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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Inside the Eye Interview Series - Celtic Rebel

Inside the Eye is back online with a new interview series to be interspersed with podcasts covering topics within the Illuminatus Observor. In our inaugural show, we took some time to chat with Alex, The Celtic Rebel, a long time friend and supporter of the Illuminatus Observor.

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This interview was conducted on May 14, 2011. Some audio editing had to be done to bring Alex's voice up and, having crashed my audio editing program, a few days were required to find and learn a new program.

In the initial show, we delve into the earlier days of the Celtic Rebel and some of his earlier works. He discusses the layers programming used to target mass audiences. We got through 3 of 6 layers and then realized that after 3 years, the layers of social engineering in film was readily available to 3 levels. The 4th layer, the ritual act of revealing, was a pretty interesting insight.

Listen to this entertaining segment here:

Segment 2 - The Human Star Gate

Segment 2 picked up nicely from Segment 1 and discussed further a macro observation of social engineering through the media. We then discussed The Celtic Rebel's idea of an internal star gate, which he regards as the human digestive system as a template for what is a star gate and migrated to an observation of the fallacy of "free will".

We then had an interesting conversation regarding the ignorant watch dogs (trolls) that are employed to create an aura of intolerance to the dispensing of ideas in social conversation.

The segment is informative and gives a unique perspective by two veterans contributors of the early development and use of the web to advance new ideas and perspectives. The audio can be listened to here:

Segment 3 - Don't Go West - Banned

To complete the interview, we discussed the issues of neurolinguistic programming and how the documentary of the Celtic Rebel, "Don't Go West", revealed key core codes in the subliminal programing of the pederast priest craft, which we regards as Talmudic in origin and continued expression.

We discussed the idea of a hidden elite utilizing media assets to program individuals for the express purpose of turning individuals into something they would not normally be, and the perpetuation of a "gay agenda" hidden into film and mass media.

Ultimately, we discuss the idea the "Solomon's Key" is really a cipher for sodomy as a means to a shortcut to "eternal life", which the Celtic Rebel referred to as "the vampyric shortcut". This segment is a must listen - a fascinating discussion into the sordid reality of Jewish or Talmudic metaphysics.

Segment 3 can be heard here:

You can check out the Celtic Rebel's documentary on called "Don't Go West" here.

Hope everyone enjoys the show. Aside from the editing, it was a lot of fun to do and informative too. Let us know how you like the new format.


razlich said...

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effel said...

Nice show, quick comments :

Alchemy is the process that enable chicken to build calcium out of silicium.

I haven't found that much evidence circus games were traditions for the romans, the Church and Hollywood tell us so. I read they had contempt for meat eaters :D

For the inversion, not sure you're playing with jehovian concepts, god means imposter (meaning you likely have to step outside english to deal with the concept). If God is Odin, he's Saturn (setian, not jovian), not Jove. Jove would be leashed in the word devi-L. A funny exercise is to compare the Bible in original languages (hebrew or greek makes little difference) to english. The message is almost always reversed. "I desire you choose" becomes "chose what I did not delight in". And of course, Ieve is refered to as God(in).

And for words, ass and butt only have anal reference in english. Believe seems to be : Be! Lie! Live! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great poscast! I look forward to more with Alex. Really new and insightful work.

Floyd Anderson said...

I watched the first volume of Don't Go West yesterday.

While I am in agreement about the dark perversion of Hollywood and power elites, the Celtic Rebel's technique of telling the audience what symbols actually mean based on very flimsy evidence, and then providing example after example of the supposed use of the symbol and implying these are metaphors for perversion and butt sex is a bit off the mark in my opinion.

He is making himself the arbiter of truth (while making his dislike for the truth movement well known) and I have noticed a tone of belittlement towards those not in agreement with his definitions of what the symbols actually mean.

In Don't Go West, his analysis of popular culture equates blue skin with gay, based on no evidence of why. Please correct me if I'm wrong here, I'm going from memory...having watched the film just once. So he shows all these examples of blue skin and the implication is that they are all secretly symbolizing homosexuality.

He equates the rabbit hole with the butt hole, based on supposed glory holes that rabbis had in temples where young boys would put their butts up to. I'm sorry but for him to repeatedly equate the rabbit hole and the Matrix films with butt sex is filthy and has a very weak basis. He is taking some of the most beautiful (in my opinion) metaphors from pop culture for understanding the nature of reality and saying no, no, no...these too are symbols for buttsex.

Then he goes on and on about pink bob haircuts and doesn't have any logical evidence but still equates that symbol with perversion and pedophilia.

I want to like the guy but I find myself disagreeing with him so damn much.

Anonymous said...

...Cldnt agree more with Floyd...truth does resonate at a certain frequency...there is more to life than butt sex.....

Floyd Anderson said...

I listened to an hour and a half of the Celtic Rebel's show last night.

Here's a synopsis:

The truth movement is crap, the 60s counterculture was crap. Woodstock was crap. The bands at Woodstock were all crap. He went on and on about fat people and morons and stupid people and programmed people and idiots. The Wizard of OZ is actually a symbol for gang rape of a little girl. No joke. He said that Dorthy's ruby slippers symbolize the blood at her feet from being gang raped.

The Celtic Rebel is the opposite of uplifting. He is twisted and his intentions are nefarious.

Anonymous said...

The Celtic Rebel Programs You Via the Wizard of Oz


Anonymous said...

Oz couldn't possibly relate to buttsex. Oh wait, the tv show Oz was all about man-on-man! Come on, guys. Reject your programming. Most stuff is utter crap. I completely understand your opinion, but it seems you are holding onto the bad ARTifice too much; I give a lot of it an F-. F-Art ;) Hollywood is perverse. It always has been. It doesn't have to be. That's the way I see it. Take care. Good show, Dennis.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, thank you for having me on for the podcast. I think many will appreciate the story of from there to here. I think the show turned out well.

Mr. Anderson (aka anonymoous), you have elected to take Calculus, but the syllabus says that Algebra is a prerequisite. You may understand how to add and subtract, but until you can relate to the concepts of Algebra, for you to come in and suggest Calculus makes no sense or is flawed, is pointless and a waste of everyone else's time. My work is not about teaching you Algebra, but Calculus. If your mind is not prepared for handling such, the fault lies not in the teacher, but in the student.

Anonymous said...

...Celticrebel...is there a possibility u might be intrepreting things the way u want them to be....for instance this is Floyd...as much as you want it to be :-)...Qstn..not everyone in the world is subjected to hollywood programming but u still find people attracted to the same sex...dont u think then there is more to this?