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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mass Mind as a Receptacle for the Initiated Orders

Kabballah as it is currently practiced at the Elite level is, as most Occult manifestations, an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Kabballah, for instance, is more akin to a pseudo-religious treatise hiding a veiled political agenda. The root of the philosophy is the intended political agenda: the religious overtones mask the intended political consequences. The root is hidden, while the branches grow in every which way. Prune the branches to your hearts content: the root sustains the larger agenda.

Once one begins to wrap ones mind around this very subtle reality, it is much easier to begin to de-story, or deconstruct, what is the intended construction. As you delve further into the whole of the creation, or construction, what evolves is an incredibly fascinating study into Jehovian/Setian thought patterns. What is important is "the Root".

That the word ROOT shares phonetics with TORAH or TAROT alike is just one of those inconvenient "coincidences".

The "branches" are oft filled with either overt or veiled "rational absurdities". For example, even today, court rooms are being asked to rule on whether "creationism" in a Judeo sense, should be mandatory school curriculum. Never mind that the ROOT leads you back to a prevailing belief of putting "things Jewish", "first and foremost": the absurdity that such is still being argued only hints at the various branches, and nowhere is the ROOT being attacked or otherwise harmed.

The ignorant protect the virus, or the ROOT, as it were, and act as an immune system to protect the larger disease that is Setian Illuminatus philosophies. Coupled with this are quite lucid and concious cells that encourage and egg the ignorant on to protect the Root.

Yet, as one's understanding of the nuances of the Occult world sharpen, it becomes clear that words do not often mean precisely what the masses believe them to mean. Consequently, the veiled nuances, aimed at a target audience numbed by mass deception and false perceptions, becomes as if a world unto their own. There is an Illuminatus on the "right side", or the "WHITE" side, that deftly manuevers through the minefields as set within the masses by the "DARK" side, and each of the knowing sides sends messages to and fro across the airwaves, as it were, with the unknowing masses played off as pawns in the larger game called "life" immersed as it is in manufactured and managed "realities".

In short, this can all be simplified into a form of "theorem": we find that the world has been turned on its head: what is up is down, and what is down, is up, and humanity has not the conceptual skills to understand precisly how this is so.

Insights into the Nature of the Construct

Occult reality is fabricated against a "sacred Alphabet". The "sacred Alphabet" is a hyper-dimensional representation of "the Omnific Word", that word being "Pi". In the conceptual of Pi, the 1 and the 0 are coexist in that it is said that each cannot exist without the other. We may view this in a philosophical concept of "yin and yang", "male and female", "wait and go state", etc. The philosophic can be shaped in multitudes of words.

There is a duality to creation: light and dark, material and spiritual, good and evil, fire and ice, ad nauseum. Duality can be apprised as a form of "pendulum". There are extremes to the "left" and "extremes to the right". There is a high tide and there is a low tide. Regardless, there is a form of harmony and balance.

The "ruler" over this harmony and balance is "Ma'at".

M = 13
A = The Scales
A = 1
T = 4

13 14

The "sacred Alphabet", itself designed around Pi, or "Ma'at", serves as the primary backbone to the fabrication of human mythology and religious fabrications: various letters are being worshipped as if they were "gods". This statement is not designed to replace legitimate spiritual or trans-dimensional or transcendental experiences: the statement is simply acknowledging that the manner in which these experiences are communicated in the material, whether such be in verbal or literary form, remains still controlled through the reality created by "the Letters".

The Alphabet, although it may appear to be chaotic in design, is really a highly structured and logical system of symbols fused to mathematical and archetypical realities or truths.

NOISE is simply speech without focus and reason or rationalism in a classical Osirian Occult sense.

NOISE = NO ICE = NO Vision (I SEE). No I C. No I See. No Isis. No words of wisdom. NOIZ thus may be seen to too represent the first 7 decimal digits of Pi.

14 = N
15 = O
9 = I
26 = Z

Speech that is predicated on ignorance is NOISE. As shown in the Alphabet as a Hyper-dimensional Representation of Pi, what is NOIZ (noise) occurs before the rational dimensional structure of the Alphabet against Pi. However, EVEN NOISE (NOIZ) has a rational structure within its chaos, as it too must use the totality of the Word (Pi) in order to make itself heard.

NOISE crowds out rational and focused thought. NOISE has no tolerance for competing views and is oft quick to violence. The airwaves and the Internet are filled with NOISE: the airwaves precisely so as to impose ignorance, mass conversation precisely so due to the fact that mass mind is treated as a receptacle to be filled.

If this receptacle is filled with NOISE, then it will emulate and proliferate NOISE. If it is enriched with a form of reasoning that it is capable of ascertaining, it will begin to grow the necessary receptors to accept reason.

In a Setian/Jehovian world, NOISE is the rule of the land. Reason is drowned out with a methodical and deliberate intent. There is a willful and concious effort to control the language. Orwell spoke clear.

The point being made is this: reality is not as it appears. It is not a random set of events based on chaos such that humanity finds itself at its current crossroads. Underlying the whole of the Construct remain Occult forces who have and always will dominate the craft of the Letters. Hence their primary "practical" control points are the following:


Separation of Church and State

Make no mistake about it: from a practical reality, the Founding Fathers of the American experiment were first and foremost, "Occultists". There were and remain two primary groups within the Occult: those that base their systems on Osirian or Isisian (Isian) ethical systems, and those that derive their ethics from Setian or Jehovian systems, which are loosely defined as "Jewish" systems.

The Osirian Systems were traditionally based on the 42 Laws of Ma'at, as preserved on the Papyrus of Ani. These 42 Laws are also known as "the 42 Negative Confessions, the Declaration of Innocence before the Gods." These 42 Laws comprised the moral foundation upon which many a Pagan society was constructed and operated. A read through the 42 Laws of Ma'at shows a world that is direct conflict to what we have in a Kabballistic inspired world.

Where the 42 Laws of Ma'at applied to all, including and especially the Pharoah (Fair "O"), Abrahamic systems proved and continue to be highly barbaric and primitive. The "Talmud" as an Occult reference, combined with a "mass awareness and usage of the Ten Commandments", a code so repulsive that in its purest sense it has been ignored and rightly so since its early inceptionsthe violation for which is "death", a rather convenient simplicity for a barbaric and violent philosophy as is Setian worship.

With Europe ravaged by Judaic minded genocidalists in the Roman Catholic Church, the Founding Fathers understood clear the first and foremost, the power of words to have a cause and effect on the human psyche, and second, the dangers that a focused Elite able and capable of manipulating these words can have when such organised Occultists within the Jehovian system were able to elevate and mesmerise a whole of society.

In order to prevent the abuse of power fused to religious ignorance, the Founding Fathers saw clear to keep the "religionists" out of power of politics and contain them to "religion" so as to provide for a society that could at minimum elevate their Osirian ideals for their people.

The human mind, they understood clear, can be easily swayed and manipulated with words as knowledge of the Construct recedes and humanity is left to find their way. Orwell would write a scathing and yet simple observation of humanity under total spell of Setian forces in his work "1984".

"Religion" as a cipher for Osiris had long ago been replaced to mean something wholly opposite.

OSIRIS = 15+19+9+18+9+19 = 89 = 18+5+12+9+7+9+15+14 = RELIGION

Religion was now a tool of Setian forces and had been with the rise of Judaism, and Judaism saw no value in sharing the world with anyone else, and so the genocides, chronicled in Joshua, would be spread along with "the Word", or the English language. In this way, confusion could reign. The "Word" even the Jehovian forces needed as this was the control mechanism; what was needed was a fusing of religion to politics. Herein entered the Kabballists and a tincturing the Occult world with the intent to subjugate it to Jehovah.

Death of the Mystery Systems in their traditional sense was soon to become near absolute.

The Kabballists

Kabballah as an Occult representation has been around long before the rise of the Judaic tribes, so to attribute to "Jews" the whole of the body of Kabballah is just shear Occult lunacy. Yet lunacy is sanity in a Setian world. Orwell did know what he was talking about. This Sumerian plate shows a Tree of Life before it became associated with the Cubed "Jewish" form.

As Ian Anderson said so well on his album Roots to Branches,

Words get written. Words get twisted.
Old meanings move in the drift of time.
Lift the flickering torches. See gentle shadows change
the features of the faces cut in unmoving stone.
Bad mouth on a prayer day, hope no one's listening.
Roots down in the wet clay, branches glistening.

True disciples carrying that message
to colour just a little with their personal touch.
Home-spun fancy weavers and naked half-believers --
Crusades and creeds descend like fiery flakes of snow.
Bad mouth on a prayer day, hope no one's listening.
Roots down in the wet clay, branches glistening.

The basic premise of Kabballah is that it is of "the Oral Tradition". As they have fabricated their story, Noah survives the "flood" and "God" comes and passes on these really mystical realities to Noah and from this single event, a bunch of rabbis become the sole purveyors of wisdom all over the entire Universe.

Never mind how absurd it all gets and the obvious cluelessness at which otherwise very bright people buy into such illusions, it is enough to know that fast forward a few thousand years and Madonna is proudly supporting Israel as part of her "religious" indoctrination by Setian metaphysicists.

But as Ian Anderson writes so clear in "Roots to Branches", "Hope noone's listening."

We may liken the Kabballists to perveyors of NOISE, but worse, purveyors of NOISE with an agenda to turn their NOISE into the dominant philosophical reality on the planet and no amount of reason is able to reach them. They who are reasoned and rational trended to not listen: the NOISE was enough.

But someone WAS listening. The ignorant masses, or "mass mind", wherein a "mass" and a "massacre" mean very much the same thing to the Setian Illuminatus. But first to forge the "true believers", for to forge a true believer bred into ignorance is to create a soldier through whom no reason may reach.

Ignorance is simply one of the strongest alchemical compounds found in the Universe.

The Human Mind as Receptacle for the Illuminatus

To understand any system, one must go to the very fundamentalist roots of the system. As regards Setian Systems, this means that you must delve into the way in which the message molds abject cruel thoughts and sadism in the hearts of the adherents. This is true of all movements borne of Setian metaphysics. Violence is the way, the message is the excuse to commit the violence.

A classic example of this can be found in The Book of the Law as espoused by Crowley, where it can be read in Chapter III:

This shall be your only proof. I forbid argument. Conquer! That is enough. I will make easy to you the abstruction from the ill-ordered house in the Victorious City. Thou shalt thyself convey it with worship, o prophet, though thou likest it not. Thou shalt have danger & trouble. Ra-Hoor-Khu is with thee. Worship me with fire & blood; worship me with swords & with spears. Let the woman be girt with a sword before me: let blood flow to my name. Trample down the Heathen; be upon them, o warrior, I will give you of their flesh to eat!

But violence need not be physical. Violence may be verbal, or even intellectual. All that matters in the Setian world is that a reality be forged through sheer force of will, said will being wholly separated from Ma'at and comprised of physical, emotional, and intellectual layers of total violence.

This total reliance of violence, which includes emotional and intellectual assaults can be esoterically linked to the removal of the Feather as Ma'at and shifting the design to a reliance on "the Father".

The Letter E was Ma'at. Ma'at is the FEATHER. Remove Ma'at (the Letter E) from the funerary rites, and what is left is a heartless soul, esoterically worshiped as "the Father". This worship is the domain of Setian metaphysics from a human perspective.

In order to mold mass consciousness into desired Setian realities, it is imperative that mass ignorance be first molded. The ignorant become the tools to impose the Setian reality, by force. What is right in a Setian world is merely what one has an ability to do to another. A heartless soul has no morality, no civility, no couth.


Anonymous said...

so im thinkin just now

no wonder it is referred to as masonic

mother sound

isis speech

sound of isis

free the sound of isis

sound of isis is free

free as in universally and free as in no longer pent i suppose

to twist that you would make noise such as with a sonic/"sound"...one could certainly make noise with sound which is then definitely order from chaos if it so chooses to be

when george washington (and plenty of others) had issues concerning the infiltration of something within their system, this is what they were talking about.

there is nothing else that makes sense. ive known in my gut there was always something there about the illuminatus system within the masonic traditions...but they were not always there. there WAS and still
IS infiltration that made things noizee. created chaos and things became unclear.

brainstorm: if something is what it is it would be "is just what it is", simply put it "is, just is".
;isis, eyes eyes, ice ice, i see i see

is JUSTis // is justice // Ma'at // Scales

all rooted in Pi

the mother sound rooted in Pi

funny, we the people always want to be free, so the scroll was made to set our standards to do just this.

free speech happened to be one of them.

no wonder it was so bloody.


Anonymous said...

Hail Isis, Never considered it so black and white, any grey wher both can co-exist? Respectfully, Dennis from Oregon

Anonymous said...

so george bush is funny-
whats even funnier is the 260million people in the US that have this lunatic in power
how come jfk was bumped off and this clown runs riot ?
how come clinton was impeached for fun with a cigar and bush sends the world to war yet not a jot of action to remove him
do something
before its 'too late'

Anonymous said...

Aside from the infiltration of Masonic texts and the teachings of some of the appendant bodies of Freemasonry with these Setian metaphysical thought processes (Builders of the Adytum,teaching Kaballah)



You have in my opinion a dumbing down of the craft of Freemasonry as a whole over the last few hundred years.

So we go in about 230 years from Bro. Benjamin Franklin having an intricate knowledge of the occult,working with his own magic squares,etc to today where your average brother most likely is unaware of any esotericism.

Not only has black lodge/setian metaphysic practitioners obscured knowledge they have dumbed down a large amount of the population of Freemasonry in general.I intentionally joined becuase I considered (and still do to a point) it to be the direct descendant of the ancient initiatory mystery wisdom schools.Historically these schools have often had three degrees for the passing through of their mystery teachings.How many Masons do you feel actually understand the historical lineage of what Freemasonry was supposed to be protecting?Meanwhile the Isisian workings of Hall,Higgins,etc are dismissed or ignored,while proabrahamic thought systems are promoted.


Anonymous said...

Is one supposed to be seeing 'ZION' as NOIZ y ?

Dennis Fetcho said...

Is one supposed to see "NO IZ y" as in No I See, and "noisy", the answer would be a definite yes. It would impossible for the crafting to not be so deliberate on such a key and critical construction.