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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Circle of Rhymes and A JacK O' Lantern

The Rule or Form of the Alphabet

After this manner we compose and dispose our alphabet:

We begin solely with history and experiments. These, if
They exhibit an enumeration and series of particular things,
Are disposed into tables; otherwise, they are taken separately
And by themselves.
- Sir Francis Bacon, Alphabet of Nature

Analysis of the Letters of the Alphabet

Let us go into the finer nuances of our Alphabet.

In a craft dedicated to a revelation of "the Letters", it obviously becomes quite necessary to observe and study the Letters in every possible connection that one can think of and at the same time, peer into the patterns that provide for the connections and correlations of one letter to the next, and so on. This means that letters need to be analysed against "shape", "sound", "phonetics", "mathematics", whether they are written forward or backward against a natural archetype, whether they are turned this way or that (at 90 degree angles), etc.

Nothing can be left to chance as nothing was left to chance in the creation of the same said letters. There has always been a rational input, a philosophical reasoning into why one letter comes before another, or why one letter is shaped as it is, etc.

So as Sir Francis Bacon stated as referenced above, "if
They exhibit an enumeration and series of particular things,
Are disposed into tables..." meaning that the Letters are broken down into their various constituent components and designs. These are then categorized (set into tables), and if the Letters do not appear to fit into any given set of "enumerations of particular things", then they are dealt with accordingly and individually.

However, the very basic point to start is through observation of those things that exhibit a high degree of "peculiar enumerations". One such basic observation was covered in the Alphabet as a Hyper-dimensional Representation of Pi . Here we dealt with the design of the Letters as set against symmetrical and assymmetrical design.

It was revealed that the design itself reveals "the Word", or Pi.

The Letters are further broken down into a myriad series of mathematical ciphers. The Superman and the Relationship of N to Ten provides but one key insight, wherein the various numbers that cipher into co-relational "10's" is explained in expanded detail. In this way we can show a rapid transposition set between various letters that all share a value based on the "number 4 or 10 as a product of the summation from 1 thereof".

This knowledge aids us in the effecting of transpositions and modifications.

The Circle of Rhymes


Another way in which the letters can be seen to exhibit "peculiar enumerations" is to break out the Letters into their constituent "rhyme sets". This "table of rhymes" I refer to as "The Circle of Rhymes" in that always the patterns reveal Pi or some correlational equivalent thereof.

What this means is that we sequentially work our way through the Alphabet and place all letters that rhyme with each other into their own unique sets. Having completed this, we look for any patterns that exist; afterall, we are not crafting the language, we are merely observing what has been crafted and seeking to understand the thought processess as these processes have gone into crafting the totality of "the Word".

AJK, The Primary Rhyme Pattern

Since the Letter A is the first letter of the alphabet, we will place all letters that rhyme with A after the A. This is the first rhyme set. The letters that rhyme with A are the letters J and K. For my friends in England, I do respect that you say the letter J as "J-eye", and so view the Letter J as more accurately reflecting a rhyme sequence to I more than A, but we are working on the Continental Mason's model and it is clear that the pattern mathematical should indeed be AJK.

AJK, being the first, is known as "the Primary Rhyme Pattern". It is, of course, far more significant than that, for it clearly reveals "the Master Number" as further shown in the article called "The Ever Mystical 11:11".

AJK = 1,10,11 = 11011 = The Master Number

The way the Master Number works is we simply sum from 1:11 to reveal what lies on "the belly of the snake".


We thus transpose the 11011 of AJK to the "belly number" of 66066, wherein the game of "Craps" and the "dice" remain the basic archetypical framework for the mathematics, and thus we arrive at this representation.

The numbers 66066 are then set into the following formula: 6*6*10*6*6 = 12,960. The number 12,960 is the number of years to 1/2 of the Earth's wobble on her axis, and so is a correlational "Pi Proportion", as it is representative of the diameter in time of the Earth's wobble.

A Platonic Cycle = 25920 years (PLATO GREAT YEAR) = 25920/2 = 12,960 Years = Pi Proportion or "correlative diameter in time".

The numbers 12, 9, 6, and special cipher of E (its sum of 1 to itself is the number/letter O) reveals the word LIFE.

Thus "AJK" is known as "the Primary Rhyme Pattern" for it reveals the cipher for the Platonic Cycle of 25920 years.

You might now surmise that there is more to the code of A J K O'lantern equally. A Jack O' Lantern reminds us that is the Sun that is falling further and further in the sky, to die again and be born anew on Christmas day. Isis as Baset is there as an "omen" and a key to the whole of the Ancient Mysteries.

So let's light a lantern to "Jack", Osiris, and be wary of the Goddess Bastet (Isis) and spread some cheer to the children who dare us to trick or treat!


Anonymous said...

i finally understand everything you talk about

how they take the sacred feminine and twist everything about her to basphemy her

777 28 days nazi

21 7*3 or 7+3=10


insert f word here!!!!!!!

it is her that brings that light and the night

she is eve for a reason

i see the words and the runic letters take shape as history changes

i see everything finally that you speak of !

deep in the heart huh?



Anonymous said...

Hello Sky.

Good to hear from you again. There are a few people out there that "get" what I am doing on the various levels that is being attempted, and it is indeed a pretty deep set of esoteric formulas in play.

At a lighter level - yes. They basically take EVERYTHING about "eve" and twist it so as to "blasphemy" against "her", and depending on the level of conscious thought this is being attempted, in a most cruel and vicious way.

Those who attack "the dead" never really had much couth, and their need to portray as they do speaks much to they themselves.

Now you leave me guessing as to "deep in the Heart"! Such a topic would have to be taken off air!


Anonymous said...

So now I realize that the letter N...is a cipher for the Roman numeral 4 or IV.
And that the ivy plant is associated with form etc.

NOW, now I can fathom how build that free energy device and even change my psyche at will.

Unknown said...

Quite the mental leap between alphabet and free energy tech. But then kabbalah is supposedly a scheme reflecting some process of involution.