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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Noel! Noel! An Occult Code

What is little discussed in academic circles in the West is the pervasive use of ciphers by the intellectual elite of Western civilization.  The Art of Ciphers, both the encryption and decryption of, was, for many, a means of reconnecting with the Divine.  Said Blaise De Vigenere, who authored the book Taicte des Chiffres, waxed philosophically,
"All nature is merely a cipher and a secret writing.  The great name and the essence of God and His wonders -- the very deeds, projects, words, actions, and demeanor of mankind -- what are they, for the most part, but a cipher?"
It is the reality that there existed an extensive network of "word-smiths" operating on the language in parallel with the natural development of the language that provides the basis for a rational, philosophical inquiry into the language.   As the Alphabet is itself a cipher, we cannot preclude that the rational development of language would be in opposition to Nature; rather, is stands that the rational development of the language by a craft of "word-smiths" who believed that "the Word" itself was a cipher, would seek to harmonize themselves to the inherent "divinic design" of the Alphabet and the language which may be derived from same.

Ciphers in Language - The Root of the Craft of the Letters (Qaballa)

A philosophical inquiry into the Letters is one of the primary objectives of the Qaballist.  Armed with knowledge that the Alphabet is fused to Letters/Numbers/Sounds, one seeks to comprehend the nature of the Construct with the intent to rise above these confused affairs and see "reality" from above the waters of the drowned human family.  Thus, the Qaballist must fully understand the framework of "the Construct", and, once the framework, or skeleton, has been comprehended, one then goes about building the structure, or body, through the use of words, which are themselves ciphers.

Trithemius, a German Monk, was perhaps the first theoretician into the use and forms of ciphers.  His work, Steganographia was characterized by the Vatican as being "full of peril and superstitions".  One of his methods was to place a hint within the cipher text.  The hint itself provided a path to find the key to the cipher.

As this transposes into a "philosophical inquiry into the Letters", this "hint" often appears as simply part of the equation being "clear", and another part of the "equation" being clouded.  Through logic and reason one is expected to comprehend the nature of the word (formula) and thus arrive at it's philosophical key.

Thus, when we look at the CLOUD, we see that the word, at first glance, has no natural links to precisely what a "cloud" is.  Yet, to name a cloud a "CLOUD" feels natural within the nature of the design.  Using the idea of "hints", or "parts of the equation" being exposed, and working with full knowledge of "the Construct", the word CLOUD becomes a rather overt, "crafted", or ciphered word.

The opposite of LOUD is SILENCE, from which we can infer SELENE, or the Goddess of the Moon.  Selene rules intuition, a form of action that is hidden, or occulted.  Hence LOUD is really silence, as the cloud always moves silently through the sky.  The Letter C tells us that there is an occultation, or a covering.  Hence we can infer that CLOUD, clear as it is, is referring to the Occult itself, which covers "the Sun", or the sacred means of the Word.  

Sometimes the Occult is thinly veiled (as is the word SUN), while others, the veil is so dark that the Sun is completed blotted from the sky.


Ciphers in Letters

Just as words are ciphers, Letters themselves are ciphers.  Bacon intimated this clearly in his work "On the Advancement of Learning" in 1623, when he said,
"For CYPHARS; they are commonly in Letters or Alphabets, but may bee in Wordes."
From the point of view of a philosophical inquiry into the Letters, we know that ancient philosophers sought to cipher their knowledge sufficient enough to hide the meaning, but not such that the ciphering would destroy the inherent nature of the design.

With all this in mind and more, the idea of a cipher, set against the Construct, of the song "The First Nowell", is presented in this video.  It not be said that that the creation of the song is a willful construction: writers often align themselves with the inherent design in the Construct such that through Selene, intuition, the nature of the Construct reveals itself.

Noel! Noel!  An Occult Code


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