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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Acroamatic Cipher - Expanded

We learn of the significance of the acroamatic cipher through Manley P. Hall where he states in Secret Teachings of All Ages,

The acroamatic cipher is the most subtle of all, for the parable or allegory is susceptible of several interpretations. Bible students for centuries have been confronted by this difficultly. They are satisfied with the moral interpretation of the parable and forget that each parable and allegory is capable of seven interpretations, of which the seventh--the highest--is complete and all-inclusive, whereas the other six (and lesser) interpretations are fragmentary, revealing but part of the mystery. The creation myths of the world are acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a divine alphabet. The initiated few comprehend the true nature of this alphabet, but the uninitiated many worship the letters of it as gods.

This bit of insight tells us that the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters describing a divine Alphabet. We must then make a determination as to the nature of the cryptogram and how these cryptograms are being applied to a particular Alphabet.

This article will provide a detailed analysis of the English alphabet and how cryptograms may be applied to both the Alphabet, occult deconstruction techniques, and other sacred symbols.

The Importance of the Hebrew Scriptures

As regards the Qaballistic Arts, it is impossible to separate the Hebrew "Torat" (a word that really means "Torah of") and the Tarot. This is precisely so because the word and its palindrome/anagram must, by necessity, be esoterically equivalent. Under this interpretation, we recognize that if words of equal numerical value are "esoterically linked", then by default, a word, its palindrome (reverse of the word), and its anagram, a word comprised of the same letters but "jumbled" or "scrambled", must be esoterically linked due to the obvious fact that a word and its palindrome/anagram use the identical letters.

Under these conditions, TAROT must equal TORAT.

One who was involved in overt secretions of the Hermetic (English) Qaballistic Arts was Aleister Crowley. In his overt secretions, he hinted at the qaballistic links between Torah and Tarot in his "Book of Thoth"

[It is supposed by some scholars that the R.O.T.A. (Rota, a wheel) consulted in the Collegium ad Spiritum Sanctum—see the Manifesto “Fama Fraternitatis” of the Brothers of the Rosy Cross—was the Tarot.] ...One important interpretation of Tarot is that it is a Notariqon of the Hebrew Torah, the Law

It is not so much "notariqon", but rather it is a palindrome. The link between ROTA (rotary, rotate) and "tarot/torat" is that we have the principle of "rotation", which is precisely how the Torah is read, being written but in scroll (roll) form and rotated from one spindle to the next as it is read.

Further, Hebrew texts play an important role in the early period of Christian caballists.

What is important about the Hebrew texts remains not some divinic mumbo jumbo, but rather the idea of "acroamatic ciphers" and how these ciphers reveal themselves as parts (not the whole) of a larger constituent Occult system.

It is the translations of these stories "into English" that enable English to reveal the particular acroamatic codes and ciphers of critical importance to the larger Occult system. States Manley P. Hall in Secret Teachings of All Ages,

The Old and New Testaments of the Jews, the writings of Plato and Aristotle, Homer's Odyssey and Iliad, Virgil's Æneid, The Metamorphosis of Apuleius, and Æsop's Fables are outstanding examples of acroamatic cryptography in which are concealed the deepest and most sublime truths of ancient mystical philosophy.

Acroamatic Ciphers that Reveal Individual Letters

The first book of Torah is entitled "GENESIS", which has been qaballistically inferred to mean "GENES OF ISIS", wherein ISIS = 56 = SPEECH. As this provides us with "the Genes of Isis", or Speech, we can infer that there are critical clues embed into the stories that make up this work. Indeed, this first book provides us with crucial insights when we apply the concept of "acroamatic ciphers".

For example, we can show that the story of ADAM and EVE is really but an acroamatic cipher for the Letter M. This is done through understanding that each of the individual strikes or strokes that make up the Letter M are themselves individual in nature that are thus combined to make up a larger whole. There is also the idea of "rotation", which is symbolized by JANUS in one case and the "double headed eagle" in another. Words and letters rotate and spin, as a 6 can rotate on its axis to form a 9, or a T can rotate to form an L, or a Gimmel can rotate to form a G, and so forth.

In the case of the Letter M, when this is "exploded", or its individual strokes are separated, one way to view the formation of M to IVI to VII is to view the first I of the (I)VI to rotate to the end of the letter sequence. It should be noted that at this point, the Letter M has become a number (Letters/Numbers/Sounds), and hence M explodes to IVI to VII. It is all the same if you can conceptualize same as if written on a clear sphere, as it were.

This qaballistic interpretation is further "proofed" through an analysis of the word SEVEN. In the case of the Letter M, we find that EVE is holding the center position and PI (ADM) is encompassing, or surrounding, EVE. In the case of the word S-EVE-N, since S is a 3 and N is a 14, we equally show that PI is surrounding the EVE. This further hints that S-EVE-N is a qaballistically constructed word that further "proofs" the this subset of the larger system.

Going further, we note that "God made Eve from Adams Rib".

Genesis 2: 22 KJV

Never mind the absurdity of the story. The absurdity stands as a testament unto itself - it is hiding an Occult principle relative to the acroamatic, or verbal tradition, arts. Note that the passage is located at number 22. V is feminine and is located at the number 22 position of the Alphabet.

In the case of a rib being "taken from the man", this is a very simple acroamatic cipher.

P = Masculine
R = Feminine

The "rib" that is "taken from the man" is "added" to the man (P) to manifest the woman (R). The rib is but the hook stroke that is added from the P to make an R.

Indeed, as Manley P Hall said, the tales are telling of the constituent components of a larger "divinic" Alphabet, but Alphabet appears in the least likely of places - the English Alphabet System.

Carried still further.

When Adam and Eve are said to have eaten of the APPLE (the A-P Pole of English), they noticed they were "naked", and so they are given FIG leaves from which they are allowed to cover themselves. Simply reverse the word FIG and you arrive at GIF(T), for the first thing "given" by "God" to ADM and EVE was FIG LEAVES.

If you have ever felt the leaves of the fig tree, you know that these leaves are covered in prickly fine hairs, hardly something you would want next to your body. Such a GIF(T) of FIG leaves would be a pretty terrible GIFT.

The operative acroamatic code here is G IF T in that the larger code is based on Pi. Both G and T are at the 7th position of their respective halves of the Alphabet, represent the Equinoxes and Solstices respectively, and hence create the number 22/7, which is PI.

The first thing given was a FIG (GIFT) leave cloak, or a cloak that is comprised of the operative letter elements to simply extract Pi.

Truly G IF T is a GIFT, for it comes freely and easily.

Acroamatic Ciphers that Reveal Operations of the Construction

Not all acroamatic ciphers are revealing individual letters. Some reveal methods to construction, and hence, the de-ciphering thereof reveals methods required to deconstruct same.

Take, for instance, the story of the Serpent in the Torah. Here we find the passage at Chapter 3, verse 14 (3.14 = Pi) of the serpent being cursed with the admonition that "onto your belly you shall go and dust you shall all the days of your life". This is a very simple and rather obvious acroamatic cipher.

Since the construction heavily uses the summation of numbers from 1 unto themselves, there must be clues as this concept acroamatically encrypted into various texts.

In the case of the serpent, we know that if we have snake eyes showing in the game of dice, we simply refer to the belly of snake where we will find two sixes showing. This is an example of summation encoded into the larger construction for we can show that the sum of 1:11 = 66.


In Shakespeare, this principle shows up in King Henry IV as the phrase "from two doth come 11".

A core Letter and parallel methodology can be extracted from a study of the Tarot.

In the case of the Letter L, we know that this is placed at position number 12 of the Major Arcanum of the Tarot. This is the location of the Hanged Man.

What mythological tale most likely encompasses the Hanged Man? It is, of course, Odin, where it is said from the Prose Edda,

"I know I hung from the windswept tree, swung there for nine long night, bloodied by my own blade , bloodied for Odin, myself and offering to myself. None gave me bread; none gave me drink, down to the deepest depths I peered until I spied the runes, with a roaring cry, I seized them up, than dizzy and fainting I feel, well being I won and wisdom too. I grew and took joy in my growth, from a word to a word, I was led to a word, and from a deed to another deed."

Here is a text that is implicitly telling of the Qaballistic Arts and the acquisition of the knowledge of the Letters. Hanging upside down from the Tree is the Hanged Man who is located at position number 12 and is the Letter El, a Letter oft referred to mean "of god" or "god". Note the "Elohim" and "El" worship.

El is both Satan/Jehovah/Typhon and Osiris/Jehovah/Typhon. In this case, the Hanged Man is referring to Odin and so Osiris.

The text is very simple, again applied to English.

The start point is the Letter L which, as a start point, is also the number 0. Count nine days and nine nights, or 9 letters to the Left and to the Right, and the end points are the letters C and L. The formed letters are then OCUL - T being the Hanged Man itself.

Hence, it is from the Occult that the mysteries of the Letters are derived.

Acroamatic Ciphers that Reveal Sacred Symbols

The most common acroamatic ciphers revolve around Venus and Mars, or Feminine and Male. In the case of Plutarch, he references that the birth of the five gods occurred. Of Jehovah/Typhon/Seth, aka, the God of War, it is said,

On the third day Typhon was born, but not in due season or manner, but with a blow he broke through his mother's side and leapt forth.

This is an expression of the astrological sign of Mars, while for Jesus, a usurpation of Goddess worship, Jesus is "pierced with a spear and blood and water came out", a reference to the feminine and the birthing process.

Hence Mars is the arrow as it proceeds from the male and the sword that pierces the feminine is the sign of Venus.

This same concept or principle is repeated in Greco-Roman literature as Cupid's Arrow.

Here, the operative letter is the Letter Q, which is formed from the piercing of the spermatozoa with the egg. This concept is what gives rise to the arrow leaving the male as Mars and piercing the egg as Venus.

The fusing of words to symbols can further contribute to the usage and magic of acroamatic ciphers. Now that you have some of the techniques, try to find some on your own!


Anonymous said...

...As always Fetch...thank Q very much...the symbols above of Mars and Venus r transposed...does thank affect the interpretation of construct?

Anonymous said...

Q uite bizarre at the time this was posted i was researching the hanged man card and the falling man from the 911 clips, more media messaging from the occult signatures of the attack. Fetch, Please would you consider an article relating to the speaking in tongues? pretty please? every time i think i'm getting settled in this knowledge, your next article blows me away again, just amazing.

Anonymous said...

...Oop's...from above^^, rather than the symbols I meant the colors of the symbols...Mars wld be Red...while Venus is Blue :-)

Dennis Fetcho said...

OK, not sure that makes a difference, but still, I did not even think of that in my pic selection. Nice observation regarding details and nuance.

I should be paying more attention and not giving inverted symbols a go.