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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Of Libraries and Librations

The Library.

A curious place.

Save for traditional churches or morgues, perhaps no other place in the world is sacrosanct as to preserving silence than libraries. There is a traditional layer of respect within Western society that upon entering a library, respect and silence are deemed proper and expected. And just as one would not loudly shout and speak in disrespect at a local church or morgue, so too does no cultured and civilized individual violate the sanctity of a library.

What few know, however, is that a library is a form of morgue: it's shelves, containing rows and rows of books, are therefore stacked with the very embodiment of Osiris.

This article will delve into the philosophical underpinning of libraries and with it, send you into a journey of mythological decoding.

The Interconnectedness of Nature

Material existence we refer to as "nature". When capitalized as Nature, we refer to Isis. Philosophically, in a literary sense, we create "oscillations" upon the material through the use of 1's and 0's set against concepts and sounds. This is a simplification, yet a truth. As an example of this, we may invoke the letter M or the words ADM and EVE. The capitalized spelling informs you of a latent or hidden code.

Such a technique should be well established for the studied student, but so as to educate the interested, we provide this example:

Liber B vel Magi sub Figura I

Line 3 - Now then shall He end His Speech with Silence? For He is Speech.
Line 21 - And in the word CHAOS let the book be sealed, yea, let the Book be sealed.

Note the form and usage of the capitalizations. One line uses a single letter capitalization, as in the words "He is Speech" (reference line 3), while another uses an all capitalization technique, as in the word CHAOS as referenced in line 21.

Now since they who seek after Seth lie, there are multiple ways to check the "work". For instance, when Crowley writes, "for He is Speech", Crowley lies, for "He" is clearly "not Speech".

SPEECH = 19+16+5+5+3+8 = 56 = 9+19+9+19 = 56 = ISIS

ISIS is SHE and SHE is "speech". How could Crowley make such a foolish and glaring mistake?

The Alphabet is Osiris. The sounds eminating therefrom, which are impressed as sound upon the material (air), remain the domain of Isis. She is "Speech". What Isis preserves is the body of her beloved Osiris, or the written word as proceeding forth from "the 1", which is the Alphabet.

Since all things proceed forth and "emanate" from the Alphabet, or "the God", who is Osiris, it would stand to reason that there remains an interconnectedness to all things, an interconnectedness viewable and available to all - if only people would dare to look up and see the splendor before them.

In this way does the SPIDER WEB prove to be symbolic of the Mysteries and of Nature equally. After all, it was Isis who fashioned her venomous snake from the spittal of the god "Ra" mixed with the dust so that she may learn the secret name of Ra, or when the truce was honored between Odin and Thor, all the Gods spit into a bowl and created the Giant Kvasir who was a sign of peace and prosperity and brought inspiration to poets.

So the "spittal" of Ra, and the "spit" of the "Gods", and the "Spider Web" become subtly and powerfully interconnected, oscillating on and off but emanating from the same phonetic archetypical source.

The "spitter" tells the tales over fires and in the theaters. The spitter weaves the stories orally that become the beliefs of the society, the nation, the religion.

Libraries are not for "the spitters": libraries are the sole domain of the "Weaving Spiders".

Archetypal Components of the word LIBER

If we are to seek out a philosophic regarding the word "library", we must seek out the past references woven into the phonetics, or the "root" of the word, or the letters LBR.


El Be R. Rebel. A magic spell of extraordinary genius too simple to be seen for what it is.

So we go deeper into the material, into the generated stories from all the spitters and spiders through time. Dictionaries are a good place to start, but dictionaries, like the agenda's of they who make them over the breadth of time, change just as sure with the shifting sands of time. At one era a truth might be revealed, while in a latter era, unscrupulous heathens oft wipe and edit the knowledge from the earlier scripts.

Such are the traitors humanity must deal with as it seeks to rise above the waves: the very people that most of humanity come to rely upon to aid in the rising are the very same people charged with immersing humanity further under the waves. Fortunately, enough has remained to piece the whole back together.

LIBER. Consider.

The word "liber" is used to describe the part of a plant from which some of the earliest forms of paper was derived. From this paper comes the recording of knowledge and information, and so the word "liber" becomes known as a word to describe a book of official records. Yet there are two "gods" associated with the word, Liber and Libera, and one astrological sign, Libra. Within the Arts may be found more symbols such as "the Scales of Justice".

A most concise description comes from "The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets" by Barbara G. Walker:


"Astrological Lady of the Scales, from the Goddess Libera worshipped in Carthage a Astroarche, Queen of the Stars. Like the Egyptian Maat, she represented the balancing process of karmic law. Her figure-eight glyph of "equilibrium" (now the mathematical symbol of infinity) signified action and reaction under the rule of Fate.

In astrology, Libra is still "ruled by Venus", because she was identifies with the Roman Venus-Aphrodite of the ius aturale - natural law, matriarchal justic. The blindfold on today's Goddess of Justice was unknown in antiquity. She not only held the scales of every man's fate; she also had the All-Seeing Eye."

Librations and the Moon

We must then consider the form and manner within which we may reconstruct or destory the links between the words "libration" to that of "Libra", signifying "the Scales", all the while keeping in mind that the "scales" are every bit as linked to the tides, and the tides to time, and so forth.

The word "libration" deals with an astronomic reality: just as the Earth "wobbles" on its axis as it spins in its orbit, so too is there a "wobble", or an oscillation to the moon as it revolves around Earth. As referenced in Wikipedia,

In astronomy libration (from the Latin verb libro -are "to balance, to sway", cf. libra "scales") refers to the various orbital conditions which make it possible to see more than 50% of the moon's surface over time, even though the front of the Moon is tidally locked to always face towards the earth. By extension, libration can also be used to describe the same phenomenon for other orbital bodies that are nominally locked to present the same face. As the orbital processes are repetitive, libration is manifested as a slow rocking back and forth (or up and down) of the face of the orbital body as viewed from the parent body, much like the rocking of a pair of scales about the point of balance.

In terms of observation from planet Earth, this means that roughly 59% of the Moon's surface is visible in total over a period of time, and thus a total of 41% of the Moon's surface remains forever unobservable relative to Earth observation. The Moon, appearing to "rock" from side to side, becomes then the astronomical archetype for the scales that as a balance on a beam, come to rest.

The "Scales" as "Libra" and the "Torch" of Isis become "fused" in Libraries, where books, comprised of the physical embodiment of Osiris (the Letters manifest as words and so forth), and thus in silence (wherein the Moon is named "Silene") may all things contained in the Library (the Balance) may be considered.

The Philosophics behind the word "Library"

All life is a web. The rituals and the stories enrich or ensnare, build or destroy in a manner equivalent to their spiritual source. Whether one accepts the Sword or the Flaming Sword and Cherub, it could be said that if one does not come to have an absolute firm grasp of the reasons why one does "this" or "that", that one can be said to be "ensnared".

This is, of course, a "philosophic". Formulas are crafted all the time from both sides of the Occult aisle (the Dark and Light paths) such as to ensnare so as to lead in a path that leads to light and thus a growing of the soul, or in a path that leads to a devolution or literal "ensnaring" as in a Web.

Thus even the term WEB must be carefully scrutinized so as to understand the essence of the philosophics.

Libraries as an institutional presence before humanity eminate from the Occult crafts dedicated to "Isis and Osiris", or they who seek to lift humanity in a positive way. The destruction of Libraries falls under the spell of they who seek after the Flaming Sword and Cherub. They (libraries) represent in their purest form the aggregations of frozen minds who have penned their thoughts to paper (liber) so as to preserve these thoughts for present and future generations. Those who seek the destruction of Libraries seek to destroy past thoughts so as to plant seeds contrary to rational truths and logic.

Again. Philosophics.

As Libra balances this way and that, so too does the planet rise and fall from glory to depths of ignorance, the level of the destruction (ignorance) equal only to the decay of the transmission of knowledge typically reserved through Libraries.

It is the responsibility of they who know to secrete to they who do not in a manner as to preserve and enlarge the space for the growth of the Craft set against Universal Principles that guide life.

Those who dare to torture words dare to torture humanity.

There are too many "too's".


Anonymous said...

Very helpful article giving many clues to the underlying balanced nature of goodness

Anonymous said...

have enjoyed this you have written. haven't seen you around in a while and as well it is good to see you again *S*

initially when reading this i could not help but relate to Isis searching for the many pieces of her beloved Osiris. using your article to analyze this, i have to wonder of the so stated number of pieces she sought.
from this a hunch is that speech needed to stay true and not broken. she had to make do with what she had once getting the last one. she took what she could get because of the "tree" she could still get the original. a tree has many branches and from those branches one can STILL get to the original.
hows that for hope!
just how many pieces were there? everyone seems to have a different answer that range from 13-15 normally or 18. ive narrowed it down to 13,14,15 or 18. (laughs) the only one that makes sense is 13 and maybe 14 but that would have to do (sense wise for ME)with something else beyond Ophiuchus - but what? and if 13 is right, then what do the names of the zodiac (Ophiuchus being 13th) truly represent....?
following your articles ill have to go back to our time with SCOR PI O etc (or pi or cos ;p)

just think..... many moons ago i got into all of this by simply wanting to know what my first name meant.
boy did i get an eareyeful LOL years and years later here i am.... (well yall wouldnt know where "am" is but i find it humorous to me)

all in a name..... that equals 47.

names certainly do mean something as you are what i call bonded to it. you speak it everyday and it stays alive when spoken or thought of. now my last name wreaks havoc in its maid and marriage. which has brought me to a question: if a name one has at birth be part of destruction or rather the name of destruction, be spoken? i would think i could turn it into something i like because afterall it is MINE. but how would i battle the many others who speak it in different ways? (even when i speak it a portion of it goes to the "other" side because it exists and called upon)
sounds like Isis has had a similiar problem....perhaps we all have

and again - great to see you again!


Dennis Fetcho said...

***have enjoyed this you have written. haven't seen you around in a while and as well it is good to see you again *S* ***

Thanks. I have been traveling and am currently in the Middle East trying to get some new projects up and running. Haven't settled in yet (phones, data connections, etc.) so have been by and large "out of the loop".

I read alot but no time to dedicate to writing as each article takes often between 4-6 hours to write, find pics, and such.

***from this a hunch is that speech needed to stay true and not broken.***

In higher level Illuminatus formulations (Continental Masonry), the idea that speech needed to stay true can be implied by the idea that speech (the mathematical and archetypical formulations) was lost and hence had to be recovered. The prevailing early 1900's Masonic view was that Speech, or the philosophy imbedded in same, was the path to intellectual and rational enlightenment. It was the loss of this archetypical/mathematical language that gave and gives rise to ignorance and many of the ills that befall mankind as each of the various races apply their own "definitions" to various words without first solving for the obvious mathematical and archetypical frameworks designed into the words.

***just how many pieces were there? everyone seems to have a different answer that range from 13-15 normally or 18. ive narrowed it down to 13,14,15 or 18. (laughs) the only one that makes sense is 13 and maybe 14 but that would have to do (sense wise for ME)with something else beyond Ophiuchus - but what? and if 13 is right, then what do the names of the zodiac (Ophiuchus being 13th) truly represent....? ***

Good set of questions and insights. The number found is 13, while the missing piece (phallus) was the 14th, fashioned out of wax, and so forth. The 13/14 gives us the Pi Component and provides some insights into the archetypical design in the 26 Letter Alphabet.

As for the names, some are obvious:




CANCER = Complex archetypical and mathematical formulation. CAN

SIR, CAN SIRE, 69 - fuse the "uncontrolled spread of cells in cancer to that of natural growth as a product of "CANCER".

LEO = 365 = SUN

VIRGO = VI RGO = ORIGINAL VI = 6th Sign of Zodiac and Virgin/Isis, etc.

LIBRA - tricky one, but entertaining. The Sepher Yetzirah (Book of Formation) speaks about models of hardness and softness. In this case, males are P's (literally hard penis), while females are B's, literally "impregnated and with latent life - not born yet, or in gestation). B are hence models of softness against the masculine "hard" P's. Phonetically this makes perfect sense and is quite rational to follow in that the "P" sound and the "B" sound are set at the same phonetic, with P's being the harder sound of the B.

Now LIBRA appears in the month of September/October. Count back 6 months (the Pi Proportion) so as to reveal where the Sun would be if in a correlational diameter to where it is during September/October.

Always keep in mind your "0", or where you start your counting.



An annagram. Transpose the P back to a B and you have the word


Clever little code! No?

Anyways. Enough musing. Hope to settle in within a couple more weeks and then I can write some more. IN the meantime, I will post some pictures at LF and will be sure to flag you.

Take care and for the record, this month we have had over 2500 page views and will have over 2000 visitors before the month is over.

Can't trace where they are completely coming from, aside from Google Images, but people are clicking through the images to view the site so I am very pleased so far.

I want to do a podcast and perhaps a video showing how I do some codes. Have the camera but need to free some time.

Stay tuned! :P

To EVERYONE who got this far - have a wonderfully warm and loving Yule festival in whatever way you wish to celebrate it. Thanks for all your support and patronage to the site and here's to a prosperous and happy new year!

Unknown said...

I read that libra was derived from two signs (something like that). In any case, if you peruse similar motifs back then, most everywhere, the Geometrical... qualifier, was a 12 around one concept. Also seeing it's all tied to music...

Anonymous said...

Gosh I feel like I am responding to only your comments here Marc *chuckles*

I am on the RSS feed for comments that I newly discovered (duh to me) and apparently all so far have been your comments as it does not state who they are from on the feed. *L*


The twelve around the one concept I am familiar with, very much so.

And yes,

12 = L = the twelve states of mind in need of direction and guidance elevated (EL Evader!/elevator) to Twelve States of Mind that are your firewall so-to-speak.

The One = The I AM of you. I AM this or I AM that. I feel this or I AM ...so mad at such and such. I AM is your very basis to everything!

We project into the Womb of Creation. The Goddess. The O
Our projections are the 1 of the binary 1 and 0.

Could the Womb of Fertile Seed possibly be The Imagination? A Living Reality of Fertility?!?!?! I think YES!

The Dark Mother. The Unseen Mother. All seeds grow in the dark. We make light from the darkness! Light being consciousness! Clarity! Light Speed! To See!

Do people evade L ? Hell yeah! Who wants to look inside themselves and take back what is rightfully theirs? Their states of mind? Their scatter mind ? And put forth the effort and DO THE WORK to master what one thinks, believes and feels? Some people simply do not want to take ownership of what they are projecting out into the world.

Makes them grumpy lol It can be a rough time looking into your beliefs and WHY you believe them. That seed is hiding in the dark as well.

So when the twelve states of mind are balanced around the I AM you would be akin to the apostles around Jesus

Or the Zoo around The Sun. The Twelve States of Mind represented in the Zodiac. Who controls the state of mind ? YOU DO

Could someone else control your state of mind? Sure if you consent.

And when one stops giving consent ...reigns in the birthright, the I AM , truly could you then say you have dominion over the earth. YOUR Earth.

For my Earth is not your Earth. My point of view differs from yours.

There are many gods! WE ARE GODS baby gods in training!