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Friday, April 4, 2008

Isis and Osiris, the Foundation to Western Esotericism

The Philosophy of the Illuminatus cannot be fully comprehended without a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the tale of Isis and Osiris and its influence on Western Esotericism. Indeed, any "academic" or "scholarly" treatise on Western Esotericism that fails to deal with the influences of Isis and Osiris as a foundation to Western Esotericism fails in general to reach to the very core of Western esoteric thought.

That Continental Mason's were highly influenced by Egyptian thought can, as my high school teacher told me in confidence so many years ago, be seen in the huge number of cities named after Egyptian references. Memphis, TN, Alexandria, MD, and Philadelphia, PA are but some of the more well known, but as you delve further into the history of the early American republic, a literal experiment or work initiated by Contintental Masons aligned with the Osirian Mystery Schools, it becomes hard to ethically and honestly ignore the influence of Egypt on early American thought.

The failure of America's education system to accurately and profoundly put history into proper perspective served and serves to hide this overt and yet hidden truth; that Egypt, and with it, the philosophical basis of Egyptian society as believed and taught within the various Secret Societies (to include Continental Masonry) played far greater a role and influence in creating the foundation of what would become Western esoteric thought.

Plutarch and "On Isis and Osiris"

For practical purposes, we may consider Plutarch's work "On Isis and Osiris" from Moralia V to be a primary source document regarding Isis and Osiris to that of Western esoteric systems. The style and manner within which it is written hints at its aggregate knowledge such that it has the feel of an "operating manual".

On Isis and Osiris cannot be "attacked" or "solved", as it were, without a fairly comprehensive knowledge of the basics of Western Esoteric Traditions. Acroamatic ciphers, lost Words, principles secreted through profane "kabballah", geometric reasoning, gematria, among so many others, become but weapons to aid in solving the work: a knowledge of mythological transpositions and modifications, too, aids greatly in establishing the basis to begin deconstructing the Construct.

A critical element is, of course, the "Lost Word", or the first 32 decimal digits of Pi. It is Isis, through fabricating a potion from the spittal of Ra and the dust of the ground, who is able to coax "the Word" of Ra. Thus the "woman" called Eve in the later Phoenician/Hebrew "torah" is really Isis of the Egyptians. Since she is the one who has the "the Word", it is critical then for the people to seek after Isis before they will be able to acquire "the Word".

Isis and Osiris, the Foundation for Western Esoteric Thought

Gematria serves as our primary start point to decipher the esoteric words of "ISIS" and "OSIRIS". Through Gematria we have a very simple set of formulas (each contained in reference Masonic books circa 1930's) of:

ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 56 19+16+5+5+3+8 = SPEECH

OSIRIS = 15+19+9+18+9+19 = 89 = 18+5+12+9+7+9+15+14 = RELIGION

The proper way to interpret this relative to the Construct is to place the Oral Traditions (Rishis, Kalevala, Norse Edda's, and so forth) as being of the domain of Isis, while the literal writing of this knowledge, or setting the information down in letter form as being the domain of Osiris. Osiris is "the God", or the Alphabet, while each of the letters, then, become "gods".

Each system relies on the other for their total clarification within the larger system (necessarily comprised of the two).

That Shakespeare (Francis Bacon, et al) can be viewed as being associated with the Osirian Mysteries can be inferred through the use of various cryptological techniques that encoded the number "89", a number known to be associated with Osiris from basic knowledge of the Ordinal Code within Gematria.

Says Manley P. Hall in Secret Teachings of All Ages,

Authors sometimes based their cryptograms upon the numerical value of their own names; for example, Sir Francis Bacon repeatedly used the cryptic number 33--the numerical equivalent of his name. Numerical ciphers often involve the pagination of a book. Imperfect pagination, though generally attributed to carelessness, often conceals important secrets. The mispaginations found in the 1623 folio of "Shakespeare" and the consistent recurrence of similar errors in various volumes printed about the same period have occasioned considerable thought among scholars and cryptogrammatists. In Baconian cryptograms, all page numbers ending in 89 seem to have a special significance. The 89th page of the Comedies in the 1623 folio of "Shakespeare" shows an error of type in the pagination, the "9" being from a considerably smaller font than the "8." The 189th page is entirely missing, there being two pages numbered 187; and page 188 shows the second " 8 " scarcely more than half the size of the first one. Page 289 is correctly numbered and has no unusual features, but page 89 of the Histories is missing. Several volumes published by Bacon show similar errors, page 89 being often involved.

That Osiris is "89" (15+19+9+18+9+19=89=O+S+I+R+I+S) and Shakespeare (Bacon, et al) are encoding the number 89 are forms of "esoteric significances", conjecture par excellence. Those who are "in the know" know precisely the purpose for the number 89, yet nowhere will you find an "owner's manual" that specifically points you in the proper direction.

Hence many call "Hermetic Qaballa" an "artform", denying further the planned and imbedded mathematics, and hence a form of science, into the larger Illuminatus Philosophy.

Isis and Osiris, as a Function of Speculative Masonry

Nearly all of the various formulas found within Speculative Masonry will return you to Pi. Take, for instance, the tale of the birth of the 5 gods, Osiris, Horus, Seth, Isis, and Nepthys. As an acroamatic cipher, these 5 gods are the vowels of A, E, I, O, and U, respectively. By adding layers of mathematical "sepheras", the Alphabet of 26 (GOD = 7+15+4 = 26), encodes the number of days in a year. A year implies "one circle" via "one orbit". Since the Isisian Codes shift at Q and end in Y, we have 9 "alpha letters" as shown here:

The Alphabet has a total digit count of 26. The sum of 1:26 is 351. Add the 9 alpha letters of QRSTUVWXY and you have the number of degrees in a circle (360). Add again the 5 gods (vowels) of AEIOU and you have 365 days in a year, and then "sometimes Y is a vowel", and so "sometimes" you have a leap year of 366 days.

Indeed, the myth of the birth of the 5 gods is really a mathematical ploy built into the myths so as to encode a particular aspect of the Illuminatus Philosophy. As the tale goes,

Later Rhea and Hermes fell in love, so He gambled with the Moon and won the seventieth part of Her light. He made five days out of this light (for that is a seventieth part of the 29 days of illumination of each of the twelve lunar months), and put them together outside of all Her months. In this way Rhea was able to bear Her children in these five days out of time.

Here you have to be careful again, because some books state that the wager was only 1/7, instead of 1/70. The proper translation is 1/70, and here is why.

The "year" was said to be comprised of 360 days and 5 days were added for the Birth of the 5 gods (vowels). They are born on a day that the light does not shine, and so we take the 360 days and multiply it by 1/70, and we arrive at the following:


You must now use logic and reason to finish the tale and not be led astray. The birth of the 5 gods creates the need to add 5 days to the calendar. Thus 360 days of the old calendar are added to create the new calendar, but that the new calendar shows that the 5 gods are born on a day where the sun does not shine. In this case, the actual day that the sun does not shine is the .1428571 of the formula 5.1428571. They the inference is that the 5 gods are born on the decimal digit day, or the time period that is required to keep the calendar in place and thus a "leap year" day is added every 4 years.

This "leap year" becomes the "savior god" parallels in literature, and thus is the Letter Y.

Isis and Osiris, as the Spoken Word traditions committed to writing establish the bond between Isis as Speech and Osiris as "religion", or the written form traditions. All things will return to Pi, for Pi is in all things. That Osiris is cut into 14 pieces and Isis finds 13 pieces reveals the nature between 13 and 14 as represented by the formula of 13.14. When we note that MA'AT creates the formula:

M = 13
A = The Scales
AT = 14

We are creating the basis of MA'AT as 13 (Spirit World) and 14 (Material World). In this way does the word IS represent 13 represents ALL (13-3), while that which is seperated becomes AT as 14 or IT as 14. The FEATHER being but a symbol of MA'AT is yet still another mathematical riddle.


6+5+1+4+8+5+2 = 31, or the palindrome of 13.

With E having special properties as "having a right to remain silent", it then takes on its value of 15, to reveal the formula of


6+15+1+4+8+5+2=41, or the palindrome of 14. Thus FEATHER is best encoded as F(E)ATHER, which reveals the palindromes of either 13 or 14, or collectively, 13.14, or the very same value as M(A)AT.

Even the word MATHEMATICS is a clever and yet simple code.

M = 13
A = 1
T = 4
H = Greek Letter Pi
E = 15

M = 13
A = 1
T = 4
I = 1
CS = 3+3=6

This reveals the code of "I" he Greek Letter Pi (as transposed into an ACH), am between 3.1415 and 3.1416.

These are but more examples of the Illuminatus Philosophy in action with a clear and deliberate construction and fabrication.


Christopher Loring Knowles said...

Fascinating post! Very important grist for the mill indeed!

Anonymous said...

Just thought about 8x9 = 72, and Kabbalah always talks about the 72 names of God.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Codes of da Vinci, Bach, pi and Co:


Anonymous said...


the fool and the wise fool?


interesting nonetheless :)


Brad Watson, Miami said...

Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74) - google that - uses 'the key'(74) of A=1,B=2...O=15 or zero...Z=26.

GOD=7_4 (704=GOD)

Why was Osiris - the ancient Egyptian "Judge of the Dead" - killed and cut into 14 pieces? One of the reasons is dead=14=D4+E5+A1+D4.

Marc Jones said...

The M is 13 and N is 14 as above. Yet the M is for matter/matrix/material and N is for neter/nothing/need/negation etc., or spirit.

Marc Jones said...

It appears the Equation 3.14 is most important. Other, aspects of this ratio has been called into question. Some are arguing for the use of the letter Tau. There is discrepancy involved in the application of Pi in reality, apparently. I looked up 89 and some say it's a number associated with building. Now That is a hit tho it says building for humanitarian purposes. I suppose that could fit to and we'll leave the dark agenda faction out of it...depending what it really means.