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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kabballah as a Literary Form of Ka'aba

Let us delve further into the metaphysics of "Kabballah".

Kabballah in its purest sense may be seen metaphysically as the worship of the cube as opposed to the cone. Hence you will see in various plates from the medieval period concerning the Inquisition wherein the victims of Jehovian courts are forced to wear "dunce caps". The word "dunce" is to imply "being stupid", but as the Setian Occult world is often flipped on its head in a most vicious and oft sadistic bent, what is a "dunce" would have meant a "highly advanced and knowledgeable" soul whose only crime was not to bow down to the ever encroaching imposition of the sadists who make up the core of Setian philosophical thought. Surely such a soul would be viewed as a "dunce", or a foolish soul, to the sadists who sought to destroy Western Europe and subjugate same to Jehovian or Setian metaphysics.

However, in spite of the terror that reigned throughout Europe under the yoke of Setian metaphysics, it is clear that the institutions previously built by Western elites (Osirian and Isian occultists), although smashed, were able to retain much of their core symbols. The "Christmas Tree", for example, renamed to appease the barbarian Setian infiltration, remains still to this day a symbol of power and choice for a large mass of todays humanity as a symbol of peace and life. A complex and yet incredibly simple symbol, the "Christmas Tree" brings life and happiness to an otherwise dreary and dreadful December in much of the Northern Hemisphere.

The "Christmas Tree's" shape is that of the cone, derived from the "sphere", while the pyramid is derived from the cube.

Kabballah. The Gold Standard?

Lets turn our attention to the "Gold Standard" of the Occult: Kabballah.

It is strange how little the mass public understands of this Craft, and even more amazing precisely because so many of the worlds "elite", and surely those who could be considered "the Illuminatus" in whatever names they wish to affix to themselves, are indeed either versed in or "respectful" to the traditions of the knowledged contained within "Kabballah", even as the manner and form in which it is taught is essentially a half truth, and hence an obfuscation and mystification.

Even without such, have you ever considered that noone really knows how to spell it? How many variations can you come up with?


I am sure you can add a few more without too much effort or search, but you should ask a very simple question:

"If "Kabballah" is such a "Gold Standard", and this "Gold Standard" is ultimately fused to Letters/Numbers/Sounds, then why is this supposed "Gold Standard" so confused as to precisely how to spell its own "Gold Standard" name?"

Just more irrationality to solve when immersing oneself into Jehovian or Setian Metaphysics.

Kabballah (Single Die) and Qaballa (Pair of Dice)

There are two systems. A Hermetic Qaballa based on two dice, and a Rabbinical Kabballah based on a single die. Each of the systems will utilize the variations of numerous mathematical ciphers to try to prove it's "preeminence" and "truths". The former has been given a 1000 year head start, the latter is just being revealed to mass human consciousness.

Each has its own geometric matrix that reveals instantly the underlying "sanity" of the "truths" upon which each is based. The two matrices are really broken halves of a composite matrix known as "The Philosopher's Stone" as shown here.

----The Single Die, Kabballah

The fastest way to ensure that you are operating with the right "Qaballa" is to study whether you are using a single "cube", aka, a "die", or two cubes, or a "pair of dice".

The Isisian Codes are clear on this:



A system based wholly on the "single cube", or "the die", pretty much says it all: it is a system predicated on death. The Serpent did not lie. Such a system cannot truly elevate the soul in any form or fashion, and its disjointed method of operation and reliance on an out of balance mechanism ensures ultimate failure and false conclusions.

Another way to view the Kabballist's "Tree" is to understand the German rules to the game of hop scotch. More to the point, as the above picture from England (image source) shows, the Setian Tree of Life as an absolute occult system was in a way "ridiculed" into the the game of hop scotch whereby "Earth" or "Malkuth" was set at the bottom and "Ain Soph" as "Heaven" was set at the top.

The game, however, remains predicated on hopping on one foot (the dreidle or jack) and so by inference the system lacks balance and stability and as a matter of course, the participant in the system is destined to lose one's balance and "land on two feet", which means that the person is going to fail. Being in balance is tantamount to failure within Setian metaphysics because the goal of the system is to keep humanity and souls "out of balance" where it is easier to manipulate and force into ever progressing failures.

Hence the die of the "dice" hints at ever more complex philosophical realities linked to Setian metaphysics. Without some external force to "spin the Dreidle", the person will fall and hence "die". Failure, ultimately, is assured, at least from a spiritual sense. The "single die" as a spinning unique energy has inherent flaws, hence it is aptly representative of all the death that a system based on this philosophy brings.

It is all the flaws and the inherent death that such brings that enamors so much the Setian Illuminatus.

Fortunately, there is, and has always been, a hidden and competing Qaballa, that based on English and the Vesica Piscis and a "pair of dice". This is "the Hermetic Qaballa" and the Isisian Codes.

---The Hermetic Qaballa, or a Pair of Dice

The Hermetic Qaballa represents a dimensional shift in the Craft and is far more in alignment with archetypical constructions. It also is designed literally to the information found within the Book of Formation. 

As a representation of the 22 Major Arcanum of the Tarot Cards, it can be shown that the Hermetic Qaballa is in perfect sequential representation, as opposed to the later "Illuminatus" renderings of the Setian Mason's who sought to link the Tarot to the Setian tree.

The absurdity of the exercise was only compounded by the absurdity of the mass of souls who bought into the exercise. No one seemed to want to resolve the fact that it was Setian systems who sought to destroy the knowledge and, failing to do so, themselves sought to fuse the archetypical knowledge to their own system that was simply half of a larger system hidden further still.

Later we will deal with the Hermetic Qaballa as a foundational matrix, but lets move forward with the Setian analysis.

A Numerical Basis to Language

Perhaps the reason why so few people can see the Nature of the Construct is precisely because the Construct has been caste against fused philosophy set against numbers, letters, and sounds. These sounds can be caste and passed from race to race and culture to culture over a period of time by an occulted priestcraft and the latter never ever being able to suspect the inherent intent to craft a reality based on a more occult philosophy.

The hidden philosophy, based on "the Garden of Eden" is "guarded" by a veil: guaranteed

So, it could be argued: the reason why you and indeed, the vast majority of humanity cannot "see" through this veil is because there has been a literal "HEX" placed on you in a literal and trans-dimensional sense: "reality" was crafted against a NUMBER, and yet few see that "NUMBER" is trans-dimensional.

A reality based on NUMBER makes you NUMB-ER. Or, more to the point, "numb" and "number" just as you have "dumb" and "dumber" you have "numb" and "number": each are literal states of existence.

The crafting of "reality" around "numb" and "number" is a precise Occult science, the practitioners of which you should learn to take heed and respect and understand. You do not defeat an enemy without understanding same. If you move right, and right is into the heart of the enemies defenses, you will be mauled for the effort. If you move left, and the enemy has abandoned his position, you will be left with a mass amount of expended effort and energy and nothing to show for your time in the exercise.

Hence the need, as it were, for the Isisian Codes.

At position number 8 may be found the Letters H and X, yet the sum of 1:8 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36) reveals the square of 6, wherein the square of 6 is known as a cube. Hence a HEX and a Hexagon are but words based on precise mathematic clues found in the sounds (Alphabet).

What this tells us again is that the Rabbinical/Setian tree is "the Hex", or what is "guarding" the "garden of Eden".

So we return to the original thesis: there are two systems in play.

We recognize these as "Kabballah" and "Qaballa".

Qaballa = Osirian, or Hermetic, Qaballa, in that the system precedes rabbinical Kabballah and is a purer and more direct form of Qaballa. However, the two systems are actually not exclusive to each other and deal with two seperate aspect of the human creation. It is only in the manner and form in which the latter Kabballah has been foisted onto humanity that it is necessary to treat such as a uniquely different "animal" relative to an Occult perspective.

In truth, the two are not mutually exclusive at all, but the manner in which modern "kabballah" is being sold and taught is mixing aspects of Qaballa (Hermetic) to the rabbinical format as if the rabbis are akin to the sole arbiters of the crafting. That Western elites (Illuminatus) have allowed such to happen in the manner that they have, even to the point of creating a system of rational absurdities, is a testament to the level to which the secret of the whole is being protected at the expense of humanity as a whole.

Furthermore, that there are two systems in play again should not be a surprise to anyone who ventures into the philosophies used by those who term themselves as being part of "the Illuminatus" in whatever term they wish to attach to themselves. One of these break off branches that seeks to rewrite the esoteric of English is that of Aleister Crowley and his OTO/Thelema offshoots.

How many Mason's and related elites were ciphoned into tortured twisting of Crowley's Setian (Jewish) centric obfuscations cannot really be measured, but suffice it to say that there should be a presumption of a critical density in core control systems of the planet.

Said Crowley, who termed himself "the Beast", yet died a withered drug addict, had this rather cryptic hint at the two faces of Kabballah and Qaballa:

"46. Nothing is a secret key of this law. Sixty-one the Jews call it; I call it eight, eighty, four hundred & eighteen.

47. But they have the half: unite by thine art so that all disappear." - Source, The Book of the Law, Aleister Crowley

If "the Jews" have the half, then they cannot have "the whole". This is such a simplistic and self evident statement that it belies logic as to why anyone gives a pass on the craft of "kabballah" and does not call into question the very individuals who are teaching the system in a manner that oft comes across as demanding blind obedience.

The half is not the whole. Ever. We can oft surmise the hidden half if we have the visible half, but one can never be so certain unless the other half is exposed completely.

Kabballists as Ka'abists

The Kabballists are "ka'ab"ists. They worship the Cube in the Hexagonal form. It is no secret that the word "to put a Hex" on someone is seen as a form of evil. If you want to estimate the power of their crafting, witness the power of the Ka'aba, a signature of their Occult operatives.

Try as you may to rationally explain the Occult forces in play regarding the Ka'aba and the reaction is really not much different than you might have found from the Medieval inquisitioner, and this is precisely how the Kabballists want it.

Hence the Ka'aba and the Kabballists are far more interlinked than the masses dare to peer into and understand.

In the mind of the "kabballist", mankind will bow down to the Cube. What they seek is a form of slavish obedience in a classic Orwellian sense is the only reality that Setian forces understand and will accept.

They go to great lengths to craft religious constructs that hint at truths, cause pauses and delays, all while achieving their ultimate goal of total domination of the material realm.


Anonymous said...

i read thru alot of this site.. to me everything seems disconnected im sure this all makes sense but without having a background understanding it makes it very difficult to understand for me. basically im asking what is the point of this, when/where/what should the code be applied to? all of english? If i plug the codes into any word i just come up with something meaningless to me. I dont know.. maybe i need to let this info assimilate and come back to it but i am really interested.

Anonymous said...

"According to the mystical canon, there are always on earth a certain number of holy men who are admitted to intimate communion with the Deity. The one who occupies the highest position among his contemporaries is called the 'Axis' (Qūtb) or 'Pole' of his time. * * * Subordinate to the Qūtb are two holy beings who bear the title of 'The Faithful Ones,' and are assigned places on his right and left respectively. Below these is a quartette of 'Intermediate Ones' (Evtād); and on successively lower planes ate five 'Lights' (Envār), and seven 'Very Good' (Akhyār). The next rank is filled by forty 'Absent Ones' (Rijal-i-ghaib), also termed 'Martyrs' (Shuheda). When an 'Axis' quits this earthly existence, he is succeeded by the 'Faithful One' who has occupied the place at his right hand. * * * For to these holy men, who also bear the collective titles of 'Lords of Souls,' and 'Directors,' is committed a spiritual supremacy over mankind far exceeding the temporal authority of earthly rulers." (See Mysticism and Magic in Turkey, by L. M. J. Garnett.)

The Axis is a mysterious individual who, unknown and unsuspected, mingles with mankind and who, according to tradition, has his favorite seat upon the roof of the Caaba. J. P. Brown, in The Dervishes, gives a description of these "Master Souls."

-The Secret Teachings of all Ages, Manly P. Hall


Unknown said...

I pretty much grok the construct as far as number and letter and sound. Still don't see the significance of the tree....unless it's a rough metaphor of something like the hyper cube. Could be a um, hyper cubic squaring of the circle...... That it's like the vesica seems to show it's one big pictograph.

Pretty funny about the pair of dice.....