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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big Oil and the Geopolitics of Genocide - Inside the Eye - Live!

In this episode of Inside the Eye - Live!, we discussed the reality that wherever "big oil" goes, genocide precedes or soon follows. I call this "Big Oil and the Geopolitics of Genocide". The show was a bit slow to develop as but picked up nicely at the bottom of the first hour. There was a few technical glitches...seems Skype was having a hard time maintaining a connection, so we had two periods of dead air. The chat room was lively, peaking at 28 guests. For those not familiar, you can reach the chat room at Inside the Eye on Chatango.

Over all, another good effort and worth a listen. You can catch the show here without being redirected:

Big Oil - The 7 Sisters

In 1951, the Iran nationalized its the in country oil industry, resulting in the expulsion of the Anglo Persian oil company. In an effort to re-enter the Iranian market, the United States State Department recommended the formation of a consortium of the 7 leading oil firms. These firms were Standard Oil of New Jersey and Standard Oil of New York (now Exxon Mobile), Standard Oil of California, Gulf Oil and Texaco (now Chevron), Royal Dutch Shell, and the Anglo Persian Oil Company (now British Petroleum - aka BP).

The term "7 Sisters" was coined by Italian businessman Enrico Mattei, the former head of the Italian state oil company ENI (Enti Nazionale Indrocarburi). As ENI was a "small cat" trying to feed from the bowl surrounded by "big dogs", Enrico was forced to find and negotiate fuel from disparate sources, including the then Soviet Union and the French sphere of influence, Algeria. Along the way, Mattei would make more than a few international enemies, the result of which was his being killed by an on-board bomb blowing he and his plane out of the sky.

The crash debris was tampered and an effective cover-up was put into place.

Where Enrico was inspired by the name is unknown, but a few ideas are offered. One known "7 Sisters" is near Tottenham, in London, where 7 elms were planted in a circle with a walnut tree in the center. Another "7 sisters" inspiration could have been the "white cliffs of Dover", a series of 7 chalk cliffs overlooking the English channel that are too known as "the Seven Sisters".

Then again, the Seven Sisters inspiration could also have been derived from mythology, or the constellation of Pleiades, the seven star cluster in Greek mythology that represented the rise and fall of the summer season and through which many of the prominent male Greek deities had affairs with which resulted in the birth of children.

Whatever the inspiration for the name, the 7 Sisters were the most powerful trans-national companies of their day, controlling nearly 85% of known global oil reserves in 1973.

The Dutch East India Company and the Pillage of Indonesia

Although the Dutch could be seen today as being rather pragmatic people, such was not always the case, especially when viewed in light of Dutch exploitation of Indonesia.

Of all the countries of South Asia, Indonesia is the pearl as to wealth of raw materials in South East Asia. Rich in fish, timber, fuel, minerals, rubber, agriculture, and cheap labor, Indonesia proved to be a centuries long exploitation cow for Denmark via the Dutch East India Company.

Many times the populace rose up in protest, and many times the insurrection and protests were violently silenced. By the 1920's, the rise of Jewish Bolshevism had taken root in the newly formed Soviet Union and communism as a political idea was being exported. Communism took hold in Indonesia under the Sukarno and the PKI.

Although named "communist", the PKI and the directed management strategies employed by the PKI were more a grass roots political organization competing with the overt exploitation at the hands of the Dutch.

The numbers of the PKI would grow to over 12 million at the grass roots level, but during the 1950's, lower level echelons of the PKI began to confiscate properties of Western companies. Such confiscations were against the directives of the PKI leadership, a leadership which sought a balance between Western property interests and the angry interests of the PKI political base.

By the 1960's, Sukarno, the head of the PKI, was actively on Western assassination wish lists, with even President Kennedy seeking Sukarno's elimination. Such was the paranoia of the West relative to anything labelled "communism".

Yet, as early as the 1950's, a strategic plan had been put in place to bring Indonesia firmly into the hands of the United States. This plan, known to some as "the Jakarta model", would be sprung in the Spring of 1965.

"The Berkeley Mafia"

A key strategy used by TNC's (trans-national corporations) to control a country's economy is to control the heads of various ministries within the targeted country. In order to accomplish this, a period of "educational investment" must be put in motion. Capable, connected, and able students are brought from foreign countries and placed into universities for education in the United States.

Historically, these Universities have been the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Chicago in Illinois, Harvard University, Columbia University, and to a lesser extent, University of Californian at Stanford. I am sure there are others, but these have a history of enabling and training humnan capital for corporate nation takeovers.

In the case of Indonesia, a group that would become known as "the Berkeley Mafia" was instrumental in the TNC take-over of Indonesia.

The Berkeley Mafia were educated at the University of California at Berkeley with major support from the Ford Foundation. The education (indoctrination) was an early experiment in what would later become "globalization". When these students returned to Indonesia in the early 1960's, they began lecturing, primarily to the Army.

When the Army declared war on the PKI in 1965, the Berkeley Mafia was well placed to fill the vacuum and begin implementing the policies taught to them while attending University in the United States. Many would fill key ministerial and advisory roles, preaching the virtues of deregulation.

They were seen by nationalists as traitors who were selling out the nations resources to trans-national corporations, which is precisely what they were trained and taught to do.

This same model would be employed in the takeover of Chile, except the group was involved was in the intellectual takeover of the Chile was known as "the Chicago Boys".

The Jakarta Model

With the intellectual (intelligentsia) bases covered in key, strategic areas, the takeover of Indonesia turned to the military front. Under the pretexts of a failed coup attempt by junior officers, the Army conducted a massive pogrom of the PKI. This pogrom resulted in estimated deaths of perhaps over 1 million people, with the action fully supported by the United States State Department which even provided through the United States Embassy a list of over 5000 names which the US State Department and CIA wished to have "killed".

As the names of those killed were brought back to the United States State Department Embassy in Indonesia, the names were calmly crossed off the list. (For a brief history of this period in history, read Ghosts of Genocide by Dennis Small)

This total slaughter of the grass roots Indonesian PKI was enabled through collaboration with Stalin, who effectively ordered the PKI to "stand down" and not fight back. It is not so much that "the communists" lost Indonesia. It is more to the point that the Communists like Stalin were in all probability collaborating with the Jewish banking elite in America and the game plan was to further the exploitation of Indonesia absolutely.

A good read on this side of the history comes from the World Socialist Web Site. One has to wonder just why Stalin would have ordered a complete capitulation.

By 1967, with Indonesia essentially "cleansed" of the PKI through the literal annihilation of the entire movement and their families, Indonesia was declared "open for business". A conference was held in Switzerland to sell the virtues of this newly opened market for TNC's and many of the same Synarchic names were eager and did attend. These names included David Rockefeller and other top businessmen as well as Transnational corporations (TNCs) included ICI, Siemens, British Leyland, Heinz, General Motors, British American Tobacco (BAT), Daimler-Benz, American Express, Chase Manhattan Bank, Warburg & Co., Dunlop, Standard Oil, US Steel, Aluminium Co. of America, International Paper Co., and the Swiss Bank Corp.

The Jakarta Model has been put into place and would be used (and continues to be used) to further TNC access to foreign markets. This model has 6 primary elements:

(1) cultivation of Rightwing military elements;
(2) using an alleged atrocity to inflame public opinion;
(3) general media manipulation to incite violent reaction;
(4) instigation and logistic support for civilian vigilante groups;
(5) swift and hard coordinated response targeted at the mass elimination of opponents, or potential opponents; and,
(6) a continuing programme of disinformation and cover-up

Big Oil and the Geopolitics of Genocide

The issue is important because the tactics are employed over and over again. It is time to become more aware and to be able to respond to these Occult forces in play. Whether Allende in Chile, Saddam in Iraq, the Taliban, Somalia, Sudan, Kosovo, etc., it is the same tactics and people at work.

The primary motivation seems to either "balkanize" a country, splitting off the profitable part and from the "chafe" in order to either build an oil pipeline or secure direct control of known or perceived oil and gas production fields.

Big Oil, time and time again, has shown that the geopolitics of genocide is the preferred modus operandi.

In Indonesia, ExxonMobile was sued for genocide in Aceh province. In Somalia, American oil firms were granted exclusive concessions, but first came the arming of the local protective "government", an ensuing civil war (genocide), with the result of chaos for decades.

Sudan, the same.

Afghanistan - a war for poppies and pipe routes.

On and on it goes

As Big Oil continues to be motivated by pre-1940's colonial thinking at the macro elite level, newer business models are arriving. China comes with money and projects. America comes with IMF, Austerity, Guns, and Genocide.

Who do the locals wish to work with?

American policies are outdated and worn, and increasingly, being exposed as increasingly evil and anathema to human relations.

The war on terror is not about protecting one from terror - it is about projecting and using terror in the benefit of money and greed to the detriment of all save for the TNC's to be benefited.

This show at Inside the Eye - Live! on the Oracle Broadcasting Network brings some of these ideas and information to life.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Fetch for taking the time to share your ideas with us on a weekly show.

The Chinese are more successful than the Americans because they play Go instead of Chess. The focus is on taking control of resources instead of engaging in direct conflict with the opponent.

Dennis Fetcho said...

Thank you equally for sharing and making the show a great success.

Your comment is an absolutely brilliant observation...

Anonymous said...

great shows Fetch, keep em coming, it's so hard coming to terms with the fact that most will not see this reality, some cannot but most just will not. truth hurts, but it hurts to see loved ones bury their heads too, c'est la vie.

Floyd Anderson said...

Great show Fetch. I put this one up on youtube.

I like how you go back decades and talk about recurring patterns and strategies used by these people. It's good to have a historical context.

Anonymous said...

I concur Floyd.

Great show Fetch All of them really. Thank you for all you do to help plant the seeds of reality of this particular here and now.


Anonymous said...

I was excited to hear the Fetch on Truth Frequency. Too bad the conversation deteriorated when the host thought it would be clever to railroad you into a debate with two other individuals who clearly had no interest in discussing cabala. I know the show with Celtic Rebel will be good though.

yourcharacterisyourfate said...

there is a good documentary regarding exploitation movies made in indonesia, culminating in "apocalipse now" use of dead bodies ... The myth of the benevolent "advanced democracy" ...

effel said...

It's not that much playing the game like chess instead of go. The proper way to play chess is a lot like go and that's why the russians were beating them.
The problem is more that they don't know the rules and, when checkmate, they throw the board at you.