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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Esoteric Formula of the Heart

When we deal in "esoteric formulas", we are dealing with acroamatic ciphers hidden in either "art" or "words", wherein the "words" oft comprise that of "myths" and hence, still, remain a part of the arts. In this way we can refer back to "On Isis and Osiris" by Plutarch and show that his use of the words, "On the third day Typhon was born, but not in due season or manner, but with a blow he broke through his mother's side and leapt forth." - source is thus a set of words used to describe the planetary sign for "Mars".

So when we read various mythologies, said mythologies to include that of Setian, or Rabbinical "kabballah", we read the various texts as being encoded acroamatic representations hiding a clear and lucid underlying philosophy that traces back to a literal acroamatic cipher.

Since this article is dealing with the "Esoteric Formula of the Heart", we may use the above statue of Isis, or we may use Setian word formulas, as a means to gain insight into the Occult formation of the word HEART.

Why Solve for the word HEART?

As the mythology of the Illuminatus goes, there was once a word of stupendous power, a word that was removed, and its return and lucid comprehension remains the domain of they who are of the "initiatory class", and it is they who really control this word and use this word to perfect their own essence so that they may "rise again", or be "resurrected" from the decay and morass of the lower world, said "lower world" really being a simple code for "mass humanity".

When we peered into the rabbinical "tree of life" in the article "Deciphering the Tree of Life", what we learned was that the "Tree of Life" is really not a "Tree of Life" at all; rather, it is best to be understood from an esoteric construction to be that of a cube spinning on a more hidden matrix known as "the Garden of Eden". In order for the "Tree" to be formed, "Da'ath", or Ma'at, or "the Feather" had to be removed. Da'ath, or "Ma'at" is but a cipher for Pi, and so we have just another "myth" of "the Omnific Word", or Pi, being "removed" and thus needing to be "recovered".

It becomes "recovered" in "the Garden of Eden" as the Zodiacal sign of the Twins, or Gemini, which is but the Greek Letter Pi.

So the "Heart" is really a cipher for "reason", or the "intellectual faculties" set against moral standards. Afterall, upon the death of the Pharoah, the "heart" is "removed" and it is "weighed" against the Feather, or Ma'at, wherein both the Feather and Ma'at are but ciphers for Pi.

Lower Pi (the Heart) as a material manifestation is weighed against Upper Pi (spiritual or eternal existence) as represented by Ma'at or "the feather", and "validation" is inferred or denied to the Fair O (pharoah) and the soul either joins the company of "the gods", or returns to the "Wheel of Fortune", or the world of ever incurring incarnations set against an ever devolving existence.

Having said all that in quick summary, it can be inferred further that, needless to say, "the Heart" plays such a crucial role in the formation of the Illuminatus System that, to proceed without a concious and rational understanding of its formation, is tantamount to folly.

(Image Originally Sourced at CrichtonMiller.com)

The Setian "Esoteric Formula of the Heart"

Essentially, there are two "hearts": the Setian "Heart", which must necessarily be traceable back to the "spinning cube", and the "Osirian Heart", which will be based on the acroamatic cipher as inferred by Manley P. Hall in Secret Teachings of All Ages. Through studying the oral traditions of English and the "written", or Kabballah traditions of the Hebrews (as these traditions are literally the written code sets of the Osirian systems adapted to the Hebrew Letters), we are able to gain a lucid insight into the nature of the Illuminatus and their philosophy.

A very good written rendition of the "Jewish Heart" can be found at "Inner.org" wherein there are four primary rules or foundations to the construction of the "Jewish Heart". They are as follows:

1) The "Jewish heart" "is composed of a pair of the Hebrew letter lamed (ל) facing one another. In Hebrew, the holy language that holds the secret of all creative power, the word “heart” is written לֵב, a lamed (ל) followed by a bet (ב)."

In other words, what they have done is taken their letter "lamed" and spun it 180 degrees on vertical center so that it is mirrored against each other. Thus the two "lameds" are "face to face" to each other.

2) The "Jewish heart", being comprised of a lamed mirrored on itself, must then include a definition of their "lamed" in order to set their system up back against the Omnific Word, or "Pi". Consequently, this second clarifier should come as no surprise:

"It is stated in the Midrash (Otiot d'Rabbi Akiva) that the name of the Hebrew letter lamed stands for Lev Meivin Da'at: "the heart that understands knowledge." The same idea is expressed in the form of the letter lamed (ל), which depicts the aspiration of the heart to ascend to the highest level of consciousness, the understanding of knowledge. Knowledge (da'at) is the power of the soul which forges the connection between man and God, between man and his fellow, and especially between husband and wife, as it is said at the dawn of creation: "And Adam knew his wife".

As descibed above, Da'ath is Ma'at is Pi, and so there is a union or joining between lower Pi (material existence) to that of "Upper Pi", or "eternal spiritual existence". What the "rabbi's" are stating is but a corrupted view of a known Occult reality within the Osirian mystery systems.

Da'ath = Ma'at = Gemini = Knowledge = Communication (between lower and higher conciousness) = Heart

These are merely archetypical transpositions of a very basic and simple system.

3) "The word for "heart" in Hebrew, lev, is spelled lamed-beit (לב). The letter beit (ב) equals 2. According to the great medieval kabbalist, Rabbi Abraham Abulafia, the word lev itself alludes to its actual form: two (the numerical value of the letter beit) inverted, face-to-face lameds. The two lameds facing one another form an image of the heart, the form drawn by God, the Divine Artist."

Since the Divine Artist is Thoth, and the Alphabet is the material representation of Osiris, we can see that the Jewish or Setian Illuminatus system is appearing more and more to be a fraud (again). The actual "shape" of the "Heart" requires no "lameds" at all, rather, it requires TWO J's mirrors on each other, such as to form the traditional shape of the "Heart" as shown here.

4) "Both of these faces united, in the form of the Jewish Heart, aspiring upward to the invisible, infinite Divine essence. This union was like the union of a bride and groom, aspiring upwards together to receive the blessing of God, the "third partner" of marriage."

Again. This was already well known and solved. By removing Ma'at (Pi) which they called "Da'ath", what was removed from the equation was the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, but the 6th card of the Major Arcanum, or "the Lovers", which is comprised of "male and female", from the larger archetypical matrix within the "Garden of Eden" as the Tree of Life became "constructed". Hence the above is simply alluding to this portion of the larger "Philosopher's Stone" wherein it is simply dealing with the Gemini/Ma'at/Pi component of the larger system.

The lamed is composed of a "neck" (a vav, whose upper tip is a yud) situated on a "body" (a chaf). The two "necks" of the two lameds ascend out of the heart (formed by the two "bodies" of the lameds) as do the two major blood vessels, which channel the life-force from the heart to the brain and from the brain to the heart. The two yuds at the tops of the lameds signify the two brains (i.e. the right and left cerebral lobes) of chochmah ("wisdom" and insight) and binah ("understanding" and integration). In addition, these two yuds allude to the two eyes, the two "antennae" of the heart,

And so you have it: two "antennae" protruding from "the Heart", yet the Heart is said to be "lev bet", or 2, and yet 2 is Isis.

So what was this clever rabbi encoding? Nothing all that "esoteric" at all. He was describing the Suit of Spades.

Solving for the Esoteric Formula of the Heart

So how is "the Heart" really crafted? Essentially, a "heart" is comprised of the letter J mirrored on itself. JJ, reversed 180 degrees on center, with one J mirrored against the other creates an acroamatic cipher describing the Letter J.

Further, the use of such terms as "hooker" to describe a female can be derived from a "single J", as a single J is that of a "fish hook". For the more astute here, I am sure you can see that the shape of the Letter J can then be seen in the walk of the female from behind and that further, although there are many "phallus symbols" the world over, in truth, the "HEART" is a female sexual symbol.

The "heart's" design in Nature is "the Goddess", or "the Sacred Feminine". When set against Isis, the "antennae" are as the "horns", with the phonetic parallel of "horns" and "whores" rather closely linked. The two "horns" are thus divided in the center on the crown of the head of Isis, hence creating "two J's".

What this is saying is that the "headdress" is an artistic representation of the larger Occult craft of "1's" and "0's" representing "males" and "females". The TWO J's are as the two "parents", or the "male and the female" as spoken of by our rather deceptive and misleading rabbi.

The inference is that to "make a U", or a "you", it is necessary to have "two "J's" mirrored on each other, or a union of male and female. Furthermore, the combination of one J mirrored on itself creates the letter U, and it is from this letter that is derived such words as "uterus" (U T R US), UTTER, meaning "to speak", with a reference back to Isis and Speech, etc.

In otherwords, what we have is the Heart is a code for the Sacred Feminine. The Sacred Feminine is linked back to the head dress of Isis, which shows two J's mirrored on themselves.

When the rabbi says that only Hebrew has words of creation and power, he lies, for he describes merely the letters used to formulate the Suit of Spades, while our system is used to craft the Suit of Hearts.

Furthermore, we recognise that the Heart and the Spade are uniquely different in that the Heart is the Sacred Feminine, while the Spade is that of the Male and Female in sexual union.

It is no secret that to "neuter" a pet is to have it "spade". This is but another glimpse of reflections and mirrors and opposites and directs being used in the formulation of the language via an oral tradition.

This does not conclude the totality of the Esoteric formulation of the word HEART, for the word HEART too has a number of "power" in that its number is 85124. The way this formula works is to recognise that numbers are used correlationally. This means that decimals and other parts of the mathematical equation may or may not have value, but rather, the numbers being used are the totality of the value.

For instance, on St. Valentines Day, the number is 2/14, meaning February 14. The Number 2 is summed to 3 to create the hidden equation of 3.14, or Pi and the Holiday surrounding the Heart.

By utilizing the formula as shown in the Bicycle card above, we can see the number 808. This is important because the number 8 sums to 36, so 808 is a code for 11011, or 36036 or 66066, which then leads you back to the number of years of the Earth's precession cycle.

By taking the number 808, and transposing it to 884 (36*36*10), we create the following formula:

884 = 36*36*10 = 12960 = LIFE

884 as LIFE + the following formula creates the word HEART:

884 + (6*6*6*10)+(6*6*6*10)+(6*6*6*10)+6*6*6*6*20)+(6*6*6*6*20)+(6*6*6*6*20) = 85124 = HEART

Again, this formula is crafted. There are precisely 21 (U) 6's in the formula, and the sum of 1:6 is 21, or the Letter U. There are multiple dimensioned channels going on.

Each 6*6*6*10 has a total value if 1/12 of the Precession Cycle of 25920 Years.
Each 6*6*6*6*20 has a total value of 1 Precession Cycle of 25920 Years.

Thus if we have 3 units of (1/12) of a cycle, then the value for this portion of the formula is 3/12, which reduces to 1/4.

And if we have 3 Precessions Cycles as represented by the 6*6*6*6*20, then we show a new formula of

3 1/4

Which correlationally is what? Remove the "/" from the formula, and we have remaining 314, which is what?


Pi. The Omnific Word. Pi and Life.


Anonymous said...

A <3 IS the symbol of the Goddess!

Anonymous said...

oh boy ...

do i have a loaded question?

i was looking for the pinnacle post where a thought on the feather was related to it in one of the definitions i posted or something and i know you have spoken of such via the scales. so im searching for it to add : http://www.thefreedictionary.com/pennated

although the link i pulled up (was it the first? i dont remember..i was getting sidetracked with a movie beforehand) and it happened to be this one.

yeah yeah big deal

but as soon as i saw the scales...

it dawned on me like par-rot i soon invisioned a man dying on the judgement of the scales that look to me like a T with the scales dangling from each but and if one were to die on such a Cross looking device one would say "so and so died on the cross"

is this what i am really SEEING?

seeing..see ing H is sounded softly and hard on the sound of G and K. ankh, ang(h), ing, ong, ung, yngh

see ankh (see life/soul / seasoul sealife *brainstorm*)

the bull? tau r us (this is huge considering the comet Holmes path currently!
is this the cross ? this would be mind blowing in more ways than one should this be the ..no no no


to cross


cross with a loopover (groundhog day anyone?)

to cross over to the other side (Cidr hurricane)

T20 2*10/ or 2
TH28 4*7/ or 10 which is half of 20/ or 1

3, 6, 11, 17, 21, 23(brainstorm)

T-B.0? BOT(with ah sound) BOT (with oh sound) Tub But
TH-BH = BATH (knights of bath?)

females are often referred to as a piece of ass(butt - hmm relation to a ee meaning feminine also? jackass jack and ass mating to form a word wierd i must say this thought zooming through...and the links)

big fish ketos protection in the water....there are relations here.

fascinating in deed!


no wonder they became hermits lol

Anonymous said...

This guy (whomever wrote that article) is an esoteric trash can of nightmarish proportions. Now of course I may be taking some of his article out of context but the numerous inconsistancies he makes, on top of all the conspiracy theorist babblings and incongruent mathematical computations that he pulled from the abyss that is his rectal region (and I might add... poor historical language knowledge) make him my pseudo occultist douche-bag of the day. While I am certainly no model occultist and while he may have poured his heart and soul into the countless hours he spent not getting laid to come up with this asenine theory, I have to say that I am probably a little bit stupider for having read that. I have to say that I am not really all that shocked to see such written torture because as I'm sure most of you have observed, being immersed in the occult world often brings to light many of the self-titled, self-referential and self-appointed grand poobahs who think they have solved the Mysteries of Life but really just made up a bunch of crap that really has nothing to do with any one thing nor do their theories follow the consistent formulas that have been workable and tested for centuries.

Dennis Fetcho said...

I published the above comment do to the obvious pouring of his heart into the comment. By the tone and tenor of it, I would be willing to bet that the author is Jewish, or highly motivated by Jewish centric education and academic theories, all of which are designed to play up the Jewish angle with a full intent on belittling and otherwise, scuttling the entire body of souls who contributed to the rise of Western culture and its esoteric constructions.

This one way, abusive behavior of Jewish metaphysics as demonstrated by the above author is one of the primary reasons why various codes are being released.

The "truth" is established against Pi. This is so inherently obvious from any serious academic research into these affairs that to admit otherwise is to admit that one as ventured little into the nature of how the language was Constructed.

For myself, my inner circle includes numerous Ph. D.s in the field of Linguistics, and to date, a few of them call me "Doctor" for my breadth of research and understanding on these affairs.

For you, the reader, you have every right to establish your own basis for reality, and not be cowered into some pre-ordained belief form established by a foreign Occult priest craft that seeks your submission, and not your elevation.

The above author mentions that he is no "model Occultist", which means we should assume he is an "Occultist", and by the tone and tenor again of his post, it is quite obvious that the guy is immersed in Setianist/Jewish metaphysics.

Understand the vipher nature of the above poster, and understand that at the core of the Illuminati, those who REALLY DELVE INTO THE DARK SIDE OF JEWISH/SETIANIST METAPHYSICS, their philosophical ramblings and beliefs result in a very high degree of loathing for humanity who "do not understand them".

I have dealt with more than a few of these individuals also...

Anonymous said...

I noticed that this card is upside down in a fresh pack, and had first wondered if it had anything to do with Babylon, and then it I wondered about the so-called "Spear of Destiny"? Also, was check out the lyrics to Coheed and Cambria "God's Blood", talks about about a ten speed bicycle? Wha???

Anonymous said...

Looking at the card you see first 808, you look on the reverse between the two BIcycling "angels", you see the Centerspoke Offcenter itseems... as if it is hands on a clock pointing to 7:07...hmmm.. 101, or 11:11? On the front again the small "code" at the bottom J1692H could be 10-1-6-9-2-8=36...360x2=720..72 "names of God", or 360 Full Circle? (Like the 2 Wheels on the BIcycle)? Also, Cincinnati is known as the "Queen" State.

Anonymous said...

....808 = 16 = Pi...
Fetch grt stuff...I always learn somethng new whenever I revist ur post.....

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I was hoping to find more about the letter J itself therein. Wondering as to it's relation to Y. This article is a bit more difficult to grok. The j's and heart thing seems a tad ludicrous. It's all like 7th tier esoterica where the abstraction and transposed metaphor turns into an overgeneralized mud. Having typed this I do get the gist as it alludes to, as you say, a feminine principle = speech. However, I think Gemini is more corresponded to the communicative apparatus. (Cancer and or) Leo is around the heart. By heart it seems to be meant that it's intuition. Muddy waters...

Unknown said...

I found this post pretty entertaining thank you.
I just want to share some information with you about myself.. I am a female that came into the world 93 days early and when I did I was branded on my left ass cheek.. and ironically it looks exactly like the letter Lamed. My card is the four spades. Wouldn't you know it I found out when I was 18 I'm of Jew blood.

Unknown said...

Right on!

Anonymous said...

A pet is “spayed,” not “spade.” It has nothing to do with the suite of playing cards. If you’re going to try to sound learned, please do your homework.