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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Inside the Eye - Live! - Levant Lunacy

Inside the Eye - Live! delved into the latest lunacy coming out of the Levant and North Africa, namely the hostage exchange between Israel and Hamas, the latest low level war between Turkey and Israeli Proxies, and the infamous boast by Hillary Clinton, providing the appearance that Hillary Clinton herself was personally involved in some leadership/decision way in the summary execution of Muammar Gadaffi.

This was the highest rated live show to date, reaching number 1 on Talkstream.com towards the final segment of the show. Live listenership on Shoutcast also set a record for both live listenership log on and total listenership, the record listenership due thanks in part to a great audience surge for the final hour of the Rense Radio rebroadcast.

You can catch the show here, without being redirected.

Gilad Shalit - Judaic Psychopathy on Display

To listen to the blather coming out of the mainstream media and various other press and public relations organs, the whole affair of "Gilad Shalit" being released is the core of the story. If you are not familiar with the story, Gilad Shalit is a soldier who was taken prisoner of war while deployed in Occupied Territories. He was part of a tank crew that was attacked, with two of his occupying comrades being killed in action and Gilad taken as a prisoner of war.

United States officials President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could not contain their glee at the release of a Jew, stating that this Jewish soldier was held for "far too long". Lost in the statement was a total disconnect from the real story, the deliberate and sadistic use of hostage taking by the Israeli state for the purpose of attempting to pacify the occupied territories.

With well over 600,000 hostages taken by the Jewish state since 1967 alone, and another few million dispossessed, the disparity in Jewish suffering compared to the trials and tribulations of the Palestinian population stands in such stark contrast that it is difficult to reconcile the psychopathology of the Jewish state and their obvious lack of clarity to the reality of the situation they have wrought as a blight on the face of humanity.

The solitary tributes to Shalit stand in stark disparity to the many thousand of names we do not know on the Palestinian side. Jews personalize their losses, while diminishing the humanity of others.

Palestine has become a nation behind bars.

The Real Story of Jewish Hostage Taking

The Jewish state and religious (Setianist) ideologies are, perhaps, a perfect haven and vehicle for the perfection of sadism. The whole social structure seems to be geared towards enabling and proliferating all forms of inhumanity to man. Where else are children taught to send messages to other children by writing death sentences on artillery shells prior to the artillery shells being loaded into an artillery battery for fire?

In the Jewish state, children are encouraged to hate the humanity around them.

Predictably, the result is a mature culture that hates the humanity around them, and no amount of suffering of external populations can assuage the dark Setianist genie. This is the nature of Kabballah at this very core.

The destruction of families is a key strategic weapon in the Jewish arsenal. Hostage taking ny the Jewish state is a refined art, cloaked in a legal web of words.

Since 1967, over 600K Palestinians have been taken hostage and sent into Jewish gulags. The numbers go up and down, but trend to be in the many high thousands or mid ten's of thousands.

Hostage taking is a Jewish pacification technique and should be understood well, with all its implications. Levant Lunacy is explores this aspect of Middle East insanity in great depth.

Rumblings of Mossad in Iraq

Israel, a colony of International Jewry that is sworn in so many official statements to foster and promote terrorism as a political weapon, has been heavily involved in the training of the PKK, a Kurdish organization that is a recognized terrorist organization across the West. Of course.

With the former warm relations between Turkey and Israel turning into a low level regional conflict, the recent attack on Turkey by PKK operatives is being seen regionally as an attack on Turkey by Jewish proxies among PKK ranks. Even a week before the assault in Turkey on October 19, stories appeared in both Israel and Turkey about Jewish interests in using the PKK as a hammer against Turkey in retaliation for Turkey's rapidly freezing ties with the Jewish colony/state.

Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Friday – the 7th of October - that the hawkish Israeli foreign minister had been planning to meet with PKK leaders in Europe to discuss cooperation with the terrorist group in every possible way. Lieberman has been planning a series of measures to retaliate against Turkey over an apology row, including providing military aid to the outlawed PKK, the daily said.

This was later denied. Turkey has warned "foreign powers" over the matter.

Stay tuned.

Summary Executions by the United States

A rather chilling, revealing, and disturbing event of the week was the capture and clearly, a subsequent summary execution of Moammar Gadaffi, the former leader of Libya. United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in an almost uncontrollable cheerleader glee, mocked vociferously, "We came. We saw. He died!", followed by a chortled laughter.

That US government officials have fallen to the moral morass of those who openly mock and plan on the death of others, the trend of the clear moral failure and open criminality is becoming chilling.

Perhaps that is the point.

But clearly, the "War on Terror", a war whose total rationale and intellectual meme is based on Jewish Zionist fabrications, has created a genie of criminality that bares all on the real nature of this Jewish experiment called Judaism/Zionism.

There is now a class of individuals, inspired by Kabballah and Talmud, that places no sanctity in the human experiment but rather, exalts in the murder and destruction brought about by the philosophy of might makes right.

It is a fast moving, informative show.


Dennis said...

Dennis you are spot on. I am dismayed at any humor for the death of any human being. The oil will now flow to the western powers that liberated/provided air power. The vidios of the leaders demise are whack, read war crimes. Shine forth brave souls. Dennis

aferrismoon said...


Perhaps he shouldn't have even been there in the first place.


apparently a form of 'joy'