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Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Tau, the Ankh, and the Anchor

The Winter Solstice. The longest night of the year and the shortest day of the year. For 3 days, the Sun will appear to hover in the sky as measured against its noon zenith, neither falling nor rising as measured from any series of marking points on the Earth. After 3 days, the Sun will be visibly moved about 1 degree on the ecliptic.

Hallelujah! The Sun is Born!

Manley P. Hall, in Secret Teachings of All Ages, speaks of the Winter Solstice in this way:

The pagans set aside the 25th of December as the birthday of the Solar Man. They rejoiced, feasted, gathered in processions, and made offerings in the temples. The darkness of winter was over and the glorious son of light was returning to the Northern Hemisphere. With his last effort the old Sun God had torn down the house of the Philistines (the Spirits of Darkness) and had cleared the way for the new sun who was born that day from the depths of the earth amidst the symbolic beasts of the lower world.

Concerning this season of celebration, an anonymous Master of Arts of Balliol College, Oxford, in his scholarly treatise, Mankind Their Origin and Destiny, says: "The Romans also had their solar festival, and their games of the circus in honor of the birth of the god of day. It took place the eighth day before the kalends of January--that is, on December 25. Servius, in his commentary on verse 720 of the seventh book of the Æneid, in which Virgil speaks of the new sun, says that, properly speaking, the sun is new on the 8th of the Kalends of January-that is, December 25. In the time of Leo I. (Leo, Serm. xxi., De Nativ. Dom. p. 148), some of the Fathers of the Church said that 'what rendered the festival (of Christmas) venerable was less the birth of Jesus Christ than the return, and, as they expressed it, the new birth of the sun.' It was on the same day that the birth of the Invincible Sun (Natalis solis invicti), was celebrated at Rome, as can be seen in the Roman calendars, published in the reign of Constantine and of Julian (Hymn to the Sun, p. 155). This epithet 'Invictus' is the same as the Persians gave to this same god, whom they worshipped by the name of Mithra, and whom they caused to be born in a grotto (Justin. Dial. cum Trips. p. 305), just as he is represented as being born in a stable, under the name of Christ, by the Christians."

But ours is a Craft of Letters, and our Letters become woven into the tales that are the mythology. Although I have tried to express clear the nature of the Tau, the Ankh, and the Anchor before in so many certain ways, on this Yule festival, where Osiris has been placed into the log and the log set ablaze, where the Trees of Life (the Christmas Trees) are presented with gifts, let me try again to speak clear of the Tau, the Ankh, and the Anchor.

The Order and Placement of the Alphabet

When we view our 26 Letters, we view our Letters as the embodiment of "the God". We must place the Alphabet into precise balance and orders before the philosophy will reveal itself. To accomplish this, we have many tools at our disposal, much of it emanating from the Spoken Word traditions.

If we say that everything is OK, we mean that the Letter O is located at 15 and the Letter K is located at 11 and that the design of our Philosophy (the Alphabet) is only "OK" when its constituent components are based on 15 and 11. Clearly it may be noted that the numbers 15 and 11 sum to 26 (15+11=26), but how do we know that this is OK? Because the Letter O is a Symmetrical Letter and the Letter K is an Assymmetrical Letter and our Philosophy has a precise order and value and design set against the 15 and the 11 when set against Symmetrical and Assymmetrical Design.

The Symmetrical Letters are as follows:

AHIMOTUVWXY = 11 Letters = K

The Assymmetrical Letters are as follows:



Just as there are designs based on Symmetry and Assymmetry, there are designs based on linear progressions, time progressions, archetypical progressions, phonetic progressions, and so forth. Various progressions, when set against various correlational progressions (they are all correlational) appear as wheels of a cipher wheel, each being turned a requisite amount to set the ciphers into their proper placement to begin the counting.

In this way, we can turn the assymmetrical letters into position, starting at J, and show that the hidden design is set against the Word, or Pi.

JKL=3 (paired letters)
N=1 (letter)
PQRS=4 (paired letters)
Z=1 (letter)
BCDEFG=6 (paired letters)

The Assymetrical Letters are paired to form Pi, or 3.1416 = (JKL)(N)(PQRS)(BCDEFG).

Pi is the "Omnific Word".

"If you got it, do you have it?"

One of the cipher patterns of our Philosophy is the "standard lay of the Alphabet". The ALPHA is a code. H is Pi. Remove Pi (H) to reveal ALPA. What is our pattern within the Isisian Codes? The cipher goes from A to P, breaks and shifts at Q, then reorders from Q to Y sharing the same values as the letters A through I. Even still, we consider and primary 9 numbers to in general their ordinal value, while we consider the "7-up" letters of JKLMNOP to have either ordinal or reordered values from 1 through 7 (hence 7-up).

Under these conditions, the letters ALPA are respective 1, 12, 16, and 1. A, L, P, and A. This is the APPLE, or the "fruit of knowledge". It is also a mathematical formula.

L-A = 12 - 1 = 11 = K
P-A = 16 - 1 = 15 = O


To solve for the BET of the "Alphabet" requires more study, but let us focus on the "standard lay of the Isisian Codes", or the ABC's.


If you "got it, do you have it"? Yes. I have "got" this, therefore, I "have" this. If I G-T this, I must "halve" this.

Divide the Alphabet in HALF.


The Alphabet divides at the letters M and N, or the numbers 13 and 14.

MN = 1314 = Pi

Still, you have not "got" it yet, so you must HALVE it again in order to "get", or "GT" "it". Divide the Alphabet in half again.



The Letters G and T are now resting at number 7 (this way and that) from the beginning and the ends of their respectived "halves" of the Alphabet. That you must have something if you got it is but an oral code attesting to the fact that you must HALVE the Alphabet in order to arrive at the proper center placements, which will then have the phonetics of G and T, is but a another form of overt code set against homonymns.

Got it? Good!

And still, we are only getting started!

The Tau, the Ankh, and the Anchor

Here is a riddle. If I "teach" you something, do I not invoke the Letter T? And if you are "taught" something, is not "taught" simply a past tense for the Letter TAU? You see how cleverly the philosophy is woven into the language? Whether I used the letter T as in TEE(CH) or the same said letter described as the letter TAU, as "TAU-GHT", still, it is the Letter T that is the primary root factor.

If this were "division", one might equate this to "reducing everything to the least common denominator", which in this case, is "merely" a "letter", the Tau, or the letter T.

In John Yarker's "The Arcane Mystery Schools", one can find a near Universal Reference to the Tau symbol, and to St. Francis of Assissi, we find an absolute reverence to this "god" of the God". From the Franciscan Order website,

"The early biographies of Francis tell us that he used the Tau very often as an expression of his devotion to the Cross of Jesus. We have copies of some of his letters in which he made the sign of the Tau in his own hand. On the wall of the little chapel of St. Mary Magdalen at Fonte Colombo the usual design used by the Poverello traced in red is to be found."

What is oft not told is that St. Francis of Assissi was an initiate into the Egyptian Mystery Systems and was, by and large, as his actions and deeds prove, wholly beholden to spreading the esoteric values contained within the Letter T.

So what is the Letter T?

To simplify, we may equate to the Letter T as a geometrical measurement, meaning that it represents the height of the sun at noon zenith as measured on a daily basis. Esoterically, the Letter T becomes "exalted" at two primary days: the Winter Solstice and the Summer Solstice.

This can be further inferred by breaking out the oral tradition code word of SOLSTICE.

SOL'S = Sun's = Summer
T = Measurement at Noon Zenith
ICE = Winter

SOL's T as Summer and Winter T as ICE becomes then a very effective code to reveal the astronomical value latent in the Letter T. That the "T" is designed to act as a "lift up" of the Sun on the horizon can equally be inferred by the simple yet incredibly difficult game of golf: to raise the ball up is said to place the ball on a "tee".

As symbolic of the Ankh, we have the Letter T and the "vulva". What this is representative of is the "birth" of the "Sun god" at the time of the Winter Solstice (ICE T).

As you can imagine, it all gets sorta difficult to explain and express as it all gets tedious when one seeks to directly represent the concepts into "words".

Now we know that the Winter Solstice is traditionally set on the 21st day of December. This means that the first full day of Winter is the 22. We know that the T is the key letter, and its placement is at 7 of the second half of the Alphabet.

22 day over the 7 Letter = 22/7 = 3.1428571 = Recipricol 7 Pi.

Yet the Ankh means "eternal life", and so too does "the Tau" when set against Christian mythology (itself copied from Osirian systems).

The Anchor

And what then is "the Anchor"? The anchor is but a symbol of the MOLD SET of the Letter T in serif form. The upper portion of the Anchor is the Tau, while the bottom portion is as the Letter spun 180 degrees and set as a mold. The "Anchor" is what would then be released from the "mold" after being "cured" or solidified in the mold.

Here is where you begin to understand the idea of "baptismos", or an "immersion" in water. The immersion is really dealing with the birth process and the subsequent immersion into an aqueous atmosphere. It is through linking back to the Sun (MIND is a key code word here) that you are able to "rise above the waters" and hence "rise again".

That "Jesus" would later be said to "walk on water" remains but a simile to they of his initiates (modified Osirian schools set against Jehovian infiltrations) that Jesus was able to rise above the waters so much so that he was not immersed in same.

The first and the foremost becomes then the Letter T, another code for Pi.

The code set is an acrostic crossword puzzle comprised of ORION, INRI, and ZION. Study clear.

The T is comprised of the Letters ORION, a code for PI.

The Anchor (inverted T) is comprised of the Letters ORION.

The IRON CROSS is comprised of the Letters ORION.

If you peer outside of the ORION matrix, what remains are the letters ZIRO. What this tells you is that the ZIRO is ZIRO and the TAU is "the One". All this and more is encoded into the Illuminatus philosophy over thousands of years, as shown.

But for now, it is sufficient if you come to grasp that one of the cipher wheels reveals that the T is "the One", or the "start" of the Pagan calendar set against Pi, or the Omnific Word.

If you get that far, the eye-wareness may be a very special "Christmas gift" indeed.

And to all, a good night.


Anonymous said...


im a bit taken because when... well... in short....about a month ago i made a star...placed the alphabet through it forwards and backwards because the retrograde felt right

cut it in half and begun to divide the very thing you just described and well im floored ... i was making words and the JKL i thought of you lol...how was i led to this? two letters "Th"

TH the history of this is astounding -- i was at a loss for a short time because i kept running into a snag so i just set it aside until i would find another "clue"

and then you write this... i started delving into books and well i just frankly do not have that kind of money and it was a huge let down but i get the feeling if i and others (like yourself and others) can seek and find (hide and seek was always a favorite game of mine) then universal gains rebirth...

i have been able to play with some questions regarding my sketch and fill in some blanks thanks to you...and your light sheds more light and the dominos shall fall where they may *S*

perhaps the letters could use some rearranging too i dont know...i just get the feeling im not supposed to change it and im to add it together....

mom man nin nun num nim min and that is just the center so far!

i think i am quite grateful that i was shown this -- people in general that i have shown this to, have been taken back food-for-thought if you will :)

i wasnt expecting this new article at all -- thank you

i wish you well

glad you are safe

Anonymous said...

Is it significant that the "host" who replaced Art Bell has a last name of Noory? Noory could be recast as Noori, the letters in the T.

Consider Art Bell, or "art bell." Bell is a homophone of the French belle. Belle art translates to English as "beautiful art." In this case, though (yes, I'm off on a tangent..._T_angent...hrmm), the show and the original host are "art bell"...the reverse of belle art. Which, to me, makes sense, as his show is artifice, not art, and it is not beautiful.

I firmly believe that the Art Bell show is designed to entrap the minds of those who are at least subliminally aware that reality is mutable (and not what the powers-that-be wish us to believe it to be) and are looking for answers and information outside the main stream. They stumble upon the "beautiful art" show and they become entranced and soon abandon any further intellectual search.

I understand, however, that the show is now hosted by George Noory (noori...orion). Why, it's enough to make one question the true purpose of the show, no?

Now that I'm thinking about it, though, perhaps those who are behind the show truly believe what they are doing is a beautiful artwork...continuing the deception and misleading of the masses. From that perspective, it could be considered "la belle art."

Which leads me to "La bel art d'apprendre" authored by Mille Pierre, published in the late 1920s, I believe. In English that would be "The beautiful art of learning" and "mille pierre" translates, literally, to "thousand stones." But, this is a tangent of a tangent.

Interesting material in this installment. Thank you for your work and efforts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for not putting this in my first comment, but I just realized that NOORI, if we drop the extra O, become NORI. Using the Isisian codes:

N+O == 5+6 == 11 == pi
R+I == 2+9 == 11 == pi

What is the significance of pi next to pi? Is there any?

Anonymous said...

The 2 jewish HOLY DAYS (Spring and Autum equinox festivals) are in the Bible told to start 14th March and ends 22nd sept.
That is 03.14 (dd.mm format), and since sept. means 7, the other date could be written 22/7.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fetch, just wanting to say your blogging efforts here are fascinating, if not completely amazing. I started at the beginning, and have made this far up to now. Like you say, full understanding of this would take a lot of study, but I am trying to just collect the main concepts for now while trying to catch up.

Anonymous said...


Matthew 24:37 But as the days of NOAH(ANKH)-namely 2012 or ZION - were, so shall also the coming of the SON O MAN(MAN-CHILD=LIDJ TAFARI)be.

Zephaniah 3:9 For then will I restore to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one accord.

FIRST AND LAST language for this dispensation is Ethiopic Amharic & Ge'ez, and 33 consonant syllabary presently represent the original 33°(degrees)of illumination towards operative masonry non-free of devine will.

ALPHA AND OMEGA, the last letter of alphabetin Ethiopic does write as a (T)TAU but sound as a Pi ([Pä])

1st century Essenes AND (=) 1st century Rastafaris

YESHUA, Lord of Lords AND RAS TAFARI, King of Kings

Once one recognizes who is who, then one knows who one is, and then one recognizes the reason for one to be.