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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Superman as an Occult Construct - Podcast

Inside the Eye has been down for 3-5 days due to the great support it has received from readers of the Illuminatus Observor.  The free trial account provided me with 5 GB of monthly download.  We could have easily utilized the available bandwidth by the 18th of January (18 days) but we cut back on promotion and still exceeded our bandwidth on  January 26.

Owing to great support Inside the Eye has received, it is with great pleasure to announce that Inside the Eye has been upgraded to a commercial account and is now back up and live.

So if you missed the first go round because Inside the Eye was down, with confidence you can now hear the 10 different segments in 5 different podcasts currently available.  In addition, the commercial account will enable a longer archiving period so shows will be available for quite a time longer.

If you enjoy the Illuminatus Observor, please take a second to vote for the Illuminatus Observor on Top Conspiracy Sites.  I would like to see Illuminatus Observor get more exposure and so would appreciate the support to raise the profile of the Illuminatus Observor within the "conspiracy" genre.

Thanks again for all the support -

The Fetch
Dennis Fetcho

This is the latest offering from "Inside the Eye", the podcast companion to the Illuminatus Observor. In this show we delve further into the Occult construct behind the comic book hero "Superman".

Adapted from a video in progress regarding "Superman and the Relationship of N to Ten", this podcast hints at the compound nature of the Superman logo and how Hermetic Qaballa and Rabbinical Kabballah make up the two necessary ingredients to the creation of "Superman" as a code for an "elevated" or "illuminated" individual.

Podcast 5, Segment 1 - Superman as an Occult Construct - Monologue

Podcast 5, Segment 2 - Superman as an Occult Construct


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