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Monday, July 11, 2011

Inside the Eye Reader Comments and Questions

We are currently in the middle of our fund raising drive so we can increase our bandwidth at Inside the Eye, the podcast companion to the Illuminatus Observor. If you enjoy the podcast and can make a donation, please consider again doing so now and of course, thanks to everyone who has already made donations - your contributions to improving the service are really appreciated.

To donate, we are using Chipin and so far we have raised US$37.50 of a required US$125.00 as of this writing on July 10, 2011.

Letter Transpositions - the Main Theme of the Show

A lot of time is spent explaining the rational function of letter transpositions and how these letter transpositions form interlocking cipher wheels within the Alphabet.

Listen in while the Fetch shares his unique insights into the Occult nature of English and Hermetic Qaballa.
MultiMedia Offerings - Help with the Technology!

The easiest way to learn about the Art of Hermetic Qaballa (English Qaballa) is through the Spoken Word traditions - someone explaining the concepts in detail until the "light bulb turns on" and one is ready for the next phase in one's development.

Fortunately, with the Internet and digitizing technology, whole presentations can be streamed of files saved and downloaded into any interested persons home or office or library and so one can learn far more rapidly than in days of old.

But this technology is not free. If you would like to donate any digital technology or make a donation - a digitizing tablet (electronic chalk board as it were) is the priority, please make a donation today. Any funds received will be reinvested into technology to bring the presentation of the Isisian Codes to the next level!

Thanks for making the Illuminatus Observor and Inside the Eye premier sites of their kind on the world wide web!


Anonymous said...

"Monday, July 11, 2011" and "Posted by Dennis Fetcho at 11:11 AM"
That was agood one :)

Now I'm really sorry but I have not heard the show so excuse me if I repeat anything that is obvious for a person who has heard the show.
I came to think of frequencies when I saw the picture with the scale. I wonder if you are familiar with the theories of Leonard Horowitz concerning sound and the changing of the frequencies for western music. If not check out his intwerview on Red Ice and do a search for some info. Really interesting stuff from this strange man. I've tried tuning guitars according to his theories and have gotten spontanious reactions from musicians saying stuff like; "it sounds beautiful", while only playing really simple tones.
The reason I felt the need to write about this is also that I came to think of him saying that the english language is basically hebrew reversed, while listening to you talking with Kyle Hunt about the English Kabballah some hours ago. Strange man.

I was also thinking of how you give me a feeling of hope in the interviews I've heard (Kyle Hunt, Celtic Rebel).

Thanks for sharing all the stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hi from -sky-

:) I really do hope you get all the money you need for a great performance of great truth.

We all would appreciate a future with your knowledge - continuing and growing as our own lives grow - With the technology advancement. IF you dont have the proper gear and we do how will we hear or see your work?


PS I think your podcast is skipping? It could be me.....but I dont think so? This podcast -- the latest one.

AND I really dig the answering the comments -- That is a show into itself on a regular basis and really no other site has that. I do think you have a winner :)

*chuckles at word to type in "shplemed " wth ?? heh*