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Friday, December 17, 2010

"Savior Gods", The Letter Y and the Circle of Rhymes

With the Holiday Season upon us, and a large part of the world worshiping the "Birth of Christ", then perhaps it is fitting to peer deeper into the English Qaballa and "savior god mythologies".  This article will explore Qaballistic roots to savior god mythologies through the art of English Qaballa and the Isisian Codes.

According to Manley P. Hall, various mythologies of the world are really cryptic codes set against "acroamatic ciphers".  Says Hall,

"The creation myths of the world are acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a divine alphabet. The initiated few comprehend the true nature of this alphabet, but the uninitiated many worship the letters of it as gods."

Assuming this is "true", then what letter, logically, is "the Risen God"?

Risen God Mythologies

In our Western mythological constructions, we have many "risen god" or "god-man" mythos to draw upon.  The most famous, of course, is the Setianist import called "Christ", or "Jesus" of Christianity fame.  What few of said faith take into consideration is the historical record of "risen gods" through the ages. Christianity, for instance, is but a mere copy of the ancient worship of Mithras, a religion so prevalent that it stretched from England to modern day Palestine.

The similarities of Mithras to Christianity are impossible to reconcile without coming to the conclusion that the Jewish inspired Christos was taking over the more Pagan centric Mithras cults:

Both "Christ" and "Mithras" were "born" on December 25, Mithras being an offspring of the Sun.  Actually, Mithras was always said to be born on December 25, while there is little to no evidence to support the Jewish Jesus of magically incarnating on this day.

In a temple located in Rome, Mithras is seen being held by a "virgin" archetype.  Both were regarded as wandering teachers and masters.  Each brought along 12 sidekicks (disciples).  Each performed "miracles".  Mithras was knows as "the Good Shepherd" and "the way, the truth and the light, redeemer, savior, Messiah." Both the lion and the lamb were primary symbols attributed to Mithras.

Mithras "died", was buried again, and rose 3 days later.  This event was celebrated annually at the time of Easter.  Mithras sacred day was "Sunday".  Mithras had his own "Lord's Supper".  Stealing from the Persians, Mithras practitioners partook of a ritual called "baptism".

The Christian Father Manes, who founded the sect Manicheans, believed that Mithras and Christ were one and the same.

The Catholic Church was apparently so obsessed with wiping out the traces of its major roots to Mithraism that it built the Vatican over the former site of a temple dedicated to the worship of Mithra.

Yet we are reminded of the acroamatic cipher:

"The creation myths of the world are acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a divine alphabet. The initiated few comprehend the true nature of this alphabet, but the uninitiated many worship the letters of it as gods."

Which "letter" is "Mithras"?

The Tale of Dionysus

No list of "risen gods" would be complete without a mention of Dionysos.

Dionysus is, perhaps, one of the most popular of the Greek gods.   Patronage of "wine", Dionysus namesake, like Mercury, remains much embed into our modern culture.  Even the Celtic name of "Dennis" is derived from Dionysus.

As the tale goes,  Dionysus' parents were Zeus and Semele.  Zeus would come to Semele as an unseen presence.  When word spread that Semele was pregnant, Hera convinced Semele to cause Zeus to swear on the River Styx to show his real presence to Semele, which, bound by the oath on the River Styx, he did, promptly burning Semele into a crisp.  But Zeus was able to save Dionysos and stitched in in his leg until he was ready to be born.

However, Here was still jealous of the infant Dionysus, so she plotted with the Titans to have the Titans kill the baby Dionysus.  Does this remind anyone of the tale of plot to kill the baby Jesus?  But we digress...

The Titans succeeded and ripped Dionysus to shreds.  However, Rhea brought him back to life, after which Zeus arranged to have Dionysus raised in the mountains with the nymphs.  It is said that Dionysus wandered the world actively promoting his philosophy, accompanied by "wild women" known as Maenads who carried poles tipped with pine cones.  In our profane speech, a woman who simply cannot get enough sex is known as a "nymphmaniac", a fusion of Nymphs and Maenads, which returns one back to the tales and power of Dionysus as a popular figure in Western culture.

An important note to this narrative is that Dionysus also was considered closely related to the "feminine" and had a softer, feminine look - a key point in the crafting of the acroamatic cipher, or a letter masquerading as a letter.

It is said that Dionysos was apart from his followers, but also inside them.  Hence it was believed that followers of Dionysos when, filled with the presence of Dionysus, would be able to accomplish things far greater than would normally be possible.

It is said that Vesta (Hestia) relinquished her seat on Mount Olympus when Dionysos became immortal.

Dionysos "flew" up to the Gods.

The Circle of Rhymes and Acroamatic Ciphers

Since the various mythologies are speaking oft in terms of "acroamatic ciphers", it becomes necessary to use the Qaballistic arts in order to discern the exact Letters being assigned to the story.

In the term "Qaballistic Arts", what is being referred to is an "esoteric", or simply "study" of "the Letters".
In the Letter "A", we may easily note that the Letter is the "One Eye'd God", the "Pyramid Letter", and so forth.

However, the study of the Letters from a Qaballistic perception must, by definition, extend much further into the nature of the design or "Construct", for the purpose is to ascertain an apperception of the conceptual, whether said conceptual is by design via divinic force, conscious force, or a fusion of the two.

What this means is that we should break down the Letters into their literal and conceptualized patterns.

One of those patterns I term "the Circle of Rhymes" in that we take the Alphabet from its beginning and place the Letter A in the top row and follow it with all the Letters that rhyme with A.

In this case, we see that A rhymes with J and K.  This is the "Ace, Jack, King" of the playing cards, and the number sequence 11011, or the Master Number in that A is 1, J is 10, and K is 11.

The next letter which follows A is B.  B is then set in the second row, and all the Letters that rhyme with B are set in order.

B is rhymed by C, D, E, G, P, T, V, and Z.

We can begin to see a pattern emerge.  AJK and BCD would be a 3 set pattern, while the word EGPT follows.

This is then taken to its logical conclusion through the Alphabet.

The first thing we notice is the pre-eminence of the Letter M.  It is set precisely in the center.  There are 6 letter rows above and 6 letter rows below.

The "pre-eminence of the Letter M" is unquestioned.  Here, in the "5x5 Matrix", the Letter M holds the center position:

However, the "pre-eminence of the Letter M" does not end here.  In another matrix, which is termed "The Circle of Mirrors", we see that the Letter M is again, holding a key "center position".

The Circle of Mirrors is derived from placing the symmetrical letters of the Alphabet into their "Pi positions".

The Letters M and W are 13 and 23 respective.  13+23 = 36.  The X to the right of the W is 10.  36 * 10 = 360 degrees of a circle.  The V to the left of the W is 5.  360+5 is 365 days to a year.

The "I", which shares a value (phonetic and mathematic) with Y, is in a "leap" or "elevated row", which may then be added and termed as a "leap year", for I is 1 and in a leap year we must add one day to bring the Solar calendar back into balance.

We now return to the idea of a "Savior god", said "god" being a "Letter".

As we analyze the the Circle of Rhymes, we notice more than a few patterns, aside from the pre-eminence of the Letter M.  One of the first patterns we see is a 3 x 3 "magic number" matrix that encodes the "Master Number" or 11011, or 36:36.  This is accomplished by breaking off the "first 3 Letters" in each column where there are 3 or more Letters.

When the Isisian Code values are placed into the grid, we note that the total value of the grid is 26, while Row/Column 1 has a value of 4 and Row/Column 2 has a value of 9.

4*9 = 36, and thus the Circle of Rhymes encodes the Precession of the Equinoxes and the number of weeks to half of a year (26).

The "Pi Proportion" has been preserved.

Further, aside from the rows that contain our 3 Letter/Number combination, only the Row with the Letter I and Y has a total in excess of a single Letter/Number, while to the right of the Letters BCD we find the Letters EGPT, which of course is the root for the word EGYPT.

Since the Letter H is Pi (inviolable), the row containing the Letters I and Y is preceded by the Letter F and L respective.  What must "FLY" then, but the Letter Y?

It has both "masculine and feminine properties" in that V is the Feminine and I is the masculine.  The Letter is associates with sexual union as preserved in Indonesia's "Temple Candi Sukoh", then the whole of the picture becomes clear.

The Letter Y is the union of Male and Female.  The Letter Y is so constructed as to be the Letter V, which is 5, and the sum of 1:5 is 15, or the O Letter/Number.  The Letter V is the 22 Letter, and since 2*2 is 4, and since 16 is the square of 4, then V as 22 as 2*2 as 4^2 = 16 = P.

P is generally regarded as a Male Letter (male phallus), but since I is 9 and 3 is the square of 9, then I is 9 and V is 16.  When combined, I+V=Y.

W is 23 letter which is 3^2 = 9
H is Greek Letter PI = P = 16 (V as 22 as 2^2=4 or square of 16)
Y is then the combination of 3^2(W)+4^2(H)=5^2 (Y)

The "Savior God" is WHY (Y) which "FLIES up to the accompaniment of the Gods".  There are originally "12 gods" or the Letters AJKBCDEGPTVZ, which consists of 12 Letters.

Hestia "gives up her seat", which means that the Letter V must be removed and given appropriate mythological considerations.

And what of the Letter Y relative to EGYPT?  Why?

Return all Letters back to Numbers:

AJK clearly encodes 11011, which is 1/2 of the Platonic Cycle or 1/2 of the time it takes for the earth to complete one wobble on its axis.

There are originally 12 "gods" seated in Olympus.

AJKBCDEGPTVZ are on "Mount Olympus".

AJK is clear.

The "Savior God" or WHY (as Pi) "flies up to be with the Gods, while "Hesta" "gives up her seat".  Y is placed between the EG and PT, forming the word EGYPT.  When we return all Letters back to digits, we see that EG is 57 and Y is 9.  Since 57+9 is 66, this is a number that is the SUM of 1:11 (K), or 11.  P and T are 16 and 20 respective.  16+20 = 36 = 6*6, or a co-relational 66 number.

When Hesta gives up her seat (V and Z are remaining), V as feminine is removed, leaving Z as now a "1", for the pattern is Z-B-C-D = Z - B - C - D = Z - 2 - 3 - 4.

Any "IQ test" would have a pattern recognition and ask you to solve for Z.  Since Z is 1 (in reverse of the Alphabet), then clearly Z in this pattern is "1" and so Z+B+C+D = 1+2+3+4 = 10

11(10)11 = 11011

The Letter Y is the archetype for the Savior God mythologies and this letter is required in order to return the Circle of Rhymes back to a value that encodes the Precession of the Equinoxes.


Anonymous said...

Awesome awesome ;) i noticed that the sum of EGPTVZ equals 105. Curiously just looking I see NFHIYLM. Interesting at any rate. . . . . . . . . As a separate note I bought a book of freemason history 1890 and page 314 is missing. Heh cute. -Renee'

Anonymous said...

BCDEGPTVZ = 105 - that is. Sorry bout that. - Renee

Anonymous said...

Awesome work, Dennis. "Die on Isis" - makes sense.

I have long noticed the significant nature of Y, but this brings it to a whole new level. K+Y is very sexual like Dionysus (eg, KY jelly or Greek Kylix). 11+25=36. 11+9 = 20 or T, the cross. A KY is a kiloyear.. see also 1,000 year reign of God, Nazis, Satan, or what have you..

I look forward to the next post.


Anonymous said...

Very nice post.
One little curious note to add is that pine flowers contain the highest level of androgens found in nature,released in abundance every spring.

Eugene said...

Har har ambee!

My momma is from Kansas ...

don't ask Y?

Anonymous said...

What would it mean if you had the letter Y embeded in your fore head, under the skin like a mark?

Plus I have a rare blood type that makes me Immune to virtually every known virus...

The list goes on and on and on...

Anonymous said...

again please forgive if i miss, but to save others hours of head scratching, i notice the circle of rhymes is replaced with the circle of mirrors in paragraph,'As we analyze the the Circle of Mirrors, we notice more than a few patterns, aside from the pre-eminence of the Letter M. One of the first patterns we see is a 3 x 3 "magic number" matrix that encodes the "Master Number" or 11011, or 36:36. This is accomplished by breaking off the "first 3 Letters" in each column where there are 3 or more Letters' my fickleness in printing and studying these pages may expose my ignorance but hey.

Dennis Fetcho said...

Regarding the Circle of Mirrors comment - again - good eye and thanks for the editing. When I write these things I do not always see the mistakes and anyways, I may type one thing but be thinking of proper idea.

Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dennis Fetcho said...

This comment accidentally removed in admin editing...

Marc Jones has left a new comment on your post ""Savior Gods", The Letter Y and the Circle of Rhym...":

It's probably best to comment after reading through twice. And this comment is - though imo should not be - moot as regards this self referential system.

But consider Paul LaViolette's Genesis of the Cosmos and L. Graham's Deceptions and Myths in the Bible. Both address Creation Myth exclusively. These and others similar address Creation Myth; AS Creation Myth. They are somewhat crude models of how creation started (from the aether). So acroamatic ciphers etc seems to be another matter altogether.

Another curio here is perusing the electric universe model. The claim, apparently verified, is that the planets had VASTLY Different orbits in the ancient of days. Saturn held the prominent position at the celestial pole!! Point being, many symbols and motifs in days of old were depicting this very phenomenon.

From my perusal over the decades I've seen So many varying interpretations of all this. But the old art depicting Plasma discharges seems quite plausible and changes much that has been postulated by many many others.

And this recurring 12 motif - as per creation science - is actually 12 around 1. Thus a tad interesting about Hesta "giving up her seat" as the monkey in the middle is the one to pop back into the Void, allowing Process to continue.

Dave Wilcock made the claim that the pine cone at the Vatican is about the pineal... Although it seems a historical fact that cones tipped wands which seems a fertility thing. But note the two birds on each side of the big cone above!

When I think of Y I can't help think of the runic elhaz or algiz, the "upside down" peace sign.

Dennis Fetcho said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dennis Fetcho said...

Hi Marc - send me your email address if you do not mind...thanks.

Unknown said...

Spiral out, keep going.

Unknown said...

After being hit by a salt truck I sustained a large perfect letter Y in a raised circle on the back of my skull a month after feeling a major energy frequency enhancement, I was born with an active third eye under the thirteenth zodiac ophiuchus...once I learned the truth on the correct diet for all humans I've clearly focused my third eye The Plant Paradox Lectin Avoidance Diet reverses all physical, mentally and emotional issues like magic.