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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Esoteric Code of AUTUMN

I would like to start this article by sending out a tremendous thanks for all the support. The Illuminatus Observor continues to grow and has been over 1000 visitors per week for the past three weeks, and we missed by a total of 1 reaching the 1500 page views for the week mark, which would have been a milestone for this site. So to all of you from all over the world who have sent your emails and information, it has not gone un-noticed. The information is logged and saved, perhaps too complex for me to solve and write about, but of great curiousity regardless.

In addition, I would like to thank all of the Synchromystic authors who have been linking to some of my articles within your work. I do encourage all of you who enjoy this site to take some time and review some of the information provided by those authors in the Synchromystic genre located on the tool bar to the right.

Now without further adeiu.

The Esoteric Code of AUTUMN

There is something absolutely magical about AUTUMN. It is indeed my favorite time of year. I still recall fond childhood memories of living on a tree covered street and watching the leaves change color, dry, then softly drift to the ground. Still, this was the suburbs of Los Angeles. Better yet were dreams of Vermont or New Hampshire; how I loved to flip the calendar to September and October and marvel at the colors that highlight this time of year.

However, the words FALL and AUTUMN puzzled me.

FALL, actually, no. It's inherent meaning is rather simple. As the Sun "fell" in the sky heading towards the Winter Solstice, the use of the term FALL made pretty astute sense. Much of English does when you think about it. "Leaves" which "leave" a tree at the time of Autumn are just one of those rather self evident craftings built into the language.

But AUTUMN would puzzle me for quite a few decades - not content as I am to accept the simple ramblings of organized academia. I know that they who were behind English were a bit more complex as a general rule than is commonly referred to in the mass market known as public education.

It was Gematria and codes that fascinated me. It was shapes and sounds and placement of letters that held interest. Knowing my ABC's seemed a bit childish. Clearly such a powerful tool as an Alphabet held deeper secrets, and clearly a language as powerful and universal as English was so for reasons few can comprehend.

Gematria and English Qaballa would serve well in providing a rational explanation for AUTUMN, and this article will reveal some of the rational processes through which the Esoteric Code of Autumn may be deciphered.

Gematria and English Qaballa

Manley P. Hall wrote in Secret Teachings of All Ages,

NO treatise which deals with symbolism would be complete without a section devoted to the consideration of cryptograms. The use of ciphers has long been recognized as indispensable in military and diplomatic circles, but the modern world has overlooked the important rôle played by cryptography in literature and philosophy. If the art of deciphering cryptograms could be made popular, it would result in the discovery of much hitherto unsuspected wisdom possessed by both ancient and mediæval philosophers.

That Manley P. Hall was hinting at discovery "of much hitherto wisdom" precludes the idea that just maybe Manley P. Hall, allied as he was with Osirian Masonic systems, was already versed in Pi as the Omnific Word and how this concept was encoded into a series of ciphers set over time. That words were set into ciphers deals directly with GEMATRIA, for GEMATRIA includes the planned and concsious crafting of esoteric formulae into words.

This esoteric formulae may or may not be fused to other words, and further still, whole phrases may or may not be fused to other whole phrases. Regardless, the general accepted rules of GEMATRIA include a component whereby words of equal value must by their numerical equivalency share in some esoteric linkage.

Thus the word ISIS, having a value of 56, has to be esoterically linked to SPEECH, which too has a value of 56, while OSIRIS, with a value of 89, would be esoterically linked to another word with a value of 89, that of RELIGION. The former would become known as the Oral Traditions, as represented by the TAROT, while RELIGION would be loosely represented by the TORAT, at least in one philosophical vein of thinking.

TORAT is opposed to TAROT.

Isis would TAROT would be Osirian and English, while Torat would be Setian would Hebrew. Dig deep into Crowley's work and you will find this concept hinted upon.

English Qaballa in no way should be viewed in a narrow concept as advanced by Crowlian adherents, however. The FACT is - there are 100's of cataloqued ciphers over the years. Any cipher pattern affixed and attributed to the Hebrew equally may be applied to English or any other mathematically based Alphabet. Still, English is more complex and readily "revealable".

What makes English so effective is that it is concsiously constructed and fused to a larger and hidden philosophy, complete with ciphers within ciphers and meanings upon meanings. It is said that "to put English on the Q ball" is to inject a planned spin in order to effect a planned outcome THAT ENABLES A FURTHER PLANNED attack, agenda, or way forward.

The philosophy behind all this make up the Qaballa component, upon which there is a "spin" component. A leaf of a tree in plural becomes "leaves", and when AUTUMN arrives, the "leaves" leave the tree, and yet in the word LEAVE we have the phonetics of EL (as ADM) and EVE who too "leave" the Garden of Eden, and so forth. Each Letter. Each Word. Each Archetype. All contain within them components of the larger philosophy that leads one back to a recovery of "the Word", which is Pi.

AUTUMN is no different - nor should it be expected to be so.

Temurah and Notaricon

Since Gematria more often than not entails the planned and concsious encrypting of esoteric formulae into the many words that make up the language, especially as they pertain to "sacred nomenclatures", then what follows is a necessity to understand the methodolies in play so that one may solve for the words.

English Qaballa and Gematria works very much like the game of billiards, and all the English and spin required to effectively play the game have their constituent components in Esoteric English. When you approach the cue ball (a word), you have to recognize its position on the table and the desired location of where you want the ball to come to rest, based further, as it may, within the rules of the game.

Putting "English" on the cue ball is very much the same as applying Temurah and Notaricon to any given series of words. Gematria, on the other hand, is akin to simply hitting the ball straight with no spin whatsoever. Sometimes this is the best approach to solving a word, but more often than not, some element of spin is required if one is to be able to effect the most beneficial outcome. So just as English is always required to properly play billiards, so too are the concepts of Temurah and Notaricon required in order to solve for the esoteric formulae encoded into words.

Temurah is really no more complicated than spinning one or more of the letters based their position relative to the whole of the word. Words must be viewed in context, with the underlying thesis that you are viewing a mathematical formula:

Letters are symbols of sounds. The letter X is a symbol of the sound EKS. It is also the Roman numeral signifying ten; in mathematics
it signifies any unknown quantity. Thus it means different things in different places. The school boy struggling with algebra does
not think of X as meaning ten or a part of the word extra, or example; to him it means a number he must find. If on the title page of a book you read "Published MCMX" you understand the book was printed in 1910; the X here is not EKS, nor is it a number to be found by algebraic calculation. The meaning depends here on the location, and the use.

Thus in the word SUN, we see that S is a 3 and N is a 5, and so the Letter U must be encoded as its value summation from 1:6, which is 21, which is the U letter, and thus is given a value of 6, showing that SUN is 365. In this way does SOL have a value of S=3, O=6, while in this case, L must have a value of 50, revealing SOL = 3650, or 365.

Each of the above examples is a Temurah component, placing words into mathematical context and then returning them to the astronomical equivalents that then reveal the inherent truth within the word as encoded.

Argue as you may, you cannot move the formula.

SUN and SOL each equal 365. If you do not apply "English" to the words SUN and SOL, and tried any given set of "add em up" systems (pure Gematria as hitting the ball straight with no spin), you will lose the inherent value and esoteric meaning. That is the same as hitting the cue ball, getting the target ball into a hole (for you will arrive at your intended result relative to the word), but scratching the cue ball in the process.

You lose control.

NOTARICON, on the other hand, recognizes that Letters are words within themselves. Thus the letter B is linked to "to", "two" and "too" equally, even as 2B or not 2B remains the question. C is linked to See and Sea the same, and further may be found imbedded archetypes as C is Sea is the Occult is De-CE-ption, while R is ARE is to be is linked and fused to 2 as referenced in the Isisian (Speech) Codes.

The word CRYSTAL, then, may be broken down into a Notaricon code of

C = See


CRYSTAL as SEE OUR WISE TALE is a pure usage of Notaricon. Fuse Notaricon to Temurah to Gematria and you have the genius of the Esoteric Code of AUTUMN.

The Esoteric Code of AUTUMN

The Esoteric Code of AUTUMN is covered in "Pi and the Pagan Calendar", so if you want a different perspective, perhaps you may wish to check out that article equally. However, let me try another way to help the interested in gaining awareness.

The 26 Letters of the English Alphabet represent 1/2 of the Calendar Year of 52 Weeks. The start point of the representation is the Letter T, which then is fused against the Solstices. Thus at the Winter Solstice, the word SOL'S T ICE being your key word in that SOL'S T is Summer T and T ICE is the Winter T, it is said that Osiris is born, which then becomes the birth of Jesus in the Setian systems. The day of death was set traditionally on the 22 day of December, wherin Osiris as the Sun is interred in the Earth for 3 days, and then "rises again" or is "born" on December 25.

The day of his "death" is the Winter Solstice, or December 22. This 22 date is then fused to the T letter, located as it is at the 7 Letter of the second half of the Alphabet, to reveal the fraction of

22/7 = 3.1428571 = Recipricol 7 Pi.

13 weeks after the Winter Solstice comes the arrival of the SPRING EQUINOX. Now EQUINOX is an interesting word, seeing how all the gold of the American government is stored in vaults at FORT KNOX.


NOX is a code for SUN, thus the EQUI-NOX is the EQUI SUN, or the day where the Sun crosses the Equator and thus day and night are in equilibrium. I am sure you see LIBER and the scales and LIBRA in the word EQUI-LIBRIUM.

This day is represented by the 13th letter after the start of T. Thus:


G represents the Sun as it crosses the equator. The C is the sphere of the Earth while the T is equator line. This day again is located on the 22 day of March, while G is the 7th letter, revealing what?

The fraction 22/7 = 3.1428571 = Recipricol 7 Pi = The Word.

6 weeks after the Spring Equinox is May Day, or Beltaine. 6 Letters after G is:


The Letter sequence MNO, or 131415, or Pi.

Take this formula to other side of the year, and 6 weeks after the Fall Equinox is the holiday of Holloween, which is then again the letters MNO = 131415.

Now you can solve for the Esoteric Code of AUTUMN - if you use Temurah, Notaricon, and Gematria.

The Isisian Codes reveal the following:

A has a value of 1
U has a value of 5
T has a value of 4
U has a value of 5
M has a value of 13
N has a value of 14

Since we know we need to return everything back to "the Word", we may leave MN as 1314 as Pi as the Word. This is the Gematria component, sans the "adding up" of the Letters.

This reveals the following:


Since we know that the marking points are the Solstices and the Equinoxes, and these are marked further by major holidays of May Day/Beltaine and Holloween, we can see that the formula becomes self evident - IF WE USE NOTARICON!!!

AUTU(1314) = (15)TO1314 = (1+5=6) TO MN = 6 TO MN (1314)

The use of the Letter TU to represent the word TO is a NOTARICON component.

The AU shows that the letter placement is a 1 and 5 respective, and since we know that it is 6 weeks to the Letters MN, in that G represents the AU-TU-MN equinox, we can show that A+U = 1+5 = 6 weeks TO MN.

This provides you with but another example of how to apply English Qaballa to deciphering the hidden meanings encoded into words. AUTUMN is a placement code, revealing the precise location of where the Letters should be (in case a darker force seeks to destroy the knowledge?)

Now I am going to enjoy the Solstice and prepare for the Winter months ahead.

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Marc Jones said...

I was perusing info on Pi and see it's a definition, not a theorem. And that there was a plethora of alternative formulas. The latest, looking nothing like 3.14, has been used to track it to ten million places. From what I saw, the closest thing to the 3.14 formula was found by a Chinese man.