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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Inside the Eye - Live! - The Kosher Tax

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With all the recent assaults on natural foods and dairy products in the news, it becomes apparent that there is an inherent agenda to deny people the ability to secure and consume higher levels of nutrition for themselves and their families. In the normal "follow the money" type of logic, the rabbit hole revealed a potential disturbing reality.

Is the "Kosher Tax" playing a role in the confiscations and assaults on natural foods and healthier nutrition?

This episode, recorded on Saturday, August 27, 2011, is archived at the Oracle Broadcasting Network, along with the entire series of Inside the Eye - Live! is a fast paced 2 hour insight into the nature of "the Kosher Tax" and how these taxes are used to support religious organizations and the State (Colony) of Israel at the expense of the greater American republic.

You can catch the rebroadcast (archive) here, without being redirected.

Farmageddon and the Assault on Natural Food Supplies

Farmageddon - Movie Trailer from Kristin Canty on Vimeo.
What is clear is there is an agenda to lower nutrition standards. Attacks on the Codex Alimentarius, natural and organic food supplies, cross pollination with genetically altered seed stocks, and rationing of food production all lead to a lowering of nutrition standards through a combination of policy induced declines in natural food supplies as well as lowering demand and access through an increase in natural food costs.

In the case of assaults on natural food supplies, government policies are resulting in increased police actions against family farms. Indeed, the rise of the regulated farm sector is resulting in an environment that supports large, corporate organizations at the expense of the local agricultural producer. Such policies include food and safety regulations, attempts to implement United Nations Agenda 21 regulations, as well as arbitrary rationing of production (production quotas) set by the European Union, all result in assaults on private property and agricultural production.

Examples of government policing actions against free market forces abound. In the United Kingdom, where rationing of production has been brought about by treaty with the European Union, some 117 million liters (31.14 million gallons) were confiscated (and presumed) destroyed from "non-quota holders" by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA), while in the United States, a growing and continuing assault on the consumption of raw milk has been gaining more and more news coverage as these assaults increase in both tone and timing.

In one well documented case, Traditional Foods of Minnesota found itself in the cross hairs of multiple agencies, led by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. In the process of serving a "warrant" for the selling of "raw milk", the resulting police action resulted in the confiscation of nearly 50 items, few of which were dairy related.

The massive cost to both business and tax payer (the tax payers pay the salary, production, and investigation of the Stasi styled government operatives) is needless and wasteful. In this particular action, the great find by these government officials was that a bottle of pickles had a PH level that was too high.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent for an infraction that amounted to what would have been at most a request by the consumer to exchange the product at a cost of less than US$10.00 - to include any fuel to drive to and from the store.

The police actions can only be viewed in a larger macro-economic agenda, for in and of themselves, the individual actions appear absurd, senseless, and costly.

The Kosherization of America's Food Supplies

Regulatory violence against America's food supply is real. The use of military force against "food" proprietors is irrational at best, and the very usage of such points to a very serious occult agenda bent on imposing their way.

Who gains? Who benefits?

The practical result of an assault on local rural food supplies is the disruption of these very same food supplies. The result on a general level of observation is that "small and family farms lose" and "large industrial farms and food processing operations" benefit. A more pragmatic reality is that natural and unprocessed foods is being forced out of the market through police actions. When this happens, a foothold is introduced that enables processed foods to enter the market.

I.e., the same policies at a macro level, say, the assault and takeover of Libya in order to "open the market" for certain business entities is merely duplicated on a micro level right within the United States. A consumer market closed to processed foods due to a thriving natural, unprocessed, locally driven market is seeing its markets "opened" through legal and police actions.

The benefit inures to the benefit of the food processors. In this realm do we find the fusion of political connections, moral terpitude, and financial benefit to wage a war on America's remaining free and ethical food supply.

The strategy is "the Kosherization of America".

Removing the last vestige of American food independence means, literally, that "Kosher foods", "processed and dummied down", inferior in quality and clearly more costly, remain the sole choice at the supermarket.

In order to eat, Americans, literally, have to pay first the Rabbi's who proclaim food "fit for Jews" first and foremost.

Already, it is estimated that over 16K companies produce over 112K Kosher certified kosher food items. It is estimated that perhaps as much as 90% of processed foods are "kosherized", while up to 40-50% of America's grocery shelves are stocked with kosherized foods and other products.

Bringing Home the Kosher Bacon - The Scam of the Century

What began as a marketing ploy by the H.J. Heinz company to "certify" a can of beans to be "kosher" and then market this product to America's Jewish community has grown into perhaps one of the most costly and insidious scams of the century.

In 1959, when the Kosher Tax was only a US$20 million racket, the Jewish Newsletter reported to Jews that the "Kosher food labelling business" was a racket that was going to be exposed. 50 years later, this scam has grown to engulf nearly the whole of the processed foods market and covers nearly 50% of the retail space in major American supermarkets.

Today, single cities can bring in over US$20 million in "certification fees".

Kosher certification means that the entire supply chain must be "kosherized". The result is a business model (scam) that is now estimated to be over US$225 billion in retail sales. Some stats include an addition US$325 billion in "kosher materials and ingredients". Just the "certification fees", in some respects a form of extortion, is estimated to be in the range of US$220 million.

All the while, this "not for profit" business can deploy a literal war chest to further its direct interests paid for by the general American (and global) citizenry. This war chest frees up capital to divert to the continuing crimes in Israel as well as the regulations needed and lobbied to be enforced to further these surreptitious aims. Church is "blurred" with "state" in an ever growing militarized battle to enforce through sedition Jewish religious dietary laws.

The next time you see an assault on America's food supply - follow the money.

This episode is really a comprehensive insight into the Kosher Tax.

It is downloadable here:

The Kosher Tax - The Rabbinical Tax on America's Food Supply


Anonymous said...

Thank you Fetch for sharing your thoughts with us. Inside the Eye is a wonderfully rational and educational show, and it's a nice balance to the heavier subject matter of Cabala on your blog, not to mention a nice balance to the irrational and sensational approach that is so pervasive in conspiracy-related talk radio. By the way, you absolutely must release a book that provides training with the Isisian Codes. I know I'm not alone in wanting to understand the codes and we need something like a systematic training manual to speed up the learning process and to make the knowledge accessible to more people.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the same scam applies to food certified as halal for Muslim consumption and the fees/tax? added to the price the consumer pays. Who knows what jihadist organisation you are then funding? Though not to be condoned, potentially more life threatening I suggest than those being supported by Kosher products.

effel said...

Prepared this for your upcoming 9/11PM show, closer to the voice of the writers than the psychopatic translation http://www.facebook.com/note.php?saved&&note_id=10150314386217958

Anonymous said...

This is inaccurate anti-Jewish sophism.

In the first place, it depends on which group of rabbis do the certification and NONE of the ones in MY congregation certify trash aka dreck as edible.


I was trained in Khasrut ( Dietary Laws) and I doublecheck what I see in the stores and you should too BEFORE YOU BUY IT!

In a word, check the ingredients and learn about Kashrut.

It is the GREED of the food speculators (who are Khazars NOT real Jews)driving up the price of food.

The coming shortages in food and higher prices are caused by climate manipulation by HAARP to kill 90 percent of us "useless eaters." That's from The Pentagon and NWO agenda.

There WAS an outfit in Brooklyn who would certify anything if the price was right but they were impersonators from the Russian Mafia & they were shut down rather quickly.

You have to use some common sense when you shop.





I actually shop for groceries every week and I buy what is cheapest.

I can't believe the strange ideas about Jews that are still out there that just aren't true.


NWO is headquartered in London, UK.

Dennis Fetcho said...

That last rant sounds so Jewish and is actually funny. Offensive. Ignorant. Irrelevant. Naive.

But Jewish.

NWO is London. Rothschilds.


Rothschilds. Israel. Rabbis. Kabballah.

Kabballah is stolen from Pythagorus and twisted into Jewish racism institutionalized into Occultism.

To claim Qaballa as Jewish is the epitome of Jewish delusion.

effel said...

on second thought, I put it on my blog :D http://efffel.blog.ca/2011/09/06/a-word-from-the-greeks-11794643/

FairTrade said...

I'm new to your website and podcast. I found them informative and like the way you have pulled all the history and data together ~ it makes better sense now. I don't believe your website is about hating Jews or anyone in power. Your website focuses on factual information that is readily available to anyone who wants to do several hours of research.

A good friend is a Medieval and Renaissance university scholar and recently explained how Jews changed their last names to more Anglo and European names but changed their names in distinctive ways which signal to other Jews that they are in fact Jewish. If you could do a show about this issue and how it confuses people (ex: up is really down) that would be helpful.

Recently I saw a website with Hollywood actors and actresses with Anglo names and they were all Jewish. 95% of Hollywood and banking is Jewish yet no speaks about the selective hiring discrimination.

The Anon above is rather funny because he writes "the Khazars are NOT real Jews". Again, discrimination and exclusion of individuals who want to participate.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I always wondered what those little symbols stood for and now I know. Thanks for bringing this ridiculous kosher tax scam to my attention. Great show you have, by the way. More informational than most of the stuff out there.

Burnie said...

Thanks for my continuing education.
I stole the Rachel Corrie video. I posted it on my blog..nothing special just me trying to figure it out and a lot of bad poetry..ha ha. I attributed you and Celtic Rebel. You both have opened up whole new thoughts and ideas I was ignorant of. I first heard you on Red Ice Radio and am glad I did.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the 9/11 show. I read a fun theory somewhere that a sonic weapon may have been used to bring the buildings down which might explain the giant tuning forks in their exterior architecture.

Shattered Butterfly said...

After listening to this show, I went to the cereal cupboard, looked on the box's and there it was.

The little u with a circle around it. Almost every box we have had that sign. I'm wondering what the "KOR" symbol means with the squiggly lines/writing?

I don't eat cereal anymore but my family does. Thanks for your work!

Flanders said...

You have good info which USED TO BE AVAILABLE, but some of it no longer is.

Would you please update your links or redo your post so that people coming to your site, or using it for a link (as I have done) are not disappointed by a posting where almost none of the links work.

I'd prefer to see updates and additions.


Marc Jones said...

And look at the Nationalist Coalition's
logo, with the odal or othala rune. We need more of this kinda thing - and maybe a boon of hydroponics etc!

I wonder if there's any interviews of cops who participate in overt human rights violations (etcetc). Seems to me one of The major problems on this planet is > the willing lackey. It's these lackeys who make Their agendas possible...

Also cringe at how society has been trained to police each other. Hardly any privacy anymore and everything is suspect. This place does Not seem to be conducive to any kind of real growth - but for perhaps learning how to cope with all that you don't want.