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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A House is not a Home - An Insight into H:P Transpositions

Sometimes it pays to peer into traditional Americana for insights into the Construct. American Folk music can be a pretty insightful place to look, and if you can hear the subtle messages, perhaps you can gain an appreciation for what is being said such that the older music even sounds pretty good.

Actually. I am trying not to date myself.

But when I was growing up, of course I had no choice but to listen to the music of my parents. Country music was a favorite of my father, but so too was what could be termed "American Folk". A group that comes to mind here is "the Kingston Trio", a group I still listen to from time to time when I get the chance.

Two songs come to mind that sound so heavily influenced by Freemasonry that you just have to wonder.

The Lemon Tree

One song that comes to mind is "The Lemon Tree". The lyrics go like this:
When I was just a little boy, my father said to me, "Come here and learn a lesson from the lovely lemon tree.

My son, it's most important," my father said to me, "to put your faith in what you feel and not in what you see."

Lemon tree, very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet, but the fruit of the poor lemon is a thing one cannot eat. (Repeat chorus)

Why is this important?

Now draw from the other side of the Occult coin. Consider the Jewish occult ritual of Passover where they rededicate themselves to their daemon.

Why must we eat bitter herbs (maror) tonight?

"Three times in Scripture (Dt. 4:20; 1st Kgs. 8:51; Jer. 11:4), Egypt is called an ‘iron furnace’ which Yahveh delivered us from. An iron furnace was a furnace that was so hot, it melted iron. It symbolized the intense suffering and bitterness we felt as slaves of Pharaoh.

"In this life, before we gave ourselves fully to Messiah Yeshua, we walked in deception, confusion and the bitterness of this world. We trusted in ourselves which is a very bitter slavery to Satan.

"Now we bless Yahveh for taking us out of a life of anger and bitterness. We take and eat some bitter herbs tonight with a piece of matza to remember the life of grief, hostility and heartbreak we led before coming to Messiah Yeshua. Tears should come to the eyes, to remember the slavery and affliction of Egypt and Satan.(4) We eat it with the matza to show us that even if there is suffering in Messiah, He is always with us to temper it and us."

Of course, the whole Egyptian story is most likely a storied fairy tale (actually it is, but you know how children and their beliefs can be), so this ritual of consuming a bitter root is in direct contradiction to avoiding the eating of the "lemon tree" whose flower smells beautiful but for whom whose fruit is not possible to eat.

Because Jewish metaphysics is all about the destruction of the Osirian and Isisian (matriarchal) cultures and systems, they eat of the bitter fruit which is, of course, representative of "Jehovah/Typhon/Seth" in Western systems and yet is the "savior" of the patriarchal and destructive Setianist or Jewish systems.

Although the vampire of Jehovah/Typhon/Seth may be beautiful and sweet to behold, in truth it is a very bitter fruit to eat and cannot be eaten unless delivered with sugar (Christianity to the non-core "genetic" controlled subgroup).  The sub group which is core to a worship of this daemon eats too of "matza to show us that even if there is suffering in Messiah, He is always with us to temper it and us."

Freemasonry, a system that was preserving the Sacred Feminine, it could be said, was a system that warned against the total partaking of Jewish Setianism through a the tempering influences and worship of "CHRIST" and the positive attributes of Christianity, or those aspects of Christianity that were fused to Osirian and Isisian traits of charity and goodwill to all..

In the crafting of the word LEMON, the word LEMON simply expands to read "Le Mon", or "the One" .  From here such words as  MONSTER and MONEY may be seen to be derived, and when too fused to "lunar" or "Levantian magic", he "le Mon" was something that might smell sweet and be a delight to the soul (eye), "the le Mon, or the One" was something that simply could not be eaten as a spiritual construction.

Jewish "Setianist Priests" clearly knew and understood this Occult formula too, and so they "modified the essence of their daemon" as represented by the "bitter fruit" by adding in the matza to remind the laity that partaking of this deity is really something that comes with bitter rewards regardless, but for which would be ritualistically tempered with matza.  Hence we find the ritual to read, "We eat it with the matza to show us that even if there is suffering in Messiah, He is always with us to temper it and us."

Freemasonry would warn against any partaking of the core of the daemon. The very word LEMON, fused to a fruit that is bitter and cannot be directly eaten (even though it smelled and was delightful to the eye) was clue and insight enough.

Setianists would modify and transpose their ritual and "temper it" such as to make it intellectually and ritualistically palatable with the warning to the laity practitioner that regardless, a belief in this daemon and worship of same comes with its bitter rewards.

Tom Dooley and the Eternal Triangle

In the version released by the Kingston Trio, we find this spoken introduction:

Throughout history
There've been many songs written about the eternal triangle
This next one tells the story of a Mr Grayson, a beautiful woman
And a condemned man named Tom Dooley...
When the sun rises tomorrow, Tom Dooley... must hang...

Of course, "the eternal triangle" is the "3:4:5" triangle of the Pythagoreans, and the inherent links to Pi. In this format, we can consider "Grayson" to be Osiris, "the beautiful woman" to be Isis, and "the condemned man" to be the "savior god" as Jesus hanging on the cross. Of course, the quick intro to "the eternal triangle" is masked rapidly into the gray aspect of the song, but we find in another version by Doc Watson the following:

You dug the grave four feet long
And you dug it three feet deep;
You rolled the cold clay over her
And tromped it with your feet.

Well. If the grave is 3 feet long and 4 feet deep, what then is the hypotenuse but 5, again returning us to the "Golden" or "Eternal Triangle" encoded in subtle but different manifestations through the same song theme by the Kingston Trio?

And of course, we could always digress into the use of the word NOOSE in "hypotenuse"?

A House is Not a Home - unless there is a Family

Another bit of American that you hear little of today is the phrase "A House is not a Home without a Family". Of course, a "family" in the context the phrase was designed meant "children" in the "Leave it to Beaver" archetype.

So how does this phrase help us to understand AND reveal the Construct?

Through the use of H:P transpositions. What this means is that we substitute the H for P to better illuminate designed archetypes in words.

From a mathematical fusion, we find the following co-relations:

H = 8 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36
P = 16 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16 = 136

H and P are co-relationally identical in that each invokes "36". Since P is masculine, we may presume that ACH too is masculine in that H too is a representation of PI.

Since the Sum of 1:3 is 6 and the Sum of 1:8 is 36, the very sound sets of ACH, namely the letters A, C, and H, are invoking Pi, while the design of the Letter H is as the Greek Letter Pi.

H, then, is a masculine identifier.

With this in mind we may deconstruct the words HOUSE and HOME to reveal the formula "A House is not a Home with a Family (children)" as follows:

H = P = Male
O = O = Female

HO-USE = Male - Female USE

However, if a child is present, the formula is changed to read

H = P = Male
O = O = Female
ME = ME = Child (or M = unison of Male and Female as ADM and EVE, which then presumes a Child)

A "HOUSE" is something that the "male" as H/P and and femine as "O" "USE", but becomes a HOME when the child as "ME" is invoked.

In this way we may use a little Americana to reveal the hidden nature of the Construct in the language.


Dennis/87 said...

I have a thorny lemon tree in my house(me and the Cindy). I bring it in every winter to protect it from the cold. My nephew's were here on the weekend. We sang them the lemon tree song. I always liked the Kingston trio(showing my age 55). Too bad the instrument of torture is an xtian symbol. Dennis

Anonymous said...

Dennis,what is the meaning of 12939 ? This is related to Pepsi.

Dennis Fetcho said...

We can only comment using conjecture or invoking synchronicity. However, the word LIFE has an underlying number of 12960, this number being derived from the Pi Proportion (diameter in corelative time) of the Platonic Great Year of 25920 years.

Another form of Pi representation is the Number 21 in that the Major Arcanum goes from 0-21, and thus the 21 represents completion (reference the 21 gun salute).

Take the value of 12939 and add 21 and you return the value to 12960. An interested play on this number is that if you add 1 to the 9 to return it to 0 and add a 3 to the 3 to return it to 6, we can then add the 21 in normal count and the 31 in digit column count (without a carry forward number) and reveal that 21+31 = 52 weeks in a year.

I do not know precisely the rationale for the 12939, but you get a pretty interesting synchro back to key Pi Proportion numbers.

MorningStar7 said...

I acidentally found a synchromystic forum. My first experience with the term 'synchromystic'. I decided to create a post about my views on sychronicity. Was looking to post an image concerning the Matrix. I wanted to explain the fun of the mental prison and how the Merovingian was either hosting (it seemed) a lavish dinner party, or an off the wall actual club party. Basically stating that these are the things that help create and maintain the prison. Anyway.. looking for the picture and found your site typinng in Merovingian.

A synchromystic blog. Very interesting. Extreme synchronicity in my personal book. I look forward to reading through your site.

Anonymous said...

Your etymologies are false dude. House and home are not HO + USE or HO + ME.

And lemon is not le + mon. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Of course someone has an opinion and doesnt back their belief up with anything else. Just a NO NO NO CANT BE factor.

Give me a break!


Unknown said...

Perhaps I can have my own mini blog commentary here ; )

Tho tongue in cheek, I'm a tad surprised that lemon wasn't el mon as in sun and moon... But maybe it's lem on. As in lemming or maybe a car suited for rats only.

Then H and P as 8 and 16 could be tweaked as Phi, 1.618. Where the extra one is that I typed it.

Much above seems to repeatedly extract to the word life. So all we need is the qualifier to see what Kind of life. But we have it; as 666, which is the Carbon molecule. Our matrix...

But lo, Real science, not control science, sees NO electrons, protons or neutrons (true, look it up if need be. Kids dish out huge sums to be lied to. The old models have Limited/status quo application which is the issue). So now what?

The no no can't be factor is more about the art (taking liberties) aspect of all this - as indicated with my examples above.

It would have been quite the show to see Dennis, Marty Leeds and William Eisen go at this stuff!! Then bring in Stan Tenen after the smoke has cleared for another air burst.

Talk about synchronicity. I just recently heard something about a group into Shakespeare... who let loose a certain species of pest bird in New York back in the 1800's. I'm sure most would wonder what the hell I'm talking about. But this shows how no matter what you're going through, you'll find outlandish synchronicity.

But I find that Very interesting in the context of mind control.