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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The PONTIFF as a Representative of the Eye

Some of you have made comments, privately and publicly, that some haze is falling from your eyes. In order to help further the exercise, we are going to release a higher level code so that some of you may build on some of your previous success as you gain in your ability to to see behind the Veil of Isis (Speech).
This simple yet effective code will provide you with a very substantial clue into word "letter/number" pattern recognition.

So if you would like to give it a try before reading the whole article, the following are your clues.

PONTIFF is the code. The Letter E is the key. The archetypical manifestation is that "the Pontiff is a representative of the Eye" by virtue of one missing letter number (the 7th letter of the sequence).

The code provides insights into how the larger "Illuminatus Letter Number System" has been constructed and set against Letter/Number/Sound.

If you are to learn to pierce the "Veil of Isis", raising your awareness as to the totality of the structure set against Letter/Number/Sound becomes critical as a foundation point. Again, this article simply builds on previous insights. In and of itself, the word PONTIFF is not such an easy word to solve.

Insights into the Letter E

IF EVER there was any doubt to the half interested student, or marginally proficient academic that there is and remains an Occult foundation to the Alphabet, such doubts should be plainly put to rest through a serious inquiry into the Letter E.

Specifically, we are dealing with Plutarch's "On the Letter E at Delphi", where Plutarch dedicates a whole treatise to the Letter.

And if there are any doubts that the Letters are being referred to as "gods", and the Alphabet "The God", should too, be put to rest with same said inquiry into the philosophy surrounding the Letter E. But as is often the case, old beliefs die hard, and that is PRECISELY HOW THE CRAFT behind the Letters wishes it to be.

Nothing preserves secrets better than a wall of well meaning educated ignorance in blissful plausible denial. This is all by design and the process has been ongoing for quite some time. Says Plutarch,

"'But all that', he said, 'is pernicious nonsense. Lamprias, however, has, probably without knowing it, made a move which stirs up all who have to do with the temple against his view. What he told us was unknown to any of the Delphians; they used to give the regular guides' account, that neither the appearance nor the sound of the letter has any significance, but only the name.'"

For indeed, if Lamprias could speak of hidden knowledge regarding the Letter E to Delphians, then surely the planned segregation of knowledge from one group to another is a hallmark of the Illuminatus Systems stretching back at least some 1700 years. How much more refined the segregation of knowledge as time proceeds forth?

An Example of an Occult Signature in Literature

Through Lamprias, Plutarch gives us an insight into basics of political agendae. Each competing group seeks to put forward its own version of "reality" and "accepted truths". In the case of the Delphians, as noted above, the prevailing opinion as told by Plutarch is that the Delphians themselves attached no significant significance to either the shape or the sound of the Letter E (e), giving significance to only the name. Lamprias, on the other hand, has evidently spoken of many things regarding the letter E, presumably giving esoteric insights into not only the name, but also the shape and the sound.

These competing views, one of an established order as say "the Delphians" with their views of their own self proclaimed (and publicly acknowledge) service to the Letter E appears, if we are to take Plutarch at some face value, to be in some direct conflict with the views as espoused by Lamprias.

Lamprias' ability to "cause a stir" is in some direct proportion to his ability to attack at an intellectual and emotional level the core belief systems of the prevailing views of the Delphians.

Such "ire" we can equate to evidence of "an occult residue" being referenced in the literary record. If Lamprias was weak in his presentation, then there would be little cause for the Delphians to have become "stirred up". Having the ability to stir up the status quo presumes a presentation with enough power and persuasion such as to attack the foundational belief system of the status quo. In matters "religious import", say, as that surrounding the priest craft and the Temple at Delphi, such knowledge typically cannot be had save for some foundation in a competing or parallel Occult system that is comprised of an even larger base of knowledge.

Lamprias could "cause a stir" precisely because he would have known the foundational elements upon which to attack the core belief systems of the Delphians. Such ability can be seen as evidence of a higher initiatory knowledge, and the conversation as put forward by Plutarch in "On the Letter E at Delphi" is clearly hinting at such a reality.

There is "the Letter E" as advanced by the Delphians and there is "the Letter E as advanced by Lamprias, who should be seen as a higher based (non-public) initiatory school also focused on some parallel knowledge of the Letter E.

The Primary Properties of the Letter E

The Letter E has many properties, a veritable key to the psyche. Says Plutarch in "On the Letter E at Delphi",

"That the God is no less philosopher than he is prophet appeared to all to come out directly from the exposition which Ammonius gives us of each of his names. He is 'Pythian' (The Inquirer) to those who are beginning to learn and to inquire; 'Delian' (The Clear One) and 'Phanaean' to those who are already getting something clear and a glimmering of the truth; 'Ismenian' (The Knowing) to those who possess the knowledge; 'Leschenorian' (God of Discourse) when they are in active enjoyment of dialectical and philosophic intercourse."

The construct is that that the Letter E, "is a vehicle, a form assumed by the petition addressed to the God; it has a leading place in the questions of those who consult him, and inquire, If they shall conquer; If they shall marry; If it is advisable to sail; If to farm; If to travel. The God in his wisdom would bow out the dialecticians when they think that nothing practical comes of the "If" part with its clause attached; he admits as practical, in his sense of the word, all questions so attached. Then, since it is our personal concern to question him as prophet, but a general concern to pray to him as God, they hold that the letter embraces the virtue of prayer no less than that of inquiry; "O, If I might!" says every one who prays, as Archiolochus,

If it might be mine, prevailing, Neobule's hand to touch!

When If-so-be is used, the latter part is dragged in (compare Sophron's "Bereaved of children, I trow", or Homer's "As I will break thy might, I trow"). But If gives the sense of prayer sufficiently.'

The Letter E is a critical part of speech known as a conjunction, or that part which connects two major ideas. The Letter E is located at the fifth position. Now put it together for it is right before your very eyes.

The Letter E represents the word IF. IF is the Letter E. E is the FIF(th) position. FIF(th) is simply the Letter E or IF written FORWARDS AND BACKWARDS FI IF, joined together to create FIF(th). The word FIVE is but FI (IF) and IV.

IF is the KEY to larger code of the word PONT(IF)F.

IF is the Letter E or the Number 5.

It is so simple and yet so difficult to grasp.

IF is FI(ve)

The Code of the PONTIFF

We have now resolved a key element of the Illuminatus Letter Number System, that of the center number and its relational phonetics. The "sound" IF, which is itself a word and a conjunction, to name but a very few, is representative of the Letter E, and the Letter E is number FIve. The literal crafting begins to expose itself.

When we view the Isisian Codes, what we notice is that we have two primary counting sequences. 1-9 and 1-7.

The Letters ABCDEFGHI and QRSTUVWXY are each represented by the counting sequence 1-9, while the Letters JKLMNOP are represented by the sequence 1-7.

Now we can always reverse the sequence.

P can be a 1
O can be a 2
N can be a 3
T is already a 4
IF can be a 5
F is already a 6

Do you see a rather obvious pattern here?

PONTIFF is simply a counting sequence based on the sequence JKLMNOP set in reverse.

PONMLKJ = 1234567

The M has simply been transposed as it is a 4 and a T is a 4, so it has been replaced in the sequence as a T.


IF then is ciphered as "the Number 5", and hence in the word PONTIFF, we must account for the IF of PONT(IF)F as a single digit even as the Letters are double. The counting sequence is 12345, and so the IF must represent the Number 5 as derived from the Letter E, itself located at 5. It is "a conjuction" that connects two major thoughts, which is to say that the Letter E rests in the center of the 1-9 count sequence and hence divides the Alphabet within the 1-9 sequence in that E is located at 5 and 5 lies directly at the center of the 1-9 sequence.


Each of these halves (ABCD and FGHI) represent two distinct sets of conceptualized thoughts conjoined by the Letter E in the middle.

With the Letter F already located at "number 6", we have a conceptualized missing component for the system is set against 9 and 7. So a sequence that counts 123456 derived from PONMLKJ would be missing a single letter (digit), which in this case would be the cipher that would be representative of the Letter J in this sequence

We can use this diagram to finish the conceptual design in the Code of the PONTIFF. There are 9 dots on the right and left of the "Great Seal", with an additional 7 dots ciphered "up".

7-up is a clear drink.

The Letters going up are represented by the Letters JKLMNO. At the sixth dot is the cipher for Venus reversed, or the Letter O as representative of the Goddess. Where the Letter I is located is a dot, which is then the Letter P, creating the Omnific Word of Pi.

With the word PONTIFF being but the first 6 digits of the 7-up series, we can surmise that PONTIFF as a code says that it is the lower 6 digits of the 7th letter representation and thus the answer is not the relative simplicity of the PONTIFF as a count sequence of 123456, but is a word that is a conceptual construction intended to lead on back to the primary root code which will then reveal that the word is representative of the single missing digit, the 7, which is symbolic of the Omnific Word, or Pi set against the larger conceptual image of the Sun as "the Eye".

Hence the PONTIFF is really a count sequence to lead you back to "the 7", which in its natural position is the Letter P fused to the I, or Pi.

It is a bit difficult to explain it beyond this, but I am confident that for those of you who are understand the basics of the structure that this Code of the PONTIFF will be sufficient to show how what is seen is not and what is not is.

Ultimately, you must Know Thyself.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I have always thought of the Pontiff this way:

The Pontiff (Pope) sits at the apex of a (very large, metaphorical) pyramid. As such, he very much reminds me of the Eye of Horus as printed on American money (although that eye sits beneath the capstone, symbolizing something else entirely). The Eye of Horus is also the udjat, and so represents the Sun God Ra. To bring it back around, the Pope represents G-d on Earth, assuming the mantle of Peter, appointed by the Son.

Of course, if we take Pontiff to be equivalent to the Eye of Horus, what, or more appropriately, who then represents the Eye of Thoth?

I'll have to go through the numbers and codes when I have more time, but thought I'd share my initial reaction.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, the Pope far from represents anything remotely linked to the esoteric code "G-d". "G-d" is a Jewish derived absurdity set against an English code for the Equinox's.

We are in the mess we are in precisely because our esoteric code writers allowed Jews to define for them various elements of the primary code with the knowing intent that the true meanings would be lost.

Why do Jews not alter the name of Allah and yet they alter the name of "God"?

What are the really hiding?

They have removed the Feminine.

They have occulted the inherent primary code (not destroyed, as the transposition is from G-pei).

They have claimed for their own what is a birthright and wisdom that belongs to all people.

However, aside from that, thanks for the insights. It shows a traceability to the Egyptians and the Pyramids, which it all goes back to, the very same said knowledge that Jews have sought from the very beginning to destroy to detriment of all mankind.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong...I don't believe that the Roman Catholic Pope has any primacy, or a more direct connection to GAOTU, or The One, or God, or whatever other appellation one cares to employ than I do (or you do, or anyone else does). At the most basic level, we all proceed from God so none can assume a position of superiority over another in that relation (unless we individually accept it!).

"...the very same said knowledge that Jews have sought from the very beginning to destroy to detriment of all mankind."

For some reason, I am recalling that Moses himself was Egyptian and in the employ of the Pharoah in some capacity. The Jews twisted that story to their own ends, but for the life of me, I can't remember the details.

Anonymous said...

"for fair pears pair far for par"

id like to run something by you and and get feedback

its starts with the word Sadducees

im reading up on them/him/Zaduk

the only? one who can anoint Solomon (King)

its suddenly beckons to me, this word, "Pharisee".
being that i love root words and roots i have to know more.

call this for me an epiphany if you will....

in the definition of Pharisee you will learn that it comes from the word
p'rish/parish. damn interesting i didnt know that. immediately i thought of
churches and their parish/parishes/ and even par-is/perish. my brain is spinning thinking of paris and perish...perish...the ish word...per/par-ish would in this sense be to die-ish. and peru/pari (because let us not forget that u is also indicated by a y and a y is also indicated as an "I".

online etymology dictionary of pharisee states:

O.E. Fariseos, O.Fr. pharise (13c.), both from L.L. Pharisæus, from Gk. Pharisaios, from Aramaic p'rishayya, emphatic plural of p'rish

"separated, separatist," corresponding to Heb. parush, from parash "he separated." Ancient Jewish sect (2c. B.C.E.-1c. C.E.) distinguished by

strict observance but regarded as pretentious and self-righteous, at least by Jesus (Matt. xxiii:27). Meaning "self-righteous person,

formalist, hypocrite" is attested from 1589.

but i want to know what the root word is and im thinking..."Phar" which btw is pronounced PAR! as in PAR-ish. (gotta love that "ish" lol)

Phar...must mean separate which oddly enough is funny because the very root is in the definition of the word i am searching a definition for!
going on a small rant here ....phor/four/for/por/poor/pore /farm/(brainstorm)


check out the definition of the words phar-maceutical, phar-macy, se-phar-dim

pharmakon: "drug, poison, philter, charm, spell, enchantment." - wow!

moving on...

now im wondering whats up with "Par/Phar" as in The_Fetches Fair-O. i would like to go out on a limb and add to this PAIR-O or better yet

se-par-ate O?

PAIR-O says to me: pair of "O's" as in a pair of eyes (occhi, pin-occhio, snake eyes, PEAR,

GOLF anyone? PAR! how brilliant!!!! Scotland invented this correct? wow

"Typically, championship golf courses have par values of 72, with four par-threes, ten par-fours, and four par-fives."
how many days to ressurrect? 3? 72 hours...ever see george washington in capitol hill? amazing truly it is all of this par stuff

Partridge family partridge in a pear tree...wow!

paris=par i's pear eyes, pair eyes

who did you pair up with? romance wise (w-i's hmmm w-eyes // whey/ways/wise/curds and whey/weigh brainstorming ;p )

(the third eye? the third war? afterall wwI, wwII, wwIII not sure if anything is here but it is certainly interesting to see relationship in

the acronyms)

pharma lets see ...could be with any number of the vowels: a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y

p has same phonetic as a "B". puh...though it is ph as in puh without the u if you say it slow and soft to hear the difference between soft and

hard sounds.....

so.... par, phar, bar, bear, pair, pear, pare, pur, pyr, etc (funny when i typed this nightwatch movie said "youre leaving me with a bear?" so

im on the right path) hmmm "pyr" pyr-ra-mid... par-ra-mid....par-amid...par..a...mid ....that is absolutely totally interesting!

if you have a pair i's would not that be "four eyes"? if "I" paired my eyes it would.

so di would mean one of the dice or two pieces at least, as in di-sect which is to cut in HALF.... so then why call it di-mension?

(mansion/man-sion) and this is entering another dimension of dissect, cut in pieces, section, dies, resurrect)

perhaps you we do di...this is only a PIECE of the puzzle because.... to die (or di - which you still have to say the "e") is to DI-E, di-the

e. therefor the "E" could be cut into piece(s) as in di-section (the extra s enters an entirely other ballgame and my fingers are tired)

which compells me to think about....natus///born...native, nativity, and reborn renatus.....

you know something even funnier? we already know all of this but we do not see it in our everyday lives because we "JUST DO IT" and never stop

to smell the "rose" so-to-speak.

now im wondering is it , far from fair or on par with pear?

speaking of the rose anyone see this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Heliospheric-current-sheet_edit.jpg - love it, and makes a choice


speaking of night watch as im closing

he just said..."you should be careful with what you say, and "damn" is not just a word" -- synchomazing!

SO, whos brilliance is all of this? inquiring minds want to know...

Anonymous said...

i wanted to make a quickie comment on the pope/apex etc

did you ever notice that the catholic church is set up like a person?

and you always enter and exit via the FEET? sometimes one may enter via the belly, but not most.

you will never exit through the HEAD unless you are the special people.



Anonymous said...


If that was you on the last comment, a brilliant example of fusing insights with intuitive reasoning in an effort to pierce any present esoteric constructs in word.

Another way to put that is that that last rant was an ingenious example of the methodology and logic required behind seeking a further and hence comprehensive insight into the construction of the archetypes imbedded into the language.

Here are some of my thoughts on the topic.

The Construct (and ultimately it all gets fused back to the Construct) is set against the 1 and the 0, the male and the female, the yang and the yin, the go and the wait state, etc. It matters not how the individual sees such on a philosophical level; what matters is that the adherents to the larger Construct understand that human belief systems are going to manifest into these states regardless because the archetypes are set against Universal Truths, as it were.

Consequently, as Masonry used to like to state in various ways, the Construct is in all things and if we understand the nature of how this is so, we can if we wish too worship any religion as any religion will have, if one fully comprehends its secrets, an adumbration of this higher and esoteric construct.

The Letter H is the Greek Letter Pi as a hinge point between languages. Thus we can cipher all "H's" to a P, and hence we solve easily for the word Hi (High), for it reveals

HI =

And what is "the highest" but the larger and Ancient philosophy based on Pi?

The Construct deals with a larger story of "two brothers", whom we refer to as Seth and Osiris. They who seek after Osiris have the benefit of sound rational health, a clear and comprehensive understanding of the totality of the larger construct, and an understand to accept lower philosophical forms because we understand implicitly how the larger Construct was used to create the lower, and hence "in-fear-ior", philosophies.

Fear, being comprised of Iron (FE), is the "26" of the Chart of Elements is in this case being referred to as Seth as Seth is said to be "red", that which decays (rusts) and is poisoned by "Air" (via the process of turning to rust) and hence dies when exposed to Air.

Air is ISIS in an alchemical sense (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether), so it is Isis (the comprehensive understanding of the imbedded philosophy contained in Speech) that causes the immolation of Seth, for Seth "turns red" - M, Bare Ass, wherein the Ass is Seth again and so turns red, becomes "bared" or "exposed" upon the introduction of Air.

In a general sense, those who seek after the Philosophy contained in the A-P (The Isisian Codes) come to understand the nature of the Construct, the beauty of the Construct, and how this beauty allows us to rise above the general ignorance of Fear and thus, with improved psychological and general mental health, tend, as it were, to be "HAPPY".

Again. The H is fused to the Greek Letter P(i), and so HAPPY = PA, or the Philosophical Code as set within the Isisian Code Set.

It should be added that the Egyptian god Hapi was the god that was the uniter of the "two halves of Egypt", another veiled insight into the Philosophy.

Conversely. They who follow after religions of "FE", or Seth, are often ranting all the time about doom and gloom, of messiahs and massacres to come. We could call this a state of SAD.

Sad. U See? So we can cipher Sadduccees as Sad. You see?

The numbers used to differentiate between Jehovah and Osiris are Pi and 1/5. In the Speech Religion, as it were, we have 26 Letters of Osiris and we have 22 Letters of Seth. We equate this philosophically to "the One, as the Letter I as Seth" placing himself and removing all the other gods (a hallmark of Jehovian or Abrahamic (Jewish) traditions).

In the design of the Construct, there are 5 primary gods. Osiris, Horus, Seth, Isis, and Nepthys. These are the vowels of A, E, I, O, and U.

By removing the A,E,O, and U (hence placing them at the bottom or below "the 1, or the I". This process is known as a "fraction", as in 1/5. The lower portion is called a "denominator", where in DE is the prefix, NOM is the root, or ones "gnomen" or "name", and so the "denominator" are they who "have lost their name" as they have been placed below.

Other ways of showing this is the building constructs where "God" as in "capitalized G" is "the Jewish god", while "god" as lower case "g" are "the lesser gods" who are below the "1 God".

Same concept.

They who have "been killed" by authoritative mandate are said to have suffered "CAPITAL" punishment, and so the former "GODS" are reduced to "gods", a process of reducing the G of the GODS to that of "god" save for what is meant for Jews and their "god".

This principle from a mathematical encoding is thus again the fraction of 1/5. Since the whole is based on the circle, or 360 degrees, then 1/5 of this circle is 72 degrees.

Now we begin to have a better understanding of the usage of 72. The 72 is an Occult Signature of "Setian" or "Jewish" forces.

I can write quite a bit about this in "free hand" form (meaning not stopping to go get resources to support it all for those who are seeking such support).

Anyways, just some of my comments. I recommend a read over the previous comment for those interested as it is filled with a lot of good insights.

Anonymous said...

well poo

yes that was me forgetting to put my name there ha!

go figure i get all wise in thought and i dont let anyone know who it is...oh well ...i guess it doesnt really matter in the universal sense of things...but still...typical of me

i am truly amazed at how this is constructed.

now i have to give much new thought to the 72 aspect

72 has been on my ASS for over a year -- following me...chasing me...its everywhere....if you could actually ask the people around me they would tell you no different.

its freaky!

i have been trying like heck to figure out what 72 is other than 3 days!

george washington has 72 stars in that painting.... in CAPITOL hill

so is this good or bad? though the truth hurts i just know it does...when someone wants to make something stand out -- they emphasize the matter....well he certainly did just that



SwordofCreation said...

Finally DID find the explanation of the "E" removal. Before this was found I thought it represented the change in the energy or KI to the clockwise direction of the energy VAMPIRES we call 'demons'.

Note how when drawing the e it shows a stop in the energy and then a turn to counter clockwise.

This is what my 'eye' had been suggesting and this happened literally in India when one day "PUSS IN BOOTS', lions in boats, demanded people change directions from clockwise (energy to the PEOPLE) direction, to the COUNTER or energy IN/ VAMPIRE direction.

Perhaps this is another layer to the onion.

You should have received an email with the requested 'background' including links to some KEY information given to me by this amazing source. It does not bode well for Americans so PLEASE help me get out the word!

Beware of GOOGLE! Save OFFLINE your key emails and comments or they'll suddenly 'disappear' when the juice come along and delete them ALL!

America WILL be attacked by China!

Anonymous said...

Very funny about the MI Logo and 9/9/7 dots. It's too interesting this page hasn't generated more comments due to that.

You may have seen my last email to you about my overall approach. Quite different from what we have here. But I think it may be a valid counterpart if not the "other half".

Think I'm getting it. Like Loki and oil... Slick mothers aren't they.

This thing about the segment JKLMNOP.

I only recently learned that the rune Jera is a bit different from all others in that the name is the rune. All others are more about the initial letter. And we always noticed that it is the only stave to have two separate parts.

I did two one card divinations about all this about a month apart. The second being last night. Having asked the runes about the crux of matters therein...

I drew jera, both times.

So note how it Is two separate staves. Note how it looks kinda like a hinge. So it seems to me there is a possibility that something similar is going on (as per the JKLMNOP).

Probably not as simple as reversing say the second aett around but something along those lines.

Both English as well as Futhark rows form overt conceptual pairs when you place the second half of the row under the first (in reverse).

Unfortunately, one can find things by doing just about anything.

But I had some lulu ideas last night.

That all this, being based on Pi... is ultimately Us. It is our Collective psyche codified into all that we are dealing with here. It could be DNA staring at us...

It's like our Collective Mind's "kit" which we, as a collective, brought down into 3D with us.

Also had the insight that the darker aspects are all part of the game. In That.., it's all ultimately about the Attenuation of that Light or LUX.