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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Esoteric English and Speculative Freemasonry

We cannot establish basic and inherent truths underlying Western Constructs without a fairly comprehensive immersion into the speculative side of Freemasonry, for within the allusions riddled throughout the speculative side of Freemasonry may be found the core elements upon which to build the over riding Construct.

The great tragedy of Freemasonry, from a purists point of view, is that Freemasonry failed to control its own definitions. We can only speculate as to why, but one of the primary reasons can be inferred based on the inherent teachings and structure of the system. By creating an over riding belief that secrets had to be maintained and controlled within the Lodge System, the general public was effectively cut off from having a grounded rational basis in the larger philosophical basis of the Construction.

The result of such a strategy is predictable. If a system cannot adequately address the definitions and educate the masses in the logic and elements of same, then external forces opposed to the philosophy would, over time, be able to control the philosophy from within while redefining the tenets (destroying) externally, or how such is viewed within the eyes of the masses. In other words, if a system cannot adequately address defining itself for the masses, others will define the institution for it.

An example of just such a redefinition comes from an article that appeared on October 28th 1927 in the Jewish Tribune of New York. Quoting a Rabbi S. Wise:

"Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic ritual and what is left...Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history; grades; official appointments; passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."

To a public not versed in the actual details of Freemasonry, especially as such pertained to the speculative or esoteric basis of Freemasonry, such a statement, given as it was to an audience largely influenced by "the Bible", and all the implications contained therein, may appear as both comforting and reassuring.

Yet in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The good rabbi would be hard pressed to explain, for instance, the use of symbolism associated with Osiris, in some grades of ritual. He would have been even harder pressed to explain the prevalence of the use of the Letter G throughout Masonic artwork.

The Letter G hints at a system based on English. Speculative Freemasonry was an exercise in Esoteric English and the return of the mythological Word, each of which had nothing to do with Judaism and each could be construed as being the antithesis of same.

Masonry on the Run

The failure of Masonry to control its own definitions was, perhaps, a miscalculation by Continental Masonic leadership. Masonry was a monolithic institution within the United States and perhaps its size and stature created conditions where the leadership felt it was immune to co-option.

It is estimated by some that at the turn of the century (1900), there were some 860,000 Free Masons, and by 1930, their numbers had grown to some 2,000,000. However, the rapid growth allowed for the dilution and splintering of the system, and the cellular nature created offshoots that utilized the Masonic mystique, but perhaps had no interest or desire to participate in the esoteric constructs as advanced by the Osirian schools.

Mackey's Encyclopedia of Free Masonry, written in 1913, speaks of this when he says of the Illuminati of Bavaria,

"To give to the Order a higher influence, Weishaupt connected it with the Masonic Institution, after whose system of Degrees, of esoteric instruction, and of secret modes of recognition, it was organized. It has thus become confounded by superficial writers with Freemasonry, although it never could be considered as properly a Masonic Rite. Weishaupt, though a reformer in religion and a liberal in politics, had originally been a Jesuit; and he employed, therefore, in the construction of his association, the shrewdness and subtlety which distinguished the disciples of Loyola; and having been initiated in 1777 in a Lodge at Munich, he also borrowed for its use the mystical organization which was peculiar to Freemasonry. In this latter task he was greatly assisted by the Baron Von Knigge, a zealous and well-instructed Freemason, who joined the Illuminati in 1780, and soon became a leader, dividing with Weishaupt the control and direction of the Order."

By the early 1900's, secretions from the Continental Masonic systems began to grow in number, but the secretions and attempts to educate the public as to what the whole was really about was too late. Luminaries within the Osirian System clearly understood the nature and difficulty of the task. Higgins, writing in the Beginning of Masonry, stated,

"Freemasonry has to a certain extent shared the fate and followed the course of all organizations of like weight and character, in completely surviving all recollection of its primal impulse; but we must consider that its founders were dealing with a system of perpetuating truth by means of imperishable symbols, and that they must have originally foreseen that this system would survive without the aid of either written record or graphic key to its mysteries."

As the size and weight of Masonry grew, its dilution was impossible to stop, and worse, its internal organizational structure was bound to be destroyed. Thus Higgins states clearly that the intent was not the creation of the monolithic infrastructure which Masonry became, but the creation of a system designed around the perpetuation of truth through the means of "imperishable symbols".

Symbols, fused as they are to Universal Archetypes, become knowable upon reflection and observation, perfected as they are through rational thought and reasoned discourse. The inherent truths within become discernable with a precisely laid foundation. It is this precisely laid foundation that would be the "great work" of the early Continental Masons who set about creating a system set against "ciphers" and "cryptograms" fused to observable phenomena in Nature.

As stated again by Higgins,

We have advanced far enough in our investigations to have perceived that the underlying principle of all mysteries of philosophy and religion, past and present, have been what might be termed "ciphers" or "cryptograms" of the ascertained phenomena of nature;

Masonry had become a tool of the Setianist. The Osirian infrastructure was soon to be extinguished, its head all but severed entirely. But the Great Work was completed. The "ciphers" and "cryptograms" would be sealed not only in the sacred geometry that graced the planet called "Earth", but they would be hidden in a language that would be considered, arguably, the "Universal Language of the Planet", able to unite all under "brotherhood and love", if only its mysteries could be penetrated and understood.

Esoteric English, the greatest secret of Speculative Freemasonry, had been completed, yet its realization had only been perceived by those who had crafted the precise "speculative" science. The masses were never given the full knowledge of just how this great secret had been accomplished, let alone how this knowledge could serve as an immune system to the vampire nature of Setian metaphysics.

This failure would help set the stage for the "New World Order".

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Anonymous said...

Great article. Vampire concept is a great symbol of the nature of Insiders of the Hidden Hand. They steal the wealth of our labor and live off us !!