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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Macroprosopus, Reflections, and the Isisian Codes

"As above, so below."

The Symbol of Macroprosopus provides us with an intuitive guide into the manner in which what is above too is as below. It may also be used as an intuitive guide in the creation of the Garden of Eden, the hidden matrix that is guarded by the Flaming Sword and Cherub, or the rabbinical "tree of life". Ultimately, reflections, or mirrors, lie at the very heart of the Illuminatus system.

This article will provide some reflections on "reflections" and mirrors as used by the Illuminatus and within the Isisian Codes.

Mirrors and Reflections

We have already discussed the nature of IXXI, or "9-11 ", and how this is used as a foundation code for what is regarded as "The Garden of Eden". 9-11, or IXXI, provides us with the formation pattern, but provides little in the way of the archetypical coding of the various cipher wheels (sephira) and pertinent paths. In the diagram of Macroprosopus, for instance, we can see that the IXXI is encoded into the picture, and that there is a division of the letters running along the center horizontal and thus making a conceptual "mirror" or "reflection".

In addition, what is floating in the sky, as in half the Star of David and the full Tau or letter T, is being reflected in the water.

This "mirror", or reflection component is necessary if we are to solve for the archetypical foundation of the Philosopher's Stone, or, more accurately, the "Garden of Eden". IXXI allows us to form the proper geometrical matrix only. However, it is not enough to merely secure the actual geometric matrix; rather, since the geometric matrix serves as a roadmap of the human psyche in classic Jungian thought, it becomes critical and necessary to properly place all the symbols within the various cipher wheels (sephira), as well as to properly number the channels between the various cipher wheels or sephira.

Even after all this is done, it is necessary to go back through the work and do all the double checking "of the math", as it were. My original matrix for the Garden of Eden, for example, had one error that was not resolved for nearly 2 years. So solving for the archetypical or occult framework requires much work and double checking prior to release so as to ensure that the answers intuited are indeed accurate and correct.

This is all precisely so do to the inherent nature of the Construct, and the way in which immersion into the Construct creates conditions whereby it is easy to be deceived.

Mirrors, or reflections, play critical roles in the formation of reality. For instance, when we view the Moon, which is a symbol of the Occult, is stronger than the Sun because its light can still shine during the day when even the Sun reigns supreme. What this implies is that the Moon is able to reflect the light of the Sun and shine even when the Sun too shines as well as when the Sun does not. Conceptually, the Moon, as a symbol of the Occult, has light that is stronger than the Sun because the Occult is using the Sun and the reflection of the Sun equally. It is not using one exclusively over another, but uses the direct light of the Sun, but more importantly, the reflected light of the Sun.

For the dark side of the Occult (the left hand path), their reflection is that of the CLOUD. Within the word CLOUD is the annagrammic play of the word OCULT. Since T=D, we simply cipher CLOUT and CLOUD and OCULT (occult). In this way, the Occult acts as a cover or a seal which blocks out the Sun and the Moon, or may gently wisp by and not effect the light of the Sun or the Moon at all, or may obscure partially the Sun and the Moon. Yet stronger still is the anagrammic play of the word OCCULT to form the word CLOUD. The word CLOUD shows a reflection of LOUD, and yet clouds are silent, and so we are reminded that the strength of the "cloud", or the Occult, is stronger still as it can blank out the light of the Sun at its highest point.

From a conceptual point of view, we simply recognize that our existence here on Earth is subject to many influences and occluding forces, of which "clouds" act as a beneficial or detrimental force depending on the strength and duration of the influence. Clouds, or "the occult", may change the colors of the light reflected from the Moon as it reflects the Sun's light, while the moon changes phases and reflects ever increasing or decreasing shades of light.

It is only the left hand path that seeks to obscure entirely, even as we recognise that all things are obscured in some way.

If we imply that being loud is as "overpowering" what others can hear, then we have a reflection of the power of the Occult in this world and so should take heed of strength and learn from its reflections, for in the end, it is only the reflections we can see, and not the actual working as the words and works were set into place.

Mirrors as an Occult Staple

The picture of "Macroprosopus" is designed to hint at the use of reflections and mirrors as part of the primary conceptual foundation and that these reflections and usages thereof must be thoroughly understood if you are to acquire an apperception of the conceptual.

All the "gods" partake of the essence of Osiris, and Osiris, as the Letter A, manifests as himself in a "material form" akin to the mythology of Christianity. Osiris as the Letter A provides us with the conceptual tools to begin to de-story the fabrication of "reality", occult or otherwise. Pi is "the Word". This means that there is a division and seperation in that 1's are males and 0's are females, that each has its own unique and seperate existence, but that the 1 and the 0 are not mutually exclusive to the other, in that the the 0, female, is created by the 1 of the male. This is basic "intercourse", or "sexual union", or "the Letter X".

X's = SEX, yet the X is a reflection of female over the male. This reflection provides the intuitive insight to understanding the nature of Geb and Nut of the Egyptians. Geb and Nut are but an artistic representation of the Letter X, of the sun rising into the womb of the Earth, or the sky.

Yet all of this is linked "technically" or "fundementally" back to Pi.

If you contemplate on the design, and in this we imply the design of the human body, for it too is designed around the idea of Pi, or the "Word", the visual shape of the vagina shows a correlational "1" when "closed", while the shape of the male phallus shows a correlational "0" when viewed from "the tip". It is through the cardinal conceptual turning of the two dimensional design that we are able to arrive at the proper perspective 3 dimensional reality wherein in this case, the "1's" as males are appearing in mind properly as "males" and the "0's" are appearing conceptually in mind as being properly designed as "females".

In this way we may begin the process of conceptualizing the inherent design and begin to understand what is "true" and what is "false", what is the "mirror" and what is the "actual".

Another way to view this is to use Occult reference material, which today is needlessly and intentionally confusing and "mystical". For instance, the Sepher Yetzirah, or "Book of Formation", states the following:

"These twenty-two letters, which are the foundation of all things, He arranged as upon a sphere with two hundred and thirty-one gates, and the sphere may be rotated forward or backward, whether for good or for evil; from the good comes true pleasure, from evil nought but torment." - Source In this example, the sphere can be turned this way or that.

Imagine it as a ball sitting on the ground. I write the number 6 and then turn the ball 180 degrees. You see my 6 as a 9. I then write a number 9 on the ball and turn it again 180 degrees. Now you have two 6's or two 9's, depending on how you view them AND assuming you knew to view the numbers "this way or that". If I say that the number is a 6, and I wrote the number as a "6", AND you tell me that the number is a "6", and hence we both agree that the number is a 6, then what is discussed is "true", and hence "good".

However, if I write the number 6, and you tell me that the number is a "6", and yet I purposely mislead and say that the number is a 9, then I have reversed the number and hence "evil", or a "lie", proceeds forth. Since there is no additional context points for you to view the reality as it exists at that point in time, you have no way to really know if the number is a 6 or if it is a 9.

Now expand this concept to multiples of glyphs (letters, etc.) and spin the multiples of glyphs as if on a sphere while you are sitting in the center of the sphere while immersed in a total vacuum! This is how complex and complicated it can all get.

The Universe is incredibly complex in its simplicity.

Context as a Critical Component

Hence "context" is critical to understanding the preciseness of what is being viewed relative to a Letter and especially as to how one views and de-stories occult insignia and mythologies. For example, in the above view of Macroprosopus as shown above, there is a "T" reflected in the water, and yet there is an "upside down T" floating in the air, and hence reflecting in the water is the Letter T derived from the reverse T in the air.

This view is "true" from an Occult sense, but why? Hence the principle of "know thyself" means that certain truths you should focus on and ascertain for yourselves, even as guidance is provided along the way.

In otherwords, it is not enough to understand that what is "above" is "as below": it is critical that a person understand to reverse the image of above and analyze it as if it is reversed or upside down. Ideas and images must therefore be turned "this way" and "that", meaning rotated 180 degrees or flipped 180 degrees, shifted 45 degrees and flipped 180 degrees, read forward, but interpreted in reverse, center out, or in various combinations of the above

How "the God" manifests cannot be so easily controlled by simplistic formulations, and to arrive at willful and intentional codes too cannot be assumed to be a simple and straightforward process. In the end, we are limited to the tools available to us through the restrictions of the design (material existence), and so a wide range of tools utilizing a wide range of interconnections is wholly necessary to effect an understanding of the whole

When Plutarch says that Typhon tears to pieces to the sacred writings and scatters them to the winds, this is a very ample and accurate depiction, and so we must view the Construct as a giant puzzle, that, like Humpty Dumpty, we try to piece back together again so that we may beat back ignorance and delusion and create for ourselves a world and society where our spiritual foundation is rooted in a form of reason that is impermeable to ignorance.

The primary point to remember is that the Illuminatus utilize and utilizes a vast array of reflections and mirrors in their system, and so if you are to penetrate their philosophical system (a system that belongs to all of us), it is critical that the idea of mirrors and reflections be understood completely.


Anonymous said...

ok im just gonna roll with it here,,,punctuation and grammar aside,,, if i dont go now with this i will lose the info in my brain coming through just now ,,, :)

the diamond

earth has nothing to do with fire, water, and air, individually only thing it has in common to me,,,is the fact the with those three you have earth/(a livable planet).


firmament, heaven

water canopy

we need our protection back

ive read this story a load of times but never quite had it sink in the way it did just now

i was reading about Thoth. if Tefnut is the eye of Ra then she has to be water. When she left for Nubia the drought came. When she returned (not only did she bring her own "baboons/shape shifters" she brought with her rain/water as everything was back to the way they knew it...save for the fact they now know it can come and go :P

Tefnut ws the "apple of Ra's eye" literally she was his eye...

the eye of Ra..taking her water with her when she left to Nubia
,,she had to be convinced she should go back and bring the water back to Egypt,,,she was convinced and returned etc...

"..Thoth was the god who overcame the curse of Ra, allowing Nut to give birth to her five children, with his skill at games. It was he who helped Isis work the ritual to bring Osiris back from the dead, and who drove the magical poison of Set from her son, Horus with the power of his magic. He was Horus' supporter during the young god's deadly battle with his uncle Set, helping Horus with his wisdom and magic. It was Thoth who brought Tefnut, who left Egypt for Nubia in a sulk after an argument with her father, back to heaven to be reunited with Ra. (simple version http://www.crystalinks.com/thoth.html)

the eye (water/H2O which is a water ATOM) back to heaven........

water canopy!?(separating the firmament from the heavens gave us what we have now( as a side note it could explain "the great flood" when "the water broke" ) as above, as below (goodness...this just fills me with more mimmicking ideas whew!!!)

"she transformed herself into a lioness. She raged through the countryside, emitting flames from her eyes and nostrils. Viciously, she drank the blood and fed on the flesh of both animals and humans."

so we have lioness/lion, dragon and its many various forms, vampires all having to do with water...can we say huh? HA!

I will figure this out come hell and high water!

now,,,the diamond,,,, fire in its many many alchemical various forms can bring to life a creation so-to-speak ok? and water, not only has memory but can tell you the mood ,,the very atom can show you a snowflake or a chaotic mass of the opposite of a snowflake looking object,,,all this happens by just talking to it....

that is ONE water molecule...not only have i seen these experiments there are many examples on the web

water air fire on the top and earth/livable planet on the bottom gives you your diamond (or a square from another perspective)

like the py-ra-mid

but let us not forget that one can have too much water, a lack or not enough of water, and a balance

with each of those three...now with the earth aspect that to me is a direct result,,,of the many various fires, too much of one or two things etc,,,its like all the other planets save for maybe some moons and mars hmm,,,asteroids?, are experiments...and with enough of whatever combination they perhaps will yield life one day like we do (they maybe have gas loving creatures or sulfur eating microbes but ...)

now if you can make any sense of that im proud! lol

(why is the movie Dune showing up...ah yes,,,water is the life or was it the spice if the life?)

i just cant write things down fast enough and remember them,,,i dont keep a true journal i just end up telling someone and i get that "look". and i dont care :)

can you believe all that was just a passing thought?

it just goes and goes and goes...

Anonymous said...

i just sent you the Tefnut / water info,,, and forgot to close with who i am...


Anonymous said...

and among it all, a Universal light-spectrum of consciousness. From in which the human observer sits. Perpetually contemplating or otherwise seeking to experience the intricacies and vastness of a greater truth.

balance is the most important.
balance and Love.


-earth in transition-