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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Gra, the Holy Grail, and the Vesica Piscis

When one seeks to penetrate the Mysteries, such mysteries to include the Holy Grail, it might benefit the seeker to understand the Hermetic Arcanum:

Let the studious Reader have a care of the manifold significations of words, for by deceitful windings, and doubtful, yea contrary speeches (as it should seem), Philosophers wrote their mysteries, with a desire of veiling and hiding, yet not of sophisticating or destroying the truth; and though their writings abound with ambiguous and equivocal words; yet about none do they more contend than in hiding their Golden Branch.

What this tells us is that there is a discernable philosophical reality hiding under the "manifold signification of words", that these significations are veiling and yet not destroying an underlying "truth", and that through a comprehensive analysis of words, studious "Readers" may be able to penetrate the entire system through a conscious recognition that what appears to be contradictory in wording may indeed be complimentary when placed into perspective against other comparable or related works.

"Readers" as opposed to the generic use of the word "reader", being that the former is capitalized, amounts to that of someone with a "title". This is a very simple yet succinct example as to the manifold significations of words. However, significations of words take on many forms, from the elevation of philosophics surrounding "the Omnific" or "Lost Word", to subtle hints as to how to build the the Philosopher's Stone.

Building on the Conceptual

Well-being I won
And wisdom too.
I grew and took joy in my growth:
From a word to a word
I was led to a word,
From a deed to another deed.

Odin, by sir E. Burne-Jones
When we build on the manifold significations of words, it is necessary to lay foundations along the way relative to the larger philosophic which has been for thousands of years in the process of being veiled. Hence in the poem "Odin" by Sir E. Burne-Jones, the hidden message is that well being and "growth" has much to do with the ability to penetrate the veil and to come to an understanding of the Conceptual. Words, or their manifold significations, must be pierced before one may be able to place a word down as a foundation stone. Each word must then be built one upon the other for each leads one back to the veiled and encoded philosophical truth contained in the language.

The entire process is what Plutarch refers to as "an apperception of the conceptual".

But the manner in which Philosopher's sought to veil and conceal without destroying contained, too, an artistic element. Thus in the form of expression known as Art we may find veiled references to the larger and all encompassing Construct. Thus in the Letter E we may find the Scales of Ma'at and the diameter and the circle (reference the design in the "e", lower case E), and so forth.

Yet still we have not approached the Golden Branch, which may be likened as being comprised of two components: a Geometric component and a literary expression of what would be mythologized as "the Lost Word", or the first 32 digit sequence of Pi.

GEMATRIA, or the fusing of Letters to Numbers to Sounds for the express purpose of encoding the larger Construct, plays a critical role in being led from one word to the next. Likewise, as the manifold significations of words is far more comprehensive than the laity can imagine, it is significant to note that in the root formation of words (consonants), we may derive two key words with the letters GMT:

GeoMetry and GeMaTria

Gematria provides the critical clues to the accompanying Geometry upon which the larger Construct and Philosophy has been caste.

Basic Philosophic Foundations

The Philosophy of the Illuminatus may be broken down into two primary elements, 0 as Female and 1 as Male. 0 as union, 1 as separation. Life is the process of evolution and dissolution. When male and female unite, life is created. Each individual life represents a division, while each individual death represents a dissolution, said dissolution trending when the soul operates normally towards "union".

The perfect expression of this element is fused to Pi, wherein the masculine 1 represents the male and 0 or circumference encodes the female. Neither the 1 as male nor the 0 female are said to exist "individually"; each must exist in harmony with the other.

These basic principles become inverted, as a "6" to a "9". If you are "sans gravity", or in a vacuum, without a reference point, and you were to see a 6 or a 9 floating past you, it would be impossible to know by the observation if you are looking at "6" or a "9", from purely a conceptual point of view. Hence within the Conceptual. The same would hold true if you took the letter X, divided it "at the waters", or the center point, cutting each half loose and allowed each to float independently. The V or the inverted "v" would be as the 6 is to the 9; each is derived from a composite symbol.

Gematria is the tool used to enable you to understand this aspect of the Philosophy or "Design of the Construct", as you prefer.

In the word SIX, we have two components, the Letter S located at 3 and the Roman Numeral sequence of IX, or 9. The number 3 of S is expressed in its summative form (1+2+3=6), and so the female 6 really cannot exist without the masculine 9 and so this is encoded as the word (S)(IX).

Thus the word S-IX encodes the philosophy, not the point of destroying it, but to veil it, as it were, into a simple mathematical expression. When we further review the Isisian Codes, we note that the word FIVE is located at Column 6 (FV=6). The formula of "5=6" as an "Hermetic degree" is well established, the degree veiling the underlying mathematical construction.

In the word 5 (FIVE), we can then invert the formula:

F = 6
IV = Roman Numberal 4
E = 5

F = 6; (IV)+E = 4+5 = 9

FIVE and SIX each contain the 6 female and the 9 male. Combine the two, and you arrive at the inspiration behind its formation, or a "spiral galaxy", the root "spiral" being integral to such words as "spine", "spirit", "spire", etc.

In each of these cases, we demonstrate the use of Gematria as a means to hide the inherent truth into simple yet easily visible and decipherable mathematical cryptograms. In the case of the 6 and the 9, the 6 is an inversion of the 9, and vice versa, with each representing division and yet unity equally as one cannot be separate from the other when viewed relative to the larger design (a spiral galaxy).

As in the case of the "spiral galaxy", we can build further onto the Construct: life as material existence requires order upon which to be founded. This "order" can be construed as the aggregate density of matter fused to time that enables the chemical processes that enable life to flourish. These processes become represented in a physical observation as a "spinning" process (again invoking the "spi" formation as in "spinal", "spiral", etc.). That "pi" follows the S in the spelling is clue enough, that the S can be viewed as 1/2 of 8 is clue enough, that the letter set to denote "that which comes before a word" is called a PRE-FIX is clue enough:



Through solving through the FIX, you have built upon a "word" and can now be led to another word. In this case, one could solve for the rational reasoning behind PRE, taking the above information into account as you try to reason it through.

Past Tense of Present Conditions

When we delve further into the manifold signification of words, it often becomes necessary to utilize the full range of tools available to us, such tools to include a comprehensive understanding of Gematria (Letters/Numbers/Sounds). We also require the use of Art, Music, Meditation, Reasoning, and so forth.

The critical start point remains, however, to realize that a Construct exists, that you are a part of this Construct, that part of your journey is to rise above this Construct so as to manipulate same rather than be manipulated by, to the degree and extent possible.

You become wise when you realize that millions of people have come before you in the development of the Construct and the preservation of same. Each of these were in search of their own "Holy Grail". Some of these people are well known, say a "Da Vinci", but in the United States alone, Masonry and its adherents numbered in the millions of people. Even if a small percentage of these people came to understand the Construct, say 2%, the numbers of those preserving and advancing and refining these inherent truths numbered in the 100's of thousands of people over a series of interlocking generations.

These people, knowing the war against ignorance is as keeping the sea at bay, practiced and set down the foundation of "Truth" in silence, and you can be assured that somewhere cells are operating in silence to continue to preserve this knowledge even in the face of egregious affronts to "these gods" to whom these cells are beholden.

So in each individual work of Art, or in each subtle poem, or in each rousing march one may find clues to the Construct hidden within. For example, the acrostic puzzle to the start of the Star Spangled Banner, "Oh say can you see, by the dawns early light" is an acrostic puzzle that reads "OCCULT":

Oh = O
(S)ay = S = 3 = C
(C)an = C = 3 = C
U = U
(S)ee = 3 = L
T = Sun arising on the horizon (dawns early light)

OSCUL(T=Dawn's Early Light) = OCCULT

Without the Occult, you cannot seek after your GRAIL save for a superstitious goose chase. Manifold significations are key to breaking down the Philosophy of the Illuminatus in a manner that enables you to see.

Take for instance the idea that "n" = "10". This principal is dealt with in the article, "Superman and the Relationship of "n" to "10"". There is a transposition set wherein N's are "D's" are "T's" are "J's" are "W's" are "X's", and so forth. What this means is that there "may be" "esoteric significances" set into words where a single letter is being changed within this sequence.

Within the Construct we have "The Garden of Eden" and the casting out of mankind therefrom. In the word GARDEN, the phonetic set of GARDEN can be changed to GARDED (guarded). In the word "guarded" we can shift the "d" to a "t" and create "guarted", implying that "art" is used in the guarding of the way to the "Garden of Eden", and so forth. Still, you must keep in mind the idea of Pi, or 1 and 0, as defined, lest you be led astray.

The word GARDEN is really referring, in a past tense sense, to that which is being "guarded". There is no difference philosophically in the design between the word "guarded" and "garden"; each is implying the exact same thing. What is being "guarded" is also known as a "garden". The philosophical implications should not be underestimated as you trace the energy from a profane idea of what a garden is to an understanding that the word is referring in past tense to the defacto guarding of "plants" to be used for some beneficial purpose in the future.

The word GARDEN becomes what is known as a "PAST TENSE OF A PRESENT CONDITION." The "garden" is a present condition, but its ability to exist is based on the fact that it is "domesticated", not of the wild, and hence it is being "guarded".

The use of "past tenses" to represent "present conditions" is subtle yet intuitively genius. If we equate to the Letter B (make the bottom bigger than the top) to be the profile of a pregnant woman, then the "past tense of this present condition" becomes the word B'ed", or BED. Now the philosophical function of a "bed" as a word comes more into focus.

The BED is the past tense (location) of the present condition (a woman pregnant), latent life awaiting manifestations (BR)ED, another past tense of a present condition.

The GRA and the HOLY GRAIL

If I ask you the question, "Did he sail his boat today?", the word SAIL is implied to be in the "past tense". Equally, if someone "fails", then the word "fail" is, too, in the past tense.

In Illuminatus transposition systems, L's are at times equated to T's and by inference therefrom, are equated to D's. "D's" are oft used along with "N's" to represent "past tenses", as in "taken", "beholden", or "laughed". Yet when we study the words SAIL and FAIL, we note that these are too past tenses, so what then of the word GRAIL? If you are to be led from a word to a word, the words FAIL, SAIL, and GRAIL are all then "past tenses" of present conditions.

We then have to break out the roots of the letters, in this case FA, SA, and GRA respective. FA and SA would then (and do) have their own philosophic within the larger Construct, while GRA is an integral part of the larger geometrical and philosophical underpinning of the larger Illuminatus Philosophy.

So if we are in search of our Holy Grail, are we in search of a "past tense of a present condition"?

We must now begin to utilize all the available tools at our disposal. The first step is to solve for the basic word "GRA".

"GRA" means love in Gaelic. That is handy, considering that the "grail" is depicted as a "chalice" or "cup". "Cups" as a symbol have always been equated with "love" or "hearts". Yet we cannot forget that all of this goes back further to being but representations of an "acroamatic cipher". Hence in the creation of the "CUP" as a shape and the "HEART" as a shape, each is independently encoding the same letter, the Letter J.

We are then returning to the idea of "UNION", wherein to make a single person, we must take the letter J (10 as X) as a representation of male and female and combine it with the Letter J (10 as X) as representation of male and female. Thus the HEART as a J+J and the cup as a J mirored on a J are representing the same philosophical construction.

In this form of deconstruction, we are simply utilizing a vast knowledge of Gematria, but Gematria is not complete without the Geometric component. So we delve further into the Illuminatus System and find the following:

This is known as "the 32 Paths according to Gra". If you are patient, everything always starts to come together.

Because the "32 Paths according to Gra" remain a veiled system, for you cannot expect a pure release from a purely Occulted source, you should make the assumption that the paths as depicted have inherent and planned errors. What the "32 Paths according to Gra" properly show is the interlinking hexagons: the paths are scrambled and confused and set to Jewish (Setianists) concepts (a failure point as Osirian systems are not set to Jewish concepts and indeed are opposed to them).

Gematria is the tool used to put the paths into their proper placement.

In Gematria, we have the principal of "5=6". The Letters F and V create the word FiVe, and yet FiVe is located at position number 6 (see the Isisian Codes at the of this page). In the 32 Paths according to Gra, we have correctly the concept of 3-4-3 and the interlinking Hexagons. It is correct that that the depiction shows the interlinking hexagons. What is confused in the 32 Paths according to Gra are the paths themselves, for you must put the "Five" in the 6, or the Pentacle into the Hexagon. Further, the "tree" has to be cut down (becoming a garden) and laid on its side as shown here:

This, of course, is the Vesica Piscis, or the joining of two circles (individual units) into a whole single entity. Philosophical inquiries or foundations from this point can go in many different directions, from worldly pursuits to metaphysical journeys into the astral to metaphysical journeys into the self.

But since the Garden of Eden really says "that which is guarded", as "garden" and "guarded" are the same, we must cover our "Garden of Eden" with a Flaming Sword and Cherub (Cube), to reveal the Golden Branch, or the Philosopher's Stone.

We have completed our quest, as it were, and found our "Holy Gra-il", a geometric representation of the Vesica Piscis, complete with complex archetypal paths that lead one back to "self" and "self realization", a realization that leads one back to an understanding of one's communion and union with the Universe.



Gran curiosidad siento por entender las palabras que aquĂ­ se comparten. Su ayuda muy necesaria es. Gracias.

Anonymous said...

dennis.. i saw the masonic symbol too, but the angle is wrong on the square..they do this with the star of david too, but the angle is also wrong for the square.

Nailah Baniti said...

This was very informative. Made much sense


Marc Jones said...

What about the paths make sense!? I've yet to read anything anywhere that shows it's something other than arbitrary (including golden dawn etc). Perhaps some inroads in the above with pent and hex. But so far, there's zilch on this blog about paths themselves.

But I was wondering about the 9 in light of 5 and 6 as per above. Doesn't seem to reciprocate. Could be seen as IN EN or in N. Nein? It might be in N as in 14 or 10, or the 1 and 0.

32 (or 22) paths and 26 letters.