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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Corporate Occult Logos - Fast Food Insights

Ever since the article "Corporate Logos as Occult Symbols, the Vesica Piscis", I have received numerous requests to expand on the topic of Occult symbols embed into corporate logos. but have, until now, resisted the temptation to take an easy route to explaining the Construct.

Recognizing occult symbols in corporate logos is really not so difficult.

Logos, and on a deeper level, Letters, invite inquiry. From the time they are invoked, they stand as silent sentinels beckoning the inquisitive to peer behind their meanings. Logos incorporate the intended messages and culture of the corporation. Letters invoke the intended messages and thoughts of a collective mass culture.

That meanings of Letters remain hidden implies simply that the Letters themselves are critical elements and tools of the Occult. The Occult, derived as it is from the word "occultation", or the hiding of a heavenly body by another heavenly body, tells you that the Occult consists of two primary elements: that which conceals and that which reveals.

If you cannot comprehend such a conceptual, transpose the conceptual to the shadow of the Earth crossing the moon. The shadow reveals and conceals in equal measure. This is the nature of the Occult.

In case such a statement puzzles you, perhaps it is best to peer deeper into the game in play: the elucidation of formulae reveals a triumph of the language and its genius. So long as the hidden codes contribute to the enlightening of the populace, or provide us with an opportunity to share in a larger philosophy that unites all, the attempt to villainize what belongs to all remains strange at best.

Understand then the mighty Oak Tree. When the Sun is at its lowest, it is completely devoid of leaves, but when the Sun is at its highest, the leaves are so thick as to block out the Sun. This is the way of nature and this is the way of the Occult. Consequently, too, it is the way of life. The "might Oak" provides a glimpse into the "scales of Ma'at" via a splendid display of Nature.

Our Letters are the "Alphabet of Nature". Our Letters are they which "preserve life". So one should not be so naive to assume that the use of the OAK leaf in the logo for the "Nature Conservancy" did not indeed know precisely why and what was being done through the invoking of the symbol.

There are 11 asymmetrical letters. This is the Letter K.
There are 15 symmetrical letters. This is the Letter O.

The "mighy Oak", and all the Occult properties fused within the symbol, are embodied in the very letters of the language that make up our 26 digit system. Our philosophy, a philosophy of life, are wed and embed into the Alphabet. Corporate logos serve to preserve and spread "our God".

It is not nearly as sinister as many make it out to be.

KFC, the Royal Arch, and the "Preservation of Life"

And, as I travel in and around Amman, Jordan, surrounded as one is by an Arabic world, it amazes me as to the success of our Letters. Clearly, corporate branding has aided in this process just as surely as corporate branding has served to preserve our underlying philosophical system.

More: as I drive around the city of Amman, it amazes me at how subtly we have been able to embed our philosophy through the very discreet medium known as "the Corporate Logo".

Take this photo of a "Kentucky Fried Chicken" on the main road called "Shara Zahran", in a district called Sweifieh.

Notice the KFC standing silently before the mosque.

Now understand the Occult significance.

The "Royal Arch" plays a dominant role in some areas of Speculative Freemasonry. What the Royal Arch is, at the end of the day, is the mathematics behind the full conceptual circle created from the wobble of the Earth's axis on its orbit. The exact OCCULT NUMBER is derived from Plato's Timaeus and is given a value of 25920 years.

This period is known as "the Great Year", or "the Platonic Cycle".

The Great Year, when set against its Pi Proportion, is simply the conceptual diameter created by the diameter (in time) of the Earth's wobble on its axis. In other words, simply divide the 25920 by 2 to arrive at the conceptual "pi proportion".

25920/2 = 12960 Years.

Set this number back against the Letters and

L = 12
I = 9
F = 6
E = (1+2+3+4+5=15 Letter) = O letter

LIFE = 12960 Years.


This formula is derived traditionally from the Letter AJK.

A = 1
J = 10
K = 11

AJK = 11011

You must then SUM the 11's as follows:

11 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11 = 66

Consequently, AJK = 11011 = 66066 = 6*6*6*6*10 = 12960 Years. This, of course, is "the Circle of Life"

Now look at the LOGO again for KFC.

K = 11
F = 6
C = (1+2+3=)6

KFC = 6666 = 6*6*6*6*(10) = 12960 Years = The Royal Arch

Quietly, and ever so efficiently, the KFC logo stands as a form of beacon, effectively preserving an occulted philosophy caste in the language against a code so ingeniously crafted that it is nigh impossible to extinguish.

Popeye's and "Spinach"

Another brand that carries a form of Occult code is that of "Popeyes". The word "POPEYES" may be broken down into multiple meanings, but for the masses, POPEYES is wed to the cartoon wherein "POPEYES the SAILOR" gains strength from eating a can of spinach.

This form of comprehensive or complex code works via the use of repetition to fuse the POPEYE to that of the SAILOR to that of the SPINACH.

You may equate the SAILOR with the "say lore", or the "spoken word traditions" wherein the "sailor" carries the flag of the "the Anchor", which is the Letter T

The operative word here is the word "SPINACH".

In order to overcome the more powerful force, you must "eat" your spinach, or, in a more simplistic expression, you must learn to "SPIN ACH", wherein ACH is the Letter H, which is Pi.

Pop Pi.

Hardees Means What It Says

Hardees is one of the codes that are so simple as to be, well, simple. Hardees is the brand that in some parts is known as "Carl's Junior", but as "Hardees", becomes a rather ingenious code.

Hardees is always associated with the 5 pointed star. The 5 pointed star is derived from Phi (and hence implies Pi). The number 5 is represented by the Letter E for E is the 5th letter of the Alphabet.

The Letter E is the proposition "if", and "if" we reverse the word IF, we arrive at the letters FI(ve).

It is not as if this is difficult, but it sure as heck is not taught in schools even as it is so clearly designed as to be overtly assumable.

As HARDEES, we have HEART E's, or the "weighing of the Scales of Ma'at", for which it is the heart that is weighed.

This picture from "Resurrect Isis.Org" provides the reasoning and is something I too had concluded many many years ago.

That the lower case "e" is comprised of the "diameter" and the "circle" hints at the relationship of E to Pi equally. Although E is represented in Mathematics as that of Phi, and Pi is represented in English as the Letter H, what is clear is that if one is to have a sudden awakening or awareness of insight, the word is called


Or more profanely - an "epiphany".

To close out this article...

What belongs to all transcends all cultures and so it matters not how the imagery is preserved, so long as it has been preserved. Such was the traditional way of viewing the preservation of the underlying code. Hence the code was fused to alcoholic beverages, gambling, and other forms of vices.

The code was and remains the philosophy. It is a philosophy that has the power to reveal the dark deceptions that lie within and hence lead one to a rational view of what is philosophically called "the truth".

The attainment of this knowledge is best acquired through an intense self search through trial and error and testing using reason and intelligence. That is is based on math and the reasoning used in geometry makes the science attainable.

That the knowledge exists in symbols and logos nearly everywhere is a testament to the work and skill of they who performed and laid down the foundation.

You can vilify the information, or you can seek to learn of its underlying structure and use it lift up others as well as yourself.

Such was the original intended purpose of they who caste it down.


Eugene said...

Marke Pawson in his most excellent work Gematria word plays that gematria gametes, seed falling.

Another astounding collection of insights oh driver in cab-of-allah. How easy thy fare. How unfair we are to see it. Thou are blessed!

Anonymous said...

You said:
"Hardees is the brand that in some parts is known as "Carl's Junior", but as "Hardees", becomes a rather ingenious code.

Hardees is always associated with the 5 pointed star."

Actually, you have this backwards. The star logo originated with Carl's Jr. It did not appear at Hardee's until they were bought out in 1997 by CKE Restaurants, the parent of Carl's Jr.

Patmos Post said...

McDonalds Arches in a TV commercial are shown as a "Goats Head" or "Baphomet" symbol. You can see a photo of this on www.theguardpost.typepad.com[second page]

Anonymous said...

I don't really understand some of the assumptions you make as they seem contrived while other parts of your article do seem to make sense. However, I think that you are only posting theories and NOT magickal practise! I used your "so called" Isinian codes and used the idea of Gematria with the alphabet and lining the letters with alpha numeric significance both forward AND backwards in accordance with the first 33 digits of pi. Since doing so a long time ago, I've been plagued by a VERY negative astral force that proceeded to attack me relentlessly over and over!! As a result of this I can only surmise one of two things: either you are spouting philosophical theory only and have never put to magickal practise your theories, or, you do know what you're talking about and are secretly a sataanist. Either way, I advise anyone on this site to veer as far away as possible from your so called "insight" which when put to magick evokes altogether different forces that are extremely malvolent!!!!

Dennis Fetcho said...

Let me add another bit of insight.

The anonymous comment regarding the negative astral energies...is something that others have reported to me. I would say the primary issue in this respect is that my system is designed to banish negative energies that are affixed to humans and that these negative agents will do all in their power to keep their "milch cow" from turning into the light.

One must consider that the negative forces are working overtime to keep a soul enmeshed - and this phenomena is not a product of my work but rather a product of opposing astral entities seeking to keep their human capital from accessing the information and becoming more aware.

Unknown said...

"I've been plagued by a VERY negative astral force that proceeded to attack me relentlessly over and over!!"

I can relate to this. I do not think it is any one system, Overall. Meaning, you will most certainly experience differently when perusing say Enochian back to back with Runes...

However, deeply pondering material like this without conscious attempts at grounding now and then can make one ungrounded. This is an invitation for astral critters. When you get really ungrounded you can believe in any ridiculous thing that presents itself - leading one down yet another road of pot holes.

But check your natal chart and transits.

Moving on... So E is a preposition!

But as I've been mentioning all along, all this is based on some apparently accidental arrays. Such as the tilt of earth's axis... So much in the above is Based on that Tilt - Wobble = Preccession = Great Year - Zodiacal Signs - Astro Theology...

Yet the Inuit Indians have found that the earth's tilt has in fact (recently) changed. So the retort is that it is moot... Well what if earth got a bit more of a shove? It would change Everything.

Maybe THAT is the point! We are, might be, living on a razor's edge.... A precipice over Kaos.