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Monday, November 30, 2009

"The Owl" and the Occult - The Complete Podcasts

The "Owl" as a Symbol of the Occult has varied and nuanced layers of deconstructions. Aside from the mythological connections of the Owl to Athena and Ishtar, "goddesses" that directly link back to Isis, the Owl also contains observable natural properties that signify an ability to see in the dark (read Setianist ignorant world).  Of course, we cannot exclude a Qaballistic construction to the very word "OWL".

These podcasts provide a uniquely Isisian Code view of the Owl as a Symbol of the Occult and give a glimpse into the way in which Hermetic Qaballa is used in the construction of words as Occult constructs.

Pi The Alphabet And The Isisian Codes The Owl As A Symbol Of The Occult Podcast 8, Seg 1

Pi The Alphabet And The Isisian Codes The Owl As A Symbol Of The Occult Podcast 8, Seg 2

The Owl As A Symbol Of The Occult The Lost Episode

 Hope you enjoy these shows. They will also be found as companion links in the most widely read article at The Illuminatus Observor, "The Owl as a Symbol of the Occult".

As always - thanks for the continued support and to your linking of the blog in forums and websites all across the World Wide Web.  Your efforts greatly help spread the word and contribute to the growth of the Illuminatus Observor as simply one of the best Hermetic Qaballa blogs in all of blogdom.


Ken said...

Is this available for download somewhere and if so, can I get the URL?
Thank you.

Ken said...

Sorry if this is a double comment but I do not know if the one I just tried went through.
I wanted to know if the audio from this post is available for download and if so, can I get the URL?
Thank you.

Unknown said...

Not a single podcast plays.