers documented reaches well over 100. In Dan Brown's "the Da Vinci Code", the At Bash Cipher was referenced to reveal "esoterically significant codes", or words with comparable values.

As taught to the profane (the non initiated public to include the schools dedicated to Crowley and Thelema), the use of Gematria extends by and large to the assigning of values to letters and simply adding up the values. However, to the keen student, the simplicity of such a system quickly becomes lacking in value as the complexity of the Construct becomes more fully known.

If we take the word "SUN", for instance, a basic ordinal code of SUN shows that SUN contains the basic ordinal letters 19.21.14, or S.U.N, and if we add the values of SUN together, we arrive at the number 54. As taught, you can then further reduce the value of 54 to a value of 5+4=9, and thus affix the number of the SUN to that of a "reduced ordinal code" of 9.

What exactly did you accomplish? Did you arrive at some special meaning by simply adding numbers as they appear in alphabet letter placements? How difficult was it to engage in a form of activity that is no more complicated than a third grade math test?

This form of Gematria, although you will find its place and value in the larger system, is still far from precise tools needed in order to penetrate the Veil of Isis (Speech). The process of adding (or re-adding) as it were, is the very basic act called "re-ad", or "reading". It is no more difficult for you to read as it is for you to make basic level of addition.

You should not presume that ANY SYSTEM predicated on simplistic addition, no matter how many skip codes and changes in value to the Letters you wish to make, is the process through which the Illuminatus System is constructed.

Temurah and the Dynamic Use of Number

There are multitudes of definitions available for the various Occult means of deciphering words. Temurah is but one of them, and like most of the available definitions, the definitions fail to truly point the aspirant into the proper direction upon which to begin to comprehend the intuitive nature of the larger Construct. Regarding Temurah, Manley P. Hall writes on in Secret Teachings of All Ages on the Qabalistic Keys to the Creation of Man,

"Under the general heading of Temurah several systems may be grouped and explained in which various letters are substituted for other letters according to prearranged tables or certain mathematical arrangements of letters, regular or irregular."

At the end of the day, Temurah is no more complicated than a recognition of a dynamic use of number as a means to perpetuate a truth as used by the Illuminatus systems. The system is based on the 6, the 66, the 666, and the 6666. These numbers alternate between meaning the Circumference (Pi), or the Diameter (inferring Pi). Thus you can affix a value of VIRGIN = 21+9+18+7+9+14 = 78 = 7+8 = 15 = 1+5 = 6, or you can apply a dynamic intuitive value in your analysis, showing that 6 is VI and RGIN is the word ORIGINAL, and hence VI-RGIN is saying "the Original VI", or the Original 6.

You can then show that 6 is Feminine, it contains the letters S and IX (as 9), and since the S is a 3, we can use the summative value of 3 (1+2+3=6) to show that the 6 (SIX) contains the word concepts of 6 and 9, or the Spiral Galaxy. This is just one example of Temurah, or the dynamic use of number.

Another example is in the word SUN. Since S and N have values of 3 and 5 respective (utilizing the Isisian Codes), then the letter 6 would have a Temurah component, or its placement is using a dynamic use of number, and so the 6 has a summative value of 21, or the direct letter placement of U in the Alphabet.

And yet there is another overt word that uses the dynamic use of number, and that is the word TON. Since T is located at 20, and the Letter O is the number 0, we can show that TO = 200, and yet a TON has a value of 2000 pounds. In this way, we know that the Letter N must have a value of 10 as TO has a value of 200 and TON has a value of 2000.

So when Manley P. Hall references the usage of number in either static tables where values are changed against a set matrix as the At Bash Cipher was demonstrated in the Da Vinci Code, or if you have situations where the values of the Letters clearly hide a mathematical formulation, as the word SUN, the most difficult hurdle you will make in seeking to comprehend the Occult system is that at it is a philosophy based on number and that any given set of words may or may not be utilizing a series of dynamic number even as the ordinal code (simple Gematria) too is being utilized.

Thus in the word ISIS we have the letters 9+19+19+9, and yet "36" is the secret number of ISIS as ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 9*(1*9)+9+(1*9) = 666, and so forth.

This "dynamic use" of number is just one form of the larger subsystem known as "temurah".

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