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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Demystifying the "Book of Lies"

The "Book of Lies" was released by Aleister Crowley in 1913. It contains a wealth of Hermetic Qaballa axioms and demonstrations, confused as was common in the release of "mystical formulas". That Crowley had gleaned from his associations with Freemasonry (officially recognized or not) particular insights through a study of the Craft is admitted (whether truthful or not) by Crowley.

Says Crowley in his personal commentary (page 5),

""...My association with Free Masonry was there-
fore destined to be more fertile that almost any other
study, and that in a way despite itself. A word should
be pertinent with regard to the question of secrecy.
It has become difficult for me to take this matter
very seriously. Knowing what the secret actually is,
I cannot attach much importance to artificial
mysteries. Again, though the secret itself is of such
tremendous import, and though it is so simple that
I could disclose it...in a short paragraph, I might
do so without doing much harm. For it cannot be used
indiscriminately...I have found in practice that the
secret of the O.T.O. cannot be used unworthily...."

This work will address some of the recent naive representations of this work (the Illuminatus Observor) in forums across the Internet through showing source material that demonstrates the techniques that have and were employed into the fabrication of "the Construct". For the serious inquirer and student, this article should assist further the student in understanding how Qaballa as an "artform" has been fabricated and put into service by Initiatory systems.

To assume that the totality follows the "accepted study of language" is both naive and mis-placed. Occult force controls education in a way few can comprehend, and it is naive to assume that this very same education would be dedicated to a release of the means and mannerisms upon which the Occult has been fabricated.

There is nothing more dangerous than the musings of those who know nothing seeking to put their stamp onto things they have neither studies nor do not know...

Deliberate Deceptions

When seeking insights into "mystical" ideas as expressed through Qaballistic expressions, it is best to understand that nothing is as it appears. "Philosopher's" sought to hide their mysteries in such a manner as to conceal the truth, but not to the point of destroying the truth. This effort of concealing and revealing is aeons old, achieved as it has been upon a system based on Letters, Numbers, and Sounds.

From an anonymous author regarding the Hermetic Arcanum we find,

Let the studious Reader have a care of the manifold significations of words, for by deceitful windings, and doubtful, yea contrary speeches (as it should seem), Philosophers wrote their mysteries, with a desire of veiling and hiding, yet not of sophisticating or destroying the truth; and though their writings abound with ambiguous and equivocal words; yet about none do they more contend than in hiding their Golden Branch.

One cannot assume (including this work) that the secretions are based wholly on foundations which one may attribute as to "the Truth", but through a study of this and various philosophical material, one may, through conscious effort, surely arrive at same.

What separates this Work from others is that it is purely dedicated to a revelation of this particular Philosophy of the Ancients, and hence a study of the various secretions through time we seek to shed light on the totality of this Construct.

An analysis of the Book of Lies by Crowley, himself clearly having come to understand some of the Mysteries, enables a particular adumbration of Lies based on truths to reveal further this higher esoteric science.

Commentary on Passages in the "Book of Lies"

402967499_6a770ea406.jpg (500×333)
The Abyss
                   The Word is broken up.
                   There is Knowledge.
                   Knowledge is Relation.
                   These fragments are Creation.
                   The broken manifests Light.
Crowley, Book of Lies

Words are adumbrations of Truth. If one is to comprehend the nature of the Construct, one must carefully comprehend the manifold nature of Words. Says Plutarch,

Hence it is an excellent saying current among philosophers that they that have not learned to interpret rightly the sense of words are wont to bungle their actions.

Words are broken up. They are not linear formulas which are to be viewed as if in a straight line. The "Truth" is as the Sun. One may glimpse it, but one may not stare directly into it. The brightness of the truth is such that to gaze for long upon it forces one to go blind. Truth may only be long glimpsed through the reflections and shadows that make up the material world.

What hides "the Truth" from "reality" is a force known as "the Occult". It is in and through the Occult that one is able to accurately glimpse and comprehend "the Truth".

Words are "broken up". In the idea that "Words are broken up" there is Knowledge. Knowledge is Relation. Letters relate to ideas and so words place ideas in relation to each other. Understanding the relations leads one to glimpse "the Truth". What then, hides "the Truth" but the night and the CLOUDS?

CLOUDS hide the Truth, for CLOUDS hide the SUN. C is the glyph of "occultation". LOUD is self evident. LOUD implies "all encompassing", or "drowning out" the sound of others. But a CLOUD is SILENT, an inverse duplicity. CLOUDS imply that the C is LOUD. There is a relation, for LOUD is clearly the inverse of SILENCE. SILENCE is SILENE, the name of Isis when invoking the Goddess of the Moon.

Still. Words are broken up. This takes on the form of the anagram.



It is the Occult that hides the SUN (Truth). Through clouds we may see the many manifestations of light of the SUN. Herein is how the conceptual begins to weave its way into the Mysteries.

SUN is "broken up". S is 3, U is 6, and N is 5. It is a code for 365 days.

Is this not "the Truth" in its own encoded way?

Life and Death are two names of A.

"A" is "the Pyramid Letter". It is Osiris. It is "the Sun". It has "died", and has left the domain the "Earth", and yet it gives "Life". This "removal from Earth" is equivalent to it being "gone". Now understand the HEX-A-GON. The PENT-A-GON, and so forth. At the Winter Solstice, our traditions surrounding the Winter Solstice include the drinking of EGG NOG. The Egg is the Sun. It has "died", to be resurrected "3 days hence" at the Winter Solstice. The Egg is GONE.

So we drink in remembrance of this event. This drink is called EGG NOG.

Soft and hollow, how thou dost overcome the hard
and full!
It dies, it gives itself; to Thee is the fruit!
Be thou the Bride; thou shalt be the Mother here-
To all impressions thus. Let them not overcome thee;
yet let them breed within thee. The least of the
impressions, come to its perfection, is Pan.
Receive a thousand lovers; thou shalt bear but One
This child shall be the heir of Fate the Father.

The allusion to sexual intercourse is clear. Yet we return again to the Letters. Why PEACHES? Words are "broken up". PE (P) is the masculine. ACHES is the "act". PEACHES denote the state of P upon completion of the sexual act. Therefore, the clarity of P as being of the masculine by design is clear and so the word PEACHES denotes a fruit that is "ripe" or "ready to be harvested" once it has "softened".

P is the Male. O is the Female.

Set back against the Isisian Codes, the A is the Male is the 1, while the B is the profile of the pregnant woman is the 2. Reversed on a pattern set against the Pole of A-P, P is the 1, while the O letter is the Feminine is the 2.

Said Elton John and Bernie Taupin -

"Rotten peaches, rotting in the Sun. Seems I've seen that DEVILS FRUIT since the world begun.."

All things are in harmony against the design of the Construct. We may view ideas forwards and backwards and all things remain clear and "true".


The Word was uttered: the One exploded into one
thousand million worlds.
Each world contained a thousand million spheres.
Each sphere contained a thousand million planes.
Each plane contained a thousand million stars.
Each star contained a many thousand million things.
Of these the reasoner took six, and, preening, said:
This is the One and the All.
These six the Adept harmonised, and said: This is the
Heart of the One and the All.
These six were destroyed by the Master of the
Temple; and he spake not.
The Ash thereof was burnt up by the Magus into
The Word.
Of all this did the Ipsissimus know Nothing.

CAVIAR is the Egg. The one (Goddess) lays the million eggs, and from these millions come millions upon millions. Here we see the preference of the OTO and Crowley to the house of division, or the "Star of David", itself a code for division, or D-IVI-D. Here is the Hexagon, or the Q'b, wherein the Q is the fertilized egg.

The Q'b, as embodied by the Dreidle, represents individual life. It spins for its alloted period of time and then collapses back into the Earth. This is the SIX, where 1 is 6 as set against the throw of the Di. Di and Die are but the same, a duality set into a singularity.


C? The A is 1 and the V is 6. It denotes the individual equally. I am. You ARe.


The Heart of the 6 is the 6 of the Tarot. It is the Lovers, or the Sign of Pi. The HEART is PI. The very word HEART reminds us of this.

HEART = 884 + 6*6*6*6*20 + 6*6*6*6*20 + 6*6*6*6*20 + 6*6*6*10 + 6*6*6*10 + 6*6*6*10 = 85124 = HEART

Understand clear the co-relation of numbers and their manifold use.

6*6*6*6*20 = 1 full revolution of the Earth on its axis (1 Great Year). Thus we have 3 "Great Years" caste.

6*6*6*10 = 1/12 of one Great Year. Thus 3/12 of a Great Year = 1/4 of a Great Year

3 1/4 returns you to a co-relational representation of Pi for the numbers are designed co-relationally.

Now reverse the IPSISSIMUS - the SUM of ISIS (36) is Pi (666)

Understand how this is so and watch your knowledge grow...

Let me know if you wish more in this vein of expression...


Anonymous said...

of all the people you could have posted a caviar picture of why that whore?

Dennis Fetcho said...

Not exactly sure who that is, to be honest with you. Send me another picture and if it fits the them, there will be no reason not to replace it.

Truth be told, the links are always keyword based and top level so as to gain relevance in the keyword search engines.

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Anonymous said...

Monica Bellucci is a beautiful woman.

Unknown said...

I would love to hear more. Honestly I would love to go through each chapter of the book with you. Beautiful work, beautiful mind, beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing this wisdom.

Unknown said...

I would love to hear more. I would be very happy if you went over each chapter of this book with your personal commentary. I never understand Crowley better than when hearing others views and putting them together with pieces I pick out. I appreciate you sharing. Ignore the haters. You're work is wonderful.

Unknown said...

I would love to hear more. Honestly I would love to go through each chapter of the book with you. Beautiful work, beautiful mind, beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing this wisdom.

Unknown said...

Holy shit u just blew my mind. That ippisimus thing is spot on

Unknown said...

Crowley was not a beautiful person. Far from it, his legacy has a detrimental effect on today's society, especially in Britain.

Anonymous said...

"I see the number 23 everywhere... it must be the answer to what I seek"; said the man poking fun at numerology.

Unknown said...

I would be pleased to read more of Crowley's work, as understood, by you.