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Monday, September 15, 2008

Duality and the World of Dreams

Let us begin by stressing again: there are two elements to the Illuminatus System, a concealed form and a revealed form. If you think about it, rationally, there can be no other way. The Occult, after all, must follow the patterns of Nature, and in Nature is found a blueprint that reveals duality.

Light is balanced by darkness, Summer by Winter, Spring by Fall, Male by Female, and so forth. But perhaps the most important poles within a reality based on duality is that of being "being awake" and that of "being asleep". The body, and hence the spirit, can only be awake for a variable set period of time and then it needs to "submerge itself" back into a state of sleeping, and conversely, save for physical malfunctions within the biological entity, a person can only sleep for so long before it awakens and "rises back up".

However, if you understood the Principle of Inverse Duplicity, you are beginning to become aware that everything is inverted. From an Occult sense, it is the "dream state" within which one becomes aware, and hence "awake", and it is the waking state where one, lacking the intuitive and astral benefit of "dreaming", goes through life "asleep".

Eyes wide shut.

Sleep as an Aid to Awareness

When we view the span of a life, we may view it as having a programmed period of time that becomes modified by variable sets of conditions and inputs. This period of time is divided into two primary states: waking state and sleep state.

Within the Illuminatus System, there is far more focus and emphasis on this condition than the lay are aware, and yet when you think about it, the focus on the conditional states of sleep and waking state are both profound and quite sound and rational relative to the acquisition of knowledge.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to maintaining a focused level of "concsiousness" - a state of perpetual awareness. The concept goes something like this:

When you travel through the "day", the idea of being aware may be enhanced through a focused attention to the details around you. Sounds, lights, smells, emotions, and so forth, may all enhance one's awareness. Rapid and concsious integration of these variable inputs creates a foundation upon which to draw upon for future circumstances. When a light flashes and the dog barks and jumps on the fence, the initial reaction might be to have a tinge of fear and alarm at the shrill of the sequence of sounds that invade the space of the individual. When it happens again, the individual is sensitized and does not react with the same emotional response as initially occurred.

In addition, the waking state is used for the accumulation of categorized knowledge. In this way, we may learn our math, history, English grammar, and a whole series of distinct data peculiar to any given specialty within the Matrix. Doctor's go about their business and the carpenter his and beggar still his too. Each life uses the waking state to add knowledge in some form or fashion to the entity, stored as it is in brain.

When the day is done, the doctor, the carpenter, and the beggar all lie down and go to sleep. The Occultist, on the otherhand, recognizes that the acquisition of knowledge is not confined to a pure waking state world. There is a whole other world still filled with life that readily supports and welcomes concsious existence - that of the world of "dreams".

The Occultists recognizes that the "sleep state" itself may be used to perpetuate and prolong concsious existence, thus whole systems have been put into place to maximize the physical time within which the individual is able to exist in a state of pure "conscious existence".

Consider then, that while you sleep, there is a whole army of souls who practice "staying awake" even as they "sleep", continuing, as it were, to acquire knowledge. And in a world where knowledge is power, even an extension of 2 or 3 hours of concsious existence in a "waking dream state" such as astral projection enhances the time spent in the acquisition of knowledge, and hence power, exponentially.

Duality and the World of Dreams

The fact is, the Construct has been crafted such that humanity is intended to go through it nearly entirely asleep. If mankind has not been "born to sleep" relative to the Construct, and it has not, one would have a hard time making a case otherwise.

The cold reality is, however, that within particular echelons of the Occult, "extreme awareness" is derived from "extreme states of altered concsiousness". These altered states of concsiousness can be so extreme that the person immersed in these states of altered concsiousness appear to be dead.

George Washington, a known Mason, was rumored to have been so fearful of being buried alive that he left orders to not bury him until after 3 days from his death. Conjecture could say that just perhaps he was versed in the knowledge of how to attain these altered states of consciousness and hence knew full well the appearances that such states take to the unawares.

Chopin was reported to have requested that he be "cut open" to ensure that he was not buried alive, while the grammarian Johannes Duns Scotus was recorded as having died in 1308 and then sometime later been found outside his coffin, his hands torn and covered in blood in a futile attempt to escape his tomb.

Indeed, "premature burial" was so feared and its reporting enough widespread that the casket business in the 1800's was filled with patents for "life saving measures" in case one were to have been buried alive. One physician in the the middle 1800's, Franz Hartmann, had collected some 750 cases of people who had been buried alive.

"The public mania over premature burials highlighted the fact that doctors were merely human and sometimes made mistakes... perhaps even mistakes that had people waking up from a trance and finding themselves entombed in a coffin."

Even the "New Testament" (itself an Illuminatus document) hints at the idea of "premature burial". The story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead is a potent insight into altered states of concsiousness by an Occult operation. Says Jesus is John 11:11,

"Our friend Laz'arus has fallen asleep, but I go to awake him out of sleep."

Now if you are a group of charlatans and "magicians" seeking to impress people with a pretty neat trick, having one of your disciples go into an altared state of concsiousness, be declared dead, and then "magically raised from the dead" is a pretty neat trick.

More about Jesus, we find in Infancy I

"They therefore took Him to the master; and he, as soon as he saw Him, wrote out the alphabet for Him, and told Him to say Aleph. And when He had said Aleph, the master ordered Him to pronounce Beth. And the Lord Jesus said to him: Tell me first the meaning of the letter Aleph, and then I shall pronounce Beth. And when the master threatened to flog Him, the Lord Jesus explained to him the meanings of the letters Aleph and Beth; also which figures of the letter were straight, which crooked, which drawn round into a spiral, which marked with points, which without them, why one letter went before another; and many other things He began to recount and to elucidate which the master himself had never either heard or read in any book."

That something has not been heard or written in a book is a reference to the attainment of knowledge from altered states of consciousness, or the dream world.

As the poetic Edda regarding Odin and the runes goes,

"None gave me bread,

None gave me drink.

Down to the deepest depths I peered

Until I spied the Runes.

With a roaring cry I seized them up,

Then dizzy and fainting, I fell."

Inverse duplicity. Down to the deepest depths is as rising to the highest astral heights in an astrally focused altered stated of concsiousness. As one "grabs the prize", or the knowledge of the Letters, Odin "falls" from the "depths", which are really heights. The astral body loses its hold on the astral world and plunges back into the physical body - but the knowledge gained from a concsious manipulation of the astral world, remains.

"Well-being I won

And wisdom too.

I grew and took joy in my growth:

From a word to a word

I was led to a word,

From a deed to another deed."

To those of you who have been fortunate enough to know that to which I refer, a redoubling of efforts might prove beneficial. What can be said is that much of what you read here has never been written in a book or heard elsewhere - precisely because of methods hinted at above have played a key role in the development of the information presented.


Jimbo said...

Timely, for a friend and I just did a study of the Lazarus story. Jesus waits an extra day or two before 'wakening' Lazarus, which of course is a symbol of faith but Jesus also seems to be making a declaration to his followers that Israel has been dead for 4,000 years.

Anyway, interesting stuff.

Christopher Darren Horn said...

Liked this post. Could only think about one thing after reading; On the day you eat of it you will surely.... LOL. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

i just found this today by accident:

just think how different things would have been... had someone not heard her pleas.



Occult Mosaic said...

nice post, i resonate well with the duality of consciousness too. Ive actually ate mushrooms and gone out on the silver cord and been yanked back in while dreaming(when i became aware of what was happening) that looks just like the picture. and some might say it was influenced by prior knowledge but i remember reading on it briefly maybe once a year before my experience so it wasn't a result of recent memory.

Unknown said...

I've done the mesc, shrooms, dextro etc. and have gotten lucid. I have never, and don;t know anyone wo has, seen the so called cord. Various authors claim this to be a purely literary device.

Our body wisdom and right brains are astounding. Yet this doesn't allow one a free pass into lala land without repercussion.

To, various authors have made the etymological connection between Prophet and Raving.

As we know, the astral plane is THE bastion of illusion, whether you're focused or not.

We unfortunately have the System to contend - where being ungrounded will lead to trouble.

But shrooms... I think this must be one of the greatest experiences down here. Ha, cause it gets you outta here I guess.