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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Leo the Lion, A Lesson in Transpositions

This article, literally, is a lesson in the art of Occult transpositions. Occult transpositions take many shapes and forms, from morphing mythologies to literal mathematical ciphers encoded into seemingly "everyday" words. The idea of transpositions is very well understood in the Initiated Systems and it is further well known and discussed that there are various transpositions occuring between "sacred nomenclatures" as these nomenclatures are being "passed", or "encoded", from race to race.

The "Goddess Isis", for instance, is known as "the Lady of 10,000 names". Her primary name is "Isis", which some equate to as "throne", but we can transpose to "North" as it is Isis whom we seek to guide us through the darkness for when we require guidance while walking in the "night", we first seek out "the North Star" in order to gather our bearings.. She is also known as the OWL, which we can transpose to the number TWO - if you understand the nature of how to effect the transpositions.

It is all incredibly simple further once you are able to grasp into the nature of the apperception of the conceptual. For instance, when we view the picture of Hathor, a transposition of Isis, we note many things, but draw your attention to the design of the "hair". Not only does "Isis" maintain as her suit the "Swords", themselves a sign for the "air", while Pentacles represent Earth, Wands as fire, and Cups as Water, we note that within the word "hair" is the word "air".

The word AIR we may reverse to form the word RAI(SE), for it is the Mind as Intellect as Isis that "raises us up from darkness and ignorance". Within the phonetics of "raise" may be found the phonetics of "reason" equally, and so it becomes no secret of basic scholarship into "Shakespeare" that oft "raisen" was used as a phonetic code for "reason".

Everything is interconnected. This should, too, come as no surprise save for failure of the education system to properly teach the design. Sir Francis Bacon stated ever so clearly in "The Alphabet of Nature",

"Now, for the sake of perspicuity and order, we prepare our
Way by avenues, which are a kind of prefaces to our
Inquisitions. Likewise, we interpose bonds of connection,

That our inquisitions may not seem abrupt and disjointed."
- Sir Francis Bacon, Alphabet of Nature

The Master Number 11011

If you understood the "Secret of AJK", or the playing cards, you would fully comprehend by now that what is being encoded in the Ace, Jack, and King (AJK) is the Master Number, or 11011, or in short, "11:11". This number is known as "snake eyes" on the "craps table". When you have "snake eyes" showing, you simply have to go "to the belly of the serpent", for the cube or di remain one of the primary encodement "stones".

When we sum the value from 1:11, we arrive at the following digits:


This is a basic transposition. 6's may be 1's and 1's may be 6's.
Hence in the logo for "FOX", the F is a "6" as it is clearly set at number 6 of the Alphabet, while X is placed at number 11 of the second half of the Alphabet. Never mind that it is essentially a glyph of two "1's" set on diagonals to each other: the obvious you are not supposed to be able to see.

Since X is "11", and F is 6, and since "11" may be "66", then the code of FOX has a gematria value of 6066, or 6*6*6*10=2160.

6*6*6*10, or "2160" (note this number in the formation of "The Esoteric Formula of the Heart" wherein there are precisely "21 "6's" in the formation of the word HEART from 884) is a basic "astronomic constant" used by the Illuminatus in encoding various hinge or foundation points.

This number is the diameter of the moon in miles or the time period of 1 sign of the Zodiac. Hence "6" of these numbers relative to the Zodiac would be the time period of the Sun's precession through 1/2 of the signs of the Zodiac, hence the formula of 6*6*10*6*6 = 12,960 years.

Again. The number 12960 when placed back against the Alphabet reveals the code of LIFE. There are special properties to "E" as it is the "5th Letter" or the "5th Amendment", and hence has a "right to remain silent".

5 = 1+2+3+4+5 = 15 = O Letter or 0 Number and hence "no sound".

That E can be either a "5" or a "0" number is just another part of the larger transposition logic in play.

The Sun as Masculine or Feminine

Another interesting transposition is the morphing of the Sun from a "feminine" energy to a "masculine" energy. The astrological sign for Leo, for instance, is really but the outline of the hair of "Hathor".

Many cultures have regarded the Sun as being of the Feminine, although in Masonic constructions, it oft becomes necessary to formulate the Sun as being Masculine. As late as 1861, there was a magazine in publication called "Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine". In Volume LXXXIX (89) (you can find whate'er esoteric meaning you wish for this number), on page 715, in a piece titled "From the Fatherland", the author states:

"My Dear Irenaeus - I think you will agree with me that that useful luminary, the sun ought to always be of the masculine gender. I happen to inhabit at present a country where the sun is feminine. The Germans gallantly say, that because the sun is more beautiful than the moon, their chivalrous forefathers inverted the classical notion of their genders and made him a lady and her a gentleman."

Aside from the obvious view of the Sun as a feminine energy being held in Western constructs quite late in the historical trail, there is still further insights that indeed, females may sometimes be caste as male and male be caste as female in so far as the esoteric coding is concerned.

The word SUN provides us with a rather unique insight into the above statement.

The Letter S is located at number 3
The Letter N is located at number 5

The Letter U is the missing part of the mathematical cipher, for it is placed at position 5 under this cipher pattern. However, we also know that the Letter U is the 21'st letter of the Alphabet, and the sum of 1:6 = 21, or the U letter, hence we can reason pretty confidently that the proper formula for the word SUN is as follows:

U=6 (1+2+3+4+5+6=21=U letter)

Note, again, the use of the "21"-"6" sequence. This is used so often that it defies why it has not been discovered before.

So we can see that the SUN is simply a CODE FOR 365, or the number of days that the EARTH revolves around "the SUN". 365 is a "corelational circle number", and hence is a feminine number, and thus this would make the word SUN a "Feminine deity".

The Sign of LEO mirrors that of the Hair of Hathor. Yet there is more to the code of LEO.

LEO the LION and The Sun

Let us now complete the exercise or lesson by showing the precise transposition of the word LEO and LION. As shown in the Isisian Codes:

The Letter L = 3
The Letter E = 5
The Letter O = 6

The Illuminatus has a very practical cipher known as "5=6". Take column 6 of the Isisian Codes. What word is revealed? FV? Five. It is a "favorite". 5's are 6's. Note the design similarity between E and F (5 and 6), as well as "5" and "6" equally. Even the words FIVE and SIX are showing precise design parallels.



The word FIVE, too, is a cipher for 69.




5's and 6's are interchangeable. So if we have a word as LEO with a value as follows:


And, we know that 5's and 6's are interchangeable, we can simply show that LEO is a CODE for


LEO = 365 = SUN

So all that is left is to solve for LION. Here again we have the mathematical formula already half evident. LI is "1/2" of the word LI(FE). Since E = O = N, we can simply cipher these letters to reveal the following:


So the code LEO the LION is simple a code that says "The Sun is Life"!

Very simple. Very clever. And indeed, incredibly ingenious.

This is how you begin to de-story the signatures of the Occult and bring the beauty that was encoded into the system back to "life".

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