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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Inside the Eye Interview Series - Floyd Anderson

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Floyd Anderson is an independent film producer and lone star news and alternative media aggregator from Austin, capitol of the Lone Star State.

Floyd Anderson and I go a long ways back, back to a time when my main access to share my ideas on Gematria and the Isisian Codes was various Internet forums where the content was of interest. I met Floyd at "GNN.TV", a site run by three guys with close ties to the Ford Foundation. This was a time when Jewish media assets (and GNN.TV was certainly just one of many) were being used to sell the 9-11 story and to engage in all manner of effort to preserve the Kabballistic 9-11 formula/story.

These interviews are quite entertaining and contain some revealing personal interest and historical context to the environment within which the Isisian Codes was developed.

You can catch Floyd's write-up and thoughts on the Interview at "Rabbit Hole 3".

Interview Series - Floyd Anderson, Seg 1

In this segment, we speak much about 9-11, GNN.TV, and the early days of what was essentially a Zionist/Jewish agenda of suppressing free speech through elimination of user accounts on mass market forums, and the collective realization that if we all want to preserve our own unique perspectives and ideas, it was and remains paramount that we continue to innovate and communicate as is a part of our great esoteric traditions.

This is a great listen for anyone that would like to peer into a snapshot of the wave of events that has brought about a sea change in the relations and perceptions of free thinkers relative to the mass market media, a media essentially beholden to foreign interests.

Interview Series - Floyd Anderson, Seg 2

In this segment, we spend some time discussing what is one of the "hearts" of the alternative media/conspiracy market - Austin, Texas. The "star" of this movement in Austin is Alex Jones, but Floyd discusses the dynamics as to what makes Austin such a free thinking city on topics and ideas as "conspiracy theory".

Floyd explains that his very first video shoot was documenting a premier of one of Alex Jone's videos, and we go on to discuss the success of his efforts, efforts that have resulted in over 1.9 million views on his Youtube channel, Floyd Anderson.

You can catch this segment here:

Interview Series - Floyd Anderson, Seg 3

In this final segment, we return to the concept of MindWar and how lies are used to drum and sell a reality that does not exist. We specifically deal with the lies that led up to the current state of war the United States and a large percentage of Western civilization finds itself enmeshed in.

This segment is entertaining and moves very fast. You can listen here:
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Anonymous said...

Great shows as always Fetch, i notice the audios timings are 8,11,11,11, is this a Hex on the Klan or a subliminal for Aug 22nd? coincidence as its when ELE nin 11/9 will have crossed orbit with Venus and is closest to us on 9/11. I tried 8*11*11*11=10648, na, doubled it =21296 and got a BABYV a baby girl? na, reversed it 84601, doubled it too =169202 and got PI BOB or Pi Isis O Isis? must be me hey!

Dennis Fetcho said...

Hi Duncan - thanks for the support and donation. The numbers issue is purely a random event on my part, but you know how numbers seem to find their way into esoterically significant ways.

This show is a tune-up, as it were. I have agreed to do a weekly two hour live show every Saturday at 10 AM CDT.

Can't announce just yet as the online network has not formally posted the information, but as soon as that happens of course everyone here will hear about it.

The show is to be titled, "Inside the Eye - Live", and will be a talk show format covering media and news with an occasional guest.

Should be fun - just hope I don't bomb. :P

Anonymous said...

This was a really great show
Good job Floyd and Dennis Good job


Anonymous said...

Sorry being off topic but I could'nt find an e-mail adress so...

I watched Oslo Bombing 7-22-11 – Inconsistencies
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3q-9Nj1p5g which I btw highly recommend.

In europe we write the dates differently.
7-22-11 becomes 22/7-11.
I thought you could find 22/7 interesting.


Floyd Anderson said...

I mentioned KLBJ FM in an enthusiastic way when we were talking but those killer snails kicked my favorite DJ Charlie Hodge off the air recently.

He was voted best radio host in Austin 2010!

Crazy. KLBJ sucks now. Corporate dumbfaces. Sorry to hurt your feelings KLBJ he he he..... but you suck the big one now. Tonight I was listening to KOOP/KVRX and I heard a slogan of theirs, "none of the hits, all the time." LOL.

I want to let you knwo that your shows are great Fetch.

I feel that you're getting to the heart of things.