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Friday, June 24, 2011

Illuminatus Observor - Call for Donations

As many of you know, the Illuminatus Observor is simply the finest site for a contemporary view into the world of Hermetic Qaballa. The Occult insights available at the Illuminatus Observor are, in many respects, the leading edge of qaballistic studies. Some have commented that the Illuminatus Observor is simply the "torch bearer" in the world of Qaballah today.

What is better - all the information contained at the Illuminatus Observor is made freely available. The information has clearly been received beyond expectations. Its popularity and growth has been personally rewarding.

Along with this growth comes the need to expand the "franchise" - the knowledge and information, and means of educating and teaching the concepts at a higher level.

To do this requires continued investment in the product and franchise in both time and resources. The time is "on me" - your assistance in bringing forth required resources is an appreciated ingredient.

We are currently raising US$240 for the purchase of multimedia production and digitizing equipment. This technology will be used to expand into the education and publication of course material which will be available on a separate (already acquired) website. For those of you who have benefited from the knowledge and insights available, you are encouraged to please make a donation for this new era in the advancement of the Isisian Codes.

The link to contribute to the multi-media digitizing technology is here:

Alternatively - if you have multimedia equipment you would be interested in donating, contact me at "thefetch@hotmail.com".

Inside the Eye Bandwidth and Account Upgrade

Inside the Eye remains perhaps the most successful and popular podcast covering the Hermetic Qaballa arts. This is great news except that new content involves supporting a large number of downloads and listeners.

In order to be able to continue to add shows and support the current listener base - and of course new listeners daily, it is really necessary to increase the bandwidth download allotment.

The current allotment is 50 Gb of file transfer per month. Each of the primary files is 10-12 MB per file and the new Interview Series requires 25-50 MB, depending on whether the file is formatted to support advertising at Podbean.

Inside the Eye regularly receives between 1500 - 2000 episode hits per month - which would increase if new content is added. The issue is any increase in traffic will utilize the entire monthly bandwidth allotment (currently 88% as of June 23) long before the month ends - effectively putting Inside the Eye "off the air" - or the digital waves.

Your contribution here will ensure that new material can be produced AND Inside the Eye will remain available on a month to month basis. The proposed account will have un-metered download and limited but acceptable levels of monthly episode storage.

Please donate here to aid in this project.

There are a few new and exciting developments in discussion. The point is to bring the knowledge and principles found at the Illuminatus Observor to a larger audience. This requires a more focused and professional level of presentation.

You can help make that possible!

Ultimately, this effort is a recognition of the years of support and the continued success of this franchise will be found on your continued support.

So donate to either or both project requirements today!

Thanks again for all the years of support!


Kal Dani said...

Check out my occult research on prince william and dont forget to look at my new article which is even stranger:


Thanks, bye

Anonymous said...

Thanks Fetch....U have our support...

Dennis Fetcho said...

Thanks - everyone send what they can. The truth of the matter is this franchise, when you add in software, computer time, bandwidth, hardware, etc, runs around US$1000 per year to operate at current levels.

Inside the Eye cannot operate at this current level and will need to be upgraded to handle planned increase in content.

Blogger is free, but a planned website will allow for a more organized and commercially feasible presentation...

The knowledge is provided free - but anyone who can help defray costs helps the franchise grow...so do donate if you can.

Thanks for the donation from Laura F on the Digitizing Presentation hardware...and always always thanks still for your support...

PhilDeGrave said...

Hey Dennis, I'd love to support your work and will do what I can. My problem is that I have extracted myself from all money systems other than physical cash. Maybe I should try a pre-pay card or something.

BTW,If you use the minimum required Google ads, you should easily be able to generate $1000 per year. The site that I'm involved in developing has pulled in that much in the last year.

And also was wondering if you were aware of this: http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2011/06/28/perfect-day-for-a-pi-fight/

Yesterday was Tau day. ???
Was wondering if there's any reason mainstream wackademia would not accept any progress in geometric mathematics. That is, If this new system of calculating the properties of a circle is found to be better. Do you think breaking away from π would weaken or affect their esoteric powers?