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Friday, March 14, 2008

Hermetic Qaballa and the Summative Value of Number

I spend hours and hours in research on this subject, and that is on a daily basis. The reasons are many, but not the least of which is that knowledge and its synthesis tends to be acquired exponentially, even as the mechanism to learning any particular craft begins cumulatively. Without a doubt, such factors to learning applies to acquiring an insight into Hermetic Qaballa.

Hermetic Qaballa is really a Philosophy of Number set against Letters. It is exceptionally complex and beyond the capacity of the untrained and impossible to the unaware, yet Hermetic Qaballa becomes incredibly simple and beautiful to the knowing and aware.

Hermetic Qaballa is predicated upon the basic thesis that Letters are fused to Numbers are fused to Sounds. Each of these elements are inseperable. The properties of number, affixed as they are to archetypical realities, too then are fused to Letters, which too have their archetypal properties.

A comprehensive knowledge (the Apperception of the Conceptual) of this philosophy (Osirian or Speculative Masonry) can only be effected through an exponential component, while still a comprehensive knowledge can be acquired through cumulative processes.

In the cumulative nature of learning, we build upon one idea and move to the next. First there is A and then there is B and then there is C and so forth. A has it's properties and B has it's and so forth. The process is akin to memorizing charts of information while lacking the ability to fuse the constituent parts into a comprehensive system.

This basic element to learning, too, can be abused, and we should take care to note that our Philosophy of Number allows for basic and inherent truths to be discerned free from error providing we understand completely the Construction and the principle behind same. Thus although we may find vast elements of our knowledge fused to Thelema and the Golden Dawn, we recognize that because of certain faults in the foundation, the cumulative knowledge still has it's faults and must be isolated and further refined.

Our interests are not to conjure up ghosts; rather, we seek a comprehensive understanding of reality.

Thus we must build a note upon a note, hearing the A and the C# and the E and then discerning how this is an A Major chord, and so forth. Thus we begin the process of transformational learning, a process which can be viewed as being "exponential" in property.

The Summative Value of Number

In a cumulative nature of learning, we may view the Letters as if they are "Summative Values". The Letter A, for example, has an Ordinal Value of 1, in that its placement in the Alphabet is at position 1. In the Summative Value of a Letter, Letters are added from 1:n (their letter placement in the Alphabet). Hence, B, being placed at position number 2, will have a summative value of 1:2, or 1+2=3.

Since Letters are fused to Numbers are fused to Sounds, we can readily note that the shape of the Letter B is derived or utilizing the glyphs for the concept known as "one" and the concept known as "three". Hence B is comprised of the glyph "1" and the glyph "3", contracted and fused together, hiding as it were its actual mathematical formula that is the basis of its construction.

B = 2 = 1 + 2 = 3

That such a concept is being used in Initiatory Systems should not be questioned by the serious student, but for those who seek some confirmation, the above diagram from Aleister Crowley's "Liber VIII" should show such clear enough. That Crowley was fusing the Summative Value to the Hebrew Letters was perhaps his fatal error or his clever misdirection, but those who read here clear should be under no delusions: the Summative Value is Key to the Design of English and a System based on the 26.

Hence the Letter D, too, can be shown to be derived from or to be utilizing the mathematical formula to arrive at "the Summative Value", or for which Crowley referred to as "mystic numbers".

D = 4 = 1+2+3+4=10

Again, each of these values and numbers have affixed to the a series of archetypal knowledge fused to them, and their combinations, divisions, etc., form a comprehensive Hermetic, or "sealed", knowledge that can really only be ascertained after knowledge becomes acquired "exponentially".

For example, in the Number 10, or the Letter D, we simply turn the glyph 90 left degrees to reveal the Sun as it appears at sunrise or sunset. By simply noting that D turned 90 degrees to the left becomes as the sun as it rises on the HORIZON, we begin the process of exponential learning. Thus the 1 of the D is the "HORIZON" while the O of the D is the Sun itself. Thus the 1 and the O return us to Pi, and further, we can note that the very word HORIZON was a very simple and yet clever code:

H = The Greek Letter Pi
ON = ONe = ONE = 1

Or the Code of H (the Letter Pi) is comprised of the O and the 1 (H ORIZ ON).

Yet it is not possible to see the trandimensional way in which WORDS work unless we have acquired a vast catalogue of data AND we understand the multi-dimensionality of the puzzle called "reality" that lies before us.

Crowley, Thelema, Summative Values, and the Pi Proportion

That much of what is Hermetic Qaballa is really being secreted in Thelema and various works by Crowley and the agents and workers behind the concept that would become Thelema can be readily inferred once one has a firm grasp (to the extent possible) of just what Hermetic Qaballa really is comprised. That PI is integral to the whole of the Illuminatus System (Setian or Osirian)too becomes readily apparent with knowledge of the design. However, much can be inferred through a comprehensive tearing down (destorying) of what became Thelema and the inherent intended corruptions within,

For example, Crowley writes in "The Equinox of the Gods, Chapter 7",

"Now I knew that in the value of the letters of ALHIM, "the Gods," the Jews had concealed a not quite correct value of [pi], the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, to 4 places of decimals: 3.1415; nearer would be 3.1416. If I prefix our Key, 31, putting [sun, moon], Set or Satan, before the old Gods, I get 3.141593, [pi] correct to Six places, Six being my own number and that of Horus the Sun."

Equally, Crowley revealed further the extent to which Summative Values are employed in the Illuminatus System when he stated in the same document,

"and this card is my special card, for I am Baphomet, "the Lion and the Serpent," and 666, the "full number" of the Sun. (The "magical numbers" of the Sun are, according to tradition, 6, (6 x 6)=36, (666 / 111, and [epsilon] (1-36)=666.)"

That CROWLEY would affix the number "666" to himself really is not a big deal if you understood the Summative Value of Letter. In the word CROWLEY, we can infer that the Y is silent (actually the energy is spinning on the Y and so the number of CROWLEY as 666 is a half truth), and so by invoking the Summative Value of Number, we can show the following:

C = 3 = 6
R = 18 = 171
O = 15 = 120
W = 23 = 276
L = 12 = 78
E = 5 = 15


So to people unawares as to the Nature of the Construct and who are easily deceived equally by number (NUMB being a composite reality to NUMBER), in an Initiated System, that CROWLEY was "the Beast" as his number was "666" could be seen as a literal truth invoking a series of rules to the larger Craft.

Further, Crowley essentially gives away the actual core of the Illuminatus System in that he speaks of the 6, the 66 (6x6=36), and the 666. Yet in spite of sometimes insightful genius, Crowley utterly fails to deal specifically with the Design and the Construct, preferring as it were to change it to fit some Daemon rather than elevate the truth.

Thus Crowley was obviously a Setian agent and on the dark side of the Illuminatus System and so the study of his work can only be useful to a limited degree.

Examples of Summative Values in Language

There are many words that utilize the Summative Value.

The most obvious is the word SUN, where S can be shown in the Isisian Codes to have a value of 3 and N a value of 5. Thus the Summative Value of 6 is 21, and 21 is the U Letter, and so SUN = 3(Sum of 1:)65, or the number of days that the Earth takes to orbit the SUN. The Letter U, being placed at the Summative Value of 6, is often equated to a 6 in many a word.

Another Summative Code is the word INRI from the JESUS set of mythologies.


I+N+R+I = 45+105+171+45 = 366, or another number indicative of the Sun.

Obviously, in a blog of this nature, all that can provided is a flavor for what is really going on in the fabrication of concepts and ideas around numbers and sounds, but I trust this article will provide further insights into the nature of the Construct and will assist the interested to gain an appreciation for what is the apperception of the conceptual.


Anonymous said...

No point in commenting but I can't help myself. There are turns you take, here and there, that seem to be a bit too arbitrary. Like dropping the Y in Crowley. Or as in the last article the starting at I and adding 12 to get U...

I still don't see the reason you Started at I (to then count 12). Unless it's because of the aeiou thing but that exercise didn't quite follow That specific sequence.

Seems to be that once you are familiar with the construct... you can then read back in to things or have a better idea in how to um, contrive towards a suitable outcome.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I C what U mean with the Y.

But still wondering about the last article where U started counting at I (+12).

Just before that you counted 2, from P to O... Tho N to O is same.

It seems like U did that as I said above. You know what you're looking for so contrive accordingly. But we see other the other artifacts with much less contrivance.

So yeah, this is utterly different from ALL my previous efforts around alphabets. I'm thus wondering how Actual letter usage today plays into all this.

It seems to be an entirely "different" system or perhaps an Aspect of a larger framework.