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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Qaballistic Deconstructions of Words and Sounds

A qaballistic deconstruction of words and sounds involves a rational and yet philosophical inquiry into the language, a concept that is uniquely separate from the more scientific study of linguistics. Qaballistic deconstructions are, admittedly to the ill trained observer, quite fluid on a kind note and "circumspect" on a harsher note. Regardless of the untrained criticism, without a firm knowledge of qaballistic principles, the exercise of qaballistic deconstruction is nigh impossible.

Difficult at best. Worse, disjointed and random appearing.

A properly effected qaballistic deconstruction must show co-relations and links relative to the larger construction. Say's Sir Francis Bacon in "The Alphabet of Nature",

For the mode of any more abstruse experiment, we explain it,
Lest any mistake arise about it; and to the intent, also,
That we may excite others to excogitate better methods.

Also, we interspect certain admonitions, and cautions
Concerning such fallacies of things, and errors in invention,
As we meet with in our way.

If the co-relations are sufficiently diffused for the observer to comprehend the concept being expressed, there must accompany a rational explanation as to the construction and its intent, while we must avoid at all times fusing fallacies of things (false concepts) and take care to not read too much into a concept such that the invention is itself false.

For example.

Let us take the word FLAG.

What, precisely, is the root letter of this word? It is the Letter F. F is a shape that denotes movement. It is the shape of a FLAG. It is a Feminine letter. It is comprised of a glyph (F) which denotes movement, and a verb which describes the movement, or the verb LAG.

If the co-relations are sufficiently diffused for the observer to comprehend the concept being expressed, there must accompany a rational explanation as to the construction and its intent, while we must avoid at all times fusing fallacies of things (false concepts) and take care to not read too much into a concept such that the invention is itself false.

F denotes movement. The active element of the Letter F is AIR, or, more precisely, WIND. It is the WIND that acts upon the FLAG that creates the esoteric construction of the word FLAG. Hence, "F" is the shape brought about by the wind. The SHAPE, therefore, LAG(s) behind the WIND which has already since caused an effect on the clothe of the FLAG to stretch out into the shape of the Letter F.

There is a time differential between the shape of the THING, the Letter F, and the force which brought about the action which caused the shape of the THING, which is called WIND.

The key here is "time differential", for when we reverse the word FLAG, we may remove the ROOT of F and arrive at GAL(LAX)Y. In this case, GAL and LAX are the same, for G is GIMMEL is 3 and X is the third letter from the end of the alphabet, X-Y-Z, or 3-2-1.


The operative shape of a whirlepool or SPIRAL GALAXY equally shows a time differential denoting movement. The Letter F is phonetically paired numerically with the Letter V. As designed within our occult construct, the DREIDLE is a representation of the Letters F and V. The Letter V is the tip of the DREIDLE and F is the top of the DREIDLE.

While spinning, the DREIDLE as viewed from the top is as a whirling galaxy, while when motionless and viewed from the side. By superimposing the Letter F upon the top of the DREIDLE, we arrive at the shape of the SWASTIKA.

When we apply this reasoning to the sound of the Letters F, we note that the SOUND is derived from a motion of AIR through the teeth and lips as the upper teeth collapse on the lower lip and air is passed through. Note this concept clear, for there is no error.

In this way should explanations be advanced that accurately advance the hidden intent behind Qaballistic constructions of words and sounds.

Fusion of Letters/Numbers/Sounds

One of the basic tenets of Qaballistic constructions (and hence de-construction) is the reality that Letters/Numbers/Sounds are inseparable. This principle lies at the very core of Qaballistic constructions. The Sepher Yetzirah, or "Book of Formation", is one of the primary sources highlighting this concept:

In thirty-two mysterious Paths of Wisdom did Exalted One, the Dweller in eternity, most high and holy--engrave his name by the three Sepharim --Numbers, Letters, and Sounds.
(references to Jewish exclusivity purposely deleted to properly reflect Occult reality)

The confusing reality to the neophyte of the Qaballistic Arts is the precise way in which numbers are applied to Letters and Sounds: there is oft a presumption to accept initial statements as being writ of fact followed by a failure to adequate inquire as to the issue.

The fact is as follows: the application of Numbers to Letters and Sounds is both a relative and fixed reality.

For instance: we may say that B is a product of the summation of 1:2 in that B is placed at number 2 and the sum of 1:2 is 3 (1+2=3). The Letter B is comprised of the glyph 1 and 3, "squished" or "contracted" together akin to words as "cannot" being compressed to form the word "can't" or "do not" being compressed to form "don't". The very words "can't" and "don't" are, therefore, shortened expressions of a larger expression.

B is 2, but it is a mathematical expression of 1+2=3.

B and D are fixed in this way and remain the primary expression of the qaballistic expression or construction of "letters/numbers/sounds". B and D clearly show a letter, a number, and a sound. Further, as there is a larger and core binary skeleton, we find that B is 2 and D is 4, and hence the natural binary expression would be 8 as in 2/4/8.

Hence, we find at position 8 of the Isisian Codes the letters H and X, forming the mathematical/geometrical concept of a HEX, a word meaning "6 sides". "8" has a value of 36 when using its summative value (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36=6 squared, or a six sided figure).

The core expression of "letters/numbers/sounds" is clearly embed into the English sound set, strategically fused to nature in the BEE and the HEXAGON, a fusion that hints at the lower and upper range of the primary letter/number/sound fusion, ie, B and HX.

A Qaballistic Deconstruction of Words and Sounds

A qaballistic deconstruction of words and sounds, must, by inference, include an analysis of the letters that are the building blocks to the larger word. Single letter sounds are "simple" and double letter sounds are "complex". Mathematically, complex sounds are treated should be considered a single mathematical digit.

The sound set "TH", for instance, should be considered to be "360", or a circle. This is evidenced by the word "THE".

If the co-relations are sufficiently diffused for the observer to comprehend the concept being expressed, there must accompany a rational explanation as to the construction and its intent, while we must avoid at all times fusing fallacies of things (false concepts) and take care to not read too much into a concept such that the invention is itself false.

We know that the Ancients constructed their religious/philosophical systems in relation to the Sun, hence "Solar Worship". We know that to differentiate between "one god" and "the gods", an arbitrary term "monotheism", was constructed. Since "mono" is a prefix, and "ism" is a suffix, then "the" is the root of the word "monotheism".

We must then solve for the esoteric construction of the word THE.

Since words do not appear in a vacuum, but rather in relation to other words, comprising as it were a "body of thought" that expands into an expression called "language", we must therefore take into account the usage of words. In the case of the word THE, it is rather unique in English in that it always precedes NOUNS. In English, "THE" does not take on gender as the Latin/Roman languages.

For example. In English we say "the girl" while in Spanish we say "la muchacha". "THE" takes on a masculine "el" and feminine "la" in Spanish.

THE always precedes NOUNS.

Within this larger qaballistic deconstruction is the idea of letter transformations. Some letter transformations are part of a structured "alphabet transformation", in, say, the "At Bash Cipher". There are over 70 recorded major alphabet translations, while some sources put the number as high as 300.

In the At Bash Cipher, the first letter of the Alphabet is transposed to that of the last as shown here:

In this example, the word THE would be written GSV.

The Isisian Codes is far more dynamic and intuitive. There is an inherent logic and reason employed that is not as "machine" or "mathematical" code, although mathematics (number) clearing is the underlying frame or skeleton.

For example. Phonetics may be transposed. D and T clearly may be transposed.

D = 4
T = 4
N = 1:(4)
L = 12

In this case, the letters D, N, and T, 3 of the 4 "DENTALS", clearly have mathematical equivalencies. L, being the final DENTAL, does not share the same mathematical sequencing and so its transposition into a word must be more carefully considered. L being but the "fallen T", may often find some value when replacing a T.

D, N, and T's may always be transposed.

For example. Take the word KRYTPONITE. Since N's are T's are D's, we can cipher the final "T" to an "N" to form the word KRYTONINE. We then transpose the final "NE" to the beginning of the word to form ENKRYTONI. We then cipher the I to rest before the O to reveal the word ENKRYPTION.

What destroys "Superman", or "mankind in a higher state" is that his language has been encrypted. It is through decrypting this hyper-dimensional code that mankind is able to become "Superman".

In the case of the word NOUNS, we see a very simple cipher. Since D's are N's are T's, we can transpose the first N to that of a D to reveal DOUNS. We then exchange the S with the D to reveal the word SOUND. What are "THINGS" are that which, philosophically at least, can be vibrated upon and hence create a SOUND. Imagine the wind rustling through some trees. It is the wind's interaction with trees that create the sound. Trees is the object which wind may interact.

Since letters are also numbers, we must consider the summative value of each letter. A good way to do this is to simply memorize, as in a multiplications, what precisely are the summative values. This becomes a table as shown above with the Hebrew alphabet. Simply apply the same principle to the English alphabet.

A = 1 = 1
B = 2 = 3
C = 3 = 6
D = 4 = 10
E = 5 = 15
F = 6 = 21


Now lets analyze the word THE.

If you have formed your summative tables and memorized the digits, you should be able to see that T is 20, its ordinal value, 210, its summative value, 4, its Isisian Code value, and 10, its Isisian Code summative value. The Letter H is 8, its ordinal value, and 36, its summative value. Since H is a part of the original 1-9 sequence, it does have a modifier number as T, shifting as T does from 20 to 4.

Anytime you see a pairing that creates a representative Pi number, as, say, 360 degrees of a circle, it is a safe estimation that this was the original intent. The entire system was based on Pi. In the case of the complex sound set TH, we have can see that T = 20 = 210 = 4 = 10, H = 8 = 36. In this case, the summative values of 10 for T and 36 for H reveal 360, or the degrees of a circle. Simply add the "E", which is 5, and THE = (T*H)+5 = 365 days in a year.

THE is word that is representative of the SUN, a number/word which too has a value of 365.

The strangeness of a word as MONO THE ISM becomes rather apparent.


Anonymous said...

Wow, as always.You need to write a book Fetch, in your spare time of course :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, it's good to see Fetch bringing it old school with a pure Isisian-Code, Qaballistic post. While I throughly enjoy the weekly radio shows which I listen via the archives, I honestly missed these kind of posts. It's good to see a new one that not only covers some new ground - particulary the deconstruction of the word FLAG - but also reveiws some stuff from way back!
In response to the above post: while I would love to see a book, a "text book" of sorts would even be better!
Keep up the excellent work!

Dennis Fetcho said...

Yeah - thanks for the nice words.

Truth be told, there has been more than a few emails requesting some old school style articles. This one is pretty good - been wanting to an article on FLAG for some time, flags being so important to cultural identity and the human psyche.

I do plan to add some more more often so that the radio show does not overwhelm the site. Also, I noticed that the most popular articles are really all old school work - the radio show has yet to produce the ratings relative to the popularity trends of the posts here.

The Owl as a Symbol of the Occult is really a huge hit, for example - needs to be cleaned up and released but it is very difficult to unseat that article...impressive when an article is able to even for a short period of time.

Anonymous said...

If L is an upside down T and T is also 4 then L is an upside 4 thus still a 4. DNTL =

Also, DENTAL=56

How can I break down 56 to make sense of the 4443 pattern?

56-16=40 (4 up and down D 16)
40-16=24 (4 up and down N 16)
24-16= 8 (4 up and down T 16)
8 = -----(4 down and no up L 8)

I am seeing that what is left is half of 16. Which is 8. And if L is the fallen angle and is an upside down T, then L makes sense being an 8 because it is half of what the others are. For L to be a T it needs to add its opposite. Which is to go UP and not "stay" down. So when you are fallen, get up!

Even if you used the 4443 idea it works the same. Simply because 1:2=3 and 3=2 because it is its' summative value. And 2 is half of 4.

So DNTL can all be 4444 when UP and when one is down, it will be 4443 but always with the potential to be up like 4444.

And to me potential is important.

Especially considering when one picks it up from the bottom and sets it up to look like a T, it is 2/3 of F.

effel said...

That is where θεός was hiding all this time :P

You may get the real names of the spiruts here http://www.blog.ca/community/profile_photo_sizes.php?item_ID=5777285 without all those Hs (symbolically, H is closed arms and E is open arms)

Anonymous said...

What's up with the Diamond on Superman and the "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" we even saw at the Boston Qabala ritual with Solomons Temple? (And every other major media production; even Bugs Bunny!)

There's definitely something with the Diamond symbol that has to do with flying.

Do you know what it is?

Thanks and I love your site!