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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Hanged Man as a Key to the Acroamatic Cipher

How does one ask a question and divide it from a quest? Afterall, is not the very asking of any question a mere start in a quest? A quest. The question. ??? What a funny anomoly of the language and yet few have stopped to piece together the rational philosophics. How can one rationally divide the question from the quest as an expression of a philosophic?

If one really thinks about it, it simply is not possible.

The Legend of the Lost Word

The WORD, therefore, I conceive to be the symbol of Divine Truth; and all its modifications--the loss, the substitution, and the recovery--are but component parts of the mythical symbol which represents a search after truth.

How, then, is this symbolism preserved? How is the whole history of this Word to be interpreted, so as to bear, in all its accidents of time, and place, and circumstance, a patent reference to the substantive idea that has been symbolized?

The answers to these questions embrace what is, perhaps, the most intricate as well as most ingenious and interesting portion of the science of masonic symbolism.

This symbolism may be interpreted, either in an application to a general or to a special sense.

The general application will embrace the whole history of Freemasonry, from its inception to its consummation. The search after the Word is an epitome of the intellectual and religious progress of the order,
Albert Mackay, The Symbolism of Freemasonry

As Albert Mackay points out, the application of, or the quest for the Lost Word, provides perhaps the most interesting and ingenious aspect of the science of Masonic Symbolism. Not only is the hiding (loss of) the mythical Word accomplished over time in an ingenious science of symbolism, but its recovery, when set against the absolute ignorance of birth, provides for insights into the intellectual and religious progression of "the Order", the Order being nothing short of the philosophical underpinnings of Western Civilisation as well as coloring and infusing itself into some of the greatest civilisations upon which mankind became established and flourished.

However, the important issue is that "the Word", having been "lost" (hidden) can be recovered, and the Illuminatus Observor is one of the remaining primary sources available that seeks to elevate the science of Western symbolism and set it back against the very word in question, or that of the symbolism and Alphabet fused against the first 32 decimal digits of Pi.

The Acroamatic Cipher and the Alphabet

The creation myths of the world are acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a divine alphabet. The initiated few comprehend the true nature of this alphabet, but the uninitiated many worship the letters of it as gods. - Manley P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

Now we may ask ourselves again: if the acromatic cipher is revealing that the Initiated are being given the constituent components of a Divine Alphabet upon which the various pantheons are being constructed, then we must, if we are to delve indepth into the mysteries of the lost "Omnific Word", and if the various mythologies are really hiding the physical manifestion of the various constituent components of the divine Alphabet, then the mythologies are really hinting clear of the design of the constituent components of this particular "divine Alphabet", and alphabet whose recovery leads one back to the Omnific or mythical "Lost Word".

This simple revelation makes the study of mythology a meaningful exercise beyond Jungian archetypical ideas for the arrival at the constituent components of the same said divine Alphabet leads too to a comprehensive understanding of the use of religion as a masking agent for the divine Alphabet, wherein the divine Alphabet is being worshipped by the masses who are yet further controlled by the hidden forces involved or engaged in the very hiding of the "omnific Word" into the religions that become mass market driven idiologies.

How do we then use this information to solve for any number of inherent designs set into any number of given archetypical presentations or mythologies?

Here is an example from the Edda Prose Hymn or Ode to Odin:

"I know I hung from the windswept tree, swung there for nine long night, bloodied by my own blade , bloodied for Odin, myself and offering to myself. None gave me bread; none gave me drink, down to the deepest depths I peered until I spied the runes, with a roaring cry, I seized them up, than dizzy and fainting I feel, well being I won and wisdom too. I grew and took joy in my growth, from a word to a word, I was led to a word, and from a deed to another deed."

This is a classic example of a "constituent component" being hidden into mythology to tell a story of the divine constituents such as to reveal a hidden truth. In discovering the hidden truth, we are "led to a word", or have been given a key idea upon which to begin piecing together a multi-dimensional archetypical puzzle caste and torn apart over thousands of years and multiple interlocking societies focused as they are on the individual constituent components.

In the Ode or Hymn to Odin, we find that he hangs on the Tree for 9 days and 9 nights. The key to the story is set against the Tarot "Hanged Man", which is the 12th card of the Major Arcanum. We now have a very simple count cipher, set against the Number 12, but the Letter L.

It goes like this:

Start at the Letter L and label it a 0. Count up for a total of 9 (days) and count down for a total of 9 (nights). Doing so reveals the following:


We now have the Letters C, U, O (as the start point) and (L) as the actual letter.

This creates the phonetic set of


We then use the final shape of the Hanged Man set against either the L or the T to finish the code to reveal the following:


The idea here is that it is "the Occult" or through a study of the ways of the hidden world that provides us with wisdom and an insight into "the runes" or "the Letters" or "the Divine Alphabet".


Unknown said...

A Milton Bradley board game.

Unknown said...

You'd think Odin's ordeal, or some similar, could be seen in the rune row itself - or themselves. Also curious that in the same lay (or thereabout), Havamal, there's the 18 rune charms. Yet no rune row has 18 staves but for List's Armanen which is more a modern contrivance.

Anonymous said...

Hanging for nine days and nights sums to the canonical number of 108/216, the radius and diameter of the moon, on to the numbers of the Sun (Stonehenge and Giza too)