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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The New World Order in Focus - Inside the Eye - Live!I

Inside the Eye - Live! has, well, finally, gone live! Building on the success of the Illuminatus Observor and the Inside the Eye, the podcast companion to the Illuminatus Observor, we have accepted a Saturday morning show on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.

So you can now catch "The Fetch" live every Saturday from 10:00AM CDT - 12:00PM CDT on Inside the Eye - Live! at the Oracle Broadcasting Network.

This past Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011, was our second live show. The first was lost due to technical difficulties in recording and archiving. With the issue fixed, show number 2 went off well and with some minor but manageable technical glitches.

In focus was the idea of "a New World Order". You can catch this show here or view the archives for Inside the Eye - Live! here.

Plutarch's "New World Order"

Perhaps one of the greatest source books we have on the study of the philosophy of the Illuminati (Luciferianism) is a book called "On Isis and Osiris" by Plutarch. In this book we find many allegorical details regarding the competing metaphysical/political/religious ideals contained within what is termed "the Construct".

For instance, Jehovah is often symbolized as a trumpet. Says Plutarch,

Typhon had red hair and in colour resembled an ass.153 The people of Busiris154 and Lycopolis do not use trumpets at all, because these make a sound like an ass;155 and altogether they regard the ass as an unclean animal dominated by some higher power because of its resemblance to Typhon,

Yet we will find that in games with playing cards (especially the game of Bridge), it is the "trumps" which is "above all". Hence if you "trump" something, it is said that you neutralize and defeat something. Allegorically, we find the link between the philosophies of Jewish metaphysics and their relationship with their god Jehovah/Typhon/Seth and the believe that same "god" is above all others.

Plutarch advanced the idea that there was (and remains) two opposing forces, one that is predominantly good - Osiris, and one that was inherently evil - Jehovah/Typhon/Seth. The names go through many different transpositions and literary examples, but the theme remains. As a part of cosmic balance, the planet goes through 3000 year cycles of beneficence and maleficence.

Says Plutarch,

Oromazes, born from the purest light, and Areimanius, born from the darkness, are constantly at war with each other; and Oromazes created six gods, the first of Good Thought, the second of Truth, the third of Order, and, of the rest, one of Wisdom, one of Wealth, and one the Artificer of Pleasure in what is Honourable. But Areimanius created rivals, as it were, equal to these in number. Then Oromazes enlarged himself to thrice his former size, and removed himself as far distant from the Sun as the Sun is distant from the Earth, and adorned the heavens with stars. One star he set there before all others as a guardian and watchman, the Dog-star. Twenty-four other gods he created and placed in an egg. But those created by Areimanius, who were equal in number to the others, pierced through the egg and made their way inside; hence evils are now combined with good. But a destined time shall come when it is decreed that Areimanius, engaged in bringing on pestilence and famine, shall by these be utterly annihilated and shall disappear; and then shall the earth become a level plain, and there shall be one manner of life and one form of government for a blessed people who shall all speak one tongue. Theopompus says that, according to the sages, one god is to overpower, and the other to be overpowered, each in turn for the space of three thousand years, and afterward for another three thousand years they shall fight and war, and the one shall undo the works of the other,

We cannot help but think that the hells and horrors of the Piscean Age were to the early philosophers of the Mysteries a clear evidence of the rise of Areimanius. It could also be believe that the horror witnessed today are but the final attempted workings of this same daemon.

The point here is that the New World Order - an idea predicated on a people with one government and speaking one tongue, is akin to the perverted and inverted idea of a "One World Order" which, as Orwell, the author of 1984, is akin to a boot on the neck of humanity, forever.

Jewish Ultra-Nationalism - A Driving Force in the New World Order

Behind all the distractions and diversions remains larger Occult agendas. At the face of such, there is nothing wrong with agendas. Groups, to include nations, have their interests and motivations for which they would like to see advanced. These Occult agendas surface in subtle manners such that, observing any given particular event, appears insignificant and disjointed.

However, when a series of events become as a stream in a river, the river of events very existence via observation hints at a larger, more organized, agenda. Our colloquial for it is, "Where there is smoke, there is fire."

What we have seen in America and many of Western civilization, and especially English speaking lands, is an agenda by Jewish organs to control media such that mass thought can be better controlled, shaped, and molded. These efforts are not for the betterment of the people, but rather for the betterment of "Jewish" interests - largely Israel, but also domestically, where efforts to contain threats to a growing power have been put in place such as to ensure a particular intellectual and economic primacy.

These agendas mirror the very workings and ideas as to what many conspiracy rationalists view as the coming "New World Order". Hence, in more frank and open sites, the idea is advanced as "a Jew World Order".

In this show at Inside the Eye - Live! we delve into the concept and discuss the idea at length including with live callers.

Noahidism as a One World Government

One should never underestimate the power of an organized elite working for their own agenda, especially when this agenda is at odds with the welfare and benefit of the people of a Republic as the United States.

The whole idea of a "9-11" was a Kabballistic code. The two Gulf Wars and the recent war on Libya were all either launched or had major offensives launched on Purim, a strategic Jewish holiday. These are no accidents.

While the Republic's funds and pays interest or usury to a foreign private corporation, the Rothschild United States Federal Reserve Bank, for the privilege of this bank "printing" the money for the Republic, the agents of this same bank are busy organizing for the defense of a Noahidist rise to power.

What is at stake behind all the spook, slander, and silence, is a long term agenda to create an openly American Jewish Theocratic state, or - to turn America into Israel in form and function. This has been essentially accomplished at many levels. Americans are now herded like Palestinians into having their very dignity assaulted for the "privilege" of boarding an air plane - as if the days of the horse and buggy still exist and that somehow, a trip from Los Angeles to Washington DC via the air space of the United States is a "privilege".

Questioning the authority of the state may result in even the "privilege" of flying literally revoked by some unseen apparatchik.

So much of what is America has been lost due to the event of 9-11, an event that could only have been accomplished through instruments of state - and these instruments are clearly and largely under the control of dual citizens loyal to Israel.

Israel is but a Jewish theocracy, the type of government warned and specifically guarded against through the idea of a separation of church and state.

Many of these issues are packed into a 2 hour show at Inside the Eye - Live!

We hope you take a listen and, if you enjoy, tell a friend and come back again for more political correctness by "the Fetch"


effel said...

Currently starting to read Plutarch in a bilingual edition greek/french. Can already say the french translation is atrocious in regards to the original meaning intended. And my greek is only minimalistic at the moment. Still inspired me a new post http://efffel.blog.ca/2011/08/09/shield-up-to-defeat-the-goetians-11639089/ For example, I find no God in Plutarch, only θεός with a small θ. There is Δι (as french Dieu), and it is translated into Zeus. I touch on the degeneration of theos into Dieu into God and the nefarious implications. When I'll be more at ease with greek, I'll get into Julian and it promises to be a lot of fun :D

Dennis said...

To co-opt our American way of life will beeasy with Perry. Why do the fundementalists love Israel? Is rapture available to Jew's? Methinks not. So why the love? Your work has opened up my eyes to many occult agendas. Dennis from bug tussel. wv rapon