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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Deception and the The Principle of Inverse Duplicity

I can hear some of you now. "OK, Fetch. I click on an article entitled "The Principle of Inverse Duplicity" and here you present me with a picture of Macroprosopus. What on Earth is the correlation?"


Before you can grasp the totality (to the degree possible) of the Principle of Inverse Duplicity, it is necessary to come to an understanding of conceptual realities as they are set down into Art.

Look at it this way:

Occult reality, in a very general sense, is predicated on a concept known as meta-numerics. The complexities of meta-numerics defy a simple English definition. Eastern traditions are better at approaching how meta-numerics may be defined, but the use of Eastern descriptions means nothing to the Western trained mind. So we shall be content to explain the basics.

The first four meta-numerics essentially become the building blocks to sacred geometry. These four meta-numerics are encoded as the following:

1) The Point
2) The Line
3) The Plane
4) Time

Set against Macroprosopus, the emulation of the point, the line, and then the plane, appear manifested as the "sea", or the "ocean". The plane, from which of course you can derive a "planet", "plan it", and a "plan" co-equally, is as the surface of the Earth. For Occult purposes, this is caste against "water", or the ocean, for it is with water that we are able to observe the reflections of "as above, so below", at least when conceptually set back against Nature.

The fourth meta-numeric, or that of "time", is emulated as Macroprosopus, or "the old man", which is "the Sun". However, this 4th meta-numeric or dimension, referred to as "Time" effectively becomes manifest as the air atmosphere within which spirit is able to manifest within. Time views the cosmos from within an atmosphere through an entity linked to the atmosphere.

This component or meta-numeric is oft visualized against two geometrical constructions: the sphere or the cube.

As regarding the Sphere, the best example of this is to utilize the Constructions contained in the story of Geb and Nut from the Egyptian system. In this story, Geb is the Earth and Nut is the Sky. When Nut "collapses" and comes down to meet Geb, there is "night", and when Nut rises to form a "DOME" over the Earth, there is light.

The DOME over Earth is really "the sky", or the atmosphere ("at most sphere" or "at most fear"). Since "Geb" is said to be "making love to Nut", the general perception is translated as "Geb" as Earth is making love to "Nut", who is sky. However, as "Nut" could be considered "the Sky", the atmosphere could be considered as "the womb", and the Sun "rises into the womb" or the Sky at the time of the Sunrise.

The atmosphere, set against a conceptual of the Earth being cut in half across the area of daylight and darkness, forms the shape known in English as a "DOME". Set this further against Geb and Nut as Earth and Air "making love", and the separation of DOME into "DO ME" takes on a form of pun. The joke is set against the shape and the underlying archetypal Construct.

DOME is really one of those "4 letter words", and a clever one at that indeed.

The Popul Vuh and Deliberate Deception

There is a passage from the Popul Vuh regarding the creation of man. It goes like this:

"They were able to know all, and they examined the four corners, the four points of the arch of the sky and the round face of the earth.

But the Creator and the Maker did not hear this with pleasure. "It is not well what our creatures, our works say; they know all, the large and the small," they said. And so the Forefathers held counsel again. "What shall we do with them now? Let their sight reach only to that which is near; let them see only a little of the face of the earth!"

The thought concluded with:

"Thus they spoke, and immediately they changed the nature of their works, of their creatures.

Then the Heart of Heaven blew mist into their eyes, which clouded their sight as when a mirror is breathed upon. Their eyes were covered and they could see only what was close, only that which was clear to them

When analyzing the available mythologies, it helps to understand that there is a common theme, or thread, running between them. Further, each of the various myths may are but a slice of a composite whole. Further, this composite whole often is simply transposing and rehashing primary elements or keys to the larger Philosophy, that being either the WORD (as Pi), or the "Philosopher's Stone", which is a geometric representation of an archetypal road map.

Further, the various tales and mythologies are often further broken down into sub-categories. "Acroamatic ciphers" that speak of a particular Letter or combination of Letters (PTAH being the Self Actuated One is the Letter A is the word PATH, for instance) is one simple example.

Hence it is essential that the various mythological works be studied with the above thoughts in mind. What is being read is oft not what it appears, and this is by design, so an investigation into these matters contains an element of intrigue known as conjecture. However, the Philosophy, or Construct, is especially linked or fused to "sacred nomenclatures". Plutarch clearly advises investigation and consideration of "sacred nomeclatures" when he mentions early in "On Isis and Osiris",

"Therefore the effort to arrive at the Truth, and especially the truth about the gods, is a longing for the divine. For the search for truth requires for its study and investigation the consideration of sacred subjects, and it is a work more hallowed than any form of holy living or temple service; and, not least of all, it is well-pleasing to that goddess whom you worship, a goddess exceptionally wise and a lover of wisdom, to whom, fas her name at least seems to indicate, knowledge and understanding are in the highest degree appropriate."

What escapes most is "the obvious": in a system where "the works have been changed" and vision has been occluded, a contemporary rationalization of this reality is that we are dealing with a cipher that encodes a larger holistic philosophy (traditional Osirian Luciferianism).
In any cipher, it is virtually impossible to "crack" the cipher without first having enough data such as to reveal patterns that hints at the scrambling of the original message.

In traditional cryptology, these ciphers take on the practical presentation of being "mathematical ciphers".

In the Illuminatus System, as it were, the overall message is contained in a set of archetypal patterns set against Letter/Number/Sound, while the interpretation of the hidden message can only be achieved through the use of the intuitive "ARTS", very much in the manner that a tarot reader goes about interpreting the sea of symbols before same. However, one needs to recognize the patterns as these archetypal ciphers are transposed from myth to myth.


The important consideration is that as stated in the Popul Vuh, "the works" have been "changed", vision has been "obscured", and only the most obvious is deemed acceptable to be released before to the eyes of the masses. "Humpty Dumpty" as the Hump T and the Dump T is a very good example of an "obvious secretion" that is so overt and obvious and yet wholly clever enough to hide the true acroamatic meaning.

Further, if you know that the works have been changed, and that "you can only see what is near", perhaps it would make sense to continue into your investigations and studies so that you may be able to arrive at the Construct, and hence "the Truth".

For example:

The answer to the mathematical formula of the sum of 1:4 is 10. The fourth letter of the Alphabet is D. Rotate it 90 degrees, and you have the Sun as it appears to rise on the HORIZON. That all of these statements and relations are true is obvious as one begins an inquiry into the Speculative Arts. That the word HORIZON encodes the conceptual formula of "the Letter H as the Greek Letter Pi is comprised of the ZIRO (Zero) and the On(e)" all begin to reveal the totality of "the Truth", that there is an ingenious cipher built into the language. The Sun is the O and the 1 is the "HORIZON".

However, if we just show you the Letter D, and then "stop" at the simple revealing of the Letter D, this simple revelation, "See! This Letter is called "D"", is a perfect example of what is meant by people can only see what is near and not what is far, as referenced in the Popul Vuh. What you see is a "letter" shared by a particular few Alphabets. You did not see the mathematical basis of the Letter (1+2+3+4 = 10). You did not see it's link to the Sunrise (or Sunset), that DE is to be born and to subtract the life DE-ADD is to be DE'ED (dead). All the manifested archetypes upon which D is caste are void from one's vision. Surely, as stated in the Popul Vuh, the eyes have been covered as if reality is being viewed from a mirror fogged over through the simple warmth of one's breath.

What follows is that within "reality" there exists a certain premeditated deception upon which reality is fabricated.

Things are not as they appear.

The Metaphysics of the Cube

Just as the sphere maintains it's esoteric constructions, the cube, too, maintains its esoteric construction. The cube's esoteric construction, however, contains a sophisticated level of deception used by the Illuminatus.

Hence it's properties are wise to be comprehended and understood.

When viewed from it's physical properties, the cube has 6 sides, 12 edges, and 8 outer points. It contains a 9th point, which is the point directly in the center, from which 6 pyramids are formed. It is this "9th" point, that becomes "the I", and gives rise to the "Jack in the Box" which pops out of the Cubed structure.

The cube is key to sacred geometry, and indeed, to the primary coding of the Illuminatus. In general, a single cube is viewed as either "material existence", "life", or "the waking state", while two cubes interlinked and veiled in the Vesica Piscis is known as either "the spiritual world" or "the dream state".

When we deal in "dream states" relative to the Occult, there are multiple levels of existence. "Dreaming" as viewing a movie becomes supplanted by the ability to create "lucid states", which give way further to conscious astral projection. More advanced states include the use of hallucinogens to induce astral states (Santa and his "sleigh ride").

Regarding the waking state, or material existence, this is accomplished through passage of "the Egg", which is the letter Q. Hence to arrive into a material existence, it could be said that you have been "Q'ubed" as in past tense. The DREIDLE is one of the early symbols used to represent this state of existence. Using Gematria, this can be shown very easily by linking the word CHERUB to that of a the word DREIDLE.

Cherub's are often depicted as "angels" in the form of infants, hinting at a relationship to Q, or the fertilized egg, while the DREIDLE becomes the "spinning cube" that initiates the life, and as its inertia ends, falls and the life ends and the soul returns to the "dream state".

Aside from all the phonetic plays between a "cherub" being linked to a cube, as well as the anagramic play on the two words, Gematria aids still further by showing that

CHERUB = 3+8+5+18+21+2 = 57 = 4+18+5+9+4+12+5 = DREIDLE

So when the "Flaming Sword and Cherub" guard the way to the Garden of Eden, we can substitute the word CHERUB with CUBE and CUBE with DREIDLE, and DREIDLE with JACK, if you prefer. The important issue is to find a contemporary transposition for which you may understand the concept.

The Cube may be viewed then as "a sphere" in that if you are to stand on the center of the cube, the flat plane of the Earth is as the side of the cube you are standing on. This becomes known in mythology as "viewing the 4 corners, which really become NE, SE, SW, and NW.

The Principle of Inverse Duplicity

Setting all of this back against Continental Masonry, one may be aided by an understanding of inverse duplicity. As defined, the word duplicity has the following general definitions:

1a. Deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech.
1b. An instance of deliberate deceptiveness; double-dealing.
2. The quality or state of being twofold or double.

Duplicity, inferring as it does the word "duplicate", clearing hints of the twofold nature of an item, which in our case, remain words. Inverse duplicity is simply the logical inversion of the planned deception in the word. For instance, a "funeral" contains as a root the word "FUN", and yet "funerals", by their very nature, generally tend to be quite sad affairs. There is nothing fun about them. This word is a very good example of an inverse duplicity. Funerals are not fun, they are sad, so we can simply inverse the "fun" to reveal the duplicity in the word. However, still further, within the word "funeral" remain the phonetics of "funnel".

Human life may be seen as the funnel filled with fluid. The funnel holds the liquid in check but still it drains the fluids in a constricted basis. Set this concept against the current level of human life on the planet, and death is as the liquid that flows out from the funnel. The liquid (loss of human life through death) remains in a state of constriction: as we add more liquid (life) we are able to maintain fluid in the funnel, and when we do not create enough life, the funnel slowly empties.

This is the inverse duplicity of the word FUNERAL contained in the root (consonant sounds) of the word. While a FUNERAL encodes the word FUN and is yet oft a sad affair, the reason for the FUNERAL is that someone's soul has left their body (risen up and flown away), and yet the fundamental macro philosophy is encoded into a "FUNNEL" that constricts the mass and secretes the fluids in a set constricted manner.

When we view the Compass and the Square, it is necessary to understand the principle of inverse duplicity. To say "good mourning" means we are happy, and the very saying of the phrase "good mourning" adds cheer to the invoker and the receiver, and yet the word is phonetically linked to "mourning" such as to be in a state of sadness.

This is inverse duplicity, and as you become aware of it, you will find it everywhere.

That there is a level of duplicity such as to be 180 degrees opposite in meaning relative to sound implies that there is a rational cipher being set into motion by a "higher power" or force who maintain a rational understanding of the underpinnings of the language.

It is a great fraud to assume that there was no rational component to the fabrication of the language against the sounds of the Alphabet. This was part of the "Great Work", after all.

What is above is below, but it is often turned 180 degrees from original perception. 6 is to 9. G is to Pei. Mourning is to Happy. Funeral is to Sad. The mountain is reflected in the lake, inverted.

Be aware of Principal of Inverse Duplicity as you walk the minefield of words.

Add your own here.


Anonymous said...

this is long

hope you can understand it


but i mean well and that is all that matters *chuckle*


I have three words:


*puke* the greenbacks ...UGH (insert curse word here)

and the rest of the two:




ON ONE (ready set go)

of course there are more.....in the decoding....of phonetics

here is another one but this one ill go a little deeper with

how can one not like this word! (hey theres another one lol knot and not)


I= 1,A

sowhat you have here is:

I= The One=male


but i like to make a jedi fighter out of IO by putting one on top of the other...

you get a PRIZE ON the golden ratio!


HOD (HDBOH hbo? fuck.... DBOI dubuai... i knew id find them soon! )

take a piece of note book paper
draw a HUGE "O" -- now draw an I on top of it, and make sure the T portion of I (top and bottom) come out above the circle.

now connect the lines from the T portion on the top to the T portion on the bottom both right and left sides.

if you connect the 22 and the 2 oclock you get another prize.

you dont get a cookie this time you get an ice cream cone and marmelade skies.

you also get :

but B is really D and D is really B

when i saw that i nearly hit the roof (if i can ever get to you Fetch online besides here you will see what i mean)

do you want an apple or an ice cream cone? ah but there is a leaf involved on the apple yes? if freshly picked? :) it is another letter


i really must be trapped inside my brain because wrapping it around this one below becomes almost well...like...very strange

IO: (i thought of iuputer....hmmmm because if u is really an e and e is an "O" then comPUTER and IOPUTER combined is mind boggling! which makes it IOPUTER!

so if IOPUTER is really a failed sun then it ...ohhherrr wrapping head around topic.............then that means that JU-PIT R is really 10 (IO) O PITR PETER PUTER

POTTER PEW TIER PEWTER peeyouter NOT boopooter you must sound the E which IO is from! not literally of course because it is just a NAME)

which means that i was correct to assume that the following has taken place:

allow me to introduce caine and abel in my version of understanding:



now let us write the numbers down:


do you see it yet?



now here is ABEL:

L=this is a square angle right?

now let us write the numbers down:


do you see it yet?

1 + √5

A + √E
_________ L "square angle"

the golden ratio!

so if caine killed abel

and caine is PI then...... where is the golden ratio

it is in square angle (angel line)
terminator line, and what is the terminator line? it divides night and day across every ball out there the sun reaches as long as it is TURNING
"The Terminator": The Sarah Connor Files. that is what that is.

the number of the beast? well it is and it isnt. lol there are so many number combinations for this mess

it is 600 threescore and 6

600+6*3=618=the golden ratio

in the english alphabet :

"golden ratio"=120
"square angle"=120

your square and compass (square angle the NEWS and thus it becomes SEWN)

now let me show you a phrase :

"Council of Nicea"

did they not (help) write the "Bible"?
and do not the very letters indicate their product to sell?

Bi=Two=2=B, Ble=2 (L=square angle) 5)

so that is:
Bi, meaning what follows this equations will be divided by two:

but im only needing two not 2+9 as in BI.
and the cleverness shows much!!! because they are using
the Roman Number I to show it is ONE.

so I will use B:

A(I) + √E(5)
_________ = L "square angle"

when einstein discovered E=MC2 he was thrilled until he found out later what they were going to use it for.
he was highly upset with himself when learned the ocuult science aspect of life.
true story. (i just summed it up)


they are the same separated by six
which would explain why :

15= Letter "O"


OU (vowels)



then why is H considered PI in the occult?
when clearly PHI shows all? like SHE.

oPHIuchus=120 (i call it O-PHI-U-CHOOSE lol *shrug* )
square angle=120


365-12-12 = the circumference day and night 24 hours a day.

well 365 is clearly the number of days in a year
12+12=24 the hours in a day

and Fetch shows us:


The Earth's Precession

is it not the very words:

BEIT? which means "House"
is it not YIT = as in "The White House" ?


one more for the road:

we write the summative value as this:
"1:15" and 15 is the letter O
"1:21" and 21 is the letter U

it is showing you to add all the numbers from 1-15 and 1-21.

1:15 is, 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15=120
1:21 is, 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20+21=231


yeah so what.... what is 351

well it is:

1:26 or other wise known as A-Z.

365-351=N (there is my wonderful ZEN Z turning twelve times UNDER the alphabet to get back to N!!!!! COOL!)

and N in self is 4 which is D which is IO. 10. AE EA
which is 1.5 or 5.1 and together they make 6.

this is astronomical! and im still wrapping my head around this...whew!

oh the beauty in the square roots....
14+14=28, 28+28=56
5+2=7 much like 2+5=7
5*5*5=125 , 125+125=250 (much like Y*10 and so much more!)
gotta get down to your roots to change!
route root root for your team!

btw - 7! is the combined radius of the earth and moon!
double that and you get the combined diameter of the earth and moon!

the square root of 6=3
the square root of 5=2.2360.....
322 322


but i like 223 :P

if jesus is the sun (sorry guys the astronomical numbers prove otherwise)
and the sun is of god then the sun is from the diameter?
351? 153


ZQ and if Q is the egg then ZEGG is the sun is from the THE ONE.
and OQ makes roots. the Oegg makes roots.

so... where are the two big ten!!!??? now we are talking NFL players
which are then decoded as NFLIM ("IM" meaning plural)
and if IM is plural then what of HIM?

H*2=16=P (as in PHI and PI)
so far that is

PHI @ 4+4+4+4+4+4+I=25Y (back to the 5 and 6 thing again and the one carries the v which is atlas?)
PI @ 4+4+4+4+I=17Q = egg

together they spell


or YQ


IKE ?!?!?!


sky ei

and yes, i AM trapped inside my brain!

now scoot and go hug-e


this is maddening!

this pains me to no end to see them tossing the work into the wind!
and we give them money to do it.

blasphemy in its truest form
ill never think of ice cream cones the same


licking it slowly until its all GONE
and drizzling down the funnel making a mess

scream for ice cream....hmmmmm

so when someone tells me "the dead are being used"

as they are in a "liquid" state meaning the atmosphere

.... then im ready to ring that fucking bell

are we not to worry?
if its all for one and one for all then

what the fuck are we doing?

brings you back to N which is balanced perfectly on two sevens.
and M really a 4 (to its left) which is 4 and 5 DE=MN.
and etc etc etc and 5 is either dead or a deed.

and Zeus are zoos
and also L13L
which is CML

but it is the square root of 13 which happens to be :

which is 3.6055*10*10 (which is sane)
and you arrive at 360

so tell me again

why 13 is the unlucky number?
it is scored twice by 10. which happens to be in the 8th house as well.

and since the H is nothing more than two squares 4+4=8
then im left to assume that the central points inside the two squares makes 9 points.
so without the within you have eight points in a square (you cant forget the other side!)

you need the center to make 9 from 8 and from 8 to 9. which is HI.
if the sun is reborn on the 25th of december then the very word reborn
reveals 72 which is 8*9, BUT im dealing in ROOTS and the root of this word
is "BORN" (as in the born identity) and BORN =49 (the square ROOT is 7)

the 360th day in leap years. (interesting)
- .....49 days (oohhh a well known number!)
= 311

November 6th. in leap years.
November 7th the other years.

the 14th day of Score P 10 - scorpio

the 14 pieces? this day is the 15th day of scorpius.
which 8 days left of october for scorpio and 6 days into november scorpius
and 8*7=56.

also, the 17th day of Athyr happens to be 11-9. which supposedly is when Osiris was killed.
and this represents 8 days of scorpio left in october and 9 days into November.
and 8*9=72 the very word REBORN.
and if theL is 12 is december and the Y is 25 as in the day
then LY within december?

something is a wry!

lie, ly, lie (as in lie down)

so i guess i added another word

LIE-to not tell the truth
LIE-to lie down



if L is square angle
and 25 is 5*5 i have
the square root of 25=5


and E=MC2

and that means that the square root of MC2 =2.2360...

then LOVE = E. or IO

square root of O is really the square root of E
and the V is really a symbol for the square root

√E √E
(which looks like evve)

now being they are side by side i write:

1√E + 1√E= 2√E


"Be the square root of 5"

AEIO U and sometimes Y
because the Y is 25 and the square root of 25=5

so then 15155=Q. and Y is 25 but really in this case, 5


Venus the symbol for LOVE.

the question is

what is a BEV ER AGE?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Sounds as if you have had some brain cells restructured and rewired, which btw, is an intended purpose to the release of this blog - filled as it is with intended formulations (worded code sets that rewire perceptions).

A lot of this I got, although I caution you to go back through your math. The square of 6 is not 3. That is 9.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Sky. This article took frigging 5 days to write and then it got morphed as it was becoming too tedious. It was supposed to be an article explaining how to perceive the Compass and the Square and how Macroprosopus is but an ART form of the simpler Compass and the Square.

Oh well.

Will try again another time.

And to everyone who has been kind enough to comment over the past few threads, I have been reading and noticing and a huge thanks for voicing your insights and appreciations.

This blog is meant for you and it is nice to know that is being well received.

We are doing some 1000 visitors now per week, so thanks to everyone who has supported this work through "viral marketing", especially to all the writers working in the Synchromystic genre.

I have links to some of my favorites on the right content bar and I encourage a visit their sites.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fetch *S*

Your articles I am sure take a long time to write - and they are so very appreciated. You put a lot of effort into them I can tell. Im sure every thought that goes into each article must be clearly understood and to the point for people who are not at the level you are at. I applaud you for being able to. It is not something that is easy to do. However, without the baby steps we will never get there.

as for the math... yep! when i tried to come back and change things i realized *doh* its a blog! heh so i couldnt...

im sure all the smart people can figure out my mistakes too. which is good - they should. i would have this written on liberty but well... its been down for nearly two weeks.

i would love to write something as well put together as you but i think in time i will be able to do such inside my own head, and to share with others. but ...

this is a very painful process for ME. (and for others too surely) being in the situation we are all in IMO i have no choice but to plow through the mud and see. i really cant explain the fact i have no other choice. and learn to plow through more each time i read any one of these articles plus the books i have.

i would never have come here if i had not started other processes. funny how they went hand in hand and lead me to you. and i certainly would not have made it this far (whereever this far is) if i hadnt come across you.

and yes again, the math, the sq rt of 9 is 3 not 6 , which i know, i was thinking addition at that moment. i actually rewrote that little part...which of course on a blog you can not correct. oh well.

im allowed some , mistakes. :) right?

did you get my email? im having technical difficulties with yahoo i think. ive had this email addy for years and it picks recently to give me a hassle.


Anonymous said...


Grave ID

say that real fast you cant tell the difference

I did a whole splurge on the next word but I wont bore yall with all my spillage they are just so long :



there are more too

Ive toyed with words like this growing up. Its always a hoot. Didnt ever think of the first one I mentioned until recently.


and of course what kind of commentator would I be without the following ordinal values:

"twenty two divided by seven"=314

"square root energy"=223

so you see now E really is Energy and E is really 5 and its sq rt is really 2.23

and we all know that Energy is in
everything stored or not it is there. so, love really is in everything. it happens to be rooted in us.

hey a new word to add:


what kind of being would not have this root within them? if there is such a being, then its the connection being implied that is different. it may be a no no for them. *shrug*


i just called up Rolling Stone while i was typing all of this to find out why i am getting the mag for free because i never ordered it.

Phoenix answers the phone, and tells me it will end on 6.18

how is that for in synch!


i prefer the natural in synchs versus studying what others are creating. and i like to read about others genuine fall into place kind of "Nsync" i had to pull away from the synch research, im not giving anyone any of my power any more. its mine. to share with whom i please, and to create and to save.

cause and effect but

the first cause, what do you think that was like? do you think it was love?

so i open file: Nephthys

NEPHTHYS-anyfetus? born fetus?
NEPH i see phi i always did, but what is this NE? is it, born, the very root of born, is it..... "any" is it "knee" PHI "thighs"?
which kind of explains the whole making babies thing.

or maybe its still scrambled and simply says: this love born

born, love this

funny word it is

and what of the very word itself


why in the world would i want IN or a balanced seven and seven to sink? do i want the well balanced sevens to fall one way or the other?

what really is a sink or a synch any way

does it sink?
is it a cinch?
are we saddling up for a ride?
are we "a lining" UP or DOWN or all around?
where is this city anyway?
why is it so chronic ?
are we sinning the chronic city?
and to sin is to make an ark.

so whos ship are we trying to board?

the love boat?


Anonymous said...

ill give another word

make that a whole phrase:

all for one and one for all

all 41 and 14 all

which is as well the AJK

i never understood why she said
"ill never let you go Jack" and then lets him go. -Titanic

Love: a thin line.

all da and n all

the tribe of Dan.

the curse is 411314. (info pi)
and if god is the 1 as in the diameter, and meter is measure and dia is god, then the one measures obviously for sinning purposes.

lol how childish. imagine how advanced wed be if we really did know the truth. the one really does come first, you can not have a circle without a line. and in order for it to make this line it must turn. and in order to turn it need energy.

bo-rn to tu-rn hmmm rock n roll

and if there are two lines and two circles to be made or just one making two circles, or seven then you would have 71 and isnt 71 into 223 close to PI? but if you had two ones making two circles you would get an overlap or not, depending on how close the two were. if both came crashing down and the other five followed or were pulled down it would leave a big mess. or would it? one must hit bottom to be reborn. and life is an addiction. this whatever we are in. a system of addictions to the connections that are implied.

so i imagine what the curses word of DA ..... MN really implies.

you still need the energy to do anything. a ne thing one born thing.

and doesnt NY "sound" like NE?


life is so strange

Anonymous said...


the twelve

LL gives 24

the square root 24 came from in 12 form is 144.

12 and 12 gives you day and night but only if you turn.

and if you are on the dark side you are involved in the turning away from the light to bring it back the next turn and then the light picks up where it left off.

you dont turn without E directed.

chaos....yes it brings turning but not creatively. art is created in order. and in order, to have art, one must have the one. and be in control of the one.

and eve is night. it is dawn. it is.... da. 212. it is 2.

so you see being gay and being married ... it doesnt matter.
you just need two!

but you see.... that wont keep you alive to keep doing it. you have to have 1 and that one has 2 and so forth and so on

the pattern is 1+2=3+1+1

311 which is really 211

five. and sometimes 25. because after all the square root of 25 is 5.


earthlingorgeous said...

OMG! This is so awesome. Glad you bump in my site :) I am a fan of Angels and Demons hahahahaha if I am making any sense to you at all.


OK. Now what?

Tiffany at Patheya said...

Thank you. Yours in spirit.

Anonymous said...

the 'so be it' union fell

Anonymous said...

hi from -sky-

So I will be the first to admit

gosh that is a lot to read....

omg girl what the hell is going on inside your brain and do we really have to look at all of this in the comments? LOL

Well surely not...do what you want to do.

I place all of the doodles here so people can see what a brain does and can do when rewiring. Some people think they are going nutty.

Just here to say ;;;;


nor is your brain.

keep on doodling


Unknown said...

We appreciate these offerings. That's quite a passage in the Popul V. Seems to be an acknowledgement that Man has plopped, or been plopped, into a very narrow range within the greater spectrum.

So the cube and vesica have been emphasized. Yet we see in both ancient and current aether physics that the torus is key. And it is the torus which Allows Process...

So mayhaps that's in fact a hypercude...

This stuff is easy for certain types to take to extremes. This is not a judgement.

But I'd like to share that from reading this blog I found that the G, as represented in both Elder Futhark and Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, is the ONLY rune that shares the same position with it's English alphabetic counterpart. I've been into runes since 93 and no author I've read has mentioned that.

Philosopher's Stone as archetypal road map. Funny that as we've mentioned Stan and Dan's work on the torus conjunct Hebrew letters. Dan claims an entire science can be derived from these two constructs....

Which Map, via these archetypal symbols, the creative process (from the vacuum). This is all a Self Referential system... and this self referring IS, or is a major aspect of, Consciousness.

Imo, anyone perusing this stuff above needs to peruse models in alternative physics. Essentially, we should be seeing some cross over.

That somewhere is most likely the Torus and it's Process. I'll guess that the Vesica P is a(nother) 2D version of the torus.

I love the stuff about the letter/number pairs on our fiat notes. As well as what's apparently encoded into MI6's logo. I hope to learn more about this.

Very appreciated altho we may be looking at a form of prison bars.

But as Dennis says, it could work both ways. This could be a way out or as I keep haarping, a key to the real physics - which includes psyche.